Mexico & Honduras Call Trump's Bluff. Caravan Continuing to America. Has Now Grown to 5K spics

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All he needs to do is work with the governor of Texas or failing that, patriotic Americans who are tired of this insane social experiment who want to stop the flood of arrogant, hostile mestizos into our homes.
There is no excuse if he fails to do so.

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i don't understand the bitching coming from "americans".
are you not aware that there are 100 million non whites in the usa?

Hondurans are so shitty, being mestizo would be an upgrade for them. These are pure Amerindians.

Foolish. The purpose of this is a spectacle that makes people feel again, not just to defend, be wall builders, but also to DEPORT not just illegals, but also restructure citizenship status, ie kick the spics out, but we say “restructure citizenship”.

This is a good reason for bump fire stocks to exist.

Minutemen and pill boxes, these people are scum.

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So why would we want moar?

What wall? What deportations?
If Trump uses this invasion to "restructure citizenship," I swear to God I will become one of the Trump fanboys here. I will post the Trump Bingo meme until I drop.
But I have no faith that this will happen. I suspect that it will get to our borders and then they'll be turned back by the border security when they arrogantly try to march across en mass. But then they'll slip across individually and Trump will do nothing.

But I hope that I'm wrong and again, if Trump actually begins deporting these fuckers, I will enthusiastically and vocally support him.

Political reality. Do you have any idea which people vote, (((who))) influences them, and why it matters?

I wish someone would invoke a truck of peace.

No. Don't. You'll heart Ivanka and Melania's feelings.

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Of course I do. The context of this comment is obviously in relation to Trump and his actions.
The key to solving our problems is destroying the ability of our enemies to influence the lemmings through manipulation of news and entertainment.

The caravan has to be stopped but I'll still rather take a caravan of Mexicans than Muslims. In a perfect world we would have to deal with neither

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inb4 stopping the caravan is a publicity stunt to pretend this president is tougher on immigration than his predecessors
inb4 someone who hasn't seen the hard deportation numbers reacts to this post

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Sterilization has to become a precondition of any kind of amnesty or asylum program. These endless streams of totally worthless Spanish-speaking redskins will never end as long as their punishment for breaking US immigration law is welfare, food stamps, and being able to continue speaking Spanish in daily public life.

If America were serious about securing our border, we'd put our military there and tell them to treat anyone illegally crossing as an invader and shoot them. It would stop.

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If people are willing to walk from Guatemala to the US, then the individuals who're not willing to go to their DMV to get their voter ID shouldn't be allowed to vote

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After this presidency flops the US is over

Maybe it should start dawning on you that either no one in power has any interest in doing what you're saying or they genuinely do not have the capability to stop them.

Yeah, that's a great talking point but it doesn't stop them from invading our country.

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Who in their right minds wants to live in a Mestizo shit hole? It's not a Black-pill to watch this happening; it's a whole bottle of Black-pills + a one-a-day prescription

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The absolute state of the demoralized American right. You mutts are doomed and you know it, you just can't bring yourselves to admit it yet.

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We should get together and escort them to Canada.

You faggots did a good job of making this meme kosher, kushner must be proud.

China glow nigger.

This caravan could prove useful. If only we can find a way for them to march as a mob into white rich liberal areas, “caravan of 5000 migrants continues through new jersey, into new york state. They plan on entering the nasdaq building and staying there until their demands for accomodations are met”.

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More like Living in reality. You are not going to change the demographics of a 56% white nation. A country has never recovered from a demographic decline as significant as this.

Nice fucking rifle he has, too bad he only uses it on white patriots.

wtf, Mexico was suppose to be our trump card!

This day couldn't get any worse…

soon the north pole will have them

Do you really think that's likely?

If we could topple the treacherous, scum who control the System, we could clean house in a matter of years.

It’s chinese shill bots. You can tell from the style. They also have special ai translation tools.

I was talking about the niggers, not about the wetbacks.

Honduarans are black mixed, I've worked with some in the restaurant biz, they are ghetto.

The Second World War only killed 60 million people total. It’s not going to happen

This one dude was 5'1" he would talk about muh dik everyday how it was the size of a coke can. Based Homduran with coke can benis.

Mexico is on our team you fucking faggot.

