ALERT!!! Paedohpilia on the verge of legalisation!

BIG problem happening right now. Transexualising children is having a HUGE push on twitter right now and they're using the hashtag #Butterfly and have made a TV show called Butterfly about transexual children. I'm sure most of you know what a butterfly and pre-pubescent children together means. But for any who don't, pic related. They're using this tranny push to start the push for legalising paedophilia by getting these paedophilia symbols and child degeneracy into the public consciousness.

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Kike free first post. Unfortunately, we're gonna have to Weimar a bit before the NatSoc revolution comes.

My country's shitty lib government is passing a law that would allow minors to go through hormone therapy without their parent's permission.

I support this post, but getting paedophilia symbols and child degeneracy into the public consciousness does not directly mean paedophilia is being legalized or on the verge or being legalized. Simply having a show about a transgender child with paedophilia symbols is bad enough, you don't need to exaggerate.

a child can't be "transsexual" without being sexualized first you fucking idiot

Also, and totally coincidental I'm sure, the big UK VIP paedophile scandal, that included the ex (and now dead) Prime Minister Edward Heath that many were expecting to explode has just been re-covered up and one of the whistleblowing victims arrested. This scandal involves not only sexual abuse but also murder! I would have posted this on another thread but I didn't want anyone thinking I was spamming the board. But anyone else can feel free to post it in its own thread.

Yeah, transexual 8 year old children leading fag marches isn't a sign of anything impending…

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I'm talking about pre-pubescent children, not teenagers. Although they're obviously pushing transexuality on teenagers too. But teenage girls being whores on Instagram isn't going to turn children or teenagers into trannies, or attract paedophiles.

What's the difference? It doesn't matter if they're teens or little kids. Even college girls get poisoned.

Teens and college girls aren't in their childhood.

I agree. Sexualizing children doesn't have anything to do with legalizing pedophilia though. Not sure of your point.

It doesn't matter if it's impending or not. OP's post implies a TV show being made about a child transexual with the hashtag Butterfly isn't bad enough on it's own and has to be exaggerated.

It's not exaggerating, it's noticing the methods they're using to legalise paedophilia.


its usually their parents who push them into doing it in the first place

it's about time. you've discriminated against my people for far too long

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Finally, after all the degenerate queer and trans rights garbage, something wholesome is finally being pushed.
cry harder you cryptofeminists

People actually think this shit is normal. It blows my mind. How sub-human is the average fucking person?

Anti-Kid-Transgenderism for the Minarcuck (those that have no qualms dying for this protection): They cannot consent until 18 years for sexuality, they can't consent to sex changes before. Children cannot consent because they are too easily intimidated or manipulated into behaviors. Presuming that the majority of 'child transgenderism' is not a result of manipulation, this still leaves room for irreversible damage done to children who were manipulated. One will end up having to measure victims against eachother: which is worth more protection, the CIS that was intimidated into TRANS hormonal treatment, or the TRANS that was disallowed sex hormone treatment? One must weigh also the economic cost, with transgender treatments working against the child's biology, however fascist or 'transphobic' one might call me for pointing this out. There is an economic argument to bolster the moral one of disallowance.

One has to take the average behavior of children into consideration for the measurement of damage caused to them by adults; and one sees overwhelmingly that most children are CIS - and there is nothing wrong with that, despite what resentment that causes. There are, let's presume, equal in proportion, parents who will force a transgender or prevent them from having surgery, as there are parents who will force, groom or manipulate a child into transgenderism. One of these are more expensive for, and ruin the lives all the more for a victim, within society. The CIS which is groomed into sex change will suffer more greatly than a trans which cannot …

You know what, I have no argument. Nothing that will prevent them from calling you "bigoted" and then you subsequently hiding away. You're going to have to deal with a government which allows any Jewish, Muslim, gay or transgender teacher, at any time, declaring your kid transgender and, if you don't comply with their 'treatment', then you lose your kid. That's on you. That's your choice. No one is going to see you as a 'victim' when you could have talked up about it now. No one is going to 'sympathize' when you're called a bigot daily. You didn't fight, you didn't care, you went in your little hovel and said "I don't care about the implications, I don't care about the consequences." You're the one that denied nature, the one that looked at the animal kingdom and said "I'm 30,000 leagues above that" while denying the very thing you see as true.

You can't even protect kids, that's how pathetic to this supposed 'morality' of liberalism you've become. YOU refuse to look at possible bad actors in high positions of power. YOU refuse to see the possible 'bad' in a conglomerate of media. YOU are confused how idiots could have so much power, while never considering their possible moral depravity. YOU let it continue while, when you actually start caring, you look around like lost sheep wondering how it could be happening. YOU defend your naivety with the same fervor with which they enforce yours and wipe your hands of it thereby.

On one hand I despise everything on the left and what they stand for and the other hand, lolis Burden of the lolicon is heavy if only we could get lol I with out destruction of our society and enslave to jewish overlords

The only choice is a home school network for natsoc homes.

It has never been illegal to have any sort of paraphilia. Is OP referring to age of consent being lowered or something?

((( Media ))) examples of transchildren brainwashing are mostly whites.

