Hitler's mistakes

There's a lot of Hitler worship on this board, and the mod has already deleted two of my threads about Bismarck and National Socialist economy itself, so it's time to have this thread.

What would you say that would be Hitler's mistakes in his reign from 1933 to 1945?
I would say it boils down to two:
- aggressive foreign policy, unlike Bismarck
- inconsistent dealing with jews
- lack of control regarding his general staff and surbodinates
- the invasion of the USSR (his biggest blunder that costs him the war)

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Lurk more.

How and why?

The invasion actually started out quite successful at first, post 1943 was when things were starting to go downhill, and Operation Bagration sealed Germany's fate. Still, many in the Axis continued to fight to the bitter end regardless.

The successful beginning does not excuse the bitter end.

The lack of logistics was quite apparent in the beginning, and their gamble fails when they fails to capture Moscow in 1941.

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Believing in the great man theory. No doubt there were a number of backers and lobbyists that he reported to.

There are no mistakes. Whatever was going to happen happened.

Man, so literally Hitler didn't make any mistakes?

I'm reminded of the quotes of Hitler being the man against time, and the West died at Stalingrad in Feb 1943. How true that is. Legend, though he was, at the end of the day, was still human. The fact that he was able to pull off what he did is an amazing achievement.

When people say that "Hitler did nothing wrong" it's meant that morally, he did nothing wrong, not that he didn't make any mistakes.

That's a problem in itself, the Winter war was happening, Hitler should learn from that example.

And just 100 years prior, the failed invasion of Russia by Napoleon.

Can you list, in your opinion, his mistakes?

Invading USSR big mistake and declaring war on America other big mistake. God damned it Hitler.

If I recall correctly he had to delay invading the USSR by a couple months because he had to help Italy in Greece.

If Italy wasn't so shitty maybe the war would've turned out a lot different.

Hitler declares war on America on basis that Japan declare war on America.

What kikes.

A sacrifice isn't a mistake. Germany would have been paying the debt of WWI until the 1980s and jews were already bringing Africans into Germany during Weimar. 50 years of Weimar would have done far more damage than any amount of righteous warfare. Prove me wrong.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

Did you know he was a painter?

He dismissed Reinhard Gehlen for one. He was giving accurate and truthful intelligence reports about the efficiency and successes of the Red Army, Hitler stupidly saw this as "defeatism" instead of asking how they can improve the fighting tactics of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. This is one example of where the meme "Hitler didn't listen to his generals" comes from.

a couple factors to take into account:
Couple that with the fact that Hitler actually was WINNING the eastern front and barbarossa makes alot of strategic sense
Hitler’s biggest mistake was getting the Americans involved. He had the manpower to take on both the Brits and the Soviets. Things only started going downhill after the US invaded north africa. If he’d just tried to keep peace with america, which would’ve been possible, much to (((roosevelt’s))) ire, considering the overwhelmingly isolationist attitude of the american public, he could’ve won.

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Hitler's only mistake was not murdering your faggot grandfather.

Napoleon captured Moscow, what good did it do him? Incendiaries burned it down around his ears and he had to retreat anyway.

Very arguable. Hitler didn't capture Moscow OR the oil fields, he killed and captured a lot but he failed the objectives.

Moscow was the rail hub, in theory, you can use it to transport supplies straight from Berlin and use it to conquer the rest of Russia.

The America First Committee almost had a million members. Unfortunately, after the Pearl Harbor attack from Japan (really a retaliatory strike from Japan, since the USA placed heavy sanctions on Japan prior to that), it was all over.

Obviously he made mistakes, he lost the war.

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Since this is a history thread, can you list these peace offers and how genuine they were?

building battleships, a surface navy in the buildup to war was a total waste of resources. The Germans should have built large submarine freighters, submarine tankers and more submarines. They could have delivered jet fighter prototypes to the Japs.

Have you watched The Greatest Story Never Told? Be honest.

The Greatest Story never Told is a video, we need document, we need wordings.

Did you watch it?

Yes I did, it didn't answer my question, it brings up more.

TGSNT is basically a huge Citation needed.

his only mistake was not killing 6 million Jews

no, its not, youre a faggot

Not an argument.

