YouTube's new behavior

This video was posted today and shows how YouTube is changing text from verified channels, so they don't cite certain words or references, in this case the atomic power.

I think it's used to manipulate YouTubers opinions, so they match their criteria of "safe" for investors, since some channels became too controversial to be associated with their clients, the investors, since we are just a product to the market of propaganda.
What you guys think about this new behavior?

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Embed the video retard

I would if I didn't posted it earlier on another thread.

webm, cba to re-encode

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Can you elaborate on how to enable auto-JewTranslate?

you can't post an image and an embed in the same post.


If YouTube got 9/11'd and hit with planes whether it was Muslim high jacking again or Nasim Aghdam or any one with a grudge against YouTube nobody would miss YouTube nobody would blink an eye or cry.

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Yea I saw that. My only question is how long it has been happening. I bet it was installed during the update the other day, but I never check back on most my comments so who is to say.

Explained in the comments

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Chicom agent:

There is a huge opportunity arising for peeps that can make convincing looking knock off articles, misquoting everything said by a reporter or news anchor/writer. Take everything they say, twist it and make it sound like something completely different

there is a balance to be struck between cuckchan and here; where there is no heavy shit posting and at the same time the feed stays fresh. That i unless there is some concerted effort to cripple wheelchan, make it unusable, or a huge turn off so that the "Deplorables" will move somewhere else

Where the fuck is "autotranslate in your browser" lol

Next time your message has its words and meaning changed, chalk it up to browser settings. OK, goy?


This is such a funny story. My guess is their retarded special programming language called "go" is a total fuck job.

Bump. Google sucks.

This doesn't explain it. He uses different words in each sentence and it still 'translates' into the same shit three sentences in a row.


Bump because it annoys you.

Even if its because of auto-translate there are some key parts missing.

Don't call it a feed. It's not a feed, it's a catalog. The word "feed" being used by most media today makes me feel uneasy. We're not livestock.

Name your files user, not some randomization.

Its superior I think.

No response from the youtuber pretty much confirms it. If turning off autotranslate hadn't fixed it, he would have replied and said that. But he doesn't want to seem retarded so he's just ignoring it.

How's that hello world program coming?

A feature of Chrome.

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