I_O_T_B_W Candy White Stripes

This picture speaks for its self.

This is an excellent Idea.

Give to little white children to let them know that there are people out there that are on their side.
Give to Black children to re-enforce to them that its not ok to be against us.

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holy shit this is autistic as hell

Those tiny stripes will be easy to miss.

What if they were placed on the side of the wrapper that wasn't white so they didn't blend in as much (but still are not noticeable at the point of distribution)?

Also if you're doing this, be sure to place this in their bag for them; don't want them grabbing it out of a bucket and being able to see that you handed it out.

Also try to use this on only the most common candies, and you should distribute multiple varieties for plausible deniability.

This is fucking awesome. If I was a parent of a child getting one of these I'd smile a big goofy smile and not just because one of you fags live in the neighborhood.

You own a home or a..place..You would be well to know that
blacks will go far and wide for Free shit.

very good thank you. I'm not trying to impress you.

possibly. but not by mommy and daddy who actually check their childrens
candy. Whom are our key audience here.

Any and all suggestions are good ones
Thank you for your ideas

nice try glownigger

Nig-or-NEETers, user.

We need this to spread
to half chan and we need
people doing it.

We need brothers to get to
working for our futures

Wow that's dumb, little kids don't give a shit only teenagers and college faggots. Did you go out recently and show Chinese dog festival to ppl at the bars? Some homos were doing that in my town with user masks on.

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yes, but mommy and daddy check da candies

on samhain
they do

No sir/mam

This is the way. Its not dumb. Its a cunning idea.
Reaching children with our message is what we want.

okay this is epic

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what's the most implicitly White candy?

Peppermint patties?

My house gives out the soda during Halloween, and ideas for me?

targeting children is what kikes and transexuals do

We are giving them …….TEXT

Jews give them…
dildoes and web cams to show their genitals off.
They give them drugs to kill them…
and niggers to rape them and take from them their birth right.

your time is up Juden

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That garbage isn't candy it's mostly flavored wax and plastic. Giving children this poison or letting your own eat it is among the dumbest things you can do.

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Remember when we made wholesome cartoons for kids?

use packs of raisins
or health foods

the msg is what is important

or you don't and leave kids out of this you deranged leftist idiot


Whew, lad.

Kids are the future, the enemy knows this and has been actively targeting children for generations now. It's our turn to invest in the future of our country, plant a seed when they're young, see it grow to fruition in their adulthood.

This would backfire. Horrid idea. Also dont target children, its just a bad idea. They wouldnt understand enough of the politics surrounding the issue to understand any it, and the sentence wont do anything to explain to them how the left goes after whites.

Goy, no! You should let public school take care of kids. In the meantime, parents and communities should just watch niggerball or something.

I was a child once
The jews didn't leave me out of it…

Our children are our future.
We must protect them.
We must arm them with the truth of their own race.

only kikes manipulate kids for their own agenda

gas yourself qboomer idiots you glow too much

its meant for the parents that check their children's candy….just like good parents do….

Shut the fuck up kikes, kids understand the message, they're being white guilted since fucking kindergarten and told they're (sic)"privileged" and they're being cheated into thinking that its literally "the greatest evil ever" just to be white.

This is a great idea and more people need to do this.

If enough people do this the media might might have a neurotic kikeout again and it might even be on national news to redpill and polarize people even further to the right, because according to Jews it's NOT ok to be white.

you might as well exit thread.
You are obviously in the enemies council and get your paycheck statement with a blue interlocked star
on it.

I hope the food you eat with the money you buy it with tastes like shit for the rest of your life.


Well by that reasoning parents manipulate their kids for their own agenda by raising them. You just want monopoly on our kids' thinking.

And the reason why paraffin wax isn't on the ingredients list;


That seems like a reasonable suggestion but nobody wants dried fruit or nuts on Halloween. You might as well throw those little raisin boxes straight into the garbage instead of wasting your time handing them out. Even if you waste your money on dried exotic fruits and fancy Valencia peanuts that are both delicious and healthy kids will go for colorful sugar filled crap.


