New Campaign Video!

He's BACK >:)

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That was so fucking awful I can believe Little approved it himself.

u like it

u love him

Take your ecelebs and fuck off.

Kill yourself moshe. Slowly. Stream it.

It's pretty bad for a "campaign video". If the title said "fan video", okay whatever.
Anyway I hope Little keeps stirring shit and causing maximum yid butthurt.

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You can do better. Stop trying to appeal to a generation. Appeal to the arya within your fellow man.


These sorts of things.

I like how Little exposes fakes no matter what he does.

we need about 10-20 million more Littles

Is there anyone better than Sir Patrick Little?

he has repeatedly stated the importance of others standing up and naming names - this is not something he can win on his own..

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This is America. We don’t go for the faggy monarchy bullshit here.
He’s going to have to, because we already know he’s a fucking honeypot. No one is going to expose himself because we all know that kikes will beat us down if we do.

Fuck you, board. I hit sage.

Looks like it's a genuine Pat Little thread now.

he better not be serious with this as his campaign video, it's making a joke out of everything. This comes off as a jidf video.

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Youtube has already removed it once, because they remove everything he ever does. Now he's making it an official campaign video to fuck with them. Now the joke is ruined, are you happy?

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I hope he slips on a banana peel and hurts himself.

Holy fuck
The threads I was waiting for

Jesus Chirst my sides are in orbit.

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What is his position on the caravans heading to the US?
He should make it a campaign promise to send them to Israel, using Israeli aid to pay for it.
There's even a convenient excuse
archive doesn't seem to be working for it

I suspect he's trying to appeal to his base (those on Zig Forums willing to give him a chance) and galvanize them to support him.
Appealing to the masses comes later in the election cycle.
I think I saw him say recently that he still supports Trump however, so I'm not sure what exactly he hopes to accomplish by running. I know he's running as a Dem, so maybe to spoil their ticket or something?

What about Pat Little then?
I wish votecucks would make up their minds.

Kill yourself no-vote-cucks.

You aren't doing shit.

Well at least twice.

Yes, but you have to admit that Little is an inspirational guy.

Counter-semite bump

anti-semite sage

I guess David Duke is an E-celeb too
He's a politician. Politicians make videos to put online in 2018.

What happened to his j-walks? It’s been a while since he’s last uploaded a j walking video on his little enterprises channel.

All these disgusting spics and mongrels kvetching in this thread
Remember Zig Forums this is why you shouldn't let nonwhites no matter how much they claim to be natsoc, at the end of the day outside of this place they are still going to defend their kind's interest(spicfornia) .
USA is a mess and moarpheus is a mutt mongrel.
Thread is dead anyways.

Alright. So when are we getting the whiteshirts together and him do his March on Washington? He should run as GOP and go against Trump first, I'm willing to bet he'll get way more votes than people think.

Not an argument. Try again with some actual evidence.

Yeah. Why?
What office does he hold?
Honeypots do the same.

He’s running as a democrat.

Uh is there any reason not to back this guy 100%?

That's dumb.

democracist detected

Running in either political party means that they can't be trusted.

he's not literally Hitler

Just for anyone that doesn't click JewTube links, Pat says in the description that he did not make the video. It was fan made and he liked it.

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no one was going to click on it anyways

His complete lack of presence and inability to ever gain any position of meaningful power.

Just imagine Patrick Little actually in the Democratic debates? I would pay to watch that, especially since (((Bloomberg))) may also be running as a dem

I have trouble imagining them allowing him into the debates. Do they have the ability to kick people out of the party?
They will probably just do that if they can.

Officially endorsed by a literal fucking leprechaun!

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Q - Zionist
Alex Jones - Zionist
Jerome Corsi - Zionist
Roger Stone - Zionist
PJW - Zionist
Posobiec - Zionist
Bannon - Zionist
Ben Shapiro - Zionist
Jordan Peterson - Zionist
Geert Wilders - Zionist
Sam Harris - Zionist
Spencer - Zionist
Mich Enoch - Zionist
Tucker Carlson - Zionist
Lauren Southern - Zionist
Faith Goldy - Zionist
Sellner/Pettibone - Zionist
Tommy Robinson - Zionist
Ann Coulter - Zionist
Molyneux - Zionist
Cernovich - Zionist
George Webb - Zionist
Jason Goodman - Zionist
William L. Pierce - Zionist
Matt Couch - Zionist
Milo - Zionist
JF - Zionist
Kevin MacDonald - Zionist
Andrew Anglin - Zionist
Weev - Zionst
Donald Trump - Zionist
Sargoy of Mossad - Zionist
Ron Paul - Zionist
Kyle Chapman - Zionist
Oswald Mosley - Zionist
Stephen Crowder - Zionist
Laura Loomer - Zionist
David Duke - Zionist shill
Patrick Little - Zionist
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Gavin mccines - Zionist
Jared Taylor - Zionist
Your Mom - Zionist
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Mods - Zionists

Always be alert of infiltrators

Now this is Moarpheus posting.

Ya poisoning the well!
Somethings are best kept 'hidden'!

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If they do prevent him from being in the debates, we need to get some anons in the audience to say “WE WANT PATRICK LITTLE”

I concur!!!!

Lol amerimutt anti Semitism.

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Fuck it ill give him some airtime

Who is "I"?

Patrick Little should be focusing more on networking than on public stunts. The people he should be courting are those various powers and populations that are disaffected by (((certain parties))) and have energy, capability, and money to put behind him.

The problem with most people is that they see a politician stand on a stage and say things and things happen, and think that it is the standing on the stage and saying things that makes things happen. That's wrong. The real levers of power are pulled behind closed doors, out on the golf course, and in private meetings between people with resources and ideas to share. Even the successful street preachers who go out with sandwich boards and yell at people get their funding from interested churches and parties who see their efforts and have agreed to help continue them. The audience is not the customer, but the product. Patrick Little has yet to understand that it seems.

What he needs to do is gather up his band of supporters and focus on networking. Have them go out and bring various interested groups together in supporting something, whether it is Patrick Little's campaign or something more effective than that like a business venture or networking platform. The public stunts should be made as entertaining and engaging as possible for the real audience, those looking on from afar and online rather than those directly engaged, and used to gather in support for the effort. Whether Patrick Little and his cohort can come to understand this or not is just a matter if they put those efforts into motion.

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So don't run for government? Third parties can't win anymore, so that's out the window.

Someone post muslim nazi and black nazi.

You're a dumb nigger. A guy running for political office isn't an e-celeb. Go back to shilling reddit, or twitter.

Lol we just used them as cannon fodder you dumb mutt. Hitler was a white supremacists just like we Europeans are. Unlike Mutts, who have a subconscious need to cuck for non white lmao.

A healthy respect for other nations can only be enjoyed by all once those nations are separated and operating autonomously. In such a state, there is no need for calls to 'supremacy'. Everything will be perfectly clear.

Great. So pat little has the web cancer aswell.

And Patrick doesn't just want votes from them?

What a faggot, just running away wailing like a child. Unwatchable past 0:12