The right to die

The main argument with legalizing euthanasia is the failure to distinguish between the right to live and the decision to end it based on the lifestyle of the afflicted individual. Is euthanasia morally correct? Why or why not?

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Euthanize yourself, faggot.

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For it to be morally incorrect you have to equate that all life is valuable, and no matter what small value there is, you have to be left alive due to "scraping the jar"- that would be getting all the quality from the life you lived, good or bad. For euthanasia to be morally correct you have to equate that some value is worth losing in preservation of the other. So its in recognizing the "scraping the jar" tactic but it isnt afraid to waste whats left in it. I know its not the best analogy but I feel this can answer to you that the events are always going to be circumstantial, and that you cant outline where euthanasia should be enacted and when- you can really only gauge it on self-asseetion and executive decisions. I would argue that it is immoral to make the choice outside of the person being euthanized being involved. They shouldnt definitely be able to create some input into whether or not they want to be knocked off. And for those who would say "what about someone who cant speak (in a coma)?" I would say wait, either they die in the coma anyways or they wake up and say kill me. Its left in a state of unknown at that point, sometimes the answer is both.

Only you can decide how much your life is worth when the time comes to die. If you are suffering it might be the last real choice you can really make. The last power over your life is perhaps to end it. I have a hard time being against it. It should be a privatised business however, not forcefully paid for by taxes.

Imagine this : you are in a building, 40th floor, near a window. The building is on fire, firemen can't fight it, so you know that eventually, soon or later, fire will come to you and you will die. You still wait, you still hope.
Then here it is, fire is on you. Firemen won't save you, Superman won't come saving you, nothing.
So what you do ? You jump through the window. Why ? Because you have only two options :
- Spend several never-ending minutes burning and suffering.
- Jump through the window. It won't save you, it will kill you, but it will kill you quickly. You will die anyway, but at least the suffering will end right now.

Well, euthanasia is just like that. When you are suffering and there is no other option than suffering then dying, or dying right now, you want the suffering to end right now.
How could it be immoral to help someone stop suffering ?
It's a paradox that when a horse or a dog suffers, we end its suffering. But when a human suffers and beg for us to help to die, we force that person to keep on suffering. THAT is immoral !

Now, I am talking about someone who wants his/her own life to end. Euthanasia as a form of capital punishment is a different topic.

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How about we murder you and end your suffering and any potential suffering you may experience in the future? We would be doing you a favor!

The problem being, even if you say it's someone's choice, that person can be pressured to take that option by family. By circumstance. By a doctor who gets a little hard when they push that plunger home. By the system which decides that it's better for someone to die than to live. There are too many potential points of failure.

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It's your life so unless you're a jew slave…

the left and ancaps are for it
therefore i am against it

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everyone older then 30 should be Euthanized. renew! renew!

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Actually, if you jump out of the building there is a probability that you will land on something soft like a pile of garbage and live.

If people really want to off themselves, they will find a way. If it becomes 'legal' it will eventually become encouraged (just like homosexuality, divorce and abortion which everyone used to consider 'morally wrong in all but the most extreme cases; but now they are legal they are seen as virtuous). The legalisation of euthansia, at least in this current jewed world, would see it used as a weapon against whites; the elderly will be put down like animals, 'life' will become ever more mechanised and once you have 'out-lived your purpose' (and what a sad way to talk about a human life) you will be encouraged to end it ("you must help the future generations by not taking precious resources!").

It must be opposed.

Good point user, but we do not place the same value in animals as we do on humans, which is why this is so largely debated

not much of an argument matey

There are a great many humans with less value than your average animal

No, the issue is debated because on the one hand a person wants to end their suffering and die but on the other it's a sin to kill another person. It's the same moral conflict with warfare and execution

We are being experimented on by Groids. Machine gun anything black soon. Must happen

My concern is that if it becomes legalized, it will lead to the common mindset that because it is legal it must also be acceptable.
If that happens, there will almost certainly arise an apathy towards righting the quality-of-life conditions that would lead one to arrive at making that fateful decision in the first place (environment/consumer protection and health/safety laws come to mind).
When life becomes so cheap that we humans are considered disposable, we will eventually start to treat each other as such, and I can think of few things which could kill our spirit with such ease.
When that treasure that is existence becomes regarded not as the greatest gift, but, rather, as a commodity, we risk becoming little better than the livestock the kikes claim us to be, and their victory will be all but ensured.

