This guy was redpilling Normies by the masses and was actively blowing furries the fuck out before he died



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Fuck off back to cuckchan, cunt.

he ain't dead nigga

inb4 thread stays up for weeks with no proof just like the Terry threads.

this thread is bullshit but i believe it


This afternoon

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He tweeted 3 hours ago. Get the fuck out of here.

It's a cover up some furries killed him.

twitter mongoloids consider this funny "trolling xD"

He's an idiot tbh, he thinks that Cruz was the shooter in Florida. He also wastes time on ALOT of shit topics of obscure "internet celebrities" that I have never heard of until he brought them up.

He's dead to me until he names the jew.


I like his videos, but take the eceleb bullshit someplace else

He did a live stream last night.

He's not even remotely political we just live in a fucked up era where everything even close to right of center is somehow now a radical statement.

What else is out there on this guy, so far all I have seen is that his dox might be out there, he was a "forum tyrant" at some point which means he is a hypocrite for talking about censorship now and idk he's an embarrassing youtuber like very youtuber is. This is the lowest bar for "lolcow"-ness yet if this is all the dirt there is on him.

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Tonkasaw, Kraut and Sargon are behind it. The unholy trinity.

He's like an internet Soap Opera to me. His debating strategy is yelling over his opponents and sperging out, then switching to harcoe personal attacks. If only he'd keep his cool he wouldn't sound so retarded. But other than that he has a way with putting together information and presenting it in an entertaining way. I would say he's chaotic neutral.

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Fake and gay

Sargonites are attempting to kickstart GamerGate 2.0 and Metokur was making fun of Sargon's suit. I believe the big plan was to:

Oh…He's also under a ddos attack at his IP, because he's a boomer. Same day as Zig Forums. Really makes you think.

He's also a fucking dipshit. I will never get over the fact that he pronounced hyperbole as 'hyper-bowl'. Like, nigger, did you even graduate high school?

lol did Sargon finally get him? Not likely

Tries to post evidence of Jim getting "owned". Posts a pic of some idiot from years ago on twitter babbling about muh white supremacy. Has saved it all this time. Do you even know where you are cuck? Wouldn't be suprised if you screencapped yourself.

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hello jim

that's the way it should be said tbh. English is dumb as fuck

What's happened to Frame Game Radios channel

Jims dead.