Quads confirm. There's this book amazon.com/What-World-Rejected-Hitlers-1933-1940/dp/1684186102 that details the peace offers that he was making to Britain and France from 1933-39.

Problem is, a lot of us who delve into politically incorrect history don't have the funds to be able to fly to Germany and go into the Bundesarchiv and sweep through the massive archives to be able to separate the bullshit from the truth. Not a lot of David Irving types out there that really dig into this and sink their teeth. It's slowly changing, though. I recently bought a book that was originally published in Natsoc Germany about historical Jewish ritual murders that's been translated into English in 2001, and finally published in paperback format in Oct 2017. As more people wake up to the lies and slanders of our age, and especially those in the educated and professional classes, things will continue to improve.

Lets hope so.

I think he and Germany did pretty well all things considered. Also any time these posts come up there’s usually someone pointing out all the times the Germans tried to end the war peacefully and let Brits live instead of annihilating them

It kinda is.

Also, slightly off-topic, but those who are interested in the book on Jewish ritual murder that I'm talking about, it's called Jewish Ritual Murder A Historical Investigation by Hellmut Schramm. There's plenty of free copies of the original 2001 English translation online, but I really recommend buying the paperback from JR's Rare Books and Commentary (JRBooksOnline): jrbooksonline.com/leese.htm

Read the 16 points.

Not an argument.

The what?

the 4th reich will need to sterilize all anglos. for too long has the eternal anglo put the shitskin before europa. anglo is a codeword for jew. you can't cure the anglo but you can extinct him.


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He didn't start israel you retard, he was going to move them that's it.

FFS, two seconds in (((Google))). archive.org/details/16PointPlanOfHitlersSixteenPointsNewcastleSun1September1939

His main mistake was not building up the Luftwaffe even more.

Actually, this is an even better and more readable source: trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/167317882

Someone should make a nice png out of this.

>Anons keep talking about (((Jewgle))) censoring any wrongthink to stop people from learning history

Here you go. The 16 points was a Peace Plan developed by the NSDAP that would give Polish and German people in lands controlled by Poland the chance to vote, Brexit style, to have their homeland brought into the fold of the Reich, while being completely peaceful to the Poles currently living there. No expense would be spared to keep Poles safe and have them peacefully moved into Poland in the case of the vote going to Germany, which was an amazing show of kindness and peace considering the plan was made in response to confirmation of Polish people going around murdering Germans inside the "Polish corridor." Of course, (((Great Britain))) told Poland to reject the plan outright, so that they could continue to call for war against the bag goys.

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What the fuck, I tought "we all" (Fascist Ideologies, although NS is truly a bit more different) commonly hated democracy but isn't voting a democratic thing?

Can someone redpill me on Roosevelt? I've learned Churchill was a cunt. Now I'm ready for the other half.


They disliked parliamentary democracy with different political factions dividing society. Plebiscites and referendums were fine, though. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_parliamentary_election_and_referendum,_1936 Notice how unlike in many European countries today, you have 5-7 different parties dividing the people into many different factions. No doubt had Natsoc Germany won the war, some limited form of direct democracy with occasional referendums would be pursued. But considering how functional prewar Natsoc Germany was, no doubt that it wouldn't be needed much.


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Trying to kill millions of people, not from an ethical point of view because fuck kikes, but rather a logistical point of view.
That's a lot of people to exterminate. Might be easy to have holes in the organisation.

Well he needed a perfect game to be fair user.
He didn't really have good chances to begin with.

I have a question then regarding this. You said "direct democracy":
1 - Was Switzerland a Direct Democracy at the time?
If yes (even if no)
2 - Then why Hitler said that "Switzerland possessed the most disgusting and miserable people and political system. The Swiss were the mortal enemies of the new Germany." ?
3 - Is that quote even real?

The aggressive foreign policy was an unavoidable result of history but Hitler was quite patient up to a point and then he brought all his might down to bear at once.

