Political implications of mind-altering video content

What are the political implications of the fact that video content has been weaponized to manipulate the subconscious mind?

Pic related: interesting compilation of posts from an user who claims to have worked with a neuroscience shadow contractor that put together the science behind mass manipulation via video content.

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vigeland.caltech.edu/ist4/lectures/Poincare Reflections.pdf

Screencap seems LARPy as hell.

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Is existed since the 40s, TV and radio were taken and developed as a weapon first, everything else ssecond

anything with
is a guaranteed LARP

It's larp but it doesn't mean he's wrong. Important to make that distinction.

Hollywood are actively dishing out female-centric / female-lead movies as we speak… does this seem natural and organic? No. It has a purpose and the reasoning is as deep or as shallow as you want it to be.

It's a long series of posts on generic propaganda and media (film) usage for propaganda purposes.
What is mildly amusing is bringing up the notion that for the average plebs, unhardened targets (see not Zig Forumsacks) they take the hollyjew movies they see as good and because they have no other positive examples of people, heroes to emulate and to model themselves after so some may choose to mimic the behaviours they have witnessed that they think is good or cool (see all of those libshits larping as rebels from starwars or as harry potter fighting voldemort. I don't think it's anything new, or special.

I must say i agree with this anons deduction, it was pain to read too due to poor prose and undirected writing.

Can you elaborate on those agreements? I wasn't aware. Is there any means of overseeing or auditing media in place to ensure adherence to the agreements? It seems to be sorely absent, particularly in popular media and children's media.
I don't feel tinfoil at all for looking into this. It's just weaponized advertising. Anyone who has taken a neuroscience 101 class is taught the scientific literature supporting the methods.

Precisely - the ability to separate medium from message is a hallmark of a seasoned user. I'm not sweating the "contributors" who pop in to discredit it based on LARP, and LARP wasn't the purpose of my post - it was the theory that media has been weaponized.

In general:
This post is for the one or two people who still browse this board and are interested in discussion. It's political (methods of control), not far fetched, and not a slide. If you don't want to discuss, please don't derail.

based on what I've read in that screencap, I theorize that the that the media and co.'s blackwashing of major historical figures could slowly indoctrinate niggers into becoming decent people in order in an attempt to succeed at life
however, niggers don't have the same brains as white people, and for all i know don't instinctively emulate others as an evolutionary trait that helps them to succeed in life

I don't have anything in detail ready, phone posting ATM but research UN arms treaty, Google scholar psychotronics, unconventional warfare treaties ect,

Pol is weaponized, the natsoc Nazi meme is used to keep this place aggressive in the wrong direction, any deviation is immediately sprang upon. Hitler, Nazi, the evolution of eugenics into the political philosophy of Germany is all from the same root.

Perhaps society truly does work better with a leader in charge. Since the idea of democracy is charming but the caveat is that whoever controls the media controls the masses and thus the government.

It means that we have been afraid of a dictatorship which is literally the cure we could use.

what makes you think hollywood was ever anything but a weapon to control your mind?
this place sure has gotten worse..
like some other anons pointed out earlier, read some bernays (crystallising public opinion is a good one).
get into reading about narrative structures, get aquainted with so-called "creative writing", nothing creative about it when you start studying it. its basically narrative design by the numbers. get into some basic magick books (maybe some chaos magic since its the most recent iteration and less fluff text) to get a grip on energy management.

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You should go back to kikechan nigger, the rules here are obviously too complicated for you.

OP's premise suggests video games would make us violent, yet all those who grew up on video games behave completely docile, prefering internet speculation to face-to-face confrontation. So it seems mostly like bullshit that a capable human mind can differentiate virtual memories when it comes to decide making. However, it's completely obvious that TV wrangles the overall available landscape for forming ideas in the hoi polloi.
Cool actor smokes cigarettes - > impressionable youth smokes cigarettes. It's not rocket science, it doesn't take a neurologist to observe this. Cool black man talks about guns and weed - > impressionable youth get guns and dmoke weed. There's nothing mysterious or occult about this knowledge, therefore the guy in OP's picture is a colossal faggot.

