Straight Pride = Nazis

Her son was a faggot that got beat up in school and was told to be less gay. Left with his boyfriend and lives in Germany now. Remember - straight people = nazis.

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So they weren't allowed to be degenerate Petri dishes for diseases ten years ago?

Demonizing normal people as evil while calling the degenerate wastoids of society brave and empowering is exactly what's been turning the otherwise-indifferent normalfag centrists against them. "Oh boo hoo a flag." Fuck off you stupid bitch. Some of us are sick of being forced to pretend we love fags.

God if fucking only.
I wish these retarded slimes realized what a tiny insignificant minority they truly are and the only reason they have a voice is because the jews that own the media are using them to push agendas

Sounds like "it's okay to be straight" might trigger more than "it's okay to be white"

There is no such thing as a "straight pride" flag. The concept itself is a jewish communist affectation.

Wait a minute, I thought gays were all like live and let live? Straight pride makes them uncomfortable? Aww man, that sucks!

We did that crap during GG.

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Bullshit, the NPC pride flag was the OG straight pride. It was being used as a filter to counter all the twitter rainbowing that went on during GG.

I hate to break it to you, but whites really are strange compared to the rest of the world. Mudskins world-wide fuck faggots, first-cousins, animals, children, etc. on a regular basis. They think making a big deal about sexual behavior is odd, because they just fuck whatever they feel like fucking.

What about Asians?

We know you're subhuman. What's your point? This shit isn't accepted in civilized societies.

gay/straight is itself a jewish dichotomy, there's no such thing as being gay, stop falling into these stupid verbal traps


And yet libtard and commie fucks still think being a literal faggot is something "progressive". What's funny here is that old style communism absolutely despised homosexuality and feminism. Commies have no thorough basis on their own ideology it's not even hilarious to me anymore. The commies of Reddit are so saturated by liberal identity politics while claiming "liberals are crypto-fascists" and the commies in Zig Forums claim they hate liberal identity politics but that as until they let in Redditors from r/Socialism so the board quickly devolved into an SJW board just like any commie subreddit.

you fuck a man/get fucked by a man YOU GAY NIGGA

Kek, never thought I’d see this in Canada. Didn’t Russia also pull off something similar?

Then sign me up

I love it.

Once IOTBW has been fully milked, Zig Forums could investigate IOTBS. Or run both for dual salt mining and minimum input effort, kek.

I find Zig Forums has best success with minimum input effort, as it's a 'global meme' vs a targeted meme. E.g. NPC meme is a targeted meme and doing very well, but it has hints of global also with the NPC face.

Why are you playing these retards game?

I'm sick and tired of this wounded doe bullshit.

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