Jewish Crime is always an issue

Jewish Crime is always an issue.

I have two theories.

1) Madelline Cartel from Columbia was working with Israelise.

2) Global drug trade is totally in the hands of Jews.

I'm not sure, but I believe Hells Angels is surely a CIA drug running operation festing with jews.

Anyway we could make a collection of news articles of busted Jewish drug dealers. This would further my personal research, and maybe even some of yours too.

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No shit. Any kind of global crime - human trafficking, organ trade, arms trade, you name it - eventually leads to figureheads in Pissrael. All gentiles involved are either low-level useful idiots or patsies for the law enforcement and media.

I also believe organ harvesting, pedophile rings, and gun smuggling is also Jewish run operation with cross markets with same criminal networks.

I also believe intelligent communities are in on the illegal stuff too.

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muder inc

Jewish agent provocateur pls go.

bump. it's been too long since there has been a focus on sex crime and pedophilia. what ever happened to pizzagate?

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if there's one thing that made my blood boil more than anything leaked by Snowden, it was seeing how the NSA are utterly inept and useless retards VS the Kosher Nostra who run lawlessly worldwide and who are behind the worst of the worst criminal syndicates and Intl NarcoTerror gangs going back decades.

at best, NSA are nig'd up and spic'd up lazy idiot autistics trapped in their own bloated bureaucracy that has come to fetishize its own secrecy above fulfilling their mission, which is the purpose of having any secrets in the Puzzle Palace at all: to defend America by Fighting Evil around the world. at worst, NSA are (((complicit))) in the Evil, because if you sit back and jack off to your interceptions just watching the worst shit go down and watching America be slowly eroded by the Evil, then that makes you no better than the Evil–that goes above and beyond the Bystander Effect and makes you a willing accomplice–that makes you just the same as the 38 cowardly neighbors who heard Kitty Genovese's cries for help as she was murdered in her hallway, but who did nothing to help her.

i honestly burst blood vessels getting angry about the idea that the faggots at NSA have fucking FULL TAKE phone conversations, Skype conversations, FaceTime conversations, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram–you fucking name it they got it, and it's all autotranscribed by AI from speech2text and dumped into one big motherfucking database called PHOTON, and they even have ALERT LISTS that watch for pre-selected patterns and which NOTIFY the Analysts assigned to that Production Line… all of these billion dollar boondoggle multiply redundant systems, but still The Bad Guys get away (((every single time))), Justice is asleep, CRIME IS LEGAL, if you're a kike criminal mastermind, go ahead and go big because you are untouchable and you will never be punished.

i break out in hot sweats thinking of how to even begin enumerate how many of /ourguys/ to punish–the Cleared Clarences–are traitors who sit back and watch the world sink into This Present Darkness, and who punch the clock each day, who put in their 9-to-5 and sleep like a baby at night, who could be the Living Swords and Shields of the Justice of THE LORD, but who don't bother.

if i had access to the goddamn awesome powers of PRISM, all i would need is one month. i wouldn't sleep for 30 days straight. and i would methodically enumerate every Kosher Nostra down to their lowliest henchmen, pull all their Patterns of Life, dig into them and rip their entire life apart to its foundations, and find ways to fuck them and frame them and sabotage them and get them murdered or killed. getting arrested and put in prison would be like a fucking birthday party compared to the fatal end game of my Watch List.

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I'm pretty black pilled on convincing normie tier conservatives of anything in regards to Jews, they simply don't care or refuse to believe the chosen people could do such things. The only tactic that kind of works is the 'poor palestinians' narrative showing them the gore pics of children the killed. And usually this only works on Libertarian leaning conservatives.

It's called "misprision of treason", that is, seeing your country attacked, being in a position of power to at least attempt to stop it, and instead doing nothing.

Well yes

The real reason why Jews can keep getting away with all of this is because we are not naming the Jew. Remember a time before Zig Forums had memed Jews into our secret elite? Before the occupy the wallstreet. It was difficult to say that Jews were behind multiculturalism, antiwhiteness, feminism etc. But after we pushed it to the public by relentless meme warfare we were able to break the conditioning. We have still miles to go to wake up the average white into white nationalism, and not everyone believes that Jews control our media, banking, politics, etc, but we've woken the possibility in their heads and made them aware of the Jewish Question.

Jewish Criminality can continue because Jews have memed themselves into a harmless sissy religious stereotype

In reality they are dangerous criminals, and used to be freared. People that are aware are afraid, but to fast majority they are just a religious cult.

When people think about organized Crime they think about italians, irish, mexicans, cubans, even russians, but never Jews. This is deliberetly done by Jewish Hollywood.

We need to break the conditioning. We need to gather information, news clips, names, make easy to understand organization trees, make them visible attractive, and push them around everywhere. .

Make people aware. Once people are aware, then they expect something to be done about it. Then NSA, and Cops are between rock and a hard place. They have to start investigating or they lose trust in the eyes of the public, and people start to see Jews as they are.

Also average non-political cop, nsa-agent, government worker starts to be aware of jewish criminal underworld. Meaning they will be conciously looking into it. Before they didn't even have an idea, and thus didn't see what was right in front of them.

