Fukushima disaster ongoing ramifications

Hey, /pol bros. What's the endgame with Fukushima? Seems to me the entire Pacific and West Coast USA are fucked thanks to a bunch of irresponsible chinks.

Watch video, especially after 14:00. Guy flies over Pacific with a Gieger counter, gets readings over over 1,500 mSv which is totally insane and beyond toxic and cancer causing. (anything above 30 mSv is considered dangerous, Chernobyl was evacuated after 300 mSv)

I myself have completely stopped eating fish, not only from the pacific but anywhere in the ocean. The only fish i will consider eating are farmed, freshwater because you just don't know. Remember your potassium iodine, lads. Pretty funny how the cucked environmentalists aren't saying anything.

Interested to hear if anons have ideas regarding a good course of action to protect themselves, their family and their country from this hidden catastrophe, please share.

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fukishima radiation is really bad and I wouldn't eat anything from the pacific ocean (although chinese plastic pollution is probably even more of a concern tbf) but that map you posted is mislabeled, it's from some tsunami or something

Righto, apologise for that. Should have sourced more carefully. Check the video though, it's pretty hardcore.

High altitude radiation is always common. Everyone on the planet alive when the reactor was actively melting down into open air got dosed. People now, unless the pools dry, are fine. The fuel pellets when exposed to open air become a gas, when you breathe the gas it's retained in your body's proteins similar to mercury. Any damage that would be done unless the pools dry and they begin to melt again is done. Also the image you posted is the NOAA tsunami wave height map of the event, not radiation. I mean fuck, maybe they started measuring radiation in centimeters, who knows.

Mind you, freshwater fish are pretty likely to be contaminated with farm runoff so I hope you're alright with eating fish bathed in glyphosate. What you should be doing is focusing on staying generally healthy so your body can handle the myriad toxic substances you're exposed to daily. You use plastic? Way worse than anything you've recieved from Fukushima fallout. Don't let people fearmonger you with nuclear shit. There's a huge price jump in that iodine you buy every time there's a nuclear scare. Fuckin' wonder why. You don't need to overload on iodine unless you're going into known active hot territory or something, they add that shit to salt by default now.

Thanks for the reply, man. Yeah, never use plastic. Don't use iodine, but my dad flies the pacific a lot so i stock it a bit. High alt radiation is high, yeah, but not that high. Here's an example from an Australian flight sheet about altitude radiation across the world. It never goes anywhere near 1,500 mSv. arpansa.gov.au/sites/g/files/net3086/f/legacy/pubs/factsheets/FlyingandHealth.pdf

Here's another paper regarding radiation in aircraft crew, stating the average dose a year was 3mSv. iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/0952-4746/21/1/003/meta. 1,500 is a crazy amount and i'd say is likely due to cloud carriage from evaporation.

user the device he used in the video measures microsieverts, not millisieverts. µSv/hr, not mSv/hr. The readings he got are very standard. µSievert levels are what you're getting right now sitting near a computer or using a phone.

Fuq, okay, i'm a faggot. Looked at it again and your right, was disinfo, deliberately made it difficult to see the µ on the counter. Still would be interested to hear measures that anons are taking for the poisoning that there is and for similar circumstances.

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It's fine, happens to all of us at some point. If you're avoiding plastics, washing your produce, working out and trying to buy/grow healthier options food wise then I'd say you're fine as is. They make charts of which fish are fine for pregnant women to eat and how often if you're concerned about fish in particular you could follow those guides. Anything with a high buildup of mercury is likely to have a similar build up of other minerals or poison shit. Salmon is hard to get too much of, it's a pretty healthy meal. Major recommendation to try it if you haven't.

A big part of the problem is that every bad against your body is multiplied by not being properly hydrated, not having enough nutrition or not being fit. If you're otherwise healthy your body can handle a shocking amount of environmental abuse. Not to the point I'd go skinny dipping in a waste lagoon or anything but I'm not concerned about fish now and then or whatever.

Fuck off reddit.

I drink desal from that irradiated puddle.
I will be lucky to live past 40 I think.

I know one of the biggest fish brokers in B.C., a Japanese guy. I was talking to him about the death of all the starfish, mysteriously up and down the coast from California to Alaska and the fact that Japan was dumping 300,000 tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima disaster.