Now with all that said, the implications are clear: produce pro-nasoc anti-immigration video propaganda and spread it. There were great emotionally powerful, moving webms leading to the American elections that definitely persuaded the flow of events.

There is a subtle nuance to getting effective results from advertising. It is definitely rooted in psychology, so study this if you want to make good memes. But please stop pretending it's super-sekrit MKUltra anti soviet weaponizations mega cringe teenager hokum. It's called advertising.

t. man in advertising industry

uh, duh? Hitler did nothing wrong.

Well put, thx for the direction


what rule is it I'm breaking? I've been here for years

It suggests that some players would absorb the values behind the video games, not necessarily the literal actions. You can see this work by looking at how based mgs2 was, for instance.

Probably not.

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so u be sayin wut a nigga be puttin in his body determinin what a nigga likes? no shit?
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there aint no way values comes from media exposure
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I am going to assume you are a teen. Here's some advice: if you've discovered some true, absorb it, incorporate it into your choices. March forwards. No need to linger on a truth once you've accepted it's truth.

Cool thanks bump

Share some interesting stories m8, things you think could be useful and reading material if you have any to recommend.

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give link to books

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Whether OP's pic was a LARP or not is beside the point. It's like questioning the authenticity of the Protocols of Zion. Everything that was described has happened/is happening. That guy's group, fake or not, would have been one of many individual research groups working on different facets of the MKULTRA descended programs. None of this is a surprise to anyone here

Where have I heard this before?
Oh yeah, Q.

Facts to matter.

Live-action role playing.
If you want to role-play, with make-believe and pretend, then no, it doesn't matter if it's a LARP.
But if you want to be a responsible adult, it does.
If you want to be a real man you will live in reality and not play pretend.

The reality is that things must be prioritized.
We are at war with international jews.
We only have so much energy.
Certain matters are higher priority.
For example, say a marching brigade of 7000 terrorists from South America, for example.

Well, the reality is shit is fucked. Elites are disappearing people and doing extreme evil. The larp that this evil will be vanquished is a larp I'd like to see. Only a few weeks left before the midterms and the original date set in the first few posts by this larper(s). After that we can continue on with the decline/racewar/whateverthefuck.

t. doesn't know what to believe but wants jews to go

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That image isn’t shocking, what he’s saying is basically the equivalent of my high school English teacher guess who the classes favorite authors were based on their writing style.
Also, the ability to not separate Fantasy from reality is something children learn as they grow up, mistaking fantasy for reality into adulthood is a sign of autism.

*the ability to separate
Freudian slip.

The implications are that schizophrenia should be researched more and a proper eugenics program put in place so retarded goblins like OP get aborted.

He's not wrong, he's just a larper that finally learned about what hypnosis really is.



Straw men all over. All I say is that video content has been weaponized to manipulate the subconscious mind of the masses. Not a controversial fact, but a surprising one if you consider the possible extent to which it has been applied.

With enough influence and capital, one can fashion entire cultures over time.

It is interesting though how the larper claims this shit at a time when traditional tales are being sidelined or mutilated beyond comprehension.
Meaning traditional examples of virtue and behaviour to emulate are being lost. With all the hollyjew shit waiting to take its place

You’re onto something with the timeline.

Dream/Fantasy is reality. We are being trained to only see the reality (((they))) want and so no one pays attention to the warnings of Myths for being "inventions" but to believe the "Humans are just animals " narrative. Human reality is Psychic reality. The word " World " refers to the experience of individual/collective Humanity in "Life" and how it reacts with the Conscious/Unconscious Psyche. Shakespear was correct, All the "World" is a Psychic Stage in which Men and Women play out the roles of Jungian Archetypes. Symbols, Alphabets, Words, Paintings, all contain our Psyche, our " Breath " , they are embedded with our Soul and the reason they affect us in the first place, they are the reflection of our "World". They are our Golems, we also see ourselves reflected in the Natural World ,we see Loyalty in Dogs and Power/Pride in Eagles. We have always been living in a Psychic Matrix.

