You're being mislead

I may be at danger for what I’m about to divulge, but despite this, I know it needs to be said. If you have any type of intellect, reasoning, real critical thinking, or common sense for that matter, this message is for you. I can’t be direct as I want to be but I am as real as they come so if you doubt any part of what I’m about to tell you, I lose nothing. There will be many here far too deceived and disillusioned to hear and grasp what is really being said. For those who really want to be woken up, you are in for a real rude awakening.
Why am I hear telling you all this? In short, I’ve seen the culmination of a lot of my work at play to change this country for something far more evil and sinister than I thought could ever be. I’ve sold my soul for something that I did not necessarily believe would actually be real, and yet it is. It’s as real as the air we breath but which goes unseen.
There is an internal battle for dominance at play here and the world is oblivious to it all. You can be an all-out atheist like I once was, but you’ll soon see that it doesn’t matter whether you believe or not. You’ll soon see the reality of what we are all up against and the extent of this evil. It is coming and nothing you do will change this.
Answer me this, what is the one negative view about weathermen? Are they accurate? Now with this in mind, define “Intel.”
There is far more going on than any of you know or can even imagine. In the military, intel is everything. If your intel is inaccurate even in the slightest you run the risk of ruining any operation, and more important, jeopardizing lives.
Now answer me this, what is a journalist, and are they as accurate as the weathermen? Is their investigative work and information comparable to that of a military officer with military intel for any given military operation?
How often has the information you are all given in posts been inaccurate? How often have things been contradicted? One post will be about inflicting pain and the next is about bringing booms, only to find that nothing major really develops as described. Why do you think this is? Is there a real military operation at play here or is there another purpose for it all? Is it gather information or real intel? Unfortunately, what you are being given is not military intel and though it’s is not all entirely inaccurate, it is being disseminated with purpose.
You do need to use logic: We have a president that appears to be on your side, yet planes are still gassing the skies, GMO foods are still being produced (With purpose), AI is evolving at an exponential rate, major events are unfolding as planned, and far more continues to go on behind the scenes.
This coming election will bring about a sinister plan into commencement. You will see new laws come about (federal and state wide), new alliances will be formed worldwide that appear to be for the greater good, you will see a bigger divide in the USA but with a focus to “improve harmony”, and a greater oppression in other countries, with the states soon to follow. They want to control you and in the end they will so long as they have all of you preoccupied and focused on other things. Look over here don’t look there – it couldn’t have been said better. Actually, it couldn’t have been planned better.
If you have any reasoning you will see the “the master plan” was well thought out to mitigate any possible scenario. There is no changing what’s to come regardless of how obedient you all remain. Choose red or blue, it doesn’t change anything. All you can do is delay it. You are all sheep whether you know it or not and this is all by design. Eyes wide shut. My advice to you – look there, not here! fight against AI, new blockchain adapted technologies, 5G, GMOs, crypto, Voting ID technologies, Big Data companies, and social media. Don’t trust the government in anything. They are all there for a reason; all by design. Fight for your 2nd amendment, to keep your rights, to not be silenced, fight for your lives.
Be careful what you believe in and what you follow is again very much the best advice that can be given. DO NOT believe in Aliens, flat earth, reptilians, etc., or any other otherworldly claims, this is used to distract and preoccupy you. You will find out why later on. First, other measures must be in place for things to come about. You are seeing a long process unfold so that the end result is reached. I leave you with this…
You will come to praise him when you witness the miracles he brings. You will witness his influence and be oblivious to his control. You will know his authority when you see his strength. Do not follow or sheep you will remain.

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Nice amalgamation of every "I'm wiser than you" poster that comes along with some groundbreaking revelation to share.

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I want my 30 seconds back.

You Q-Larp faggots have a containment board. Stay on it.

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Not sure if parody or paranoid psychosis


I took his post as disparaging the Q psyop as deliberate misdirection.

Nice LARP my dood.

maybe you're telling the truth (doubt), but even if you are, you have not said anything that will help anyone. When everything is as vague as you are making it, interpretation can be difficult. Eventually you haven't said anything people haven't heard before. None of this is stuff people dont know or think about. Either you say something important or you say nothing at all.

Yeah you're being mislead. I'm Spartacus!

Every military member knows that "Military Intelligence" is an oxymoron.

The rest of your post was just some woo-woo nonsense. All the negative conspiracy shit that may or may not be happening or may or may not be deliberate, is directly 100% targeted towards the destruction of Europeans as the recent fertility rates and sperm counts verify.

Gas the jews (for real this time), all of them, and skin the traitors alive and crucify their corpses on the highways until the bones fall down and the wood rots and breaks down. Then everything else disappears.

Didn't take reading more than a sentence of that to understand you're a word salad loving cunt with nothing to say that deserves none of my time. Go fuck yourself.

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Kill yourself.

Where do you suggest we go? Since we are not to follow?


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Actually at this point, I would think it was more normal to think that one could be at danger due to globalist interests rather than 'safe' (whatever that means) and not really a schizo state at all…but maybe that is just me…and my knowledge of history.

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so you said a lot of nothing. cool
I want my 9.565 seconds back

You have no knowledge pedo (((Druid/pol OP))) kike

Felt it after the first paragraph but finished it anyways. This thread is useless. Fuck off. No bits of info just guru larp

I'll give this post some credit for giving valuable information but ffs learn to get to the point OP.

well, at least you didn't name fag on top of it all.

He's right, OP
When you make these threads, you have to give a definitive happening at some point in the future as if you know it like you were there.
It's the only way these threads are ever cool.

