Time to Save the Children

Let's brainstorm how to reach the current generation of kids (10-15) with memetic redpill propaganda

– user, "The Book of Pol" (archive.is/AeLk8, )

This is a cogent reminder that any culture war is won via the children. While our memes have worked to advance our goals within the normal adult internet/social media sphere, I've seen very few directed efforts to target children or the platforms in which they congregate.

Our (((enemies))) know that children are the most impressionable members of society, and they've used that to their advantage–why cant we? Young boys have a natural predisposition to edgy autistic behaviors, and they are increasingly spending time on unregulated digital platforms.

I've seen much anecdotal evidence to suggest that they are already fed up with the forced diversity and propaganda they learn in schools, so let's help them out by providing memes/information that can help them win that argument in class about the Holohoax.

ITT I propose we brainstorm the mechanisms by which this can be achieved.

What internet platforms do they use (yt, twitch, imgur)?

What content can we appropriate in our memes that will draw their attention (Marvel, Star Wars, video game franchises)?

What about IRL activism (very risky) such as posting pictures or flyers at or near middle and high schools? Is there a safer way to do this (e.g. dropping a bunch of pamphlets in a school parking lot)? If you have younger family members, what can you do to redpill them? (Kids like the idea of being part of a conspiracy, and if you're a successful older male who teaches them the "secret truth" about something they may think its cool and buy into it).

Which vectors would be most effective redpills? They probably don't have much experience with women or sex nor would they be receptive to porn. But maybe the inventions of the white race? Corrections of the things they learn in history class (e.g. holohoax, real causes of WWI and WWII, slavery)? What about sports (whites invented all the sports they play)? Race is probably a good one because kids naturally intuit racial differences (see pic related). Only through (((conditioning))) do they learn that this is (((bad))). Kids always learn about bias in schools, what if we told them all their news comes from the same (((source)))?

Once we come up with some good ideas then I propose we make an operation thread describing the agreed upon mission.

This will hopefully serve as an inspiration for more frequent internet and IRL activism, something which is incredibly important to our mission but all too often lacking in the general discussion on this board.

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Use generation differences. Kids love to do shit against their parents, most of the time just to test them.
The coolest memes will be those without parental approval, so no Marvel and SoyWars since the dad wear tshirt with that shit.
Remember that time, when parents hated Marilyn Manson-tier music and how it was exploited by the music industry?

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teach them about the "monster" that propagates the "cool" virus through movies and television and youtube.

teach them critical thinking. how to retain their free will and agency in a world overrun with robotic humanoids.

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OP knows where it's at. Pay no mind to the shills - they know that this is the Archimedean point.

Let's make youngsters live the natsoc lifestyle through cliques. In other words, get the cool kids first, the others will follow. Cliques formed around being independent thinkers, pro european culture, "too cool to be bothered with diversity and lgbtw stuff". These kids are into Virgil and ancient literature by white cultures.

We must create the perfect seed in the shape of a cultural meme for this kids. An identity, a personality. How does the identity of being pro european (and of propagating this through the ages) fit in the age of the internet? What images, what traits?

Msm forces black rap down their throats everywhere they look. To be edgy is to peruse the margins. What's cool? What would a cool kid do?

If ((they)) managed to answer this question in the 60's, we have an obligation to answer this today, gentlemen.

Brain - STORM.

We already are in the process of reaching them by reaching the high school aged ones. Whatever the high school kids think is cool, the younger ones will follow because they typically associate what the high school kids like as being mature. In the past couple of years high schoolers around the US have turned out to be more conservative than all past generations since WWII and this was accomplished by us dominating the platforms where they go looking for information.

Thus the key to winning the younger generation is by pressing onward where we already dominate and staying cutting edge. We mastered the art of infusing original humor with redpills. We hit the nail on the head by humiliating the left by showing a mirror to their faces. This weighs heavily on a young mind.

Children and young adults want to know how to be "cool," and thus if you want them to see the left for what they are, you continue reminding them how retarded the left is. The children think, "I don't want to be like a leftist," and will gravitate towards the right. The redpills in memes show how the jews molded the left generation after generation, thus memes that expose leftists are entry-level. Memes that redpill and explain how the left became what it is are next-level.

The order of operations should be:
We've already had significant success doing this by just being ourselves. If we focus our energy and become dedicated to this, the next generation will become a self-sustaining redpill that is redpilling the next generation after on its own.

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Kids like cartoon violence and fighting, and white culture is riddled with examples of badass military episodes. What if we managed to turn european epics into comics or something more accessible?

E.g. Odysseus returning from 20 years of battle and torment, sneaking into his own home, and massacring the suitors and hanging the women who fucked them?

Or Achilles dragging Hector's body around the battlefield after he'd killed him?

The battle of thermopylae, Roland fighting off the saracens and the frankish traitors?

Also, what about Dante's inferno? Hell is edgy, and we could meme leftists into the various circles of hell.

That Iron pill comic was pretty cool, what if we had something similar where it was targeted more toward kids and drew more heavily on accessible topics from the past?

Also, we can focus on what kids want to be when they grow up. Kids like big tools/machines, weapons, high tech gadgets, outer space, naval exploration, etc. All of these areas were pioneered by whites. Some more artistically inclined user than myself could even make a series of cursory children's books/ebooks/posters/pngs that display these various endeavors throughout history.

I think instilling pride in the accomplishments of their ancestors is one of the most important things we can do. Everything else follows from this principle and is secondary to it– if they have pride in their ancestors, that means they have pride in themselves and they will be less susceptible to any manner of (((propaganda))). Daily reminder that the white race can not be destroyed from without, only from within, and (((white guilt))) has been one of the primary means by which this has been accomplished

Soyfathers are few and far between compared to non-manchildren fathers, because they procreate less.


