Does anybody know what happened to him?

Scottie Spencer, owner of was arrested and charged with ethnic intimidation for simply writing on a sidewalk in chalk that jews did 9/11. He hasn't been heard of in over a year and his website hasn't been updated since january. Plus malware has been found in certain pages on the site by some people working for tech on TRS. Did (((they))) get him?

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New low.

I've been wondering as well. Hope he's fine and HAIL VICTORY.

Hail victory brother! We're going to win this. The spirits of our ancestors live within us.

His memes were shit tier and triggered the hell out of me but I hope he's okay. Bump.

He had a knack for reconciling apostolic Christianity and National Socialism. I hope he's doing okay too.

(((Deep State))) arrested?

Nah, man. He's a fucking occultist weirdo like his brother Dicky and a Jew like his great grand father the occult Jew

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literally who?

Thanks for posting this I have noticed his website has not updated in a long time and wondered what happened.
Hopefully some other user can fill us in with more details.

If they haven't kept him in prison then he might be under a gag order/ban from communicating online. There is no rule of law and the American legal system is kiked, so I could see something like this happening:
If this can and is happening (but I'm just speculating) then it's similar to how the Jap police will hold people suspected of crimes in jail for years till they confess. I also wouldn't be surprised if whites were just thrown in cells full of niggers and their deaths quietly written off as drug overdoses, as what happened to the Brit who put bacon on a mosque and is common practice in Bongland

He was a man whose only crime was reporting the truth.

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b-b-b-but, user. It's just a religion; amirite?

The information in the images isn't consistently factual so I won't endorse or post them.

spotted the jewnigger

Just some criticism of the works, although they are great

I can assure you he’s still doing the rounds if you know where to look.

Smoloko is a yid. He was doxed in Ohio a while back.

45 e judson st, youngstown OH.

Christ, JUDEson st. These cheeky kikes.

Never trust a TRSodomite.

lol no

No one can bat 1.000, surely the New York Times and CNN have made a mistake or two over the years :^)

wasted trips

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Wait, in America?
Is that a fucking crime now?

Kill yourself kike2.

post proof or fuck off. how did he get hit with "ethnic intimidation" if he's a yid? smoloko has had some decent stuff

Holy fucking christ, you really are clinically insane, aren’t you. I’m over here, by the way. Continue screaming impotently about your proven false bullshit.

Looking at his non-receding hairline, triangulation of eyes, ears and nose (not hooked, no teardrop), philtrum groove and finally jaw I don't detect any Jewish admixture. Add his non-Hebrew name on top of that and I think it's safe to rule out any kike blood.

Everything about you was proven true, yid.

I don't save eceleb faggotry. All I had was his dox which I posted. You can kvetch into the wind all you want but he's a fucking jew.


Ummm, sweetie…

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Uh, I'm not following.

Smoloko memes are quotes. Pure objective truth.

So stfu and gtfo, jew.

>(((ethnicities))) need to be protected
Literally why? It doesnt make sense to me how, even if theyre wrong, someone cant have a "hurtful" opinion of someone else. It seems like the world is perfectly okay with its bias and demonization of the caucasian race but not of any other. So easy to create a linguistic virus that infects the minds of the PoC who subscribe to their victimization tactics. Everyone needs to stop chaperoning the fat, disgusting, useless troglodyte humans who think whatever theyre told. 1 to 8 billion in less than 100yrs and every faggot you meet thinks he knows everything because his cartoon clown world told him through his talk-box. The only thing depressing about it is the fact that the world probably wont see enough turmoil for the consequence of law to escape anyone who fights the "system" during any highlighted "crisis" point. I feel like Im being pinched from the top-down and bottom-up into having nothing to live for, so Im at a point where I see it as nothing to lose. Its like they want more far-right extremists to satiate their claims of institutional dogma on the subject. I can sit here waiting for posts to roll in to tell me everythings going to be okay or I can roll the dice and jump into the immortal flame. When youre ready to die for something, then youre alive. Cattle die, and kinsman die, and so must one die oneself. But that I know which never dies, the fame of a dead mans deeds. Life can only be viewed backwards, but it must be lived forwards. I want to live in a world where I can say what I see, without people looking to see what I say. It seems that everyones feelings and opinions are valid if they fit into the cultural bias, but where if not for here is there a nation on earth with forward representation of the caucasian race? Seems like they want to see the race exterminated or at the very least removed from power. So much fear for so little reason. People live within irrationality when they only speak reiterated programming given to them by the (((media))). What is the solution?

On the side of Whites and you don't endorse… See what the problem here is? You want a daddy figure and whose perfect so you'll be waiting until you die. It's faggotry like that why Peterstein is the biggest e-celeb.


No, its faggotry like yours why peterstein is a big "e-celeb", because he caters to liberals, centrists and basic bitch conservative all the while admiring lenin, trotsky and is funded by jews.
eat shit

looks like you seppo faggots just got hate speech

Christcucks always spread their ass cheeks for every control agent that pays lip service to their Jewish virgin sacrifice.

