Germanistan: Turd World Lefty Politician shows off her Rolex, calls naysayers haters

Germanistan: Turd World Lefty Politician shows off her Rolex, calls naysayers haters

In German culture showing off is a total no go, no matter if you're in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Even though she was raised in Germany the turd world is deep in her genes and turd world people can't help but show off real or fake wealth.

She defends herself by stating she shared a 2 room apartment with 12 fellow roaches from her family therefore knows hardship and is a totally good lefty that deserves her 100k a year salary. (a gigantic salary in commie Germany btw.)

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more interested in whether AfD is full of shit or maybe even behind Chemnitz, OP is a boring faggot

Every person I've seen flashing gaudy displays of opulence are of Middle Eastern extraction. The worst offenders have been Iranian Jews, but Armenians, Chaldeans, and Turks all do the same. A particularly weird experience I had was stopping at a grocery store in Glendale, CA, and having an early-20s Armenian guy offer to sell me cologne and cell phones out of the trunk of his leased Mercedes E-class. Either this is really important in Middle Eastern countries, or they're "nigger rich" - lots of assets but no cash.

What about niggers?

Darker skin correlates with higher rates of narcissism. In my experience, most people who flash expensive accessories and things have dark-than-northern-Euro skin. It would make sense that they are signalling wealth because they're narcissists. The only point of having a Rolex, if you get down to essentials, is to show others you can afford a Rolex and they can't. It's a way to say, me important, you lesser. Notice in the photo her smug face and the Rolex pointing directly at the camera?

Part of black culture is wealth signalling. There is no shortage of broke niggers in the hood walking around in shoes that cost more than the ones a business exec in a multinational is wearing. Very narcissistic behaviour and niggers are the most narcissistic group of people on earth, statistically.

Eurasians need to save for the winter or they'll starve. Warm climate people are all stupid and don't know how to save for the future because their ancestors never needed to.


This is the most accurate response to OP so far.

I never understood even having ornate doorways to a house.
If you are truly wealthy or powerful you can display it and make subtle threats without having 12 bodyguards in uniforms and gems on each finger.


Also this.

Shitskins have a natural inferior complex, because deep down they know how shitty they are. They need to show off wealth in order to compensate that. They do that to feel better for themselves and also to promote that shitskins aren't poor shits in general. They basically try to meme themselves better than they really are.

Here in Germany every turk drives exspensive cars like BMW or Mercedes, yet they get walefare or have low level jobs. I asked one myself how it comes that he has such a good car in his bad financial state. Fact is they make some kind of car sharing within their entire family. 12 cousins buy together a 50k car and each one can drive once per week with it when they want to go somewhere to show off. Usually at a cheap club or something. It's really pathetic.
Traits like humility, foresight or frugality are mostly unkown to them, since they have mostly extremly weak or undeveloped characters.

100K is lower middle class in southern commiefornia

The watch doesn't even fit her, it's too large.

Yeah, they're very child-like in ways. Their shallowness and weak character is probably due to narcissism. And in typical narc fashion, they're fake people. Basically, losers masquerading as stand-out, grandiose showstoppers.

A good-fitting timepiece isn't the point. She doesn't care about ergonomic function. The whole point is to show everyone that she's better than them.

You wish, nigger.

I'm going to start a business centered around selling "expensive" things to sand niggers.

I have one next to my house. Fake gold and silver everything. Even fake gold cutlery. Sandnigs walk in wearing suits and buy their junk using welfare money. I despise darkskins so fucking much. Shitty people, shitty culture.

What's your preferred name? The New Deutsch Caliphate?

I was thinking about something more along the lines of an online business. I used to live around sand niggers, right now I have an ultra noisy one living above me and I can't take it anymore.

Das Deutsche Kaisserreich if it has to be all clumped up.
Balkanization > all.

Niggers are people of instant gratification and thus prefer to buy from a physical seller because it means no wait time.


