I consider myself as a libertarian centrist capitalist pig. What are you?

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This is a National Socialist board, where do you think we are? For that matter where do you think you are? Sage for data mining.

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This is a far-right board, NatSoc and Hitlerism are just one of many ideologies of the far-right

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took this quiz a while ago and this is what I got

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Original BO was a NatSoc. He themed the board as NatSoc. To those of us that were there for that, and have stayed in this shitheap, will continue to say this board is NatSoc. Jim Watkins and his crew of monkeys can make any claim they want, but they will never change the fact that Zig Forums is natsoc, no matter where it is, and what website it appears on.

Why? Because the concept, the idea of Zig Forums and what it represents is an ideal of truth.

So my question for National Socialism is on the basis of the ship of Theseus. Would a ship that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object? What if you improved the ship with better planks that last longer? Assuming the planks are like people and the ship is the nation. What if we had the best of each race work together to build a better nation?

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No he wasn't
No he did not, he allowed its userbase to theme the board and most people that landed here just carried over the theme from halfcuck
Yeah and the founder of this website is a cripple who just recently found Jesus. People like you are a joke

Where does this put me?

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Your premise is flawed because different races value and are better at different things. You want a civilization, you find a slant or a white only whites if you want it to innovate technology. You want some long distance runners with a higher predisposition to violence, find some niggers. What you're proposing is akin to trying to connect different electronics that are designed around different voltages, frequencies, and amps; the individual parts may be high quality, but the finished product will be dysfunctional.

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I said board owner, not the owner of the website. Perhaps lurk a while longer before you go spouting useless opinions we've all seen countless times before.

Nigger-tier IQ my dude

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Even with a strict immigration policy? Have stricter laws in regards to violence and just use bullets for execution. Within that type of environment I believe it is absolutely possible for different races to work together. There's a difference between black people and niggers. Weed out all the niggers

If you say so.

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We can live peacefully if we're separate. There will always be conflict if we share the same lands.
I'd rather use the limited resources to care for my people rather than piss them away in the hope that we can improve a different people.

Don't forget that Honorary Aryans existed for a reason. However, race mixing with the best qualities will make a better gene pool.

I love how much you retards autistically screech whenever you have to assert your asses as gatekeepers of the status quo and then have nothing to say when called on it. You are the Jews

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All racemixing does is drag down the superior race.

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What if you kill your self?

Doesn't have to be separate if you are like Switzerland. Everyone must agree to the traditional values if you live in the country

You didn't really call anything. You just denied my claims. It's basically my word against yours. I didn't screencap the board and its content when m00t went full SJW and a bunch of us ended up here, so I can't really prove it one way or the other. But I still stand behind my claim, regardless. You can keep being mad about it, and I'll just keep posting smug nationalists.

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Great non arguments. Keep saying it and eventually people will believe you.

This swiss cantons ARE separate moron

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meant ARE


It's languages not race?…ok cool nice argument. Maybe if you genetically test everyone you'd have a variable

t. newfag


Pick the right race and you gain the advantages

You used Switzerland as an example and languages reflect the people there. You're not proposing mixing different whites who evolved in a similar environment, but different races that are suited to vastly different areas.
A mulatto deciding he's white won't make him so.

It's highly dependent on the phenotype and what is expressed. It's not always white w/ white that will result in a white person. Sometimes Asian, Black, Jew, etc. will be with another white person and then they will express genes that correspond to a "white person." Genetics is highly variable. You could have a white w/ white and then overtime recessive genes could pop up and make retarded babies

Nowadays we have something called in-vitro fertilization. You could actually choose the best genes. Constantly scan the test-tube babies genome in the thousands of samples you have and choose the best one

They always look off and aren't considered white.
Whites aren't cousin fuckers like the saracens.

Even with young women, it's worse than flipping a coin. The fetus with the "best" genes isn't likely to survive to birth. Stop trying to justify your racemixing fetish.

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Keep the same "race." How do you define race? As a person with common ancestry? If that is the case overtime yes it will be considered as cousin fuckers

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"What Are the Success Rates for IVF?