Well said. Having examined all of the rubbish that the jews have pushed upon us since the 'enlightenment' I am near certain that the goal is to reduce us; spiritually, mentally and physically - so that we are little more than animals. I see some opportunity with the NPC meme about how our humanity has been robbed from us; and I would really love to start attacking the various concepts (largely rooted in 'deconstructionism' and 'critical theory') that are to blame for our degradation into a lesser being.

NPCs/cattle/livestock do not need to be ridiculed; they need to learn that they are as they are because of what has been done to them. We can reverse it. God wills it!

Suicide is a sinful act. You don't own your body. Nor do you own your soul. Euthanasia will bring in its own slew of long-term problems just as abortion has by now murdered over one billion children.

FYI, when euthanasia becomes legal, expect governments to start murdering people they don't like in hospitals.

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The real question is, is it a morally right thing to allow life itself to exist at all? Especially when it only ever ends up as a shithole world run by jews.

That's retarded. You're a christcuck. If you think you don't own your soul, then you're even more jewish than I thought!



It doesn't work, they just go back to the bombardment becuase the ZOG world is what they enjoy. And your redpill takes that away and doesn't give them anything else to enjoy, so like a heroin addict without Suboxone, they just go back to the H after you get done with your speech about getting clean.

Do. You. Get. It. Yet?

Nobody can be redpilled, they reject it right after your gone if you're dominant enough in that current social interaction to MAKE them agree with you, even if it sounds enthusiastic afterwards, they'll just go right back to being normies because watching HBO and playing fortnite is more fun than agonizing over what the jews are doing to their race.
You should also note that you can't "give them the love of their people to sustain their happiness", because that's not how it works. Someone who's a normie IS NOT GOING TO CARE about that, they're going to care about the fact they have a sucking chest wound that makes them feel bad and what you tried to take away was what made them feel good. Normies ARE NOT CAPABLE of internalizing the concepts that drive others towards the cause! You have to already have the nation under your sway in order to affect normies. That's why leftists were considered freaks and relegated only to colleges all the way up until the 1950's and after.

Existence isn't a treasure. It's a curse. You're just too deluded and pollyanna to realize it.

Now that's some grade A black-pilling. You see friend the thing that our sheeple/npc/cattle friends like so much is the STORIES in their favourite HBO show. So what we do is give them an even better story; you know, the one about how the children of the devil sought to corrupt all mankind by poisoning our minds through lies, propaganda and assassination; and then how a few disparate nobodies found one-another on the internet (itself created so as to bolster military power to maintain the kike's grasp over mankind), and started a resistance that - after having existed for only a couple of decades; now has thousands of people hailing Hitler and ready to slay that old dragon the devil and his children?

People love a good story. There isn't a better one than the truth. We just need to reveal it.

The next thing to remember is that the story of how reality came to be has the unintended consequence of making people radically hostile to the mainstream media, to state power, to banking systems; hell, to everything bad with the world. Its sort of like the jewish stories in 'Friends' or 'Will and Grace' are designed to make us intentionally start seeing adulterous whores and faggots as non-degenerates who can be smart, caring and decent. Their stories however are all lies and are just meant to deceive; and they do, and the people begin to adapt to what they think is now the reality. Our story will do the same; the only difference being that ours is not a lie, and that if people start adapting to the morals of our story the world will objectively get better.

Sieg heil!

I got redpilled. So now what? Your theory is debunked.

That graphic is a little misleading due to population disparity over the two timelines. Had the world's population been consistently at the current numbers over 10,000 years that number on the right would have been much higher. It is only because the total number of humans over the last 10,000 years has been relatively low that there is any correlation between the two issues.