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We currently exist in what we exist in.
Try to find the healthiest thing for them. This is not an SJW subject.
We are operating within the enemies construct and we are trying to stave off being

Bump. Sorry Shlomo, no more indoctrinated kids 4 u

The new batch of (((Freuds))) over at JIDF HQ say giving candy to kids makes you a pedophile. Especially if it comes with a sticker that says it's okay to be white. Double ungood.

Nice guilt tripping strat kike. They'll eat the "wax chocolate" their entire adolescent lives anyway and there's nothing we can say or do about it.

Ameribro's reading do it now. It's gonna be great. If enough people do it, it's going to give these poor kids some morale to get them thinking and maybe cause a massive kikeout shoah on local/national news and awaken plenty of our people.

I can imagine their sloppy fat asses hovering over
email distros documenting how to counter this new "though crime"

Spread the idea.

Only thing I'm going to ask you to do.

Holy fucking shit! And paranoid Anons thought the taking a walk idea was a honeypot! Yes, let's conspicuously hand out candy to children in public like some evil kidnapper from a 90's commercial.

protecting our children is what whites do. you are powerlesss to stop us

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Seriously nigger?

Jews don't celebrate that so it makes sense.

"let's conspicuously hand out candy to children in public"
first off, its not conspicuous. the tags are folded over the wrapper. second, hand out candy to children in public? what the fuck do you think people do on halloween?

So you are saying that…
By telling White children
that being themselves
that being the skin and racial make up that they were born as

is some how…


Oh heeb - you are in over your fucking heads.

They're doubly afraid of white empowerment on a pagan holiday, so much so they forget that Halloween exists and they start projecting their pedophilia mindset onto others.

shooting one shitskin is worth a million of these candies


That would be illegal.
That is not an option under current day societal law.
You should not do that.

Great idea, user. But I can't see the kike media finding a way to smear this whatsoever…
Also why children as young as to be given candy bars? We should be looking to win the hearts and minds of those who are in college or so, they are facing the brunt of the Talmudry in the education system and they are the ones obviously who are going to be facing persecution because of SJW professors and the like

You are reaching.


.t CIA nigger

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Payday. Its got a white wrapper, orange font color, doesnt have a big enough (((audience))) that you see it pushing cultural enrichment in its advertisements. Perfect for co-opting for a "cause". Either that or 100grand- I never see anyone buy them and you can imply that youre trying to increase awareness and wealth of families affected by the racial degeneration going on in our country and the world. By making a message that everyones going to need to increase their financial power if they truly want to live in a world where IOTBW.

You sound like someone who doesnt explore the depths of his mind. We dont inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children. Kids need to stop being fucking babied into their teens, in Sparta you started your training at 7 why the fuck is your kid or anyones for that matter incapable of understanding political dichotomies? Theyre not stupid, safety cones and helicopter parents generate developmental delays in the children in our society by treating them like ignorant babies well into their teens. Children are intelligent enough to ascertain that race matters, youre just some fucking pissbaby who believes that they should be sheltered from the negroid and mongoloid hordes that are going to be coming for them in 20 years because A) the caucasian race is a dwindling minority in the world with falling birthrates in every country and B) every single useful idiot out there doesnt have the brain to decipher a logical solution but the mouth to spout reiterated kike learning points. Pick up a fucking book instead of a controller next time you decide youre going to satiate your boredom you useless mutt.

^ Damage control post

The take a walk idea was infinitely more original than this. It would be a typical way you'd meet someone likeminded in a time where being a redpilled white is basically a crime in some areas.
But this… This is just low effort. If the paranoid fags are to be taken seriously for once and the CIA niggers really are trying to spin up some false flag event then they really have lost the effort haven't they?

In what fucking way you moronic porch monkey?