Success rates for IVF depend on a number of factors, including the reason for infertility, where you're having the procedure done, and your age. The CDC compiles national statistics for all assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures performed in the U.S., including IVF, GIFT, and ZIFT, although IVF is by far the most common; it accounts for 99% of the procedures. The most recent report from 2009 found:

Pregnancy was achieved in an average of 29.4% of all cycles (higher or lower depending on the age of the woman).
The percentage of cycles that resulted in live births was 22.4% on average (higher or lower depending on the age of the woman)."

Not too bad of a rate. That's why you have multiple trials. Studies show that the rates are improving too

meaningless when you consider the broader picture. brits/anglos are completely inbred.

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A woman's age is a major factor in the success of IVF for any couple. For instance, a woman who is under age 35 and undergoes IVF has a 39.6% chance of having a baby, while a woman over age 40 has an 11.5% chance.

For most whites even 3rd cousins are considered too closely related and taboo to marry while in my example, the saracens, first cousins and uncles and nieces have been marrying each other for over 1000 years.

try again without the weasel words

a bunch of fat, drunk slags aren't examples of widespread inbreeding

none of what you posted contradicts what I said

Lol how about your sources?

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Maybe if you knew how to research on pubmed you would know rates better rather than living in the 1940s

Why is this question so important? Why is this question asked at least once per week? Why the same chart/link? Is this a datamining project for some loser ass group in Tel Aviv attempting to justify their shitty existence for more annual funding from the goy treasury?

Worst timeline.

After 6 cycles it’s 65.3%.


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Here's some on muslim inbreeding
I'll use Canon law to illustrate whites' attitude toward cousin marriage because it governed it for well over 1000 years with Popes even dissolving or forbidding marriages between royalty because they decided they were too closely related:

im whatever this is

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Gotcha looking at a kike news source you nazi traitor

Why are you so obsessed with making white countries less white?

For what reasons do they have to lie in these cases?

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I’m not forcing people to race mix. People can stay within their own group if they want to. I’m here to see the advantages and disadvantages of racial mixing

Kind of proved my point. You keep whites together for hundreds maybe even thousands of years and eventually everyone is each other’s first cousin

NEET Socialist

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You’re just mad because you live in shit hole UK and allow uneducated Muslims in. See if you had a better immigration policy this wouldn’t have happened in the first place

Then you changed it.
What you're talking about is called demographic displacement aka genocide.
We tried that, it was called the United States of America, and it is actively dying as the direct consequence of the conflicts emergent from taking these drastically-different people and putting them together.
Its like you took a fully functional ship, and you said "I know! I'll make it better!" and you did that by removing a bunch of planks and inserting planks that were not appropriate for the contextual niche, resulting in the ship rapidly beginning to sink, sinking faster with each new plank you add.
And now you're standing on this sinking ship and you're trying to justify to yourself that it was a good idea the whole time and we should just do it again.

Now, what if we just had White people who are the best race work together to build a better planet?
What if we exterminated every single Conquistador rape-baby on the planet using biological weapons and then repopulated their clay with our volk?
Answer: The world would be a better place. Fact.

What you're doing here, though, is false equivalence, because, in the context of the ship being the STATE (a nation is a thing of blood, mind you, or not a nation all - you're talking about a STATE) and the planks being people, the planks aren't equivalent, and they certainly aren't better nor do they last longer.
You're merely trying desperately to justify the destruction of a quality vessel, or rather, the potential of such a vessel, because you are a malformed plank that wants to be a part of the ship to which you don't belong and never will.

God damn you are a cancer that just won't quit.
Stop posting polvol3.

No u

Shut up spic.

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No u

Who says whites were the best? What about Asians with higher than average IQs than whites? Higher average income stats too. Just get rid of all the shitty Asians


That reason was war and the need for allies, yes.

Yeah, sure. Take some beautiful pure drinking water and mix it with mud because you can make mudhuts out of it!

Not really, just wait three generations and the offspring of the smartest nogs starts nigging again.

Proof? Where’s your source

Zig Forums is natsoc. I'm a monarchist though.

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