Videogame cutscenes. Not the Videogame itself. It is a two-way experience. You are conscious, you are playing through a videogame and so you critique and contrast the "reality" of it. Audio-Visual Content is one way only. CIA was conducting research to confirm the capabilities of propaganda and how to master it's application. He refers specifically to Movies and TV shows.
Motion pictures are real to the Mind, superimpose manufactured images over the users own I-magi-nation. Our Brain learns from Emulation. A baby learns to walk from observing his surroundings, every person learns the behavior and cultural traits of his Society through unconscious emulation. It is a function akin to "automatic pilot ", to copycat behavior from influential tribe members or the whole group, Mass Psychology / Group Dynamics. Audio-Visual Contents imitates the same characteristics of "Life" - Motion Picture and Audio - so the Brain ( influenced by Group Dynamics ) takes in through emulation the (((memes))) slipping through Conscious critique, as People when watching TV/Movie pictures go from Beta Waves to Alpha Waves, shutting down their Logical Reasoning. You need to critique what happens in audio-visual content as if it were happening IRL because the Mind will take in (((memes))) that are delivered through a medium that simulates the same stimuli the Mind reacts to IRL.
Alan Watt on the subject, 3min vid.
The movie "Branded" from 2012 addresses this fully, has its plot revolve around a Marketer that discovers the consequences of Shitposting and how Propaganda is used to control our daily Decisions by Globalist lobbies. Movie is absolute shit, terrible editing, but it includes the Red Calf ritual of Jews. Good flick to Visualize the influence of Memetics in the Mind.

We have all been PSYop'ed since babies and for several Generations,
user of OP Image was providing insight to the true nature of the Propaganda today; its has become Nature.

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Humans are animals, though. The difference between this demonstrable reality (The biological definition of an animal is any eukaryotic organism that possesses a digestive system) and (((their))) propaganda is that (((they))) want you to embrace the hubris of anthropocentrism and see everything the way they do - as just mere tools or resources made for human exploitation.

The data in OP's pic rings true with a lot of the research into hypnosis/hypnotherapy in that we try to copy stories that we hear about characters that we relate too(think about when you where a kid and just got out of a really exciting movie and how you wanted to imitate the main character in some way even if you knew it was unrealistic). The study of how mass media affects the subconscious minds on a cultural level is criminally undervalued in public space(I'm sure some (((people))) have studied this but never made the findings public). Always be mindful of what you are feeding your subconscious in all kinds of ways, in PUA circles they say the "Medium is the Message" and this is true for not just women, pay attention to what you say to the whole of society with your choice in clothes, colors, words, actions, habits, ect. Chose who you are and will become, for if you don't others will chose for you.

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Valuable post, very well put. Thank you!

McLuhan's work is fascinating indeed - Extensions of Man is a really good one, in addition to Medium is the Massage

Awesome vid - it's sampled in this vid too:

Exactly, all the muh joos and hate is misdirection from the Vatican and Swiss power

Yes user.
We are animals with a Psychic existance. This is what Mystics were teaching us. Eckhart toole, Buddha, Jesus, Plato. There is only no-Mind, Ego is a self reflection of the psyche. To believe, we have to believe in believing. Everything is Narrative, even our words, means to share Meaning. And were does Meaning reside? in the Flesh? in "physical" things? All Memes are Narratives of our individual, yet shared Psyche.

We have Minds, yet we are not our Minds.
We Think yet we are not our Thoughts.
We are metaphysically made of the same Substance, the same Fire that energizes the Universe.
Humans are not fully Conscious of their Psyches. This is why "utopias" can't exist. For Consciousness arose as a tool of Predators. A tool to learn from our mistakes. The more we Suffer the more we Awake. No suffering no need for Consciousness.
Living like Gods would be our Doom. We would have to voluntarily Suffer.
Do things like Fasting, etc. Women are more Conscious of their Natures because of their period.
(((They))) want to make NPC's psychically project ( or unproject ) themselves as animals.
What scientists do shut down is your own Psychic ability to Percieve your Conscioussnes, to be aware you are aware. If you can't then you are prey of the Unconscious. To silence the voice of your inner Platonic Daemon.

