I have an hour to vote please tell me who to vote for

Please help me Zig Forums I have literally 1 hour to vote in the municipal election in Waterloo, Ontario and I have no idea who to vote for. I will invalidate my vote due to ignorance and boredom concerning municipal politics if nobody can come up with a candidate I should vote for within about a half hour of me making this thread.


Who is the most pro-white candidate?

Video unrelated and required for me as a tor poster to start a thread since mods require a file.

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Write in Hitler

Do you realize you posted a video mocking the NPC meme while acting like one?
Do you have any shred of self awareness?

You know what, here's an hot tip: don't vote. Stay at home.
When you drink, you don't drive. You realize your faculties have left you and you'll be putting yourself in danger.
Voting is quite the same. You are unable to vote responsabily and consciously on a candidate with ideas you support, so do the responsible, sensible thing: stay home, don't vote. It's your civic duty to sit your ass down and don't do something stupid.
Trust me, there's already enough imbeciles at the voting booths casting their uninformed and moronic "opinion". Don't be like those guys. Be a better men. Be a Canadian.


Only pages I can find so far to read about whatever it is they stand for.

I haven't even watched the video I literally grabbed a random youtube url to make my thread. Fuck the video I'm not watching it to see what you're talking about, I only care about who I'm supposed to vote for in this election.

This OP is bait. The joke he is trying so poorly to convey is that Zig Forumsacks are NPCs who don't know anything about politics despite the fact that we make fun of NPCs. This is supposed to be humorous irony and make leftist go hahaha

Orange man bad. Open borders good. Diversity strength.


I'm going to vote I guess for dave jaworski, robert deutschmann, Jim Erb, (Robert) Bob Oberholtzer

aka all the white males I possibly can.

I want to make sure non-whites and women don't get voted.

Please just fucking help me god damn I only got an hour and if you think this is bait look up on the site yourself and you can see this election is actually happening right now.

Also the only thing I care about politics is that non-whites and mongrels and jews aren't allowed to live in, own, mix with, or have any power in a white nation. That is it. The rest doesn't fucking matter to me and is boring. I'd have ZERO interest in politics if I was born in a better age where white nations were fully white and not cucked.

Btw, I'm a fucking Canadian, so your orange man bad stuff aka Trump stuff is IRRELEVANT. This isn't American election.

Last chance to say something to me Zig Forums I'm about to leave to vote now.

I'm more interested in how to become an ICE officer


don't vote just kill yourself instead

Back from the poll. I voted as I said I would and apparently was the last person in. Only 350 people in my city of like a half million even voted in this election also so my vote actually matters for once heh.

Maybe no non-whites and females gain power in Waterloo.

Too late I voted and there ain't shit you can do about it. Stay mad nigger.

Good on you m8. Just vote for the most right wing party you can and hope for the best. All politicians say whatever they think will get them elected. Never trust them. Vote as far right as possible, always.

Besides dave jaworski, robert deutschmann, Jim Erb, (Robert) Bob Oberholtzer I also voted form Kim Eckel because fuck Jay Aissa for supporting the LRT.

Absolutely nobody I voted for even has party affiliations I think. They're all independents. I talked on the way to the poll about the candidates with someone I was with and basically figured out that the people I had selected purely based on their names indicating they are white, male, and german was a good choice because they're all against the retarded shit that has put a huge tax burden all whites here in this area.

Well it's a good thing I am not as retarded as Zig Forums is because I got zero help from here and had only an hour to decide who to vote for and I feel I made good choices.

Someone else can now use this thread for whatever they want or it can be deleted I don't care heh.

What a surprise, when you came here asking for people to help you with actually voting, none of the "votefags" where here to help you or even so much as come here to chime a peep.

Most votefags here are in the US.

And some people here do provide advice.

This is municipal elections in canada. Noone cares about local syrup-nigger politics.

Are you pro-white or just some negative version of nationalism/patriotism?

Canada is whiter than America despite its cucked leadership and you should be helping anons here in Canada to reverse the cuckery.

That's cool. Some germans are turbocucks though and jews also have german sounding names, so be careful. I don't know much about canadian politics, but just voting is worth something.

If you were looking for a Republican takeover to "right the ship", you're officially fuqq'd

Anyone who votes is an NPC.

Thats kind obvious this site being mostly american

If you care so much about voting why did you wait until "the last hour"and then come here to ask Zig Forums who to vote for instead of having the agency and balls to do your own research?
Furthermore shut the fuck up faggot, canada is as quickly becoming 50% white as the US is even more so now thanks to cuckdeauxs policies which the "conservatives" will never revert and never deport browns.

Jesus fuck, the dems are absolute crazy at this point, they are going to officially adopt the transgender program if they get into power.

Besides, it's time we kill the democrats so that a true 3rd party can come up.

We don't have republicucks in my country and also party politics isn't a thing on the municipal level really that's only provincial and federal.

Everyone in Ontario already voted, during the provincial election, for a cuckservative though who undoubtedly will continue the landslide of shitskins into the country albeit perhaps at a slightly less fast pace as to not alarm the goyim with too sudden and drastic changes.

