As a Jew I swear that all goyim are NPCs...

As a Jew I swear that all goyim are NPCs. I tried to discuss philosophy/theology with a group of goyim and they all basically gave me the same milquetoast postmodern nihilism bullshit, I discussed the same subject with some jews I met at my local synagogue and they had very articulate and unique views.

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And how does that make you feel Mr. Goldstein?

Most are. I think it's why the majority of you guys lurk here. We act different from other goyim.

Like the intellectual superior of most goyim tbh.

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Interesting, I've always felt the same way about jews. It seems they are singularly driven by hatred of their betters, if ever you get them to speak freely they'll just talk about who they want to see dead or ruined. They genuinely appear to be soulless minions of satan, every other aspect to them is a mask to make them appear human.

Average Jewish IQ: 115

Average goy IQ: 85

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did you gain all that IQ from incest alone?

We're not inbred. You're thinking of Arabs.

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"jew", or judean?
Also what your view on Max stirner hegelian dialectics and egotism? Since you have a lot of the materialistic corporeal of your kind.

Bye cuckchan.

hahhahahahhaa, thats the best joke I've heard in ages.

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Oy vey, i'm not getting paid enough shekels to shill on Zig Forums! Oy vey, six trillion jews died in the holocaust, goyim!

Nope, if so why is your iq in israel 95 or lower?

Israel is mostly Arabs and Arab Jews (Mizrahi and Sephardis)

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that Jewish men shared a common set of genetic signatures with non-Jews from the Middle East, including Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese.

These signatures were significantly different from non-Jewish men outside of the Middle East. This means Jews and Arabs have more in common with each other, genetically speaking, than they do with any of the wider communities in which they might live.

Jews ARE arabs dickhead.

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Yeah, about that.

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Jews are largely not NPCs. The NPC sounding ones are just putting on a show. This is why they're our greatest and most dangerous enemies. They're actualy playing the game.

something something golem parable something something.

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The Stuff was made of soy, then?

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Well 115 average iq is not something to sneeze at. This why after much rumination I decided to start dating a reform Jewess despite being a Zig Forumsack since the /new/ days. If you can't beat them join them.

That first pic proves me right lol.

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