Check the attached pics with my previous post for a Wider picture of the Feel i'm trying to convey to you.

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Reported for not even TRYING to hide your paid shilling.

Eagle Scout
Musical prodigy
Old faggot now
Still struggling to find my niche and true calling besides helping free my people from semite influence
It's all fucking real

that's your fault lol. don't play the victim, you clearly have the capacity to make yourself happy in life but you aren't. doubly so if you're aware of why you're unhappy. if you have a mental block of fear from some spell you cast on yourself, use a pen and paper and work it out. maybe read pic related.

pulling for you - I believe in a fellow eagle scout.

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Thank you user , you are correct as always. I promise you I will read every word.

Op pic is correct however it isn't as simple as its made out to be by you and the pic. Of course people are impressionable and they pic up characteristics through movies. This isn't as deep as it goes though. Op pic paints a picture of what is bekng done on a whole bigger scale. People are losing touch with reality through media. What we see in media defines the reality we see. When it should be what we see in reality defines the media. Thous the reality we are living is becoming a reflection of the medias depictions. I think the key answer to defeating this is to reality shock people. Show them how we humans are what defines reality. We choose what the reality we live in looks like. We need to be proactive in making our preceptions reality. This is the only way to escape the fucked up mirror world we live in were the reality we see is what is shown in media.

fucking nailed it. ever read pic related? (screenshot from the matrix) me neither - check out this wikipedia bit though:

Simulacra and Simulation delineates the sign-order into four stages:

The first stage is a faithful image/copy, where we believe, and it may even be correct, that a sign is a "reflection of a profound reality" (pg 6), this is a good appearance, in what Baudrillard called "the sacramental order".
The second stage is perversion of reality, this is where we come to believe the sign to be an unfaithful copy, which "masks and denatures" reality as an "evil appearance—it is of the order of maleficence". Here, signs and images do not faithfully reveal reality to us, but can hint at the existence of an obscure reality which the sign itself is incapable of encapsulating.
The third stage masks the absence of a profound reality, where the sign pretends to be a faithful copy, but it is a copy with no original. Signs and images claim to represent something real, but no representation is taking place and arbitrary images are merely suggested as things which they have no relationship to. Baudrillard calls this the "order of sorcery", a regime of semantic algebra where all human meaning is conjured artificially to appear as a reference to the (increasingly) hermetic truth.
The fourth stage is pure simulacrum, in which the simulacrum has no relationship to any reality whatsoever. Here, signs merely reflect other signs and any claim to reality on the part of images or signs is only of the order of other such claims. This is a regime of total equivalency, where cultural products need no longer even pretend to be real in a naïve sense, because the experiences of consumers' lives are so predominantly artificial that even claims to reality are expected to be phrased in artificial, "hyperreal" terms. Any naïve pretension to reality as such is perceived as bereft of critical self-awareness, and thus as oversentimental.


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I have never read the book but to me the passage is speaking on the different staged of fucked a person can be with the last being totally and utterly lost beyond all comprehension of what is real. This must be the goal of MK ULTRA or the great brain fucking of the world as we know it now. Imagine you get someone to stage four of reality destruction. All free will is lost at that point and they are a slave to the world that was built to trap them. Totally domination. Control the world one sees and control the live one lives.

He is not shilling user. Vatican and Swiss are all part of the (((Foundation))) aswell.

This user is correct. Nazi memes contain huge passion, and Anger.
I felt them to when first lurking the Zig Forumss. Nothing wrong with passion, but it clouds Consciousness, and hence reasoning. JIDF uses it as bait the same way pornography charges you sexually. (((CIA))) tries to get the populace to be almost entirely reactionary to Emotion. This is the foundation of the Brazilification of USA.Blacks meme magic is always sexual; Wherever they go, they transform and degrade the host country culture with Songs that are heavily charged with sexual content.House, Funk, Reggaeton, Rap, HipHop, Trap; Even the most popular Songs that you used to like are filled with sexual slang. Africans are the most tuned in with their True Nature. This is why they are so Happy al the time, and the next they drop their kids head faced on the concrete floor.