It requires the actualization of a Pain index, or (suffering).
People should not be MADE to suffer endless and un-treatable pain if they don't wish it. This is cruelty beyond hypocrisy.

However, the jewish mafia can all be gassed immediately, no Pain Index required.

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difficult decision

To me it is insane that this is even debatable. It is a clear example of a natural right if ever there was one. What are we, slaves meant to toil endlessly and when our usefulness in toiling is over we must continue on so (((doctors))) can siphon off whatever we wished to leave as inheritance to our progeny. Fuck that shit.

If I become old and frail and feel my time has come I want to be able to die with dignity surrounded by the people I love, not hiding alone with a gun in my mouth. And heaven forbid I end up in some condition where I am unable to do either.

Maybe I will be fine with letting nature take it's course but if I'm in pain or if I feel nature is taking too long I want the option and may god damn you if you try to take it from me.

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You don't need permission to kill yourself faggot, just the will.

Take up heroin. You should see the faces of people I meet when I tell them I am going to take up Heroin as my 'deadly habit' when I am 70+ yo. They always say, "Oh you shouldn't do that!" And I am always left nonplussed like, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, I WILL BE 70 YEARS OLD…there is no better time to take up something like Heroin than when your body is old, tired, worn out, sore and you have lived clean, worked hard and been disciplined your whole life.

this, very little is stopping someone from jumping off a cliff. In actuality it's a worthless debate about whether we should make suicide easier.

Pity. All that work just to die the death of a worthless junkie. You know, it would be much better to have never existed at all.

The US already has euthanasia, it's just couched in terminology to obscure it.
The term "hospice care" is a designation which allows Medicare to extend coverage outside normal parameters. On the one hand, a person can receive care for many years, but if you are terminal and in pain, it allows you to be assigned a pain management doctor which can prescribe drugs in a way that other physicians can't, and they do not provide intravenous fluids, or lifesaving measures.
I recently had a friend suffering cancer with the doctors afraid to give him anything more than I received for a wisdom tooth extraction. He went to the emergency room one evening due to intense pain. He was told of hospice care. First day in hospice he was doing just fine and we had an extended talk, but he was occasionally wincing. Medication was upped. Next day he could barely speak. Within a week he was dead after multiple increases in medication every time he exhibited any signs of pain, conscious or not.
The real danger with outright euthanasia being legalised is that it opens the door to arguing the same for depression, and anyone else who wishes someone else to do their dirty work for them.

And why would it be a bad thing for people with depression to be medicated into death? Why is this a bad thing?

Why do you want to keep us around? We're useless to you!

They say the only thing that can make something a crime is consent.

Borrowing is legal, theft is a crime.
Sex is legal, rape is a crime.
Boxing is legal, battery is a crime.
Being a guest is legal, trespassing is a crime.

Why is assisted suicide a crime if there is consent? If anything it thins the herd of those too weak to want to continue living in this world of everlasting struggle.

Because white-knucklers like you don't enjoy the struggle, you enjoy torturing your own people who aren't white-knucklers.

"Do no harm"? The Hippocratic Oath? I don't want any doctor working with me who can rationalize away any guilt over taking a life.
–Disregarding the fact they regularly exacerbate condtions.
Inert gas asphyxia is painless Nitrogen works a charm.

Do no harm? Everything is harm. Existence itself is harmful, leading to the inevitable painful death of the one birthed, so anyone who's ever delivered a child is a murderer.

Inert Gas Asphyxia is expensive and difficult to do properly. You also can't get nitrogen in sufficient quantity to have it work and not get caught. You have no idea how hard the ZOG machine will keep you alive just to torture you a few more years.

Yes, Jews are a thing. Yes, human sovereignty is a thing. I love how chaim is already in here throwing a tantrum because people aren't discussing fake politics celebrities or planned dIsAsTeRs!?

Nobody likes you Chaim. Even your cult fucking hates you and uses you spam image boards. Euthanize yourself immediately.