He said to me that there's no squid anymore in the N. Pacific. That's what he was hearing from all his suppliers, and he travels between Vancouver, Vladivostok and Japan.

maybe if you live in some midwestern shithole

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Nobody wants to know this but there's hot particles from the reactor raining down on the Pacific coast of NA. I left Vancouver for the east because of this and also the coming earthquake from the Cascadia fault.


The west coast is fucked and it's an immense tragedy; just 50 years ago it was the last best place on earth. The Pacific Ocean is ruined by this immense catastrophe.

you gonna' scream about yellowstone next

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I take it back, I just felt an earthquake, then checked USGS, we just had a 6.6 on the transform fault

It's gone off 46 times in the last 10,000 years. That plate is moving with a fairly regular motion. The last time it popped was around 1700, 1705.

It goes off every 250 years or so.

The core samples of the sea bottom prove it.

Get back to us when it's a 9.2.

Oh wait you'll be 50-100 ft underwater in Seattle when that happens.

you are the dumbest fucking cunt do you even know what a foreshock is?

Seriously, don't eat any food made in Japan anymore.

Wondering why the radiation is measured in “cm”.

OP's picture has nothing to do with the spread of radiation.

Radiation is a masonic scam. Look at the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki today. Just look at the nuclear wasteland-ghost towns they remain to be. Ehhhh, no. They are bustling and beautiful tourist-attraction, cityscape metropoli. I was always taught that "human beings would never be able to step foot there for a GORILLION YEARS" because of the everlasting and devastating effects of radiation. Throw off the yoke of the false jew (false-jew led masonic order), you stupid goyim. For God's sake.



I almost forgot…


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It's like you don't even want super powers.

This is off topic bullshit kike propaganda thread about nuclear power and mutant cancer causing fish and other rubbish produced by fags who want energy prices to rise so they can keep their boots on our necks.

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You've been taught horribly wrong if you were taught at all about radiation unless your only exposure to the concept of radiation is through Fallout or Hollywood. Radiation contamination from nuclear weapons is pretty negligible in the long run. People hype it up to be end of world type scenario, but the biggest issue in a global thermonuclear war would be the large amounts of fires started. All that ash and soot and shit thrown into the air would devastate our atmosphere. Did you ever not wonder what the hell a fallout shelter is for in the first place? They aren't meant for long term habitation, their entire purpose is in their name, for short term habitation as the fallout precipitates out and radiation levels drop. This happens in a relatively short amount of time, which is why a fallout shelter is viable. Something like a reactor in the sense of Chernobyl is much more serious as the radioactive material is different and it is used differently so it is more likely to contaminate an area. Even so Chernobyl is gradually getting less irradiated by the year and life still gets on by, albeit with a higher chance of mutation in wildlife.

Now don't get me wrong radiation poisoning is no fucking joke, I wouldn't wish that on my worst fucking enemy. But the large amount of demonization of radiation and nuclear power comes from kikes and retarded liberal types that don't understand it as you did. There is no energy crisis, we solved that 70+ years ago, we just purposely cripple ourselves because oil money holds large amounts of power.

It's an absolute disgrace that more effort isn't being put into neutralizing nuclear radiation. Everyone's so concerned about a fractional percentage increase in a non- toxic innert gas is going to cause the sea level to rise, that real disasters get out on the back burner.

The radiation isn't as dangerous as people make it out to be. Video related.

It's more likely that it is caused by cosmic rays. Earth's magnetic field is getting weaker letting in more cosmic rays.




You're Jewish aren't you? Nuclear bombs are a scam. Nuclear energy is not dangerous. They are glorified stream reactors.

Watch this healthy man eat "nuclear waste".

Learning to evaluate sources while having an activist outlook can be a long and embarrassing process, speaking from experience. The first clue was that the comments were disabled on the video. For me, I enjoy reading the craziest shit on the net, but I'll only ever spread things from the normalfaggotest of mainstream sources.

Honestly you guys are far more jewed out than you realize. You need time watch this. Do some research. Understand that there is no evidence for nuclear weapons other than a bloated military budget sucking the money from taxpayers. Read the Bible. Get yourself a dose of truth, because you're starved.