To Europeans this drowns our psyche. Maintains us in a Basic level, alien to us. Which is why (((they)))use it. Kikes are metaphysically Skaven. They don't pronounce Gods name because they know once spoken ( propagated )or written, that meme, the conceptual definition behind the word they would use can be subverted. And so Jews, don't believe in Authority, they don't believe in anything because for them "Everything" is just plain Shitposts. They can flip our morals as Anons flip Lefty memes. They have fucked up again, just like in Germany, because they now find themselves in positions of Authority, those same ones they "hate". Jews are Skaven ( Tarantino projected this truth with Gen. Landa in Inglorious Basterds aka The Jews) because Morality between themselves doesn't exist. Proudness is not a Jew trait. This is why Jesus drove them from the Temple and the Metaphorical Temple, Consciousness. George Soros sold Jews to the NatSocs, while Mossad was Hunting them in Argentina, Soros was not punished. Why? Because Jews have a Law, in which If any Jew kills another Jew to save their own Skin then they are pardoned of said Crime. While they Shill to eternity German Guilt for the Shoah, they pardon Jews that allowed and participated in the Shoah. They flip the Morality of a target people while they don't hold those same morals for themselves. This is why they are the Synanogue of Satan, Circumcision helps Jews maintain this mentality.

/ourJuden/, Roger Dommergue on his Tribe
A Yiddish saying goes like this
" Life is no more than a Dream - But don't wake me up "
They know Human true nature but are dominated by their Shadows , they don't think twice to hurt themselves or others.
They are agents of Chaos and unleash the Shadow aspects in the Societies of the Nations that Host them.

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Didn't you read my post?>>12308363
I literally stated Braudillard concepts and refered to our reality as a Psychic Matrix which the CIA is weaponising through Group Dynamics in Audio-Visual content our Psychic Matrix takes in as "real".

Thank you for the Wisdom user.

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no actually i didn't read through yours sorry. I see you understand the concept way more than I do.

Nice cuckchan screen cap, now get out.

I see you capped one of my past posts in your post… ;)
youtube.com/watch?v=Cvs52cBjpgU You might like this lecture

marcus aurelius meditations - he specifically talks about the phenomenology of this concept. You'd really enjoy it if you haven't read it. it's concise.

I think this is related to intuition and the subconscious processing that mathematicians describe when they describe the process of channeling a mathematical breakthrough, like so: files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ848493.pdf

Will check this out and continue to read your posts deeper.

Sorry for neglecting to give you proper attention before.

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After reading your post, I still think the best possible future for all of us alive now is to cultivate free will amongst all races. Or at least those who can understand it. I think it isn't nearly enough to just meme people in the direction of a better future for they will always remain susceptible to anyone who comes along to push them in the wrong direction as is happening right now. It would be more beneficial to enlighten anyone capable of free will so that they will move in the direction they see fit and logically I think that would push us into a more peaceful world. We would create more responsible people who would actively try and create a better world.

My post has more depth and accuracy, True; but user has to have that Feel already inside to understand it.
I just saw that screencap tonight for the first time. It made perfect sense with the point I intended to communicate.

t. I am the Newfag that made the Image Macro OP has posted.
Such a great feel having your effort become a part of Zig Forums.

Yes I agree with you. I think that this is the "Consciousness" or Daemon of Zig Forums in it's totality, a kind of Real Life )))Guts((( narrative vs (((Femto))).

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care to link the pdf?

OP pic is LARP but decent, yet ignores the most basic concepts of the human mind, well, life on Earth itself. It oversells it's validity too, if all that were true, the huge shift caused by chans wouldn't happened, disruption would not be effective, and literal cognitive shift wouldn't been perceptible. This thread smells Jewish as fuck and I will leave this here so you can understand why.