I am canadian. Does the truth hurt? No one on this board cares about local waterloo municipal elections, just like they wouldn't care if I made a last minute thread about the hamilton municipal election. Vote or don't vote, don't expect to be spoon fed an hour before the ballots close, retard.

We are close! The Dims are in triple-down mode, and to show for it, they have the #WalkAway movement. Republicans are bought and paid for. WE voted for the asshole now in office to actually DO something for the nation; but hey, we fuqq'd up. We trusted him.
Neither party has shit going for them, and emerging parties will choose the extreme Left (short lived), the extreme Right (mildly viable as a Global trend in the west) and the extreme center that rejects the insanity and isn't an NPC globalist official state sponsored narrative parrot

It doesn't matter what you may call them; they are the same. They are squarely concerned with Globalist talking points and do not give a single fuqq about the soil beneath your feet, the difficulties around developing a Canada that was a beacon to the world, and doing so under the harshest of conditions. 99.9% of the Leafniggers on this board aren't indigenous Canadians, but imported shit skin bug people

Literally didn't know an election was going on and just heard now and also it's hard to figure out what the fuck the candidates even stand for as their sites say practically nothing.

Yes I know that furthermore I am familiar with all of the different parties and they all cucked. I personally have never voted for any of the big parties at all, I have thrown some votes to the libertarian party, as that was the most pro-white option I had available. Sometimes in the past I simply invalidated my vote because there was no joke party to vote for. I also have been in trouble with the law for my white supremacist activity here in Ontario and have been doing all that I can here to turn things around. I hope you're doing the best you can where you are but in a lot of ways everything is fucked no matter what you do so all you can do is make god happy by proving to god you're a real white man at least even while all the cucks ruin everything.

Only the truth that our race is being genocided hurts. This thread is just funny.

You Americans have militias. Wars are always fought by less than 1% of the population. Why can't you do something like go to the border and shoot all the spics trying to cross in order to start a race war? That was a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY that went by without a single shot being fired. All it would take is a bunch of people to agree to march out there and just ONE single man with the balls to shoot the first shots to get the race war going.

What opportunity has Canada ever had like that? America is so close to a full on race war that all it could take is just one man in the right situation in the right place to get it all going.

You mean more cuckery as usual?


write in Adolf Hitler
or A Wyatt Mann
or Sam Hyde

Me the 00.1% then that is actually white and German and living in a majority German city rapidly turning chink btw.

Oh btw, It's Okay To Be White Posters, someone has been spreading around National Socialist Canadian Labor Revival Party posters here in Waterloo to counter the commie posters that are also up all over the place here. There is no way to contact them at all though and I have no idea how to get organized with them plus CSIS is breathing down my neck anyways and probably screencapping this thread right now to talk to me about it later.

To CSIS… I take my LARPing very seriously, you know this, if you want to talk with me we can though as I am lonely and I enjoy your visits though it bothers my parents very much so we should arrange to visit in some way that my parents don't know.

The ballot didn't let me write in any names it just had checkboxes and I used a sharpie to fill in the boxes and then it was put in a privacy envelope and then scanned into a scanner thing that confirmed my vote was registered.

Okay the electric jew is announcing who got elected. Dave Jaworski got elected for mayor. The guy I voted for actually got elected. This is the first time in my life someone I voted for actually got elected. Oh my.

Rest of the results still waiting to come in…

the kikes own your vote now canadian torpedo. your election was rigged months ago

No one takes this board seriously. The alphabets haven't laughed their asses off this hard in a while; truly therapeutic in their line of work. Everyone knows that this island of misfit goys posting pics of their favorite bottle cap collection, or displaying their prowess in an 'Extreme Ironing' competition is laughable; a forum full of virgin gamers all LARP'ing as something they're not, a continuation of a team game of Fortnite

Hahaha you're funny, we aren't CNN.

Actually CSIS has officially declared that white supremacy is dead in Canada not too long ago according to some article I saw and that they won't even bother to investigate white supremacy stuff anymore because they're tired of how much of a non-threat it is and wasting their time basically investigating a bunch of soft-spoken, intelligent, nerdy white guys in their basements that talk shit online. CSIS did visit me though because of inceldom and they talked to me a little bit about this board but most of it was about whether I'd follow in the footsteps of that one incel in Toronto that shot people at random which I had praised previously…

I'll try to find the article.

Oh fuck, that was today? I thought it was tomorrow for some reason. No one at work talked about it at all. Instead they were talking about flu vaccine day.

I was planning to quickly racially profile the candidates before heading to the polls.

Yeah it was today. It is too late now. God help us. I didn't even find out it was happening until someone called me about it an hour before the polls were to close and rapidly picked me up and brought me there just in time.

Want to meet up btw? I have a pepe shirt and a BDU uniform, I'm Dutch, been browsing imageboards a decade, and work at the St. Jacob's Farmers Market.

"White Supremacy" doesn't actually exist. It is one of the ultimate NPC-terms bandied about to excuse the failures of non-Whites.