The rich ones have to have some kind of control.

For non-kraut types or those who have not lived there, the kikes tax ~50% of the employers' payout before it goes to the employee for health system gibs.
The employee then pays their taxes out of that remaining salary, kek.

With this in mind, 100k a year is a decent amount there. Things like Mercedes are cheap compared to most countries too, one must keep this in mind when seeing flashy turks (and the ass-stink train of 12 relatives sharing one car to larp with). Ethnic Germans don't like showing off too much, many cars are de-badged, especially the high end ones, there is even a law prohibiting bank staff from having car models visible or some shit like that.
If you are in to cars you have an especially hard time over there. Some people even go to the point of body-kitting high end cars with base model fenders and hiding the big brake kits with rudimentary wheels. E.g. AMG spec with turn-down diesel exhaust tips, taxi trim + exterior. Sneaky sleeper game there!

Kek, best part is any reasonably intelligent White or Asian can sniff that bullshit in a heartbeat, so it becomes obvious larping.
Even most famous 'rappers' are massive larpers.

Relatively more but the psychology is still essentially the same.

It's not even hers, it isn't fitted correctly, and it's a men's watch. What do they hope to accomplish with this?

Then you buy a Cartier.

Why are they always so fucking smug in their pictures? Are the media's photographers deliberately telling them to smile like this?

Or a Chopard if you're feeling like really mining salt.

May as well buy a $100 Seiko which is equally as quality and will last roughly as long. Expensive brand name stuff is for people who LARP as rich. Real rich people buy custom items from craftsmen.

$100 seiko doesn't get you gold and diamonds.

It's so apparent that even retarded communists used to notice it.

Kek, this. Even an Astronomia produced in limited numbers might turn them off, they also love old stuff.

Why would you give a shit? It's a watch.

Not quite, but close. Here's my payout from september.
Essentially, I get 2.4k and 40 bucks I singed a contract to save. My boss fully covers that, which is nice but nothing they are obliged to.
Then I pay 324,50€ for random shit **salary tax, church tax and "Solidaritätszuschlag" which is literally just "pay gibs", then 500,81€ for various obligatory insurances such as health. Then the 40 bucks to save are taken (note that they still were considered for the above values) and I'm left with almost 900€ less.
Of course, this doesn't factor in taxes on then actually buying things. Germans do end up a bit over 50~ taxes in total.

I know one millionaire who drives a 1992 toyota corolla because "its nobody's fucking business how much i have" of course he's white

Bump for turd world

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she's a politician so she gets a zillion tax breaks, deductions for 10 family members she hires as helpers and lower rates in general

if you work for the ZOG, the ZOG takes care of you friendo

I don't. Thank you for posting.

The filename should be in the form of a question.

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I know one that drives a metro. There's a reason he has millions.

That claim is irrelevant and untrue since we're talking about relatively high salary here.
Have you seen mongoloid tourists, wealthy people? They're just as, or more, gaudy and ultra-materialistic as negroids and arabs.

Isn't exclusive to sand niggers. Regular Homo niggens as well as the common chinese slope display this sort of behavior.

Remember that the rich Homo niggens only remains rich as long as his pay check keeps flowing. Even the richest of Homo niggens revert to their natural broke state quickly after the money flow stops.

Or a 50 bucks casio autismwatch. They're bulletproof.

meanwhile im on the autism bux and i get 950 euros a month and get all my time to spend as i please
europe really disincentives working

She is a real gold mine. After nothing happening in Chemnitz she called for people to become more radical in a tweet and then proceeded to literally cry, when she got called out for it at a official meeting. She also said her father who literally does not speak german is better integrated than the ebil AfD. Whats also funny is that she seems to get more siblings every time she tells her story of being dirt poor. The last time she told that story she only had 10 siblings.
If we ever turn our country around we need to name at least one street after her, because she must be redpillling people left and right with her stupidity.

Christ, I should move to EU because I get 750 and that's after kicking into the system.