Will not engane or write the corrections, smells as decentralized effort on research from some glow in the dark.


fuck I linked originally to an article on his essay, meant to link to the original poincare essay: vigeland.caltech.edu/ist4/lectures/Poincare Reflections.pdf

pdf link edit!

Forgot to thank you for the Links user.
Dropping more some redpills.

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No, I meant "Battle for the mind"


Any proof the subconscious even exists? Pretty sure it's a concept made up by dr sickman fraud. Supposedly we all have these hidden superminds that record everything and perceive far more than our conscious minds, but unfortunately we can't access all this brain power! On the other hand we know media 'programming' does work. But not with everyone. I think the npc theory is a better explanation. Some people haven't developed a running inner narrative or filter to analyze input, so they think it was a clever/funny/profound thought they came up with themselves.

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I really like Jung's ideas about it and Jaynes' speculation about it.

Regardless of label, just think about your own experience - if you're anything like me, you have a portion of yourself of which you are not usually awarely pulling/pushing from/to or reflecting on. It usually comes out in dreams. This would be your subconscious, roughly speaking. There are also neurocorrelates to that kind of latent activity - for instance you can react to subliminally cued information (flashed onto your retina faster than the conscious perception can register)

amazing ty for the clip

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please share any and all other related sources you have to anything you think I might find interesting, even if it's just your off-hand description of the source rather than a direct link. I'm surprised I've never seen that clip or even heard of the interview. Thanks again.

He's right on some points (like dopamine and really taking the time to think) but otherwise he's either complete bullshit or just another example of CIA incompetence.

How exactly is Nietzsche "redpilled"?

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his over man is actually pretty based. also, the stages of life in zarathustra: camel -> lion -> child -> overman


It gets harder and harder to implant a false memory into someone as one gains age. However the observation posted that people will emulate whatever they seem to find socially great is true. People do not stop and think for themselves, otherwise you'd have an enlightened population. Some simply do not have such ability in the first place I would say.

Yes a friend of mine is currently reading Marcus Aurelius meditations, though I'm not sure how it holds up or if it's worth the time. I think he heard about it from this place. There are lots of other different books I can also suggest when dealing with the metaphysical and to become master of one's own desire, mind and future.

I disagree with this notion. You can suffer a pain unconsciously. For example if you have an untreated injury it acts up, causes pain but it becomes more an unconscious suffering. Fasting doesn't need to produce the effects you intended, I doubt many of the muslims who fast yearly will gain a deeper understanding about themselves or nature through it.

I disagree with consciousness requiring suffering, after all when one has adequately mastered him or herself then one can push suffering away and turn the pain into something you can ignore. When does one suffer anyway? It's vague and what for one person might be a state of physical suffering can be for another quite comfortable.

thanks user

Thats the point/Illusion.
Consciousness doesn't require suffering to exist. It requires suffering to be perceived. Suffering burns away emotional responses that dumb down your awareness of Consciousness. Memories with embedded emotions or societal emulations that replace actions by Consciousness (Memes). Only the "now" exists for Consciousness. You think but aren't your Thoughts; You use the Mind, the Mind is not You.The Mind is an Instrument for Consciousness. We just ARE. Eminems "Real Slim Shady" takes on this, in the Opening scene, the nurse announces " May the real slim shady please stand up", and all the Mental patients rise. They arose, because everyone is real ( Conscious) to themselves; the "the real slim shady" yet not quite the same "Slim shady". The same as how all Zig Forumsacks are "user", yet not quite the same "user". See what happens when we replace "Slim Shady" with "user":

There is a screencap floating around on the power of names and the significance of " Anonymous" identity on Zig Forums users and how this collective of Anons nature allows us to accomplish great things. Hope someone posts it.

