Designer baby technology

Designer baby technology is ready to use.

The questions now are:

1) How can you be sure that Jews haven't sabotaged the technology and the future engineered white babies will be born with mental problems?

2) How can we implement it into society and manage the butthurt from the media (CNN, etc).

3) How can we convince and turn Africans (and other blacks) into white even after been born?

4) How can we accelerate the process so we don't have to deal with millions of Africans?

5) How likely is it that Jews will make themselves super-smart and enslave us all and kill us all?

More info:

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So are we going to have these babies walk down the little runway?

That strikes me as such bad fucking juju. Is it even your child at that point?

If designer babies are an actual thing then black and white, etc. truly won't matter anymore(providing jews have been removed) simply because their awful afro genes will be removed to make way for larger more capable brains.

They'd still be ugly as fuck but that can be removed as well. That's the thing about it. You can design it to be whatever. That said, say goodbye to the glorious history of your people if you start screwing with it.

You realize their going to kill everyone off with those DARPA/Chinese/Russia super viruses right? We wont get to be apart of this new age.

"Population of 500,000,000"

Genes are more complex than skin and hair you fucking retard. They can't be "removed".

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The other option is every country turning into France.

I wonder how deep this will go.

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Hopefully they kill you off

And you

It would be nice to have an Aryan planet, which is what will happen if this is allowed.

And the horror will only continue further for those left alive. Be glad you're not a part of the new age.

You. Hope. Too. Much.

Why would they ever allow that when they can just make things worse?

That's already what fate has in store for us. And it will only get worse from there. Horrors upon horrors.

Yeah, I realize that. Their expressions can be changed, though. Statement stands.

Agreed. I'm just not confident putting any eggs into this basket. I imagine this going like how the kike fertility doctors like to inseminate white women with their defective seed.

If you aren't naturally conceived, carried, and born, then you aren't human.

You're still not getting cosmic horror enough to really grasp what's coming.

Pretty fucking likely.

How long until our young are pre-programmed to accept their position as cattle and have the ability to rebel removed from their brains? Steer clear from this. If we can stop it now before they have time to perfect it, that would be ideal. More probably we'll just be able to slow the effects, eventually they will start telling people that it is 'inhumane to allow your children to risk having allergies/low-immune-system/ugliness' - and people will be pressured into their children being 'upgraded', one of these upgrades will be to their 'brains' - and it will make them willing servants of the enemy.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Nature and Biology are the most cruel, unforgiving, uncaring, emotionless Eugenicists ever known to mankind.

From the article(s) you didn't bother to read:
So, the premise is not that semen from Chad and an egg from Stacy are implanted in-vitro. It is a mother and father who chose to isolate the genetic malware and remove it from the biological process entirely; but their baby is their baby

modification of genetics can be done to someone who is all ready alive and developed. you don't need to be restricted to sperm and egg mods.

"It would be cruel to allow your child to have brain defects that adversely affect its chances in life. Allowing such would make you a bad parent. Sign here an we will make slight alterations that help your child to think clearly and be more intelligent; they will be more productive and happier with this. You did the right thing."


Care to elaborate user?

Also I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned the whole ancestor thing. Julius Evola said that the lower castes are those without ancestors (insofar as they don't know who they are or remember/respect their progenitors), but creating a human with no actual parents would be the first time in the history of life that life exists without predecessors. The metaphysical implications of this are staggering.

If our ancestors reside within us, then creating one of these monstrosities is the same as making real NPCs.

However, I certainly plan to us selective in-vitro if/when I have kids. Fertilize ten or so eggs in a test tube, and then pick the best one for implantation. This is the same as the Spartan policy of leaving undesirable babies in a cave to die, except we don't waste 9 months of pregnancy–the tech allows us to do it first.

So, you're saying that social and cultural engineering of what was otherwise a healthy baby to make them something unnatural, is natural? The term "Human" is very subjective when no human characteristics are no longer being displayed (See: The viral NPC mimetic characterizing what were once normal people now only parroting a Globalist narrative; their entire energies used to destabilize, destroy from the inside out, and to shirk all things naturally cultural to their upbringing)
Here is a list of "geniuses"(by subjective reasoning), none of which were born geniuses.
Each of these individuals suffered brain trauma, and only afterwards displayed "genius" abilities. Shouldn't we be hitting our children in the head with gold clubs to invke their inner genius when natire and biology fails to produce the best of the best?

I have nothing against designer babies making whites better (no genetic defects) but you can't take the nig out of the nog no matter how much science you hit them with.