I agree, his dealing with jewish problem was ultimately a failed effort. Had he ordered them killed we wouldn't be suffering them so severely right now. Had he been more decisive and deported them all to Madagascar at the cost of his war effort like was suggested early on before the Balfour declaration he would have lost supporting zionists who he had made some deals with but it would have been less consequential than leaving them in camps to be discovered if he ever lost ground and further he wouldn't have to worry about them being recruited easily by the allies, unfortunately he didn't have the ships or sea access that was necessary, I would have recommended just shipping them all to docks and taking them out on ships with no name and dumping them in the north sea.

Your third point is only reflective of a small few individuals durrinf relatively brief periods of time and even then much of these hand's off instances would ave been perfectly fine had the war been won or peace was reached, well intentioned shit going wrong without the knowledge of the top dog is common shit, we only know about instances where they didn't get to write history, a good example is Benghazi Hillary ran that shit on her own and it went up in flames her intentions probably weren't to start a mass immigration but simply to get a dead dictator under her belt for the 2016 campaign. well intentioned but dumb, similar but more selfish than Rudolf Hess flying to Britain to negotiate peace.

The USSR was always going to try to a amass it's forces, invading them wasn't the mistake, sending forces that could have bolstered the Russian front to help a struggling and incompetent Mussolini was the Blunder, Russia almost fell to Hitler, had he had more manpower and resources earlier in the effort he would have taken the populists centers and forced Stalin's regime to retreat to the Urals and abandon Moscow and St. Petersburg but his aid to the south took too long and he didn't have his forces positioned for siege before the cold set in, he should have let Italy suffer it's slow fate and established a trench perimeter on the southern border so he could sue for peace from a better position.

Also then I am really a natural Fascist since I don't commonly tell my (real) friends that I'm okay with some form of voting (like for local places over what people desire as long as it isn't retarded/prohibited degeneracy).

invading USSR was necessary

America was already very involved with the war on both fronts, sinking civilian shipping and lend-leasing materiel. that's why japan attacked pearl harbor to begin with, they were trying to get an advantage in an inevitable confict. but Australia warned the US so they sent the aircraft carriers away on an exercise leaving the rest of the sailors behind to allow a large casualty figure for the newspapers


Well, Germany from the establishment of the Weimar Republic until 1935 did not have an air force as that was forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. So until the Wehrmacht, and thus the Luftwaffe was formed, Germany had nothing, except clandestinely training pilots until then.

The "Hitler worship" couldn't possibly be caused by the lies being told around this man; amirite tho?

People started liking hitler when the holocaust was proven a myth.

Switzerland has more than just direct democracy though. I'm not sure if that quote by Hitler is fake or not. He might have disliked the fact that the Swiss wanted to keep to themselves and not join the Greater German Reich even though a good amount of them are ethnic Germans. Austrians, and ethnic German Czechs were more welcoming of this, though. There were some limited Natsoc movements in Switzerland, and some wanted Switzerland to be annexed by Germany, but they were never popular. Even nowadays, the Swiss tend to largely keep to themselves and do their own thing. Although, it seems even they are also undergoing the White genocide undertaking as well, from watching some older videos by Libertarian Realist on YouTube.

Remember that National Socialism is a social philosophy in addition to a style of government: it requires a high trust society in order to be effective. If Poles who felt and saw themselves as Polish were forced into the Reich it would lead to widespread resentment and anger among them, which would in turn lead to racism and alienation from the native German population. Rather than face the generations long task of (((reeducating))) Polish children to despise Poland through public education and institutions such as the Hitler Youth, a simple vote would give the NSDAP the German people they truly cared about no matter what, with the possibility of also getting the land if the vote went in their favor.

Another angle to consider, and more in line with OPs' question, is that Hitler cared too much about the opinion of the English, believing that they could be persuaded to see that he meant them no harm and simply wanted to reunify his people to make Germans great again. With decisive action, perhaps he could have quickly accomplished reunification and then soothed the rest of Europe's ruffled feathers by promising not to go against the grain too much.

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he has been exploited for far more than his actions; right or wrong. Average people in the US sympathized with his ethos for the same reason(s) they started groups like the Klan, as we see Whitey today being trampled under the feet of every non-White taking advantage of jew-imposed altruism; the same altruism that, though kicked out if everywhere, allows (((them))) back in, as though anything has changed.

