Perfect Government

Perfect Government

Land Value Tax 3%
Capital Gains Tax 15%
Corporate Tax 15%
Personal Tax 25%
Sales Tax 15%

Food Tax 0%
Inheritance Tax 0%
Farm Land Tax 0%
Gift Tax 0%

Drugs & Prostitution

Age of Consent 18
Drinking, Drugs & Prostitution Use Age 18
Voting Age 18



Everyone Else

Land is owned by the STATE and leased to private investors.
Natural Resources are owned by the STATE and leased to private investors.

No welfare spending
No food stamps program

Medical Insurance is optional and provided by the state.

Budget is divided amongst 10 departments

Department of State

Department of Health

Department of Nature

Department of Justice

Department of Finance

Department of Defense

Department of Services

Department of Pensions

Department of Education

Department of Development

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based еврей Эпштейн Шеломов Путин, savior of the white race.

You forgot the best part.

Strict historical revisionist laws keep anyone from daring to question to the six million. And restriction of access to hate platforms such as image boards like this one

Low energy slide threads from low energy shills.

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south african jew

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So, marxism then? Plus, if the land is all owned by the state, then everyone is literally a serf. AKA, slavery-lite.
So not even well-kept slaves.
That way the billionaire oligarchs will control everything FOREVER!!!! I recall Hitler saying something about "a hundred giant capitalists that own everything and control all of the elections."
Also, how can "land value" be taxed when the government owns it all? Is the government taxing itself?
Retarded system.

How about:
1. White countries for White people and only White people and no jews.
2. Remove all foreign influence and foreign corporations/ conglomerates.
3. Only those of the Volk can own land. The government manages public land and wilderness areas (25% of land or less). Small land owners are taxed nothing. Larger land owners are taxed on a progressive scale with holding size, with exceptions for working farms and ranches. Keep land in the hands of the people of the Volk.
4. End or HIGHLY restrict and regulate usury.
5. End all debt backed money production (Federal Reserve system). Instead put in place policies to keep money within the country and maintain a currency supply that keeps track with the size of the economy. Done correctly, this would prevent both inflation and deflation thus conserving buying power. Instead of international money transfers, conduct international trade using a barter system.
6. Severely restrict financial "wealth management" systems. Profit should come from physical or mental work, not "having money" and moving it around creatively.
7. Tax the rich. Tax excess wealth. Billionaires (today's dollars) should not exist. Ever. Even 100 million level wealth should probably not exist. Also, trustbusting. Prevent all megacorporation formation. Place the emphasis on small and medium size corporations and entrepreneurship using tax incentive/ disincentive structures. Emphasize middle class growth over wealth class growth. Emphasize a prosperous working class.
8. Cultivate human greatness within the Volk by putting in place a positive Nationalist school system. Ban all marxism. Discourage degeneracy and negativism.
9. Put in place a system of sensible, humane, and effective eugenics to improve the genetic health of the Volk, with an emphasis on eliminating genetic diseases and poor-health.

These would be a good start, and would fix most of the problems in White countries, I figure.

I like having my own mineral rights, thanks, shlomo.

Perfect Government

Land Value Tax 0%
Capital Gains Tax 20%
Corporate Tax 10%
Personal Tax 0%
Sales Tax (provincial)%
Food Tax 0%
Inheritance Tax 0%
Farm Land Tax 0%
Gift Tax 0%

Drugs & Prostitution

Age of Consent 16
Drinking, Drugs & Prostitution Use Age 21/21/NA
Voting upon military service or birth of 1st child



Everyone Else

Farm land is owned by the INDIVIDUAL.

Nature Reserves are owned by the STATE and off limits.

No welfare spending

No food stamps program

Medical Insurance is optional

Federal Budget is divided among

Resilience Office

Forests Office

Military Office

Health Office

Projects Office

All other functions supplied by local governmental bodies, with possible funding from Federal level


No jews, no non-whites. There, kept it down to one line.

Unironically based

OP sets a record for quickest fuck up in a new thread.

I will not accept any government that isnt controlled by me. Fuck all of you, dont tell me what to do!

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That system only works under unlimited growth, and will come to a dead stop the moment growth ceases.

There should be no tax of any kind.

All a countries resources should be owned by the gov. and all sales of those resources should go to pay for police, army, roads, schools, etc.

This is the only sensible and just way.

you have already failed, child

1. the ONLY tax should be on land per-square-meter, since land is the only asset that cannot be moved or hidden
2. all land should be required to be sold at public auction (no private sales!) because,,,,
3. voting rights (for any city/county/state/federal) should require a minimum ownership of land area in the respective electoral zone, but one ballot in any area was the most you could get. So if you owned land in 3 different states, you would get 1 federal-level ballot, and one ballot each for the three states you owned qualifying land in.
4. Land that is not personally owned (corporate owned) gets no ballot at all, at any government level.

All of the problems with misappropriation of government funds will not stop as long as people who don't pay taxes are allowed to help decide how to spend tax money.
To improve anything we must remove the ability of certain people to "vote themselves money".

I see you, materialist scum.

Unfortunately the same could be said about Singapore and no one wants Singapore to happen because that's a powder keg situation waiting to happen.

Also, any immigration standards that let in non-natives is already a problem because the inclusion of non-natives will lead to conflict. Not if. Not may. Will.

Correction that system would actually work because it isn't beholden to or legitimized by unlimited growth.

OPs system of governance is gauged entirely on growth. So if growth even slows down, doubt and attacks on the system will ensue.

A National body defined by its spirit, Volk, and traditions will always be more resilient than one defined by mere economic trifles.

Technically, LARPing would consist of actually believing that you could maintain OPs Libertarian Utopia for any prolonged period of time.

My answer: Yeah, tell me if that happens when famine, typhoons, and Soros/Globalist/Jewish paid subversives try to throw a wrench in your system.

By your own standards,any temporary change in policies means you lose.

All these (1)s helping this thread slip n' slide!

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Already jewish.
Literal jewish slavery.
Literal jewish degeneracy.
Nice dictatorship, shlomo.
Nice communism, shlomo.
This is not your blog. Your shitposting does not belong here.

You cocksucking retard.

Are you a complete fucking Autist Dipshit. Not a single thing you constantly spew amounts to literally fucking anything period. Hang yourself with Wire you Howling Freak. Not a fucking SPEC of explanation required. this thread speaks for itself

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Here is the better version.
The dissolution of the Marxist jew-state for the Volkish Nation-state.

Income Tax: 20%

Drugs: Legal & Regulated By The People.
Prostitution: Legal & Regulated By The People.

Consent Age: 16yrs
Voting Age: 16yrs
Driving Age: 16yrs
Firearm Purchase & Ownership Age: 16yrs
Military Service Age: 21yrs

Immigration: 80% Genetic Europeans

President: Four Two-year Terms
All Other Offices: Two Two-year Terms

Land: Public & Private

Welfare: 20% of Tax Revenue

Medical Care: Free Annual Check-ups

State Departments:
Manages the state education recommendations system.

Fed Departments:

For starters.

Jewtin is so based. That's why the Clintons gave him all that uranium.

Huge mistake. The minimum requirements for voting should be 25yr & currently employed. Only exception are students who are enrolled in a doctorate program. Country fixed.
It amazes me that nogs on multigenerational weafare have the right to vote on anything.

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