Sage for transhumanist brainlet thread. Have you seen albino Africans?

I don't understand anything of that word salad. Try making an argument, and not beginning your post with "So. ".


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Finns for comparison.

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uh k

I mentioned nothing about any of this.


Okay, but what?

Again, what are you even talking about?

No, what planet are you coming from with this? All I said was "If you aren't naturally conceived, carried, and born, then you aren't human." which is undeniable fact.


Designer babies will first appear in China, where they don't give a shit about that sort of thing. They'll start with basic cosmetic things, mostly green eyes. Expect a generation of green-eyed Chinese kids. The government may mandate some health-related ones, or maybe modifications for height. Expect suppression of the massive amount of infanticide from shitty gene treatments to follow; genes are fucking complicated and the Chinese will produce a lot of fucked up mutant babies which they'll have to kill. The US and western Europe will intermittently ban or regulate it so that it stays ten years behind China. Meanwhile everyone else is too poor for it.

Expect striver westerners to put themselves in debt to buy gene treatments for their kids' looks and intelligence early on. Libs will either try to ban it for giving privileged rich whites another advantage, or to mandate it for all babies at taxpayer expense because they're crazy Utopians technophiles who don't understand that this shit is complicated and love shitting on Christian voter values, and they don't care about aborting kids with failed treatments. Expect another wave of green eyes when the price comes down to what poor people can afford; that will be the first widely popular gene treatment.

Jews will interfere heavily. Not because of general conspiratorial intent, but because the Jewish gene pool is full of much higher instances of genes predisposing them to mental disorders than most other gene pools. A vocal minority of them will claim that gene therapy is eliminating Jewishness and branding natural traits as disorders.

First-generation gene modifications for height, intelligence, or health will have the inevitable side effects, including probably a ton of psychological problems for the kids as they grow up. All the usual problems of nerdy kids, plus "My parents paid a guy to change who I am" and "Am I good enough?"

I don't see a scenario where anyone uses it to kill billions of people, but if it happened, it would be by creating a vulnerability to an engineered virus, not by directly causing death. Even that engineered virus would probably be some Saturn's Race shit that just sterilizes people. More likely, though, they'll start trying to get the US to surrender sovereignty to the UN so that US taxpayers can fund gene therapy for every darkie on the planet.

Nastaya is a Russian though.

Thanks, i had it marked as Finnish for some reason

Before Zig Forums existed 4pol spent half a year fetishising her as the perfect Aryan waifu. Eventually a Russian user got in touch with her and arranged a Q&A thread. We learned that while she didn't like Hitler she just wanted to be a good wife and mother, and she found darkies repulsive. Many anons proposed marriage and promised undying love that day. Those were the fun days of Zig Forums.

She also has very poor vision from the albinism and is almost blind, so you might not want to design your baby with her as the template.

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In America, and possibly in no other country in the world, the left is comprised of smart people selecting from their number the stupidest, most easily manipulated specimens, whereas the right is comprised of stupid people selecting from their number the smartest, hardest to manipulate specimens. The result is that American leftism runs a stupid disciplined leadership who rarely disrupt good plans, but can enact the next obvious thing on an agenda for so long as they don't run completely out of ideas, which they do quickly - they're smart retards. By contrast the right is made of God's Planners, who are brilliantly focused on the long-term, but who develop blind spots the size of a planet-killing asteroid if they're left in power for too long - they're stupid geniuses.

I have no idea what fixing the genetic base of humanity will do to this social dynamic. Right now America's wealth is rooted on the right and left tossing each other the nuclear football as they each focus on the necessary tasks that are obvious to them but that the other cannot see.

I remember those days

She's in Japan now.

Test-tube babies are not human.

Sure she's russian, not british?

Read the article.
They didn't modify ANY genes.

Right on dude. Like totally and stuff!

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"marked as finnish" … oh user , how many folders like this do you have?

None, that was two of five pictures I bookmarked from /r/eyes a few years ago. It was actually marked as "finnish?" because she has that asiatic/inhuman look about her and I never bothered to look any further. sage for offtopic.

With guns for hands

Growing niggerkiked android spawnlets still doesn't count. You should know that.