She is involved in the Turkish Mafia underground, of course she'd be flashing a Rolex. It was probably bought with dirty money.

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Yes, bought. To launder money.

Be a shame if someone were to crack the bitch over the head and take it…

Nah, no one touches the niggers. Literally starving week to week because lol gotta hit dat club fridaaaay. Literally living in a hellhole all year long but on Christmas gotta get dat Gucci, Dem Jordans for muh chilluns and they all hit de block to show off. Fucking children.

They have to self promote because they basically lack diversity so need to stand out somehow. All pure blood blacks have curly black hair and those dark brown/black eyes, that is one of the reasons for the ape stereotype.
The alternative would be hive behavior like the yellow races.

And you're a literal dick craving homosexual just for asking that question. Go back to reddit you fucking pillow biter.

But can you truly blame them? They are born as inferior.

Lol the cheapest toilex on the market in (((rose gold)))

Can confirm. Armenians, Persians, Mizrahi and Sephardic (Israeli) jews all like to signal wealth, when they're living in apartments and on food stamps/general relief. Los Angeles is a shit show.

Can you use that to get free education? I was at a university health centre because I was depressed and the nurse said "are you sure you'd don't have autism?" You can go on disability and get everything paid for. I was like woahhhh. I'm a non-eurofag, so education isn't free where I am.

I own once. Japanese make great autismwatches.


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yea but those people had the money to piss away. its another thing to be begging for free shit and then piss it away on gaudy crap.

The fuck are you talking about? Having class isn't limited to the Rich, even poorfags want to have class. 100 years ago everyone wore suits and leather shoes, even the fucking poorest of the poor. It's called "not being a dirty faggot bum who wears shit crusted pants and never baths". Our white ancestors did the same fucking thing you retard

trashy whites are worse than the niggers of a century ago.

I make 115k a year and would never buy something retarded like a rolex.

Cependant Céline n'est pas qu'antisémite et anticommuniste, il a aussi une vision très péjorative et raciste des populations occitanes. Il écrit en 1940 : « Zone Sud, zone peuplée de bâtards méditerranéens dégénérés, de nervis, félibres gâteux, parasites arabiques que la France aurait eu tout intérêt à jeter par-dessus bord. Au-dessous de la Loire, rien que pourriture, fainéantise, infects métissages négrifiés ».

The garbage can out front of his house is filled up with Johnny Walker black label bottles.

The only way a roach can nake annnually 100k legally, is politics.

An expen
sive rolex is worth a years salary of yours

Chebli is so fucking stupid that even austrian politicans are laughing at how she got into her position by telling people on Twitter to check her knees. what a dumb bitch

t. German

This perfectly sums up the shitskins, buying the cheapest thing with the most expensive badge, without any real sense of style.


Relevent screencap with another one just for fun.

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Nigger if you think the poorest of the poor bought - most of the time they inherited them but whatever - suits back then to "have class", you're fucking retarded. Not to say anything about your idiotic comparison of shitskins trying to show-off in an extremely juvenile way by buying overpriced shit they can't afford to literal upper classes from almost a century ago; [email protected]

Obviously not "almost a century" ago*, but the point stands


Those pics are very interesting considering the Oera Linda Book. According to that there were 3 root races, all matrilinial. The yellow race as it was called was the first to rebel against their "mothers". Later they infiltrated Europe and soft conquered it by converting the white aristocracy to their social and relgious systems (power was handed to sons instead of elected kings). While the Africans shielded by the Sahara were left alone, except for those transported over as slaves.

The Europeans in the OLB are presented as very child like. Pure as children. Perhaps what we see in Africa is a remnant of that purity. They've kept their genes, their customs. Left alone from whites and chinks they function as their own little organism, at peace with their land.

Europeans on the other hand only have a vague conception of what they believed in before Christianity. And according to the OLB, they believed in something else before that as well. All pretty much lost except for the curious few.

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