Brit/pol/ #2913: Deception Edition

The far right won’t help the white working class but Muslims can
There is too much focus on the personalities at the top of the far-right, and not enough on their millions of supporters

Thread on why Islam is very much European and why arguments/books/articles on 'Islam vs. the west' are bonkers
"If I believe it's real hard enough then it's real!"

Derby's five UKIP councillors have defected to the Brexit Party
Mr Graves senior, said that the Brexit process has become the new political football taking the place of the NHS and education as an issue

Two of England's Cricket champions were forced to walk away from the champagne celebrations because they are Muslim and therefore choose not to drink
But in a multicultural Britain should this be happening? And are champagne celebrations outdated in multicultural Britain?

‘Lion of London Bridge’ who fought off terrorists denied injury compensation
Roy Larner, dubbed the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ wont get a payout from a government scheme due to his criminal record

London Bridge attackers 'lawfully killed' by police, jury finds
A jury at the inquest into the deaths of the three London Bridge attackers agrees they were lawfully killed by armed officers

Notre-Dame came far closer to collapsing than people knew, this is how it was saved
(After 2 months, nobody yet has a clue what caused it, incompetence delayed the fire department arriving, after one fire team chickened out, another team volunteered, and saved the North Tower)

Chris Pratt is facing criticism over a T-shirt he was pictured wearing featuring a controversial symbol
The Marvel star’s top shows the American flag with a coiled snake over the top and a message underneath which reads “Don’t Tread On Me"

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ate muslims

hullo yes, Joe Owens is a nonce, that's right

Just woke up

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wtf I love islam now, Allahu Ackbar lads!

2 rite

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Good news for once


Baz an' Abdul join fources to kill poofs

>in what Lancashire Police say was a hate crime
Bollocks, guarantee he was beat up for being a cunt, it's the case with all of these "homophobic" attacks.

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Good lad.


No I did it because he was a fag

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been watching 100 hours of how to write a book videos. When Are you supposed to start writing?

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greggsit when

round about the one hour mark, lass


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kek its like 1920s godzilla

or king kong even

Got an exertion headache while exercising but apparently they're harmless


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Such bullshit, can they not get it into their heads mudslimes don't care about unbelievers, they will give money to a theiving rapist over a starving kuffar because superpedoprphet says so. Go and read koran/hadiths/reliance of the traveller and learn you ill educated virtue signalling cucks.

So they are looking for tanned youths then ?

Lad, look at the author.

Indians murder this guy in the comments. Thank you pajeet very based

yeah duh

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Time to rev up those not air tight gas ovens and masturbation machines lads, jews and muslims can't go quick enough

British: Can you Swim?
Indian: No
British: Then a Dog is better than you because it can swim.
Indian: Can you swim?
British: Yes
Indian: Then what's the difference between you and a dog??
keek the comments


Absolute state

if u don't believe see on google

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Did we teach the indians to shit in the street?

Someone send this to Brenton Tarrant

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Very Important Post

Could be worse

this cunt needs to just kill himself

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still keeeking at

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laughing at someone laughing?

smh wrong post

didn't think it was that funny tbh

Post fat wojak on a chair


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weebs btfo

wasn't aware he was still with them tbh

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bowden was right these cunts are just sacks of potatoes

plants are superior to humans


the more you think about it the more vile homoism is actually, esp when you see them in real life

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Luv women me


Homosexuals make me violently angry

got nonced tbf

take the gardenpill tbh

Because they don't know, women are the perfect hyperconsumers.

Not even bigot racist propaganda, just being around them is enough to make people hate them.

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need to breed

they just don't want to admit they want attention lad i tried to get a lass to admit she got her tongue stud because it implies she gives good head and she would just reply with

look at this lad working his industrial console, a real man doing a real man's job. nowadays he probably has a poofy little tablet and a shift supervisor called LaToyeesha

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Love old analog tech, me.

Cut back the rose bush today, as well as some other bushes.

Their prayers were answered by Gods own and true sons (The British) through a severe carpet bombing of Germany, which led to an end to their suffering, this woman should read more history.

Analog tech is literally sex and I cum when I press the buttons on a console.

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how was it

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Bet he tried it on with a straight lad, faggots find it hard to take "no" or "fuck off"

its never been explained and proven to me how they got 6 million tbh

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More than likely, like how that e-celeb poofter got thrown to the dogs when he tried to bully a straight bloke.

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Tbf they don't actually care if these new wave of movies are good, half of them are to retain rights to them

Wish I had the template of this smh

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Smdh lad

the absolute state of arc-writers. Can we get a single good arc this summer?

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nothing can move forward til season 5 of 22st is wrapped up and he either gets a gf or crashes into a fjord when the shitty tires on his van explode

If the lass I messaged ever replies there might be something there, but, I have to say at this stage it seems unlikely so don't raise your expectations.

oh yeah went to inflate the tyres today and 3 of those tyre vent caps were missing keeek(it was like that when I got it)

You messaged a lass? How do you do that, lad? Been trying to come up with a message for a lass but I don't know what to write smh.

Just want canan asmr to make me kiss her knuckles after she repeatedly punches me in the face.

Exactly, the quality is irrelevant.
Still funny as this will piss a lot of normies off.


Typing words onto a screen and hitting send, not too complex tbh lad. Asked if they want to meet up.


leftoids seething

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this sounds suspect as fuck tbh

they really are, they'd let anyone on to shit on blumpf and it backfired keeek

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Got my first pumpkins growing and my first crop of plum and hazelnut growing this year. Gardenpill /Greenpill / ecofacism here we go boys. I declare PLANTPOSTING.

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luv gardenin', me

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anyone who talks about this gets their life ruined

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Got a couple of Old English roses that have flowered and a Rose Iceburg bush which I cut back today. Gardening is great, can spend hours at a time doing it.

Mossad agent tbh

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here you go lid

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Tbf this is the lowest quality video I've ever seen.

A score that low must mean it's somehow baste.

They looked at the data.