Twitter's leftist bias during Fl gov debates

Check out the #FLGovDebate hashtag:

Now let's play a game. Scroll from top to bottom and count the pro-Gillum (D) and pro-DeSantis (R). I bet you the Gillum tweets will outnumber the DeSantis tweets by 10:1. It's like this during EVERY debate, including the recent Ohio senator debate between Sherrod Brown (D) and Jim Renacci (R) and Ohio gov debate between Richard Cordray (D) and Mike DeWine (R).

Watch for these debates and you will see how Twitter favors the democrat over the republican every single time by giving tweets of the democratic candidate far more visibility. Shit like this has serious power to influence elections by invigorating one side and demoralizing the other. Serious shit. If we lose this November, there won't be any way to repair this damage.

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The right sat on it's hands the past 2 years while liberals took complete control of the internet. They spent that time crying and whining while liberals spent it censoring everything they want. The left made sure the right never wins another election and the right has no one to blame, but themselves. They're too busy waiting for Trump to do everything for them, but Trump's too busy doing everything the democrats want.

Not only that, the "right" does all this while championing the very same system of capital that is not only permitting the "left's" ability to do this, but demanding it.

You guys forget that half of the people here are like 17.

This here is an example of how invigorated the left is right now. They're bussing millennials to early voting locations and even right-wingers are noticing the number of volunteer dems out there putting in work for the election.

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It's got to be one of the most outrageously unappealing party programs in world history. It's literally Ottoman vassal-tier.

I've been looking into their operations a little and I've discovered Reddit has massive subreddits dedicated to electing democrats for the upcoming midterm that (((routinely shows up))) on the front page of the entire site. A republican version of any of these would get shut down instantly. It's quite the effort.

Shekels have always invigorated scum. That's why the jews keep the presses cranking 24/7

Normal people hate political door knocking and it's one of the few things I'm accept being like a normie.

Liberal journalists spend all day hunting down things for the internet gods to censor.

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How much do you want to bet a white man wrote this niggers speech. This is the niggers wife in case you thought niggers in suits and dresses were somehow not apes.

It's been known for a long time that all these social media sites are against white men, especially people on the right wing. These people hate the alt-kike because they aren't as jewish as them. They want National Socialists or "nazis" with their heads on pikes, remember this whenever one of these scummy obese pieces of shit gets near you or tries to get you to do anything.

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Until you gay niggers get your shit together and either take those sites or create new ones, there is no point to these threads. Its literally garbage tier.

Gas yourself kike

A lot of good getting rid of net neutrality did. Trump only cares about his shekels, the whole wall and immigration shtick was just to get people to vote for him. But I guess we didn't have much choice given that the left wing is bat shit insane.


The saddest part about ziocucks like DeSantis are his constant boasting about his support for israel as if people actually give a fuck.
Choice 1: Commies
Choice 2: Ziocucks

Check out the #EarlyVoting hashtag:

It's almost nothing but leftists talking about voting blue.

They literally pay these people to do it.

Where were you during the Trump election? Twitter is nothing but leftist hivemind.

I see a silver lining in that it is becoming harder and harder for the republican party to win when they run on an unambiguously pro-israel platform, especially in statewide elections for larger population states. The same being true for pro-israel democrats.

Gillum won't be able to do much damage with a conservative legislature. The worst part will be the propaganda effect of having his face on the talmudvision at every opportunity.

Between gillumand amendment 13, im a scared shitless floridian.

TRANSLATION ..they win 2020

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It also can wind up doing the opposite like all the polls during the 2016 election which used deliberately biased sampling to portray a false but favorable outcome for Clinton. If given enough false information the dems can sometimes underestimate the required amount of voter fraud they need to win.

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The right makes it so difficult to get on board when all the do is suck the cock of Israel as DeSantis did in the CNN debate. To be fair though Andrew Gibbon bragged about his close ties with the rabbis and Jewish community of Tallahassee.

I'm tired of the Jews, fellow goyim. I want the yoke off my country. Now i have to choose between a Israel lover and one that's jew financed. I'll never have a Gibbon as my governer, so i guess the choice is made. I wish we could do something about them.

Amendment 13? That's the dog racing ban. I think you mean Amendment 4, restoring voting rights for felons.

Regardless, the die was cast with Hurricane Maria…half of Puerto Rico is here already. We are going to need a different path to 270 without Florida.

Also paying actors and shit is certain to be rampant. Not to mention that (((they're))) likely bussing people in from other states to early vote. This is why Voter IDs need to happen decades ago.

The underdogs/"underdogs" always get a bit more impassioned than the ones at top. Republicans have less of a reason to care about the election compared to the Dems so get lazy. Same all over the place, like Brexit going through as the remainers were all confident after the blitz campaign the media did.