If you are a test-tube baby, you were not conceived, but concocted. You are not human.
If your were gestated within an artificial womb, you were not carried, but grown. You are not human.
If you are a c-section baby, you were not born, but extracted. You are not human.
If either of your parents or any of your recent ancestors were not conceived and carried and born, they were not human, and in turn you are not human.
If you were conceived, carried and born, and you can say the same of all your recent ancestors, then congratulations you might be human.
If you were circumcised, you are irreversibly physically and sexually mutilated and spiritually kiked. You are not human.
If you have altered your genes using high technology, then you are a lie. You are not human.
Acknowledging these basic facts, and drawing the line here and now in your family and local community, is the only possible way that you will be able to isolate yourself from the horrors that may come.
Jews, non-whites, near-whites, circumcised Americans and other non-humans may try to convince you to slacken your resolve. Don't.

an improved human would be a superhuman and they'd be incredibly useful to humanity in controlled numbers

Was circumcised and born via c section. Gonna have to second all of this, life is pain and while I do my best to emulate the various traits that make up the Aryan I am supposed to be in theory it is always clear something is wrong or off. It will always be this way for me no matter what I do. The only thing that keeps me going is simply knowing what is and is not right and tirelessly dedicating to it even knowing its a failing path for me. I would never want anyone else to suffer in any way similar to myself.

polite sage for my gay blog post

if we get designer babies and artificial wombs and various white genotypes preserved and backed up in many thousands of locations, then the white race will never go extinct even if whites become minorities everywhere

this is all bullshit except the circumcision part, that obviously destroys your sexuality and thus your life

Fuck off reddit.

Nigger if the white race reverses demographic decline by growing a generation or two of us in vats you are going to shut up and like it.

Or you're going to shit your Jewish britches.

>an "improved" humanthing would be a superhumanthing and theyit'd be incredibly useful to humanity"us" in controlled ``by me`` numbers.
Exhibit A, the Jew and his dreams of golem.

>if we get designer babies and artificial wombs and various white genotypes preserved and backed up in many thousands of locations, then the "white" racethings will never go extinct even if accelerating whites becoming minorities everywhere
You ensure the survival of your genotype by having white/human children and raising them so that they and their descendants will be able to do the same. Buying into a kike transhumanist fantasy just another possible extinction of the white race.

Exhibit B, the test-tube baby.
Foregen would make it much easier for Jews to hide. Do foreskin restoration, don't make it any easier for Jews.
If you're circumcised, you should be doing restoration religiously, but foregen surgery won't undo you not being human. There are spiritual, psychological, physical, and sexual aspects to circumcision, you cannot cure yourself of all of them, even if the surgery is perfect.

You can do foreskin restoration and have children with a human/white wife. No need for complete despair.

Exhibit C, an extracted one.
The qualities of actual white people are not fracture points. Anyone fighting for test-tube things, vat-grown things, extracted things, circumcision, or genetic engineering is fighting for something other than the white race, plain and simple. It's the same as arguing for "based mongrels" and "based Jews", basically the same tier as alt-kike tolerance. The only criteria here that might be controversial to white people hundreds of years ago might be the one regarding extracted things. I'll be willing to argue that point, but if you're going to ignore basic facts about what is and is not white/human, I'm not.
>Nigger if the white race reversesaccelerates demographic decline by growing a generation or two of usthings in vats you are going to shut up and like it.
I'd treat the non-humans like non-humans, for the purpose of everyday life and for DoTR.
Okay, maybe it's a projecting Jew.

That isn't even possible. Sorry if that's you, but that's entirely, 100% not possible, even with CRISPR. What's possible is making your kids into perfect Aryans, supposedly. I can imagine white "lolis" being born into nippon for all of the wrong reasons, but nonetheless that's pretty likely.

pic related.

…Still I am hopeful because designer babies means whites are guaranteed to be eternal. Nobody will make a jew if they can design their baby. Not even jews will make children with jewish features. they'll probably make their kids into idealized mutts that aren't smarter than their parents.

Reminder that none of this means you don't need to get a wife and have kids.

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This article is bullshit, the parents didn't do any gene editing.

They just tested several fertilized eggs for a genetic disease until they found one that was probably healthy.

I don't want to be white, but I don't want to live among blacks and Jews, that's the point.

A world of negroes and kikes is such a show of horrors that's too much for anyone.

We have to manage to create a healthy society, not a bunch of Antifas, ghettos and lying billionaires running the shit show.

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fuck off. "foreskin restoration" does not create anything remotely approximate of an anatomical foreskin, it doesn't get back any nerve endings, anything. it's better than nothing and would be worth doing if not for Foregen but it still sucks
you're a special kind of retarded and I hope you get raped by a pack of niggers
obviously not but it's still the best option there is, they're aiming for complete anatomical reversal which in practice would probably be >90% which is good enough to experience sexuality and have a healthy relationship

never post here again, I cannot put in words how much I hate you

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Poor (soft food) diet and posture has spread to the whole world, so everyone has bad teeth now.