You fail at lying.


i imagine Colonel Cuck of US Army Intelligence, 30 floors underground inside Cheyenne Mountain, seated at his cubicle gazing up at the Big Board, a screen the size of a football field on the wall. to his right is a glowing 2 story tall Google Earth Globe which looks like a holgram with everything happening on Earth projected onto its surface in real time. he has access to everything NSA gots. PRISM, NUCLEON, TURBINE, BLACKHOLE, you name it. all the SIGINT in the world before his eyeballs. anyone or anything he wants to know about can be summoned in seconds. the data of the world is sliced diced indexed filtered and transmogrified before his eyes.

but you know what? Colonel Cuck is more clueless than you or i about what will happen tomorrow. Colonel Cuck is blinded by the chaff of a billion details of his own epistemic system. David Hume began his philosophical inquiry by asking simply how do we know the sun will rise again tomorrow? that's about the best anyone can do in predicting the future. you QLARP faggots aren't even interesting and worst of all, you're not funny. i don't care what you know because it's all garbage and you are garbage.

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Don't you think he is pointing to Q as the culprit here and feels he is not part of the QLARP?

Take the absurd Kavanaugh hearings for example.

Christine Blasey Ford who was an ugly girl in HS got her tit grabbed at a party somewhere sometime, she remembers naught.

But the key info is "Blasey". Who or what is "Blasey"?

CIA money laundering of hundreds of millions in Columbian cartel money.

And assassinations.

But Kavanaugh…who is he?

Brett authored the Patriot Act with John Yoo. THE John Yoo who said it was legal for the president under the patriot act to order the testicles of a young boy to be crushed in front of his parents to coerce them into becoming informers.

In 2006 when Kavanaugh was being interviewed by the Senate to be a Federal judge he perjured himself saying he had nothing to do with any of this.

Stop and think how absurd those hearing were; it was civil war over a supposedly squeezed titty when the US under Madeline Albright murdered half a million children by blowing up a water treatment plant in Iraq. It was acceptable, the public let out a big yawn.

The Kavanaugh hearings was a secret civil war between the NSA and the DIA on one side and the CIA and FBI on the other side, the Blasey side.

You were doing so mediocre, and then ….

Danger of being a fucking faggot.

I knew if I took the time to sift through that wall of text I'd be able to flush out your hooked fucking nose. You best stop traveling East and look to the North, you fat masonic fuckboy.

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Yeah, unfettered AI is actually pretty good at this.

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Yeah but this pretty much describes how 50% of the nation views whatever ZOG puppet the kikes cough up like some terrible furball NOW…so what is new/unusual/different?

Also, OP is a (1) and done horsefucker. Prove me wrong.

I don't see how this is any different than what they have done to the Earth and her people.

the difference is:

Your telling me we get more AI and GMO's. Sign me up!


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Every AI that they let loose becomes a white nationalist.

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Mein neger

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So what are you actually trying to say? I get the vague, anti-Trump jingle, but what are you trying to convey other than pretending you're some highly-intellectual insider? A person can write a lot of vague, contrived nonsense that can later be referenced to as 'See what I said here? I was right.' But you're not saying anything concrete that anyone here can do any semblance of searching on. Also, you imply that Trump has direct control over every person while pretending that the elements that control the various aspects of government houses aren't the same kike-paid cunts that have been there for literal decades. All this shit amounts to is, 'Don't vote goy. Blumpf is a zog puppet and nothing you do matters because we still win!' You're both a larper, and a kike faggot dispensing black pills. Go give felltio to a shotgun, or post a fucking timestamp.

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Take your medicine, Josh.The earth is round and has been proven via satellite.

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if Kavanaugh helped advise John Yoo to devise his secret policy blessing NSA to fuck FISA and just ahead and spy on everybody and all Americans, then fuck Kavanaugh and i hope he swings too on DOTR.

John Yoo is among the worst of the worst neocon traitors to America. i get apoplectic over Yoo's memo from 2001 where he decided entirely by himself that NSA can skip FISA entirely, if they want to, and just go ahead and spy on Americans without limit.

you can draw a straight line from Yoo's unconstitutional memo creating Secret Law that is so secret, even our Secret Court is not Cleared to know it, and connect that line to Obungler and Crooked Hillary turning FISA into a Kangaroo Star Chamber with staged CIA evidence and phony FBI informers and all to real Foreign Intelligence elites all in on it together in a Shadow Govt conspiracy to wiretap Camdidate Trump and to attempt to discredit Trump and thereby sabotage his first term to monkey wrench him from accomplishing his agenda.

fuck John Yoo. a firing squad would be too humane of a judgement upon him.

my head still explodes over John Yoo straight up arguing that the President can order NSA to skip FISA, because FISA infringes upon the President's Article 2 "rights." the contortions of legal logic to arrive at that conclusion makes a mockery of every law on the books and takes a steaming hot shit on the Constitution. it's just a kick in the balls of all Americans that Yoo ruled the President doesn't have to tell anyone he has a secret interpretation of his own laws and that it's a crime for anyone else to even know a secret law exists!

and nothing has changed since Yoo lit our Constitution on fire. Obungler and now Trump still have that secret law. whenever you see Trump make a new shocking claim before anyone knows why, and it looks like he's John Titor time traveling using Tesla's time machine again, Yoo's secret law is the real reason. Trump also has NSA spying on any and all Americans, including his political opponents in the Dhimmi Cuck mob, which is why he is always 2 steps ahead of them.

i'm not saying tit for tat makes it right for Trump to do to the Shitlibs exactly what Obungler did to him. i am saying that America has fallen to this level of our President's wrestling pigs in the mud is just a sign of how close to the Fall of Rome we are.

NSACIAFBI have all got to be purged before they destroy America. they got us into this shithole with all their covert wars, coups, moles and spying, so only their total disbandment can get us out of this existential crisis.

Fuck off

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kek le top

Repent to jesus nigger

Nice try, demiurge



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