Class warfare

Have you ever, unironically, wished the civil war actually detonated?

I'm so goddamn fed up with this fucking system and all the classcuck faggots that maintain it; both MAGAturds and neoliberal shitbags. I seriously want to kill both bourgeois and class traitors, even if I die in the process. I already purchased a fuckton of guns and I'm eager to kill some right wing pieces of shit.

If only the left had balls and took direct action against the bourgeoisie and their ass-lickers…

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Tell us OP how do you use your edgy murder fantasies as a motivation to do something productive like unionising your fellow proles or building a party with a communist programme capable of fulfilling the revolutionary tasks

If you're not unionising, agitating and organising labour, then you'll never precipitate the automation fueled capitalist crisis you dream of participating in.

Bonus point, if you're not working in robotics and systems engineering creating new ways of making people redundant and increasing systemic unemployment, then you're not really working towards a socialist future.


Lmao, what qualifies as a shitton of guns to you?


I bought an m16 once.

In an actual civil war I will probably wet my pants at home until someone from whatever faction kick my door and shoot me, so please do it far from me OP.

Hi OP!

My name is not important… What is important is what I'm going to do. I just fucking hate this world and the bourgeois worms feasting on it's carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred… and I always wanted to die violently. This the time of vengeance and no classcuck is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill… and it's time for me to die.

Why are brocialist flags the worst posters on this board?

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because they're incels first and communists second.

war usually means a lot of women are going to get raped so i'm very anti-war because i am anti-rape

Depends ow what kind of civil war.
If you mean class war then yes, everyday. But not for killing bourgeois, just to abolish capitalism if the bourgeoisie would give up their private property without killing that would be perfect but I know revolutions comes from blood.

That nigga looks like Assad

Literally has never happened in the entire human history.


t. Burger that assumes everyone else here is a burger


Burger, yeah. But what I say is true here.

Not at all.

Owning 500 acres and running an agribusiness is not proletariat, and all those guys who work at the local 665 in SF are not elites.

It's interesting how you completely ignore that people like Trump (the current leader of the GOP) are trust fund city elites and also completely ignore the existence of anyone to the left of Howard Schultz, the vast majority of which are not elites. I guess if you didn't discount people who live in large cities as elites, you might be forced to acknowledge that non-white people are political actors too though, and we can't have any of that, right?

Like I said, you've never left your GOP bubble and you have a very superficial understanding of demographic data in your own state.

You're saying a lot of words but none are particularly relevant to the subject at hand. Trump has nothing to do with this, but I've no doubt that if he were stranded in the city without his money in a civil war situation, he'd be as fucked as everyone else in the city would be.

Who do you consider to be the proletariat, if not the rural worker? Why do city poors vote dem, while rural poors vote repub? Anyway let's not waste our time arguing about the validity or value of the US parties, the point is that were there a civil war today, the cultural division is much wider between urban and rural populations than it is between north and south or east and west populations. It would be far messier.

If there were a civil war today, the military would mobilize around capital, meaning the major financial centers. It would be very similar to the last one, except it would be over in a few days because the Pentagon has a lot better toys than the Union did and because the gap between what the rural "dude with a gun" and what the army has is significantly wider. Good luck making use of your unregistered assault rifle when your property gets targeted for a drone strike or the tanks come rolling in.
Similarly, capital doesn't have any borders. Foreign military will come flooding in to protect multinational and your little Turner Diaries race war fantasy will be over before it begins.

Are you historically illiterate? Can you read?

Are you? Can you?
The US Army doesn't even need to spend troops to kill guerrillas anymore with drone warfare, and all the military bases are already here. You're acting as if you have the homefield advantage when actually the US Army does. The Pentagon doesn't even report the specifics of their spending so you don't even have a clue what's in your own environment.

Alright, so let's say you're right and in a civil war the military organizes around all the major financial centers, and some other strategic points. While it would be hard to defeat them, I don't think they would have any easy win cut out for themselves, either. Especially with a mind towards foreign powers interested in weakening the US aiding any rebellion forces with training, arms, and intelligence, probably through various proxies.

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Feel free to replace "Obama" in these caps with "Trump" or whoever comes after him if shit hasn't broken down by then.

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Just like France teamed up with the Confederacy?
No, foreign governments will place their bets on the likely winners, which is with the multinational megacorps, the largest army the world has ever seen, and the people with the money to hire endless waves of PMCs.
You're living in a complete fantasy world if you think an armed group of Appalachians stand a significant chance of toppling even one large metropolis, like NYC or LA.

That's the point though, they don't have to topple the government, only be enough of a thorn in its side that it does something stupid that would lead to international public outcry, or is willing to make some concessions for peace. Are you really so helpless?