Oh user! You know that's too good to happen so long as I'm alive!

As another poster has mentioned, euthanasia has several issues with it. For example, you can be pressured by family to undergo euthanasia if you are too much of a burden due to different ailments. Many old people have dementia or some sort of other cognitive issue that make them highly susceptible to pressure, whether it be from a doctor or a relative. A relative who seeks to gain an inheritance may want to pressure an elderly person to undergo euthanasia, or a doctor who makes a lot of money from providing this service.

Sometimes diagnoses can be incorrect - thousands of people get incorrectly diagnosed with a terminal illness each year. Imagine your mother or father gets "diagnosed" with brain cancer and euthanizes themselves, but it turns out that the diagnosis was incorrect and the tumor is just benign. My mother has practiced as an oncologist for nearly 30 years now - cases like this happen, all it takes is one lab error regarding the interpretation of a biopsy. In any other situation, if treatment was attempted and there was no observed tumor growth or spread, the initial diagnosis would be called into question.

Finally, a slippery slope argument could be made against euthanasia. Euthanasia could be used for terminally ill patients today, and in 10 years, be utilized for people who have chronic pain, depression or other illnesses that dramatically lower their quality of life but are not terminal. In 20 years, euthanasia could be used for patients who are too poor to afford certain medical treatments and the hospital does not want to incur massive losses treating them. To use your horse example, if a horse breaks its leg, you put it down because a horse is just an animal, it isn't worth maintaining a 1500 lb useless animal until its leg heals. Imagine this was done for humans? The idea that human life is not worth preserving has the potential to erode the level of medical treatment for everyone.

While I have no moral issues with euthanasia, there is the potential of widespread abuse of this service, and incredibly high medical costs even for qualifying patients. The actual euthanasia process would be cheap, but the psychological evaluations that would have to be performed on the individual to determine if they are sound of mind, not subject to external pressure and undoubtedly have a terminal illness would be very expensive.

As it stands, if you truly want to kill yourself for whatever reason, there are many unofficial ways to do this. Overdosing on heroin or fentanyl would not be any more painful or gruesome than being euthanized in a controlled setting.

I've read this post 10 times, and still don't understand wtf you're trying to say.

anyone that wants to be euthanised is already depressed. If you support euthanasia you are siding with soros

lol at all these slide threads when there is a literal mass shitskin invasion

A white-knuckler is anyone who actually practices or even just espouses on the internet that "Struggle is Beautiful!" or "Everyone should love the eternal fight where we constantly battle the jew for our survival!" type shit that means you have to enjoy being more badass than any marine has ever been as well as reading plato and then not ever getting rewarded for it. You're expecting other people to be as badass as you are, and I don't understand how someone who believes in hierarchy and in winners and losers can look around and never believe they run into a loser, just someone who doesn't try hard enough.

Accept that there are losers amongst you.

Eh, it's not like life is worth living. I dare you to go do something about Soros. Watch what happens.

There was once a time when doctors came to your house. Communities were a thing and the primary goal was advancing the collective cause . Then along came a Jewish spider to build a web of lies.

Daily reminder that Bernie Madoff was just the fall guy and admitted in prison that the economy is a pyramid scheme. This person was respected by every member of the elite, and was considered a master of the kike financial system by everyone. He says the economy is a pyramid scheme. I wouldn't need him to say that to know that but some of you dumb crypto kike ass kissers need to know that. That is why humans are always in debt and despite a supposed free market everything is planned for the goyim. It's calculated down to the penny. Why the fuck would they let somebody who wants to build a world where humans are batteries for Jewish archon parasites get money? You can climb but it's just more games. You never can reach true freedom and unlimited potential in this kike prison world. I'm literally typing this to a bunch of pussy frauds feds and KIKES who love this shit. I don't care I'm typing this for me. There is zero value to this Jewish prison world, pieces of paper are worthless, I'm putting every single human being on this planet in the gas Chambers and there is nothing the ADL can do about it. Ew omg you KIKES are so gross YUCK!