Can't argue much with those satan trips.
I think he might have crossed the line also when he dismissed Hjalmar Schacht as president of the Reichsbank (German Empire, Weimar and Natsoc Germany's central bank), as he was an agent of Wall Street and international finance capital, and replaced him with Walther Funk. He had him dismissed in early 1939 and then not long later that year the war soon broke out. The Danzig incident was just the needed pretense to finally push Hitler and Germany to go to war.

He did move over a million of them using German Navy. They even provided training to help the colonists.

We've been here before

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See hitlerspeaceplans.com/

There are lots of examples of concessions, too, not to mentions:

Halt order during Battle of Dunkirk 24 May 1940

sporting spirit" in which he had refrained from annihilating the British Expeditionary Force, at Dunkirk

“Appeal for Peace and Sanity” speech 19 July 1940

See also:
Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War

Did Hitler Try to Make Peace with Churchill Several Times?

Germany did not want war but it what are you going to do when they kill your people?

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Yup moved them that's it nothing more that is unless you are that same retard from the meta.

I do have to say, the Haavara Agreement contradicts what Hitler says about Israel becoming a homebase and a high school for criminals and swindlers. Perhaps some in the NSDAP thought that they could keep a close eye on Israel for any subversion. I don't know anymore, the obscure stuff I find about Natsoc Germany not only contradicts what their enemies say about them, but also what the leadership of Natsoc Germany veritably said themselves. Then you see pic related, and it gets even more strange.

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They were going to monitor them to make sure they don't came up with fishy ideas, but I also heard that hitler changed his mind on this subject while having a good long talk with his muslim friend forgot the name though.

Reported for continuing to make deleted threads.

Haven't been here for a while.

Lucernebro reporting in. Watching passersbys in Lucerne during the daytime is not representative of who actually lives there - Almost everyone is a tourist, the town is completely overrun with tourists, tourists from china are particularly dominant and I usually joke that the commie government forces every chinese to get funneled through Lucerne. Blacks, whites, indians, they're almost all tourists. During the daytime, you can find nigger inhabitants selling drugs near the central train station, and near a particular nigger-drug-selling-bar a bit further out. The other niggers you see in the streets, they're tourists, often from the USA or straight from africa. They don't live here.

The reason is that swiss people work. They don't walk around in the streets in the middle of the day. If you want to see 99% swiss people in the streets, you go there between 8 and 12pm on friday/saturday, then instead of tourists, you get all the people from the more mountainous, rural areas go to lucerne for their friday night out.

Mind you, we still got too many fucking foreigners, hundreds of thousands of german niggers who work and take our jobs, and lots of balkanshits who only assimilate if they're not of a muslim variety. Ever swiss will agree to gas the Albanians in particular, even the foreigners. But despite the extremely high amount of foreigners in our country, problems remain low, because we don't tolerate non-working niggers for long and so most of the permanent foreign residents are hard working people from other european countries.

We're slightly less doomed than the rest of western europe.

I'm reading this but this seems like bullshit to me.

Why is this such a hotbed problem during that period, but after WW2, there's no such disorientation? What happened to the bunch of poles, germans, hungaries and such in Czech land?
Again, this too? Proof?
So this the peace plan? Hitler's peace plan is to say Britain shouldn't meddle into politics of the East in favor of Hitler maintaining the British empire? Sounds like tall tale.

1. Regarding the Hitler's speech before he invades Poland, he did not mention once about the Polish masscre.
2. The account of Polish massacre is credited to William Joyce, or Lord Haw Haw, who turns out, if you read Wikipedia, who was british who fled to Germany, he was not in Poland.

I'm afraid your source is a big mess.

Blood Sunday happens days AFTER the invasion of Poland, and can be excused as the reaction of the poles seeing germans coming to exterminate them.

How and why?

The day is still young. We haven't yet seen a response from the rank and file

That's good to hear, hopefully you guys over there can keep the anti-niggerism attitude alive and to keep Switzerland a nice prosperous and happy White nation. You guys should also loosen your gun laws, I heard that the laws have been made strict and that a lot of American gun rights activists are repeating stuff about Switzerland's gun laws that are decades old.

