Kill socialists

Magic girlfriend guy still can't get a date. I think socialists are using a brainwashing weapon to help make women ignore me.

I'm sorry there's just something about me that screams alpha.

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Oh hey anyone still have any idea why this dumb fucking go ernment is still in place? Who the fuck would ignore me?

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Here's a headline; millionaire body builder gets socially isolated and tortured.

can i have 1000 dollars?

Fucking retards who the fuck do you think you are

Yeah get Wonder woman to speak to me I'll give you 1000$

Start posting bodies and then we'll talk

Oh yeah look how fucking beta I am

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Nope I get.completely ignored and blocked on the first message. Makes total sense
I'm going to fucking kill everyone at Google and Facebook I swear to fucking god you Antichrist motherfuckers

I'll lift you above my head and rip you apart like cotton candy.

How about you buy a ranch and hire Zig Forumsacks to help run it and reboot the volkisch way of life instead of whining. Women will come to you once there is a home and community to nest in.

Silicon valley and pharmaceuticals sitting in a tree…. Working together to brainwash me..

Anyone who has herpes is already infected or prepped for infection.

I'm buying miniguns and I'll mow down Google myself if they don't start talking.

Do you think 10 is enough and a rocket launcher? You fucking faggots.

If I see one cop that's not on my side you die by gas.

Uh oh magic girlfriend guy is getting scarier then Hitler.

This is what you get for fucking questioning me.

Zeig heil

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Zeig heil!

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Zeig heil!!

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How did you fuck your hand up that badly?

I am Kal El and you will pay me.

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Not sure what you mean.

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It looks perfect.

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Why would you even think to cross Lucifer? I'll kill you and your entire history.

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Why? Why? Why? With so many people watching too.

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Give me back my girlfriend or I'll kill you.

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Give her back or I'll rip out your spine infront of millions.

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And they will call me Superman.

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Who the fuck are you and why did you summon me?

Maybe my secret identity was to protect you. Not me.


No one can hide from Prime.

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How could you be bored when we have made available so many toys for you, goyim?

You took my family for laughs.

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I'm kill every single one of you.

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You are just another number.

I am your God.

All done with objection and reasoning.

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It's helicopter and minigun time.

Give back wonder woman woman. Now.

They call me superman….

This guy is so random XD

Throw a quarter in front of her.

You are a faggot and probably a heretic. Please kys

Holy crap. An entire thread of bots replying to bots. Well I'll be darned.
Either that or some kind of esoteric late night shitposting my meager 1.2 years of lurking are insufficient to understand fully

Are you that schizophrenic kike I argued with back on cuckchan?

Look at the pic i'm replying too, is that your blood?

He's the kike who thinks nazis tried to eradicate christianity?