Not everyone deserves to live. In fact, we should take a more Spartan approach to life once we take our countries back.

Why do you think we'd ever get our countries back when it can just get worse and we can die out because the kikes nuked the world?

You don't get it. I don't think you're capable of it. Spartans died out because they couldn't keep the Helots under control, nor would they promote anyone to be a Spartan. You're gunning for maybe 250 years to 400 tops for your Grand Rebuilding to last and then burn out as every other empire has cycled over.

The Gods hate us, do you get it yet?

You. Hope. Too. Much.

You write like a fucking faggot. You just say big words and have zero substance. You glow so much I can glance at your wall of text for a milisecond and I know it's ben Shapiro getting a stiffy in his micropenis from leaving his sheltered prep school bubble to "enter the wild" for a moment. You'll never experience danger though, because mommy and daddy will always pull you out with a rescue helicopter if reality ever gets too close, and because of that you will continue to exist in the weakest possible state because being a pussy who uses pieces of paper printed by kikes at will to prop up their pyramid scheme does absolutely nothing to help you grow . Literally nothing. You are a parasite. Fucking gross!

Nah, that's not how it works. Suicide is illegal in the US because the state fucking owns your life and they're the ones who decide when it can be ended and under what circumstances. Now pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get back to work, bucko.

what hapened to the redtext!? Step it up, man

If you were not a vegetable, completely reliant on a nursing staff, completely in control of your own faculties; would you tell anyone if you planned on reincarnating on another planet?

So basically, you suggest we do nothing but curl up into a ball and die? Fuck off.

Whatever. I'm right and you know it. Go ahead and prove me wrong IRL. I dare you. If I'm so gross why don't you meet me in Lexington, KY and help me kill myself in person? Red Mile Race Track at 5:00PM tomorrow, carry a sign that says Samson Looms so I know it's you.

I'm just posting, alright. I post how I post, and don't act like you read them! Everyone just filters me, it's been that way for forever.

I'm saying do what you want, but in the end you curl up into a ball and die anyways. The gods then torture you after you're dead and then after they feed from all your sorrowful memories and everything else, you're reborn into a worse life than before.

Have fun being reincarnated as a nigger.

Man, I haven't seen a "legit" fight me in IRL in yeeeeears.

You are assuming that you would have the right to leap from the building. Now imagine the situation is similar, but you are injured next to someone who is not. You are both running out of air, so the guy decides to push you out the window so he can have a few more minutes of air. You can't fight back due to your injury. The healthy person along for the same ride ends your life for you. Just like some son in law you hate decides to pull the plug on your life support early and have you injected so he doesn't have to keep driving your daughter to see you every so often on your death bed because the fucker would rather stay at home and be watching nigger ball.

You sure about that? I seem to remember something different, lol. I still think your logic is flawed, I'm just not sure how to properly express it in a way you'll understand.

It's either parody or legit mental illness.

There's not a way for you to express it that the Voices would allow me to accept. If I tried, Fate would punish me worse. This is how things must stay.

Mental illness. But, there's no help for it since all shrinks are kikes!

Legalizing euthanasia in our era of rampant consumerism and corporate greed. And when everyone in control of that plug hates whites and wants them to die off faster. No thanks.

No one in any relevant position of power wants to kill off the servile white working class who are single-handedly responsible for keeping the economy afloat. This is like the meme that slave owners would brutally beat and kill their slaves for no reason. Hint: Slaves were luxury farm equipment, and slave owners obviously weren't needlessly damaging their farm equipment.

It's my hot body, I do what I want.

fellate a nigger christcucks

Yes, but you assume that kikes would care when they would rather get some more screams out of the goy before time for Matzos.

You hope too much. I don't understand why you hope so much.

Yeah, I remember, you've told me before, but I still don't believe it's true. Logic is Logic. I've seen that you even you have hope, so it's possible. Also, I will NOT be reincarnated as a nigger. That's something that can be solved at least, lol.

