The Citizens United SCOTUS decision is the only issue

Citizens United: How the GOP destroyed America
It allows corporations and billionaires to legally bribe all our elected officials with unlimited sums of money.

That's why they say one thing before the election.

Then appoint Goldman Sachs bankers and give Sheldon a huge tax cut after.

The man behind it is David Bossie, Trump's presidential campaign manager.

Well that's a weird way of spelling Israel/AIPAC.

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Free speech means you can buy newspaper and television advertisements to support your candidates and positions.
Yes, billionaires have more money to buy advertisements.
It's the trillionaire bankers (((Rothschilds))) who own the networks and the print media who have the advantage, tho. They don't need to buy advertisements - they run assholes like Olberman to state their position.

Be a good Goy and get outraged about illegal immigrants and that phony caravan so the GOP can give big contracts to the private holding facility donors.

That's kinda absurd, Op. Your thesis doesn't fit the known facts or make economic sense.

You Goy need to go w/o healthcare

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I earned my health care. I don't need jew socialism to give it to me.
Yes, big corporations got tax cuts.
Let's look at your article: $30 million to house republicans? 235 Republicans at a maximum donation of $3000 (a little less) comes to $705,000 and not $30 million.
Stop being so fucking gullible.

Giving money is speech goyim. Jews print the money so they get to speak.

that's not how it works retard, sheldon adelson isnt donating directly to each republican the maximum allowed for an individual god damn you're an idiot.

Election= Rich poor young and old gather up all your money and give it to your favorite candidate so they can pay the Jewish media to run campaign ads.

There you go. Maybe if you chimp out more like a fucking nigger I might feel you must have an argument.

Sheldon meets or talks to trump twice a month telling him what to do.

The video in the OP is prophetic
Start watching at the 2 min mark.

Olberman got fired for this since MSNBC is a corporation.
No MSM Journalist can be against war since they are employed by war profiteering corporations.

Enjoy your insane national debt and never ending war and you new cold war and disappearing social security.

Watch more FOX News and for fucks sake do not support Bernie Sanders.

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Its cool, I know

Yea over 150 people die from opiates is ok since big pharma are donors.

Wait til you're denied coverage when you need it. They can legally do this, what are you going to do write your Congressman, gl w that.

Pretty much. Olbermann then tells gullible sheep that it's all orange man's fault.


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kek you faggots try so hard and then blow it so easy

What an idiotic thing to say. The '65 immigration act, welfare expansion, multiple amnesties, NAFTA, the exportation of industry to the third world etc. all happened before the citizens united ruling. Citizens united didn't destroy this country. The buying of politicians already existed. Where the fuck are you from? Are you stupid enough to think this country was a utopia until 2010?

The newest jew tactic is trying to convince us that it's jewwise and redpilled to vote Democrat………..

You mean kikes. How kikes destroyed America.

why do you post like such a retard?


Yeah, some sophisticated shilling for the normalfags that ended up here.


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This time he's really gonna do it, meanwhile he hands over the country to the same Oligarchs who fucked Russia.

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I love it when the memory hole vomits up its hidden treasures.

What is the 'Golden Rule'? … and why do those with the Gold make all of the rules?

Let's not forget the Tea-Party era or the Ron Paul era. Those were major RP eras when real shit almost possibly might have maybe nearly habbened

fucking implying

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(((Olbermann))) notorious kike liar with zero credibility he will be on fo the first in the ovens

btw CU merely was trying to do what the open society and all the big foundations "left wing" orgs do CU is one of the less infiltrated and controlled and least funded things out there…I find it amazing jews are always so frightened by anyone exercising money power cept for themselves

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