Tfw everyone demands to have white kids.

All this forced integration, feminism, copy righting of genetics and destruction of the family will cause a huge demand in designer children. The consolidation of reproduction into a couple of transnational conglomerates.
This is what Brave New World was all about and the way it came about was out of apparent necessity.

95% of the customers are gonna be chinks, poos and goatfuckers wanting to look white.

So does that mean I can have a white son with a woman who isn't white? If so, I'm all for that cuz white women are shit

You can't

What kind of question is this? Without political power over anything, we can't "implement" anything beyond our own small worlds.

If an African has a baby, it is not White. Even if it looks White.
Jesus people, race is more than just skin colour.

This concept sounds like you want to do away with the concept of race and create the very world that the "liberals" want to create.

Impossible to say. Of course even as it stands with the jews having IQs as high as they are, they have already enslaved half the entire world and are already deep in the process of killing us.

user, you should work towards something other than searching desperately for the perfect White woman. She is out there, I can tell you that from experience. However, at this time I think it's more beneficial for our cause if you remain single.
Because a husband and/or father will not be able to engage in the kind of assymetric warfare that is coming. At least, he will be less likely to put his wife and children in mortal danger in order to fight for the cause of his race.

Married men are far less radical than single men.


They will simply use it to annihilate us in the future.

Why the fuck would we do this instead of killing them

I wanna blow raspberries on that tummy tbh

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You could've picked ANY of a laundry list of legitimate issues with this and instead you pick the absolutely retarded option that has NOTHING to do with reality.

And it get's even dumber.

In response to a "non-human" who came about by c-section.
The very next response to a reply calling out his retardation.
Kill yourself right now, not fucking joking.

I wonder about this. A society that can engineer perfect geniuses still might choose to engineer average people for the same reason businesses chose to outsource industry to pooinloos rather than keep it with the smartest european populations. However, the elites will still insist on having the best for their children, and I have a lot of hope for them, because as each generation of elites gets smarter and stronger they will become Aryan, a world ruled by such a people will reject zionism eventually and look to the stars.

I'm human by your definition. But trying to write off the vast number of whites who were delivered by c-section or had thier genitals mutilated as infants just reeks of D&C.

can you cure the gay?

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"Designer babies" are not human/white. Replacing whites with engineered things is no more to be desired than any other form of retarded collective suicide, no matter how closely these things resemble humans/whites and no matter how much you delude yourself into thinking that they are what they are not.
Agreed, creating actual humans should be your focus.

Pajeets like you aren't welcome here; this is not your fight.

Foreskin restoration isn't for you, it's for her. Kike surgery isn't healing, you can never be fully healed. Your only salvation here is self-given: have sons and don't mutilate them. Being selfish and giving the Jews a tool to be more subversive is not retarded, it's evil. is correct here.

>Tfw everyone demands to haveengineer "white" kidsthings.

And the lines of those who resist will remain human.


I've not made any specific medical or physical claims, just listed basic truths. There is nothing more central to your being than how you were created. Humans are created in a certain way, other sorts of things in other ways. There is no other more legitimate or reality-grounded position to take here.
"Treat x as x, for all purposes" is what's known as a tautology. Getting angry as such a thing is weird.

Such individuals are not completely written off, as they themselves are perfectly capable of helping to create humans, and that's obviously important and valuable. But, the creation of any more such non-human individuals should not be tolerated.

no, you stupid faggot, they plan to decellularize a foreskin from a cadaver, recellularize it with your stem cells, re-open the circumcision scar, attach the recellularized foreskin, and give you a drug that prevents erections for a couple weeks or whatever so it can heal. this is the only hope us cutlets have to have an actual life and the only reason to abstain from suicide

read the FAQ before you make retarded comments

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It was ready in the 80s in USA and about 87 in USSR. Both rejected using it for morality reasons.
Just because China managed to get the tech THIS YEAR and said "fuck morality" doesn't mean the tech wasn't there.