Florida Obama is gonna win and all those companies that left Jew York for here are gonna be up shit creek.

I weep for my state.

He won't be able to raise taxes.

It's like said, the bad part will be having prince nigger which will influence coalburning, etc.

But how are the state legislature races looking? If the state flips Blue, he's got free reign.

Aaaaand it's the same for the Georgia gov debates as expected:


And my post here proved the same as well

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The way districting works for the state legislature, that's not gonna happen for a long time. Liberal dominance is limited to the major cities. Gillum won't be able to accomplish his agenda, it's pie-in-the-sky.

based on what I've heard about the guy, I think hes controlled op
though, I've only heard about him from leftist sources

excuse me, the guy being desantis

Nah, he was a thing when people actually sort of cared about the Fair Tax. I was wondering where I remembered him from when Putnam was running ads against him. It's really the only other reason I'm voting for him, other than fuck Gillum.



"Mr. DeSantis""Mr. DeSantis"&src=tren

See how many conservative tweets you can find there.

And check out this shit. Twitter's mods/admins are forcing trends. Shit on social media is going to be fucked up for the coming days leading to the election. FUCKED. UP.

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To be blunt, twitter and other social media being this biased.. well its overall a good thing. If you haven't noticed, all it takes is someone standing up and saying right leaning things to begin with and not fearing being a target, for people to listen and/or vote for them quietly. Trump did this on a national level if he has done nothing else.

Meanwhile, the leftists that infest the hivemind of twitter and reddit and other places.. weeeellll.. the more they drown themselves in their echo chamber (which is necessary in order to keep them in line with the group think) the less of reality they can even see. Which means when it comes time to vote or whatever else, they don't show up because "we out number them so much, all I see are voices on our side." They get a false sense of how strong/numerous their side is.

Again, that methodology is necessary to keep them in check, because they can't risk letting their easily controlled minds be exposed to "wrong think," but its also their greatest weakness. Sure it keeps the drones or NPCs, or whatever you want to call them, in check and spouting their programed dogma, but it also means they can't/won't see reality when its about to smash them in the face. Ever sat in a pitch black room, or in a deprivation chamber? Well, your mind will start to generate images for stimuli because it isnt getting any from the outside world, this is the same concept only replace "deprivation chamber" with "echo chamber" and "your mind" with "the hive mind" and thats it. They drown themselves to the point they cant see reality, then let the hive mind paint their view of reality for them, but its not at all what is ACTUALLY in front of them. But it also gives them a massively false sense of security, which is good for us.

Thats why I haven't talked about polls or "omg nate silver says dems have nearly a 90% chance of taking the house," let them think it, let them fully embrace and believe it, let them shout it from the roof tops (or blue check marks). The more they believe it, the less likely it is to happen, because if its "assured" to happen, wwweeeellllll, the less likely they are to MAKE it happen. This is also why pelosi or whoever it was tried to tell them "dont just believe polls, go vote" because even their sub 80 IQ leaders realize this simple truth.

The left is bleeding to death fairly quickly, their victim mantras and their identity politics don't resonate with people outside their echo chambers, but they're far to blinded by their chambers to realize that. Which is ALSO why theres such a large push to bring in as many spics as possible and have them voting, legally or illegally doesnt matter, for the left. Because echo chamber or not, those spics will undoubtedly vote for the party of gibs, which is the left. They don't give a rats ass about anything else, they just want to suck the blood of our nation, and they don't care about anything else like some trannies "right" to cut their dick off and be called xir or not, they just want those sweet sweet gibs.

Like I said, this is overall a good thing for us, because it blinds them to reality and leaves them weak. That doesn't mean we can rest easy though. Campaigns, propaganda spreading, whatever you want to call it, are necessary to get our messages out as well, to let other people know they aren't the only ones thinking these things. They'll keep their mouths shut, but just seeing that other people think like them, even if only one other person does, emboldens them to continue to hold on to their ideas/ideology. Which is why the left was able to hold on to power for as long as it did last time, because the opposition wasn't organized or spreading its message effectively. We had no central ideals we all had to gather to, and no one spreading messages. But the left has given us the perfect targets to go after by attacking us first, giving us points to rally around and messages to oppose as a more combined group/force.

So.. again.. let them have their echo chambers in the asshole of the internet. It keeps them complacent, and gives us more ammo than we ever could have hoped for, and plenty of ripe targets to choose from to use to rally our people around.

Same with Wisconsin gov debate

See how many tweets you can find that promote Scott Walker (R). You will not find many, if any at all. This trend is chock full of anti-Walker and pro-Tony Evers (D) tweets. Would could have predicted this?

Ohio senator debate

This just started trending again:

Gee, I wonder this trendline will be absolutely dominated by anti-Renacci (R) tweets yet again.