Good thread op.


Nice post, and good post OP.
Tell me something, your opinion, why do you think the NSA is incapable of actually doing anything to take down this global cartel of crime, or at least kick off the beginning of it. Do you suspect they are just an avenue of the jewish crime ring against the American people, or is it that they have planted, purposefully inept management, afraid of the fallout of arresting so many child-fucking leaders, or something else?
I always thought the CIA was the number 1 jewish tool, but I didn't know about Nostra.

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All roads lead to israel.
I have been saying israel is a criminal hideout where the worlds worst go to avert prosecution for a while now. "The right of return" is a phony policy used to expedite extradition of their cartel to the safety of israel where they won't be subject to investigation.
I don't have the information right now, but Interpol has logged more fake passports originating from israel than all other countries combined.
Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Molotov and Kirov - they're all aliases. Stalin was responsible for delivering the party money in the early days, he was a bank robber.
All jews are criminals. There are 14-16 million worldwide running the biggest criminal operation on earth.

Unless Team Trump goes after Israel, it's all smoke and mirrors. When you want to bust a crime syndicate, you don't go around busting the low men on the totem pole. You bust bosses and have them turn. So far, no arrests have been made in regards to the long beach port of entry, which is the biggest receiving point for prostitutes and drugs in the western US.

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Does anyone have a list of all the dual citizenship Israeli - American Democrats?
It was posted on here sometime ago, but I don't know how to search for it. Sorry.

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Underrated post.

Canadian intelligence pays them too.

A+ thread

This is extremely interesting. Continue on.

USS Liberty, israel loves to kill unarmed US people.
CIA, pedo network for israel.

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Lots of jewish crimes can be found.

Just search for
pidyon shavuim== or ==pidyon shvuyim

It's a talmudic "get out of jail free" card that allows jews to walk free in many cases.

We need to filter the kike and shabos goy from the caravan of esoteric pioneers



Global report.

Purple Gang.
Even Capone didn't fuck with them.

Na that's overstated. Truth is that it's fuckin hard to make jewish criminals seem "appealing". Irish, italian etc mobsters are morality plays. There are more movies than you think with jewish gangsters but they never work well as drama.

I frankly know jews are cancer.
Let's not pretend they aren't, that we need to stop funding israel, and that jews need to get out of all countries.
Let's not sit back and pretend there aren't numerous whites who will gladly sell their race for monetary gains.
This won't just stop because we get rid of all jews, the fight isn't that simple.

I think the reason why the effort keeps getting pushed down is because you are focusing mainly on white nationalism. I understand you are just thinking about survival, but tactics are important if we are going to win the war. This pill, these potent memes, must be shoved down the throats of all nationalities and ethnicities. Japan's been assraped by the filthy jew. South America has been raped by the disgusting jew. Africans are being plundered and were trafficked by the disgraceful lying filth. Russia was destroyed by them. China's history was obliterated thanks to them. All of the nations of the world need to converge upon this planetary disease and end it once and for all.

I don't mean to denigrate what it means to be white, but it makes others probably less receptive to what you have to communicate when it goes back to that focus. The focus should be eradicating the source of the misery of the human race.

You probably shouldn’t be speaking about them. Most people don’t even have a clue who they are, and that they are still around.

AP here. I've been doing searching. Lots of it..

I've archived everything I could find. The scary thing is that most of the sites were virgin to an archive. You people need to also do your part. We are coming closer and closer towards internet censorship, and major sites will shut down their "politically incorrect information".

Even now I've witnessed internet censorship. News that drop out of our memory totally. Most of the articles I've posted here went unnoticed by me initially. The older the news is, the more likely it is taken down. After going trough hundreds of sites listing Jewish Human trafficing and drug trade news most of the links those sites refer to are gone.

The problem is, that those sites usually only contain some small quote and not the entire article. It creates two problems. 1) lot's of information is lost, and 2) we don't have any proofs of our claims and quotes we claim we are quoting or referring.

So screencap everything, archive everything! Do research while we have the information highway in our disposal.

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Here are screencaps from those links

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Also in the book series "Dark Alliance" reporter and author Garry Web talks about the Contra in Nicaragua, and how CIA used to funnel drugs into USA.

Yes, but did you know that the Nicaraguan dictator had direct links to Israel and his second in command was Mossad Agent?

Now the CIA involvement into Nicaragua makes sense. Jews are there, and so USA is helping Jew. With this information in mind whole birth of south american drug cartels makes much more sense.

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Nigger the NSA was created to keep white men down. Dont even pretend to believe that it was created for ANY good.


nsaniggers on suicide watch

Quints of Truth checked.



Wrong. That will only work for some people, but the best method by far is simply informing people about the reality of the Jewish culture. Pretty much everyone thinks the "religion" is just like Christianity but without the new testament. Show them how the Talmud literally says that the ten commandments do not apply to goyim, in fact Jew are OBLIGATED to cheat or murder a goy if it benefits them.
The Mesirah is a Jewish law that states it is a grave sin to inform the authorities of a crime (even rape or murder) by a fellow Jew, the punishment of which is even death.

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