In fact our tech is still light years beyond Chinas, we just don't use it because it pisses off the multiculti left and the religious right, which is 80% of the country.

t. phd

I am intimately familiar with all of your infographics etc. but none of that justifies supporting foregen surgery.
Tangentially, but practically speaking, the fury and rage of woke cutlets, tempered by the humanity and wisdom of the intact, is probably necessary to get us out of this mess.

this is the dumbest shit that I have ever read in my life. if you need to pull down a jew's pants and inspect his fucking dick to tell if it he's a jew or not, you need to LURK MORE.
Foregen is the only reason that I have not killed myself years ago. if it ever becomes evident that what they hope to achieve is impossible, then I will livestream my suicide immediately. you do not understand how terrible this existence is, you have this heartless mentality of "you're just a piece of meat, tough out your suffering and procreate". I am a person like you and I want to have a fulfilling life, fuck off and die

yes it fucking does, it's the best hope there is for as much of what has been done to us has been healed, FUCK OFF
kill yourself, you heartless honorary kike

and if you're lacking in "fury and rage" then you need to LURK MORE

god I fucking hate you

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second webm is brutal

I hope you're being sarcastic. As said before, even if the surgery is perfect, you'll never have a white mind, which is free of the permanent kike trauma and which developed for handling a whole, intact body.
Yeah, and psychoanalysis is totally goy-approved because Jung. Read le CoC.

the melodrama, please.
It might be, that's not the point.
I'm the one here, the only one here it seems, arguing for the supremacy of organic, unkiked white people.
I have no lack, and you've shown no lack either.

Foregen is a pipe dream, just go for foreskin stretching, it doesn't make impossible promises, it has been shown to work already, and it's free.

think about it, if such a technology were really down the hole, they'd be pursuing it to regrow lost limbs and fix neurological damage, not to fix jewed gentile peepees.

it's a scam

no, I'm not. I want to have sex, it is my birthright. fuck off
I know but it would still be a light or day quality of life improvement if it works so fuck off.

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Wanting to experience the world (including sex) as a white man was meant to experience it is natural. It will never happen for you, whether or not foregen works as you say it will. Relying upon a possible future surgery for your entire reason to stay alive is dangerous. If foregen comes out and after a few years it's obvious that it works, then I wouldn't exactly blame you personally for getting the surgery, but don't expect it to be a panacea.
The only way to uncircumcise yourself is to realize that you are your ancestors and your descendants, and that you must atone for the sins of your ancestors by being a better ancestor yourself, not by being selfish and hedonistic. Regeneration hides the sins of your ancestors. It is a lie, a shameful lie. Speaking to you as your ancestors: You don't deserve a real penis and you don't deserve to feel like a real person, this is your personal hell that you have created for yourself and only you can get yourself out of it. You'll never in this lifetime experience manhood and reality, but if you atone for your sins, your children or their children might experience those things and then the multigenerational hell might be over. It's not going to happen right now, surgery or not, and you need to get over this and accept it.
Telling you the truth is not heartless. You're not going to kill yourself over this, successful regenerative surgery or not, as long as you see the big picture.
I'm not a luddite, but I do have standards for who is and who is not human and white. Kiking up our own creation process and core being is not the proper place of technology, high or low. The world isn't perfect, but it should be made so, so to use the good as an enemy of the great is sad. Pragmatism falls neatly from truth. Creating things that aren't human isn't okay in the same way that racemixing and creating mongrels is not okay, it's just giving up. Don't give up.
I vow to treat vat-grown "white" things as equivalent to Jews, and you should too.

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webm related
you're one of those that uses "kike" to describe "something that I don't like". you should only use "kike" to describe things that the jews are behind, such as race-mixing, feminism, circumcision, big pharma, federal reserve, etc.

technology is not inherently jewish and you should not describe it as "muh kiiike" even if you don't like it.

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The word "kike" is sometimes used as a verb to describe when a natural, good process is ruined by someone who thinks that he knows better than nature and God. Pretty standard usage.
Technology can be good or bad, I've acknowledged this.
Vat grown things are neither white nor people no matter how much you would like them to be.
I.e. not white.
>TheyIt could be better than us.
You're like a kike dreaming about his golem. I understand the deep inferiority that you must feel, but to cuck yourself like this is embarrassing.
It's not even happening yet, and you're already brainwashed into identifying with this possible usurper. That is terrifying.

maybe this is why you're such an autist? and keep saying "sins"? jesus was a kike, you know. you use "kike" improperly and excessively, then you literally worship an actual kike as god
genetics make an organism what it is, not the womb in which it grew from one cell to many.
genetically engineered babies could be:
how could this possibly be a bad thing (aside from the potential caveats that I've already mentioned), and how could this be something the jews want? your only argument is, "it's icky because I said so" which the reason for appears to be "god" shit.
think of it this way- we are the flawed template, the prototype. they are the perfected form.