Oh I have no hope at all for a better future. Quite the contrary, I think things will get far, far worse, but they won't kill their farm equipment, so to say.

reminder that the slippery slope is real

imo it should be illegal for doctors to perform euthanasia, or illegal for euthanists to practice medicine

Nigger's been doing this for over a year now. One of the few things Kampfy would do is shitcan his faggot ass on sight. Zig Forums barely has mods now and the ones it do have are at best controlled opposition and at worst kampfy's lackies so expect this bullshit to stay up until the end of time

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Seems like the lesser of two evils versus forcing a child to live in incurable agony so the parents can virtue signal about how important life at any cost is.

On that token, do you know why abortion is legal in the US? Because the state recognizes the fact that the type of woman who would abort her baby is incapable of being a good mother and raising someone who would be a net gain, monetarily, for society. Note the percent of shitskins killing their babies versus whites for their relative demographic percent to support this.

Not rated post.

this is a chr*stcuck autist-screeching issue

for terminal conditions, it should obviously be legal because then they are just draining resources and suffering. beyond that, that's where you can debate, but chr*stcucks think we should all be paying taxes so they can keep vegetables alive for decades because it'd be 'muh sin' to pull the plug

Actually, imkamfy banned you for posting your "oathbreaker" forced memmi.

Everyone alive has some amount of hope. If not you'd have killed yourself long ago or you're a huge pussy. But the meme about losing that last bit of hope you didn't know you had is very real. Some animals are best put down.

Depends on what you mean by hope. Hedonistic pleasure, and the possibility of having more of it, is remarkably effective at staving off suicide.

Perhaps but if your life revolves entirely around pleasure that's not much of a life is it? I can only imagine someone in that situation coming to the same conclusion sooner or later. Aren't death rates among gays pretty high? I know trannies kill themselves left and right because once they've finally out virtue signaled everyone else they realize the mistake they made.

One could say that's the entire "purpose" of life, to get your monkey cummies and activate the biological copy machine. Obviously short-circuiting this by using protection to reap the evolutionary reward without putting in any of the work isn't how things are "supposed" to go, which is probably where the depression comes from for most normalfags.
Couldn't tell you. I know their STD rates are insanely high (much like niggers), from the constant unprotected sex and the entire bug chasing/gift giving culture.
They do, but I think that has less to do with pleasure seeking behavior, and more to do with them being severely mentally ill. Instead of treatment, they're told that mutilating their body will cure their mental illness, and then obviously they choose to end it all when they discover that not only aren't they cured, but they're stuck with a lifetime of tearing open their gaping surgical wound.


Life IS cheap and all the squimishenss about taking a life is what led us to this place to begin with. If people were more willing to hand politicians and traitors from the trees, the world would be a better place.

Stubbornly clinging to a pitiful, painfull existence wihout hope is a great victory for you? No.

Little better than Animals? Again no. This misplaced "emapthy" and stuck-up sence of superiority is what enhances suffering.

The whole point of euthanasia is to painfully end a life that's already all but gone. Not for killing willy-nilly, and certainly not on a whim, and the government has no say in it. Why should it anyway? Makes no damn sense.

He is an obnoxious (slightly endearing) faggot, but there's not a "big word" in the post you replied to, kid.

On one hand, it's what the really elderly and frail used to do wayyyy back in the day.
On the other hand: Too many jews and traitors around these days.

There is also intent of failure, as euthanasia reduces expenses. I.e. it profitable to encourage euthanasia instead of actually healing people.

Suicide is a form of optimism.

No. But we should have the right to kill kikes, niggers, and spics, as the superior species, whites.

>siding with (((them)))

Read more third positionist books. Life is not precious, in fact it's all about struggle and death is just another part of life.

I think Zig Forums has bigger issues to talk about than a person's ability to an hero.

Muh abortions, muh based black babies
Christians are a disease

Life is not 'cheap'. Life is what we struggle for, life is what we fight for, life is what we kill for. We kill those politicians and hang those traitors to enhance the lives of our people. We do not kill over trivial things because life is valuable, more valuable than anything else; for without life there can be no experience, no understanding, no perception. Nothing. Everything we do requires life; be it our own or that of those we love.