JeU.K is already in accelerate mode

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It's called setting a precedent, you moron. If a child can CONSENT and make decisions about their sexuality, it will probably already make baby raping legal without another law. If not, the precedent is already set and there will be (((no reason))) not to, as we've seen with every other fucking kike law in the US.

Its almost time, brothers.

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So you're okay with a pro-White, anti-Jewish form of pedophilia?

And praise be to the Old Gods who awaken once more to aid us.

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The Jews really managed to kill off the best of our stock with the World Wars. Today's world is of a fully judified spirit, and the last great resistance to it died in 1945.

That "something" being "trans rights" for children, you illiterate fuck. Did you even read the OP, or did you just have a kneejerk reaction to the word "pedophilia" in the title since you evidently are having trouble finding women of breeding age to help strengthen our race?
I can't wait to hang the likes of you on DOTR.

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Bongistan needs to be glassed.

As long as it's marriage till death do them part

i saw this recently irl
it's so fucking obvious

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holy shit its real

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“Generic alt-right memes: The post”
Praise kek
Shadilay bröther

The average person is actually anti-tranny insanity, just too afraid and/or apathetic to do anything more than moan.

Transfreak agenda isn't about legalizing sex with children, it's about turning White children into eunuchs. The global elite, the money-power will always have their child sex rings and pigs will continue to do nothing about it.

wtf is this

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Finland, Germany, France & UK so far user.
If only you knew how bad things really are.

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what was "will and grace"?
the movie "the apartment"?
the book "to kill a mockingbird"?

media is propaganda to the end of shaping the peoples perception of how the world works an worse how the world should work. so say having a TV show about sexualizing kids is going to have no effect on public opinion is retarded. at best you are new and at worse you're a shill. its amazing at how often the opinions of the two are the same :^)

Can anyone dig into this shit

I am absolutely NOT saying having a TV show about sexualizing kids is going to have no effect on public opinion. I know how it works and know Kikes use their control over media to shape public opinion. If this continues pedophilia certainly will gain public support and be legalized. Realistically that is still a long way off, the percent of people who would actually vote for it is extremely small, in the US at least. UK or Europe might be a different story. This isn't a type of issue you can change people's minds on, the jews are going to have to wait until generations die off and are replaced by younger people that they brainwashed heavier. The thread doesn't directly have anything to do with politics unlike what the title implied.

Yes I know someone, they are called (you) faggot

Someone should compile a database or PDF documenting all sightings of organizations using pedo symbols.

their website
Staff directory

no one thought that things would change just because will and grace aired but that show was THE turning point in the acceptance of homosexuality.

Next door must be ringing like hell!

Unlike most propaganda, pedophilia acceptance is the final fucking taboo. It would take generations upon generations, from right now, for normalfags to ever be okay with people openly fucking children. It's just not going to happen. It's a kike fever dream. The last time they put out a headline about pedophilia acceptance, they got shoah'd so fast their yarmulkes span. You would probably have to do something far, far more severe than MKUltra to convince normalfags that pedophilia is okay. It's their ultimate taboo, and the one and only thing that makes them jump out of their recliners and stop watching sportsball.

NPC: How can 8 year olds consent to changing "gender" if they can't consent to sex?

SJWs: Good point! We need to make it legal for 8 year olds and children of all ages to consent.

NPC: I guess that makes sense. Yeah. I totally support it now. #LoveIsLove

It's freaking so obvious that I was explaining this to NPC's years ago. If you accept that a child can recognize their sexual identities when they are (pre-)pubescent, then you have to admit that they are sexually conscious beings. If you admit that they are sexually conscious AND mature enough to decide their gender identities (which affects every aspect of their adult life permanently), then it naturally follows that they are sexually mature enough to consent to sexual activity.

You'd have to be crazy to believe that a boy is mature enough to decide to chop his dick off and use hormone blockers and not at the same time believe that he is mature enough to decide to have his dick pleasured. (((They))) are pushing this subtly forward as a civil rights movement, but when they make the final pedophilic push and people deny it, the mob will have lost the rational footing with which to reject pedophilia without first backtracking on transsexualism and (in the public eyes) civil rights. It's a chess move. (((They))) don't care one second about transgenders or tranny rights. It's all about the kids.

Did people vote for legalising homosexuality? Transsexuality? Mass immigration?

You do know that nothing can be done about it, right? The only option is to force the kikes to launch everything at US Nuclear Command so that the world burns and nothing is left for them to corrupt.

This week's Supergirl had a tranny character played by an actual tranny. (I must admit, he's the most convincing tranny I've ever seen.) This seems globally coordinated to push this shit hard at the same time. Did any of you notice any other TV shows with tranny characters in over the weekend or on Monday?


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They're literally pozzing children and teenagers!

bump, this is deep like im already armpits in the corruption with a tiny bit of research.
im making a chart atm

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Hey, Goldbergshekelstein. Where is the cheese pizza at on PornHub?

Hey, Goldbergshekelstein. Can I get an infinite sex drive with that?

