Have any of you checked out yet?

It's a Twitter/Reddit clone built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't this be the best way for us to spread happenings and important shit? Everything you post on there is committed to the blockchain forever, and it's not nearly as slow as Bitcoin used to be because they use 0-conf transactions on Memo (which takes less than 2 seconds).

The only problem is, you need some BCH to start posting. If anyone here wants to make an account, post your BCH wallet and I can send you the 10cents or whatever to get started.

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REEE my thread about Memo on halfchan got killed by mods who thought I was advertising

Anyways, if anyone from that thread sees this, report in.

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It looks like it is currently populated by soy faggots.

stop shilling that garbage here

What the fuck is this faggotry.
It's already chock-full of (((skeptics/glow-darks)))

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blatant 4chan crosspost

Da rulez goyim, can't break any rules …. even if its a good idea.

BTW making people pay to post is stupid and won't work. EOS io and such that put the cost on the developer is the only way forward with blockchain social media.

Every network is infested, what's your point?

Who owns it and where does the profit go?

No profits, you pay to post. Protocol is open source, if you want you can code your own web page to view if you have A copy of the blockchain

Eos can censor your shit. If you want something that won't be wiped censored, this is how you do it.

so if you post CP, it stays there forever?
browsing there sounds like an easy way to get banned IRL


Amusing Jews control all the Stake Holders and vote to remove it. But then they can be voted out by the coin holders.

I don't think they will do it for shit-posting, maybe only Wikileaks level shit.

Holding a couple of bch on binance, can't be bothered to send to memo, but if you insist OP, I will gladly accept and try it.

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Fuck off with your kikecoins, yid.

yes completely agree the current monetary system is the best because it can't be manipulated!

you may know something about jewish degeneracy but you don't know the first thing about the banking system or economics and how they're used against you every day. so try to shut the fuck up next time m8

If you don't trust ZOG currencies…

Whether building your own nest-egg or contributing to a war chest, If it's a real blockchain and it's open source then knowing where to put your money is presumably a good thing.

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This is actually good, though I'd like to point out that while CAN censor posts, whatever you post is permanently engraved in the BCH blockchain. Secondly, if (the site itself) is being censored, someone else can easily spin up an alternative service (the protocol is open and the BCH blockchain is available to all). Nerds can download their own copy of the BCH blockchain and verify whether is "honest".
People should start duplicating their Tweets here. Anyone who is sharing something very sensitive should do so not via, but by transacting with an OP_RETURN directly (to prevent chance of censorship at the level).
For anyone who doesn't know the history behind BCH's existence, I strongly recommend reading about what happened to BTC.

All my savings were in Bitcoin before the crash, I even convinced my gf at the time to get her parents to do the same. So I'll pass on these kinds of schemes.

Roger Ver did so much for BTC. It's Animal Farm playing out in front of our eyes.

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I think I know who's behind this

Yes. I'm sure (((they))) love the fact that an uncensorable, permanent platform exists that anyone can post anything they want to on, anonymously.
You do realize that you're paying a BCH transaction fee - usually around $0.01 - and that that fee goes to the miners, not (((them))), you top-tier fucking mong?

You fucking niggers don't realize that "uncensorable" is another word for "unlimited Mossad/CIA child porn." Good luck when there is child porn on the blockchain, so having a full node will put you in possession of child porn. Anyways, Bitcoin et al. has been outdated for very many years already. That was first generation technology, and we're already on third generation, like EOS.


Not that anyone will believe me, but bitcash was created by the same cunt who created bitcoin, an Aussie shitposter whose intention is to abolish fiat currency and thus take the power away from the jews.

Anyone who says it's kiked is a fucking retard or a shill.

I would like to try this


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Sounds like a scam. No one will trust this shit.


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Blockchain: an exponentially growing clusterfuck than contains CP which cannot be removed.



Craig never posted any veritable proof and, the more he writes, the more evidence stacks up that he isn't Satoshi.
I do agree that Satoshi did create Bitcoin to destroy fiat though. And that Satoshi would be spinning in his grave seeing what happened to BTC.

If you create a profile, it'll give you an address that you should deposit into. Anyway, just sent you $1.

Oh yeah, tell me about all those invisible Bitcoin they have in their mouthes muh dude!~

Thank you very much, user!

What evidence? I daresay be thought better about coming out as Satoshi, I'm not sure why he said anything in the first place tbh


< good idea
No it isn't, nigger. trips trump your scripted dubs.

In other words, it's useless. I can't even reliably get my hands on normal Bitcoin without forking over my birth certificate thanks to Jew-backed businesses like Coinbase. Cryptocurrency is a nice concept, but useless for day-to-day stuff if normal people can't acquire it for transactions. Attempting to lazily mitigate spam through payment gatekeeping is a fruitless endeavor.

A blockchain is one way of doing it. The primary benefit of a blockchain for this would probably be the perceived veracity gained from the use of a merkle tree, but in my opinion it's incredibly unnecessary and adds a lot of silly programmatic overhead. If you're just looking for something that can't be censored, something more akin to torrents relying on a DHT rather than trackers would be more practical in my opinion. Time spent coding that website would be better spent coding a special BitTorrent based client to facilitate the same thing without the high barrier to entry (obtaining and spending crypto in order to post.) How they would deal with spam would be another issue, but I can think of several different ways just off the top of my head… And if Ethereum has taught us anything, it's that having a cost affixed to submitting transactions does not stop politically motivated money-interests from spamming the shit out of your blockchain to inflate its file size to insane levels.

I know you're shilling BCH, but here's some constructive criticism anyway in case any anons want to play around with the idea.

Most people don't buy into the idea of weaponized weather modification through an array of transmitters heating up the ionosphere with microwave because of the amount of energy involved. The second post is someone referencing the flood of Noah.

An uncensorable, decentralized Twitter isn't a bad idea but the traffic it gets right now is pathetic.

The story of the (((Blockstream))) conspiracy would make for a good thread on its own. It still pisses me off when I think about it. BTC was poised to draw blood from central banking, (((their))) greatest weapon, and if it would have remained usable as cash I think we'd be seeing the (((bankers))) shitting their pants, right now. I gotta hand it to (((them))) though, they played their cards well and not only found a way to cripple BTC but managed to produce a ton of NPCs in the process. "Second layer will save us", "Bcash is centralized", "Lightning Network will make us rich", "just 18 more months", "high fees are good for Bitcoin", "it's a store of value". They're insufferable.

Show your profile and deposit address and I'll feed into the coffers a bit too. Maybe post in the US Politics/Trump channel as right now there's only one colossal faggot dominating the feed.

True, the explosion of mining farms and then regulatory-complaint companies has led to disappointing barriers to entry. But surely you know that unless you want thousands of dollars worth you can just trade locally, in person. This is what I did after Coinbase started kissing IRS ass.

This surprises me. Are you referring to a specific incident?

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Consider a free alternative

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I'm new to owning some BTC and I didn't know where else to ask. What do you think, is it best to cash out or hold on to it? (We all know in Dec it was almost at 20k but since then it has been going down consistently, currently at 6k).