They sent the national guard like we did, I guess it's time we show them how we Americans do things.

Perhaps we can meme this into reality. Pretend you’re a rich liberal fag, and offer “your” mansion in martha’s vinyard to “the first 500 hondurans to arrive”. Include pics of some fucking cuck’s house, maybe soros’s, it doesn’t matter if it’s really in martha’s vinyard. Or offer up highland park (rich dallas liberal homos).

"Realizar Actividades Remuneradas" = PERFORM REMUNERATED ACTIVITIES


This needs to be spread! Mexico never intended to stop them!

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I'm not seeing how these are "chinese AI bots"

Trump won't do shit, because big business wants the cheap labor and Democrats want the votes. The shit is win/win for both, dumbasses.

You faggots probably think muh "Deep State" is somehow "exposed" with all the Trump bullshit. Niggers, you're all on NSA spyware, faggots.

I don't see Trump or Hillaryfaggots removing the backdoors they have on your chip.

Neck yourselves, dumbasses. You're being played – both sides.

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They will be getting in anyway. More than that get in every year, dispersed. But I like how pissy you got. It’s proof this will work.

The USSR was able to kill 20 million Ukrainian civilians in just a few years.
Perhaps in order to avoid atrocities, we could offer free passage back to mexico for blacks and mexicans over thr course of a few years. Those who refuse are shot.

They plan on doing far worse to us when they are the majority. Nothing we could possibly do to defend ourselves is unjustified.

Unfortunately, I don't speak spanish. I also have been censored on Twitter. So I have no way of reaching these fuckers.
Do you know which social media apps these subhuman thugs use?

But sure, protect the chicom rich dudes fucking us in the ass and shipping all our wealth to Mexico.

Checked. Yes there is. We make fake accounts. It can cost a small amount, but, unlike niggers, we’re dedicated.

I really need to get around to learning Spanish. I will begin teaching myself tomorrow.

one issue the left and the right can agree upon is a tax strike; for different reasons ofc but the result is the same

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Surprise, faggot. Mexico wants the House to go to the Democrats. It's not in the Mexicant/Taconigger national interest to keep Trump as president'''.

Plus, CIA and shit need to play the U.S. population off each other while billionaires make money. Fuck every nigger who thinks otherwise. Shit, I would, fuck the plebs. The plebs aren't shit. They're sheep, faggot.

Neck yourself, bullfightnigger.

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These central american creatures speak a highly butchered variant of spanish.

How bout George Soros house?

Just use

Lulz let’s do it.

this. Why are these people having children if they are so hungry?

So fuck me for agreeing with you? That means fuck you too.

Check the dubbed ones and fuck every one of you paid niggerbots.

Keep D&C'ing the plebs on this board with dumbass Left/Right bullshit, glow-in-the-darks.

Neck yourselves.

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It's time for some authentic looking articles



Illegals deserve no human rights and should be shoot on sight. The constant influx of illegals is not some humanitarian crisis like the jew puppets call it, it's an invasion. The shitskins and their shitlings should be shot before they get closer. Mexico should be sanctioned for every failure to stop would-be invaders.

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I'll tell you how to do this, most spics are too stupid to check and verify whether something is authentic or not, so edit and or create English articles from American sources and spread them on social media with attached translations of the title. Most subhumans use Facebook and chatting apps like Whatsapp. shit could spread like wildfire.

Fuck all D&C shit manipulating plebs on this board. Left/Right is false.

Intelligence services are the new priest class and they're buttraping you faggots, hard. Niggers, you're being played.

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>not (((gender)))

The Camp of the Saints Burgerica edition: or How I Learned to Stop Kvetching and Embrace the Third World Horde

Nice meme, nigger. I'm guessing your pay grade is GS-12 with that shit quality of butthole memery.

Neck yourself, faggot.

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Look at that Mexican, he got cucked by the Hondurayans… his face is looking down in shame, he knows the mexican government cannot stop them.

Long way to walk for nothing. They should try marathons.

It's late, Moe Dean. Put down the bottle.

So you have any tenable ideas to bring to the table or are you just larping as the woke rogue ops glownigger?