Pedophilia is not illegal though.

ok holy fuk this escalated quickly

looks like some fuck is going on, instantly went pizzagate with the hilldog coming in so fast and hard, this chick is also running for office or ran. shes active in politics using her daughters story to implement gun control and seems to be paying herself as a speaker at her own organization. now if thats legal or not it just seems odd. this is only going over the site really fast and having no xp in doing this.

tl;dr i found my first pizza place

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I'm against lowering the age of consent but I think we should lower the marrying age to 10-12.
For any future husband he can mold his wife into a good wife free and form a strong pair bond. The aoc is different in many countries in many us states and Europe it's 16, some places it's 14.

Historically It would not be uncommon for young girls to get married off and this wasn't seem as a problem. Age of consent was less of an issue as the both families were involved and she was guaranteed a provider. ( they would also only consomste the marriage when her body could bear children safely)
The problem came when relegion broke down and instead of these girls being tied to a man you'd have like women in general men just interested in sex fucking these girls who had no interest in staying with them, fucking up their ability to pair bond and being used for sexual pleasure.
Of course this would only work in a society that still valued relegion.

another foundation, they all seem to be foundations created in honor of a single dead person so far, all user registered so far

this ones creation date and events on the page are in conflict unless they just posted old info as though it was updated on the site at that time years ago.

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also if it was created to look old and shitty they did a good job

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excellent work user
i'd include the pride for youth logo next to the boy love logo at the top though

congratulations user, though it's something we all rather not find.

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Yep, like this thread on twitter. Fuck me it's a commie that paints his son's nails and gives him purses to take to school and just HAS to virtue signal about it when the other kids act with revulsion toward his son. So he paints his nails too and tells him his heroes paint his nails too!
That twitter thread is a gold mine of commie parents intentionally raising kids to be "sexually open" at preteen years old.

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crod, forgot link to the thread:

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Don't worry, you won't get the rope.
We have an industrial plastic shredder waiting for you.
Examples must be made.

This shit drives me into a rage, but I think they're moving too fast with this shit and helping our cause in the end. More and more people are homeschooling or at the very least keeping their kids out of public school. Parents are becoming more aware of what their kids are watching and seeing on the internet. Religion is making a comeback.

Fucking with people's kids is the easiest way to wake them up.


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Documentary about trannies regretting having a "sex change". Surprise, surprise, they were sexually abused as children.

it would just be a shame if the people working at the long island crisis center were shot dead

It already is legal, retard

Actively it isn't. Unless you're one of those retards who think the age of consent should be 30 and anyone having sex with any girls who are under that age is a paedophile? Lol!

Poor Sam. His life is going to suck.

15 years max until he murders them.

JFC. Don't even blame the commies for this guy. Che guevara or karl marx would slap the kid and tell him to man up and lose the nail polish. WTF.

All child trannies should be given immunity if they murder their abusers later in life. (Anybody enabling them and especially if they forced/encouraged them to be trannies in the first place.) Providing they accept therapy to cure their transsexuality of course.

The kid probably saw his mom with her purse or putting on nail polish and wanted to copy her. Small children will take random interest in almost anything, the only difference here is that the kid's retarded parents saw it as an opportunity to "expose the truth about gender binaries" or some nonsense, so I imagine they relentlessly encouraged the behavior. Now here they are, letting their kid go to school knowing he'll almost certainly get bullied for that, and taking every opportunity to whore him out with the story on social media for brownie points.

Here's a tip for future parents: if you have a young child that engages in behavior like this deviant from the norm, just indulge your kid for the time being. They will lose interest a lot faster than you think. The main difference between these retarded LGBT ideologue parents and normal parents is that if they see their kid engaging in that sort of deviated behavior, they will immediately want to see it as proof of their position and do everything in their power to encourage the kid to keep doing whatever it is, while normal parents will just pass it off as a phase (which 99% of the time it is) and the kid will lose interest in it like anything else.

Pic unrelated.

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From what I have seen, for every 1 white, about 2 spics and 4 kikes have fallen for it.

Thats the scary part. Their "heroes" would have went full kill before allowing this degeneracy.


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Threadly reminder that pedophilia is part of European culture and has been for centuries. It was (((Christinsanity))) that brought the age of consent.

Tell me more, oh proud semen guzzling euopean warrrior senpai!

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Underrated post.

Welp. Seemed to be kike free for a little while.

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I guess that explains why they've been pushing the LGBBQ trash as being socially bulletproof. That binary sexes thing better get some legs and get these trash creatures off the gib train.

Me personally, I think thats fine and wholesome. Women can pair bond better when their men are their first and are filled with confidence and have an air of authority in the relationship. Only the kike controlled roasties hate the idea of young teen girls getting their quality men. It is also hard for men to find non-whored out women at 18 that havent been already banging several guys.

What we have now however is kikes in power disregarding the laws and raping, sacrificing, and eating kids is a fucking mess that requires their heads.

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oh man, im gonna research this CJA for a bit, i think it has lots of info

I thought Emma Watson was a trans boy until I read the name. Holy fuck, how can people find this communist dyke attractive?

People have been programmed since 2001 since to find her attractive since she jumped out of Shlomo's lap and onto the set of Harry Potter.