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I have shared some of them, they're good

Looks like fellating the kikes with his "not all jews" bullshit didn't help him out at all.

In other words he was insane, no never mind namefagging all over the images. Fucking namefags.

Lol that image gets me every time.
Amazing. This happened in Ohio. I thought it was in some asshole country like Canada or the UK.
It appears from the court records that he was charged with ethnic intimidation, paid about $1000 in fines and fees, and was put on probation.
I'm not a legal expert, but it appears he was then arrested for violating probation but that was dismissed. I think…
Free speech is truly dead.
As for you jews shitposting here: Yeah, fuck you. Seems this guy was dead on and pissed off some middle power level kikes. More than anyone on Zig Forums has done.

Most relevant record

Careful, user. Zig Forums is an anti-Christian, anti-white board.

What? Ethnic intimidation isn't a real or legitimate crime, in the US you still have the right to free speech, and freedom of association. Unlike Europe.

This kike racket case will crumble, this is bs and trumped up charges. Hopefully this legend gets a decent lawyer.

Actually nvm it's actually real, the law isn't even clearly defined.


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Looks like they shut down Smokoko as part of his probation because there is nothing on there about this beyond the January posts.
He was arrested once apparently for probation violation, but the judge seemed to throw that one out.
If Zig Forums is such a threat to jews, and Smoloko is run by a jew, then how the fuck is Zig Forums still up and the got Spencer for writing stuff on the sidewalk in chalk (a fake charge) just to go after his website?
The answer is that the jews are using Zig Forums, but Smoloko was revealing the jew.

His CIA contract expired so he returned home to Ireland.

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Man, at this point they should make this into a meme.

CIA symbol fits everything.

Cite user or be named Jew.

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Yeah, the people who burned kikes at the stake were actually controlled christcuck opposition. Modern Jews are totally ancient Israelites. :dddddd

Christian is a broad term anyway. When I say 'apostolic' these people don't know what I'm talking about because they're burgers.

Fuck off moarpheus

fuck off kike

Your take-away from this sad event is that the Jews really, really don't like
They charged the guy with a felony for writing on the sidewalk of a park with chalk, and made posting on his website a violation of his parole.
Think about that as you shit post your kike made Nazi memes with complete impunity.
As if the kike Nazi meme wasn't wrong.

Doesn’t exist in the US. He’s already dead since the rule of law hasn’t existed since 1913.

Isn't the "not all jews are bad" what got the Daily Stormer and other aut-right isrealis promoting the jewish Trumpstein scam to continue voting for the isreali jews

Smoloko was consistent in opposing you jews

hasbara-kun, good to see you!

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Sadly you isreali Kampfy-bots refuse to leave

It's been a while so I forgive you if you don't remember; I agree with you hasbara-kun, on pretty much every post you make!

Sorry I haven't been around much to support you, but just know that I'm here for you

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Legit spastic, the only impressive feature you possess is that you're still convinced no-one here gets why you isreali jews try and associate loli pedo porn with Zig Forumsaks

It's not a secret, I just agree with you hasbara-kun. I hate jews too, especially on Zig Forums.

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Yet all you and your retarded isreali chums ever did was shill for NeoCon kikes and get anyone not down with your jewish Trumpstein astroturf campaign, banned.

You shills are so obvious at this point, just get the fuck out.

That's not true hasbara-kun, all I've ever done is support you!

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TRS sodomites don’t get thrown in jail for actual activism dipshit.

Is (((TRSodomite))) newfag. And of course they don't get thrown in jail they are CIA operatives.

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He's a great looking guy. That site had some nice memes too. How the fuck is that ethnic intimidation? lol

Smoloko was consistent in opposing you jews
It was

A quick question if you don't mind. Do you ever "expose" any freemason anglos with ties to cromwellian england, or do you strictly target the "Irish". You incredible laughing stalk of a massive faggot. Also, how many times have andrew anglin and weev had sex with each other?

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Kill yourself you jew fuck.

Kill yourself kike. I don't give a fuck if bibi himself authorizes you to be a cum gargling yid fucking rat, you jew fucks are toast. You can't argue against fucking facts. Smoloko is a kike fuck.

Stop trying to defend a yid.

Not really.
wtf my foreskin mutilated now

based & redpilled

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Keep filling all the "based Christian" stereotypes fam.

Kill yourself, former mod.

Dammit, I thought you killed yourself.

Take your gay little anglo vs irish spat back to endchan, spergs.

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Only ten.

Kinda bitter, user? Maybe you should post somewhere else.

Only kikes discredit goys by calling them yids.

It looks like there's almost no goys on Zig Forums. Just Jews jewing each other.

archive the memes from his site and spread them on 4chan/twitter etc.

I can't support this post