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Haha yeah not the music I would listen personally but kids nowadays listen a lot to nigger music. That is why I support this artist.

How 'bout not niggerfying white culture? Fuck that artist, and fuck you.

This user does make a good point. It's still a banger though, considering I hate the nigger-tier music that it parodies just makes the lyrics all the more appreciated. Black culture is American culture for the most part so, seeing that whitey can do Black music better than the dindus is personally hilarious. Just saying

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Seed really old redpilled anime, they'll find their way to imageboards via IRC seed pits.




Well at least we can all agree kike kids are just the ugliest mishaped sickly kids nobody wants to be around including adult jews. Their deformed spines precurse the cowardly nature of the kike. Among other kids, the kike tot is but a joke and it drives the parents nuts to see how inferior in every way their kids appear.

Elsa and Spiderman Join the Alt Right.

Venom and Cat Woman Secure the Existence of our People and a Future for White Children.

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Moar of these plz!

This is upside down. States are tools by which groups of individuals increase their odds of reproductive success. Genetic reproduction is forever, the tool that was rome is temporary and expendable. Breeding is family formation, never let the state supercede it!

you must have saved that like two or three years ago! …or is it going around?

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Didn't jewsweek pull this shit before years ago too and doesn't it prove Zig Forums was right about everything and there is literally nothing wrong with being racist?

Feels good, don't it? I still get the willies when I see my 'INOPERABLE' or Kek talisman meme reposted.

Read this, to save the children, and our women (from themself!).


Nature made man inherently more disposable than
women due to the dynamics of sexual reproduction. But it also
made men,
to their disposability, bigger, stronger, smarter,
etcetera. You se
e this in sexually dimorphic species, like the
Male peacocks are so beautiful not only to attract the female,
but to divert the attention of the predators away from the rather
invisible female. The peacock’s feathers are like our superiority. Thin
of the amazing constellation of male artists th
at the white race has
That’s why, says the blogger, when we embrace
egalitarianism we are breaking the equilibrium, as almost all dim
species are patriarchal.

We need also to instill pride in our children. How do we do this? By educating them with the true history of the white race: MARCH OF THE TITANS

Distribute, like a mad men:


And of course, for the 13-16 year olds, there is


it is like 9gag, but mixed with the drug ADOLPHINE.

most of them are spics, so bear that in mind.

both goodies. congrats

I think there are two feasible ways to do this.

1. You as a man, raise your fucking kids and tell your wife to get back to work in the office. Most women 30 and under I would not let take care of my plants let alone raise my children. Let feminism work for you and be the primary influence in your child's life

2. Create a new method of communication that can be marketed to them as "cool" and that is just new enough it'll be slightly difficult for those 30 and above to understand. I'm working on something but my plan should be just one of many. I'm thinking something that has a digital and physical step for MFA but is mobile first

Young people have their entire life trajectory ahead of them. They'll save themselves. Put your efforts to the people who need it more; if there's anyone who honestly thinks "redpill" propaganda actually is…


I'm saging this thread to make people highlight it in "defiance" of me. I'm explaining my action because it might get the thread anchored in "defiance" of me. Pick your poison, brothers, or take the beams from your eyes. The real redpill is that all who aren't benevolent are lost.

I mean, come on. Showing off an open drive to manipulate children? Are you trying to get your feetos on? Feelin' philic yet?

Consider the perspective of the "children" OP thinks this forum would care about. Do they want creepy strangers looking at them, or do they want to make their own way in life? Now consider the likely motivations of OP: Would someone really think it persuasively effective to talk about 10-15 year-olds while fronting a picture of babies?

OP is pulling the strings of young people by trying to repulse them off this site, and it's a worthy endeavor.

Try targeting both the parent and child, especially the #MeToo bullshit was recently used on a fucking 10 year old by a bunch of future dykemunchers because they hated him. Expose the modern system that's fucking them over if they are straight white males, this is the future they'll get.

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Were you asking people to align the text for you in that book? Because I think I remember that thread

Homeschooling is the only way
Let’s hope you’re not retarded

Just opened this thread,
Can anyone link the image where times magazine had that very same question on the front?

Also there were some news articles, sometimes by the same authors/newspaperpublishers that had one where it asked if it is racist to have babies and others where it was racist not to take immigrants, or something to that effect.

/r/ing these images please

This is false.
Right, and when you aren't a spineless dad the test is blown tfo the water.
Lots of kids have parents that maintain activities that are admirable throughout their whole lives. Outdoors stuff is great.

A dad that can show a daughter how to start a fire is an impressive dad.
A dad that can show his son the best way to cook a thick piece of meat over a campfire is an awesome dad.

The "teenager rebellion" shit is pushed hard in MSM. It occurs relatively often enough to be called common in the cities. When you go out to the rural towns (not suburbs but further out from dense population centers), there is no generational divide. Why is that? Because all things modern have been corrupted by the jew. Even the internet and all things to do with modern computers, purely made by European ingenuity, logistics, intelligence, is corrupted by the jew.

The disgusting font and ugly drawings of this "cartoonist" always remind me of kike aesthetics.

cringe, you serious?

The youth today are merely rebelling against egalitarian moralism. Not because it's egalitarian, but because it's moralism. Nobody likes being told that you can't say certain jokes or that you can't find skinny people attractive.

Likewise, nobody is going to like being told that they can't watch porn or that they should listen to Mozart instead of rap music because "muh white culture"

They aren't going to embrace hierarchical moralism, at least in America. Most normie kids hate SJWs but aside from that they're apolitical.

At most it will only be an "edgy" subculture as you admit. 10 year olds think edgy is cool. 16 year olds run for the hills.

Since demographically less than 50% of kids being born today are white, white nationalism is getting less cool all the time.