Who are you to tell me or anyone else that there is no value left in their lives? By what metric can you measure life? The words of a dying man could inspire humanity forever. An existence full of suffering can teach many lessons. The issue is that if euthanasia were legalised, it would no doubt be encouraged within a few years; and after that we will have mechanised our lives and defined their value in various metrics. "Are you still making money for the state? - No? Time to die then."

You are an animal if you do not understand why life is sacred. Perhaps less than an animal.

What was the point of your post then? The entire premise of what I said was that legalising euthanasia, AKA allowing the government to have a say; would lead to the cheapening of life by defining our value by some kike's metric, or else outright being used to cull our people. For those reasons we must oppose it.

Everyone has the right to die. Just buy a gun and do it faggot. Or swallow a bunch of advil if you don't want to leave a bloody mess up for your loved ones to clean up.

Abortion for whites, euthanasia for whites, sex change for whites, pedophilia for whites, bestiality for whites… behind all of this shit there is always a fucking fedora and behind that commie there is always a fucking nose, atheists are opportunist cowards that dont give a fuck about others if they can reach their goals.

I am not OP, but I would if I could, bitch.
Does people ending their lives when you are so certain of its value to yourself fuck you up your emotional asshole, or are you just in a haze from posting here all day?

It's called execution, m8.

You are probably right on every count but I don't care, I want to live in a society that accepts it so I can die with no strings attached.

Uh, assuming you are a christard, you realise that the bible is a bunch of BS about some jewish tribal god that got retconned into an ultimate omnipotent god. In the old testament (((yahweh))) cant smite people if they are in iron chariots, guess if you stay in your car your safe… Half of the bible repeats and contradicts itself, retelling the stories in a modified version or, as in genesis with the flood, just combining multiple stories into one interlacing the sentences, so it reads like most of the events happened twice. Even half the books in the new testicle contradict each other, especially those about jesus. If god is all powerful why did he not realise that people would eventually see all the plot holes in his book and realise that its wrong. I mean, if he realised that people would see the plot holes, then could he not have written it without plot holes.

Life is sacred because it is the only thing we know. We do not, and likely cannot, fully understand what it is to not exist while existing, or what it is like to be dead while living.

I feel that medical euthanasia should not be legal except in coma patients where they previously stated in a legal document that in that specific situation they would want to not be kept alive. I dont feel their family or any other influence should be able to make that decision, no matter what. I definitely do not agree with medical euthanasia for patients who are mobile enough to do it themselves, but, for people who are unable to move and are in pain, maybe. It is just very hard to ensure that it wont be used against peoples wishes.

You are thinking binary, much like me, who thinks that just because I can't choose what I want in life I only have life and death left.
Work on your epistemology.

And now when you read:

you will understand the basic shape of the argument that is being tossed back and forth constantly. It is very easy to conceive that people would rationalize the death of others for "logistical and resource-based" purposes, when you already see how it works on an individual scale with pain and suffering. Sure, I'll get the usual blab about "muh shitskins", but consider for a moment how much normies claim to care for life and then, when it threatens them getting the next yearly smartphone, will toss this idea of life and living right aside so that the worker overseas has to toil some more for him to get his next fix.
Death is not such a big leap then, in fact, it's already clearly documented that there are already suicide nets in factories over there. "Just let them die" and then let another one "that wants the job more fill that vacancy" may sound extreme now, but so did things like transgenderism, homos and even femal voting rights a few decades ago. Just a few decades.
All that said, I can see how this is dystopic, but I would glady choose death with no mourners and no strings attached in such a society.
I wish my family could forget I ever existed, if only I was able to manipulate memories.

What could you possibly have done that is so bad that you cannot come back from it? Surely it is better to seek a fresh start, a new life, rebirth or redemption than simply ending it? And if it is not something you have done that makes you desire an end; then why not do something that could you make want to go on?

What if you plan on reincarnating as a potato?

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