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We need to flood their countries, the dollar goes a long way in those countries so we can install a ethno mini-state

Other anons have been saying the same thing (and I think some of them even tried it), so I think this is the time for Zig Forums to have its own ethno state while using US politics to ensure some basic things in those countries. I mean, it's only a matter of time before it's too late so we need to make the first move and set up a safe haven

Excellent idea!

Mexico being anything but a bunch of parasitic savages. Meh.

Soros has the best tenable solution yet. He has his agents down there passing out money. Trump has a solution too, and I have a feeling we will be seeing the military deployed and the border sealed

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Meanwhile, Soros is free to continue his life of skullfuckery unmolested


do something or shut up, reported, that way if you're banned then you won't make excuses

Zig Forums is a board of peace!

not enough Zig Forumsacks making their own ethno cities in other countries

you may have missed the point, nigger. it looks like two-sides of a controlled Op

Trumps response will make or break him. If he lets 7200 spics in in such a flagrant way then it’s obvious he’s a shill nigger. If he meets them at the border with the military and actually shoots to kill then he’ll have my unwavering support

Why the fuck would we try to create an ethnostate in Mexico? We need to stop White genocide here, not flee to a country where we can easily be overrun.
It's like trying to create an ethnostate in the DRC which btw, some idiots actually think is a good idea!
It's utter nonsense.

If it gets to the point where it is too late in Europe and America, then we have simply lost. Our race will die because no tiny little enclave in Mexico will survive an organized assault. That's just suicide.
Stay here and fight. Don't flee to fucking Mexico or Africa.

maybe donny dump might grows some balls and actually stick it to some spics but we all know they will get here and fuck it all up some more. i hate this fucking world

How about into a volcano.

can ya be more elaborate?

T can’t into votes, demos, influence.

Seize the funds of carlos slim.

"we wrecked our countries because we are lazy, violent and criminally minded, so we demand to be let into your country so we can get free stuff"
The entitled mentality of these shits.


So what exactly will happen when they start trying to cross y'all think?

Before you start impulsively blasting filthy cockroach heads off, consider the following. Reasons for this caravan might be:

(1) Get right-wingers to start shooting beaners. Then, pass even more draconian laws for surveillance/arrest.

(2) Get right-wingers to start shooting, except the purpose is to instigate civil war. There could be a lot of parties involved trying to push the civil war agenda coming from both the left or the right, or even foreign powers might be fomenting it.

(3) Demoralization. The left could be doing this to show GOP voters that Trump, along with a Republican House and Senate (ie, total control of the government), are powerless, which means voting is pointless. I think this option is likely. This could be driven by a lot of people, such as Soros.

(4) Motivation for the GOP. The GOP could be doing this believing GOP voters will get scared and motivated to vote in muh true Trump Republicans and vote out muh RINOs. This is unlikely. Mostly because the GOP is stupid and can't play Machiavellian power politics. Plus, they love mass migration too much and just want Trump out.

(5) Same as (4), except it's driven by the Trump wing of the GOP. Slightly more likely than (4), but still very unlikely. Trump just let in the last caravan. These things have major potential to backfire since government does not obey Trump and will just let in the caravan anyway. Trump can't even be sure he can stop the caravan if he wanted, so he probably isn't running this operation.

Bottom line: don't start shooting shitskin filth cockroach invaders just yet. This thing stinks of the jew from top to bottom. It is very clearly kiked from start to finish. Use this as an opportunity instead to redpill as many people as you know.

Good question, Satan. Most likely there will be a brief standoff at the border, a little political huffing and puffing, etc. They will quickly just run, push and climb past whatever they have to. If there are any LEO's they will essentially do nothing, maybe arrest small numbers for show. Both sides will try to use it to their advantage. The left to show it has some huge victory and reinforce the idea that all these spics will be immediately voting for more leftist bullshit. The right will use it to yell about how this is why you must vote for them in the midterms despite the fact they will only making a showing of stopping it, not actually risk using force on thousands, glorious though it would be to behold.

Basically, the vast majority of them will get in unless the caravan disperses in northern Mexico, in which case they will begin finding ways in over the course of weeks and months in smaller numbers and groups through already known methods. The only hope is that this pisses people off enough to keep the Dems out of the house in a couple weeks, which could cause a mass triggering of fresh hysteria and mania from the snowflakes.

Don't worry,