If it’s on holloween your pedo point is moot, giving out candy is normal then. Also, it’s good to build a good foundation with the next generation, gotta start young

This thread reminds me Halloween is coming and I have 6 hounds that do not like being disturbed.
If someone knocks on the door despite the fact I have a sign that says not to knock then they obviously cannot read or are stupid anyway and the likelihood that the children in question knocking are either non-white or not accompanied by an adult is almost guaranteed.
So the question is, do I just let the hounds bark and howl a bit in the back yard to scare them off (and create a sense of spookiness to all the innocent kids playing trick or treat) or do I just throw a few candy bars out of the window and tell them to fuck off?

Great idea, user. But……….

Right there

Ok its a great Idea
let it stand on its own merit.

Why the fuck does there have to be a but you over thinking shit.
The idea stands.
Do it or don't do it.

It's a retarded idea then.

Ok great.
Your Menorah burns bright.

Every chocolate candy has soy lecithin in it

Jews ITT are saying candies with a sticker on them saying "It's okay to be white" is worse than masks like this being worn.

hahahaha oy veyy its anoda shoah

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I don't understand, is this someone elses skull or did the designer really not understand that teeth are part of the skull?

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hi Zig Forums

Over the target.

You'd have to be retarded to use raisins to gain attention from children

Is this your style of humor? Do you recognize how cancerous you are to any cause you belong to?

Real chocolate doesn't have rancid emulsified oil in it. The only reason why I'm so against western style candy is because I grew up in a country where cacao beans were cultivated and the chocolate bars that were produced locally had an incredibly short shelf life. I'd rather eat pure carnauba wax or beeswax than the petroleum based products that gets handed out as Halloween candy.

I don't care if you want to put a message on that crap and hand it out if the entire neighborhood around you participates in this ritual I'm just telling people here never to eat it or give it to their own children. And if you are going to do it might as well give out full sized candy bars so the message sticks in.

yeah sure AVISHAI
thanks for the you

okay… I mean this made me laugh but lmao 999-come on now .jpg

Oh my God even if no one actually does it, just the threat of doing it will be annada shoah

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Slow day at the office? Was the “nig-or-treaters” apart of your script or did you just go off the cuff on that one? Either way, bravo.

Payday. It’s about getting shit done, and not being a fat fucking slob. Also you’ll never see a 12 year old spic running around with one. As for the most non-white candy/snacks you’re looking at it. I’ve never seen anybody who wasn’t a degenerate, a leftist, or a nigger/spic eat this trash.

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Great, do it.

couldn't they just false flag it from the start and cut out the middleman? They do have printers, you know…

Shitty execution in the OP, the paste things look like shit and unprofessional but the idea is interesting at least

post videos


You've never had an itching for a cheeto before? It's more of a once in 3 month urge "god damn it I want a bag of [shit]". Polite sage because questionable thread/topic.

unprofessional? who the shit are you talking to here? i would think it would be better that way… made to look like halfchan boys did it.

Zero bar

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Well I see the kikes certainly have been drawn
out of the wound so to speak

No. I do remember them tasting good, though. I haven’t eaten candy in years because I’ve lost all sense of pleasure and apparently my taste for sugar, though.

Guys, seriously.

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the thing that made the IOTBW original poster campaign work well is that it looked clean, sleek, and it was simple and direct, to the point - yes, the pictures in the OP carry the same phrasing but it just looks amateurish, that's my point user

I think if it's done well then this could be an interesting idea regardless

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ok, hang on while i go purchase a chocolate factory and print it directly to the wrapper.

Too invasive. By giving it to kids you're making a huge gesture. It can be interpreted as a threat - like "hey look I have access to what your kid is eating."
Way too aggressive, and completely defeats the point of the innocuous message.

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you talk of the original like it was made from the golden asshole of our lord commander. it was a sheet of paper. thats about as amateurish as possible. it was easy, direct, and clean, yes i give you that.. but to do the same thing over again the next year… THAT'S amateurish. come up with a better way that's easy to do, takes very little effort, and not only subverts children, but also adults. OP did it.