Doesn't make it right or the tragedy all that much justified. Also the fact that this isn't even in our history books, man the crime against the german volk was none the less rage inducing.

Actually his biggest mistake was going easy on the Brits.

Hitler was out of commission when the decision was made to give moscow the deep dicking. The field marshals were fucking vanity driven traitors, and ignore Hitler's battle strategy in favor of a full frontal attack.

Read more.

He only made one mistake.

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Historians such as Viktor Suvorov have stated that the Soviet Union was planning an invasion of the rest of Europe prior to Operation Barbarossa. Considering that the Soviets had wars trying to bring communism to Poland and Finland over twenty years prior, this claim isn't all that outrageous. It's only considered a "controversy" because it makes Hitler's preemptive strike look like not a bad thing at all (which of course it wasn't a bad thing).


We already got a WWII thread and a nat soc genral, go post your shit in one of those you faggot. Also Hitler did nothing wrong.

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The gun laws were changed to conform with the Schengen Area agreements. Basically you need to acquire a permit to buy a gun now, which involves a background check for prior convictions. Otherwise we can still buy chinese AKMs for 400 bucks. It's not great, but not that terrible. Pretty sure all the things american gun nuts are saying are still true, since they refer to keeping the military service gun at home. Which you get for free for not being a faggot.

I see. But isn't the Czech Republic also in the Schengen Area? And there you can conceal carry if I'm not mistaken, and their gun laws are pretty loose as well, if not more so than Switzerland's. But hell, stock the hell up on arms.

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Amin al-Husseini?

I think he convinced hitler not to senf the kikes to israel but else where and I think hitler agreed with him and so did goebbals and himmler, I forgot the source I got this from.

The real mistake was the fact that ZOGmerica was and is full of fucking cowards. I hate the cowardly pseudo-whites that live in my shitty country. If the embarrassments in the JewSA did one fucking thing right–EVER–we would live in a better world. Instead, the proxy kikes that live here did the worst thing they could, EVERY time. Apologies for caps, but it really pisses me off. Germany didn't do anything wrong, morally or in a major way strategically. The Russians were totally enslaved. England was fucked by control of the crown. The only ones without an excuse–the ones who were supposed to be free–were in ZOGmerica. It is the burgers' fault that shit's fucked, and not even so much the ones alive now.

I hope every last tombstone and monument for some fucking kike war here gets smashed one day.

Hitler did very well
he lost all that land that we later annexed

He was too nice to the Jews and his enemies in general

fuck he could of even got the Australian public on board if he tried hard early on, since Australia was basically NatSoc with a Democracy pre war

“Hitler was out of commission when the decision was made to give moscow the deep dicking.”

Hitler didn't have an aggressive foreign policy. If you think so, make your case and I'll tell you why you're wrong.
Hitler wasn't inconsistent with dealing with the Jews. I suspect you have a problem reconciling the Jew's lies with the original known facts about the transfer agreement, the Nuremberg laws, etc.
Invasion of the USSR happened because Stalin told Hitler that The Soviets were going to invade Romania. Romania was a German ally and essential to the war effort because Romania provided Germany with oil. Yes, Hitler didn't know about the numbers of Soviet tanks and would not have invaded if he had known about their number.

Because Zig Forums isn't what you think it is, even when it pretended to be a National Socialist board.

The American people themselves didn't buy the idea of war until the stupid fucking Nips attacked, thinking that the USA would cry uncle, instead it motivated the entire population to kill kill kill.

I don't so much blame the US citizenry as I do the fucking faggot cripplekike FDR who was actively trying to get the USA into the war, and supplying the British war effort, as well as having close ties with the communists in the Soviet Union. Oh also the fact that Ford (one of the greatest Americans to ever live) was wholly on the side of the Germans to the point he refused to manufacture war materiel for FDR, who then threatened to charge him with treason or someshit. So don't act like the entire American populace was for warring with the Germans, I blame the Nips for enticing the fight.

Yeah I went to Lucerne for a day in the summer and it was absolutely full of chinks.