you can say it's "giving up" all you want but the truth is I don't see any indication that anything is going to get any better. whites will probably become a hated, persecuted minority everywhere. if not for the potential technology to sequence and preserve our genomes to use as templates to grow genetically-engineered superaryans in vats, we will probably go extinct. maybe not, hopefully not, but as I said I don't see any indication why not, unfortunately.
this is completely autistic, nobody is responsible for what their ancestors did, you may have their genes but you are not them and you are not the one that chose their actions. they were. I used to have a mentality similar to you but I grew out of it years ago, it's very illogical. never involved "god" shit though, it was moreso OCD for me. maybe you have that too

I'm not a Christian.
The sum of a thing's creation and development is literally what a thing is. Certain events in a thing's history may prevent it from ever becoming a certain kind of thing. These two things are obvious.
Vat-grown things are not human regardless of how 'perfect' and how human they appear, in the same way that white-passing mischlings are not white/human.
>we are the flawed template, the prototype. they areit is the perfected form.
All who hold this view should act like flawed templates and immediately remove themselves from all genepools, natural or otherwise. You are denying yourself in the name of a machine-created race of non-white non-people.
If you don't have white children, and aren't on your way towards having them, then I can see why you don't see human reproduction as a way out of this. If you change your circumstances, then your fatalist, anti-human psychology might change. I hope it does.
You are your ancestors. This is not a metaphor. The rest follows. To "grow out of this" is to deny your heritage and yourself.

some fringe 5% of the population that is racially aware having six babies apiece isn't going to change the fact that we're being flooded with more immigrants per year than there are births. we can't outbreed them, and even if we could, that wouldn't remove them from our lands and we would eventually get admixture because they would assimilate into the population. the only options for whites to continue to exist as a pure race are:

To be quite frank, designer babies would make ethnic nationalism obsolete.
If a nigger could give birth to an "aryan" with 150 IQ and behavioral tendencies matching the ideal white man, there's no need to preserve your lineage as your offspring are all synthetic anyway.
Nobody wants their kid to be a moron. Nobody wants their kid to live a life of crime. Nobody wants their kid to have a genetic disorder.

The moment you start fucking with your child's genome, your ancestry ceases to have any relevance. of course, the uber rich will get access to this tech long before the average individual. We should think of this tech as incentive to remove juden from positions of power and wealth before desig er babies become practically viable.

what indication is there that this is ever going to happen though? don't get me wrong, I want it to, but how is that going to happen?

I think the current establishment is more entrenched and invincible than ever before in the history of the world. no monarchy or anything ever had the ability to spy on its entire populations at will via smartphones etc. moreover people are more brainwashed and stupid and faggotized and apathetic than ever before, even the redpilled people.

It doesn't matter how small the minority that wants to clean this mess up is (to an extent). Most people will simply gawk at the carnage until the moment push comes to shove and they see the impact on their standard of living when things stabilize.
The only good this blackpill shit does is for the jews. If you roll over, the jews will not only have control over the government and economy, but also everything that makes your children who they are. The stakes are far too high and we do have a time limit. Eliminate juden or juden will eliminate you.

when? what moment is this, what indication is there that this is ever going to happen? it's a desperate LARP fantasy, we want it to happen and there's no alternative that leads to a favorable outcome so we pretend that it's inevitable. but is it, though? and if so, why?
I recognize that demoralization is not constructive, but at the same time I think that it is constructive to have an honest conversation about where we are and to make sensible predictions for the future.

Just because you an change something doesn't mean you can change everything AND, more importantly, the quality of the Materials (genes) you start work with matters.

can you expand which methods of designer baby would that be?
polygenic trait analyses are quite new, testing downs in the uteris is quite new aswell. The off-target cuts have always been very substantial untill a year or so because new CRISPR constructs have been designed to reduce this.

Yea or they will select high openness and low conscientiousness changing personality types of people towards the social justice realm..

If the soc jucs aren't removed from their monopoly power positions in education, media and ngo's china will win… indefinately. there is no coming back when they have millions high clannish 160 iq's walking around in 2 decades. it will be like Africa trying to compete with the west. As more insane tech becomes more available the discrepancy grows as well.

Of course it will have to be us who enact this revolution. It may be a desperate LARP, but it's our only hope to make it a reality. It's far from an inevitably, but also far from an impossibility. What needs to happen is we take our shitposting into the real world. Either that or the kikes get their wish of a world filled with goyim slaves.