Women are more Conscious of themselves but are punished harder than men by their own Emotions; they react and absorb emotions of a wider spectrum, Women are nature ( they give birth, they are closer to Life/Death) and so are moved more by the drama/emotions of Life. Women always held positions of Wisdom.They are closer to us in Enlightenment but are also easier to mislead. There is no better companion for men than a woman who is wise.
Muslims respect in a Man Character, Honor and Wisdom; They value Wisdom and Introspection, even if plebeian muslims do not think much of this.The Elite of Muslim culture bred the Hashashim and Sufi mysticism cults. (Mosques had Harems in their upper floors, they believed Men can only be pleasured by multiple Women ). Fasting is also done by Buddhists. Fasting helps you connect with your Consciousness, your totality. All religions include fasting as means to spiritual awakening

Even when Muslim culture is Fanatical and oppressive of both Men and Women natures ( Muslim men tend to Homosexuality aka Sodomy/rape between themselves) they are also in Harmony. Muslim Family is sacred for them, Women and Men accept their Traditional roles and are elated by this. Their morals and values are so firm in the ground that Muslims historically never let the Jews subvert their culture. They conserve the true spirit of the Tribe; Family unit. My argument of course does in no way support their fanaticism, it just recognizes that "Based" muslims exist because INTP/INTJ's are also the Heart of their Cultures. In the West, Christian Fanaticism destroyed us from within, this why we are in a Civilizational Free Fall, Nietzche identified this. The Church stole Spirituality ( Meaning ) from the People and sought to replace it. The Church is Semitic in this nature. Church fall, The West falls with it.

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I never trust a poster who acts exactly like I would of I were to LARP/decieve

The way he starts with humble claims, presents no evidence, claims they just figures it out, doesn't give ANY details..

And most importantly, the pure arrogance.

No this is exactly how I would LARP
And this thread would never have happened on 8/pol/ because it would have been caught from the start.

The new tactic seems to be creating threads on 4chan in complete form and make these "summaries" to create a seemingly legitimate narrative that sneaks by the newer posters om 8ch and allows the thread to manufactured thread and narrative to talet root in the hive-mind.

It's clever as fuck.
Notice how OP posters the picture with a name, even though it has been posted in several threads and would be most likely to have been numbered in this OP. (OP could just be neat and a victim of the implanted narrative)

Auto correct and yuropoor language, I apologize. Hopefully you can still make sense of it.

7,000 televisions in the U.S. in 1946
50,000,000 televisions in the U.S. in 1950

And Plebbit spacing.
Are you phonefagging you double nigger cancerous autist of a donkey turd?
Don't post if you are not going to take the effort to format it, phone makes it difficult for Anons to do so in the first place, the medium is faulty, takes to long to write. Phonefagging severely affects your ability to write a good, acceptable post. And the more time you spend writing it, the more anxious you get for posting it, removing the incentive from you to revise the post. The level of difficulty makes it good training to realize how faulty your arguments, spelling and quality of the post is, but if you do not have the patience for it, then you will just fuck up the Thread and fuck your own discipline.
Take everything with salt.
The way he starts with humble claims, presents no evidence, claims they just figures it out, doesn't give ANY details..
Yes, he was a bad communicator, although he did provide bread pieces for us to follow, Cognition and awareness.
Your projection. Anons wanted solid proof, he could not provide it, this is why he seems like he was dancing round the subject, eventually he spilled the beans on one solid post of his, around the middle left of the Macro.
Nice to know.
Caught?; Implying, it is good to take the bait because it reveals the nature of the subject discussed anyway. And provides a innocence of presumption to the OP so that, even if he is a piss poor communicator, he has the chance to drop his own experience.
Implying again. We do not know that. He said he lurked and studied our /Board/ culture. Glow in the Darks may like to save our content too. It is not important. What really matters is that this Image Macro has made Zig Forums share, recycle and post old knowledge, past screencaps and memes concerning different fields to gain a better perspective for Anons. Even if it was a planned LARP look at what it has unleashed. Even in bait we discover new aspects of unrevealed Truth. This is why Zig Forums is always right.

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Obvious LARP is obvious.
Nigger doesn't even know how MKUltra was done