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They are some serious cuck shills. Someone called in tonight and trolled them and BTFOd them as the "do nothing, goyim" kikes they are. They are pro communist tin foil hat paranoid kooks and think "anyone who doesn't agree with me is a fed!"

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They also said "what's wrong with being an NPC??"

They also wouldn't even let the caller speak and kept cutting him off. Ironic that those who masquerade as right wing but then silence those who disagree with them

we get it

Psychologists are a classic jew scam. They'll listen to any retarded bullshit you tell them and then help you "work on" your retarded bullshit in a super serious manner, complete with a pseudo intellectual writeup. All they ask is $200 an hour

Ya that's what they kept doing to the caller and everyone they disagree with. They fucking think Breivik and Roof are feds

Ya seriously. Complete pseudo bullshit

Literally who eceleb drama? In my Zig Forums? It's more likely than you think.

Lol I know but you should check this shit out. It's pretty funny dude

Who do you trust if you don't mind me asking because I still can't find anyone to trust other than people before the fucking 90s that wrote books.

There are, and have been some good (well thought out) articles coming from there, that are uplifting to the culture of the Caucasian of Euro descent. Most of the writers are too passionate about the subject matter of their writing' to fall for the criticism, and they seem to understand the larger picture in the fights, the battles and the greater war

I agree but you really ought to listen to the show from tonight. Pretty nutty stuff. They freaked out on this caller and wouldn't let him speak and kept shilling their "do nothing, goyim" ideals

Yet they are, faggot. Kikes can print money, so they can make up countless controlled ops. They even pay goyim to dance like monkies for them.

That is normal (speaking as someone who listened several years ago) for Kyle to stop a caller dead in his tracks, get extremely passionate about an issue and then blame the caller for some little thing he said.
(Will listen to the call from tonight for old times sake)

Just because the larger part of this and boards like it reject the insanity of the ideologies of the Commie left/Marxist Maoist Leninist Globalist half-caf/half decaf identity-less blobs of cells, doesn't mean we shouldn't use them to do that bidding which serves our needs. To beat the kike one must become kike-like, using their own strategies against them

Ya it was horrible hearing Kyle cut him off multiple times and kept trapping him into stupid claims that painted him as the bad guy. I almost called in too but I know they'd just do the same to me

The irony is lost on most of these unwittingly communist fucks. Most Don't get that you can be pro-white, concerned with anti-white media or jewish nepotism without actually hating kikes, niggers or buying into batshit ZOG conspiracies….

How many of these faggots have saved the Boers, or personally flew their asses to south Africa with a Denel in hand? None.

Still…i love these faggots more than I hate them.

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they're right

Lmao fuck off kike. Your oven is preheated

There is just TOO much that is hateworthy about niggers & juice .
Anecdotal experience jives too perfectly with scientific data to deny.
I hate that which is hatable.
ZOG IS out to get me & everyone like me and anyone who denies that is my deadly enemy.

nice trips but I wouldn't call "zog" a conspiracy since it's literally true that everyone in the US government is a zionist.

What kind of a moron would think Breivik and Roof are not used to further the agenda of the enemy?
They are a few of the many assets of the enemy of the past handful of decades to demonize the European race in the media and general.

Because they scared the fuck out of the kikes and hit them where it hurts. Do you not even know what they achieved? Why is everyone so fucking scared of violence nowadays? Our ancestors did far worse to our enemies.

No they didn't, they only gave ammunition for them and were possibly directly directed assets.

Lets see

It is ammunition for them if we back down and apologize for what Breivik did. Why do you feel the need to cuck to them? Stop showing mercy for the weak dude

We're way past the point of people seeing these events and being like "oh my God, these violent white people" they look at it now and see well okay why did he do what he did and what were his motives and when the Aryans that really matter see it, they know what it means and what they achieved. Stop cucking bro

Who? There's been decades of demonization of Europeans by the jewish media, these two (staged?) massacres were just two in the pile of propaganda.

Anyway, I found the spot at 1h 8min 50sec and apparently the topic is exactly this. The guy gives the same nonsense as you posting. The simulation part is nonsense but the rest about it I agree with the hosts

They're producing 'bad jacket' hasbara ops for everyone.

Pic is a Neanderthal forensic reconstruction on display in the Field Museum in Chicago.

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So you think commies should live too? I wish the caller would've mentioned how the Norwegian labor party is only anti Israel because they care about those street shitting Palestinians. That's the only reason. So he kept saying they were anti Israel blah blah it doesn't matter because they're still filthy commies. They would be the next generation to bring in Muslims and do the kikes dirty work anyway

You're playing into the enemy's hand with that narrative.


Let me guess, you think voting for jewish puppets is "doing something"?

post audio nigger

No I certainly don't. Playing by their rules does nothing.

Here you lazy nigger

You boers need to stop being conservacucks, otherwise those "based niggers" you jerk off over will be eating your flesh.

I am not a boer, Go back to Leftypol.

Seriously man? That is fucking retarded.

ROFLMAO. ROOF WAS NOT A FED… though you would be right to point out that the feds probably fucked his brain.

I was actually very close to his immediate family. The kid was legitimately insane, outspoken and connected to state level officials… basically the perfect candidate for some MK Ultra level bullshit. Literally everybody I spoke to in that family kept repeating that same weird story about him just fucking disappearing for 2 weeks and then coming back even more fucked up and crazier than before.

It's really interesting How so-called "right wing nationalists" actively discourage people from engaging in their civic-nationalist duties… I mean if I was a left-winger who wanted to destroy the right-wing I would claim that right wing political figures are secretly part of the Jewish plot like therefore nobody should vote even if it's vaguely within their best interest to do so.

You can believe that there is an actual evil group of Jews who are trying to pull dialectical fuckery without assuming that every single Jewish person is in on the conspiracy, and somehow wielding near omnipotence in international affairs.

nigger activists make the same exact arguments about whites and capitalism, yet ignore the existence of India China and Arabia.

Even if you assume that the combined wealth of major jew families is 20 trillion dollars, you're still talking about 13% of the global economies 74+ TRILLION GDP…. meaning even under the most ideal conditions Jews couldn't control 87% of the global economy, even if they were to pool all their assets. The number of non Jewish wealth vastly out numbers Jewish wealth on a yearly basis. Wealth is not a simple matter of having cash or the ability to generate it out of thin air.

which means that at least 65% of us billionaires aren't Jewish meaning that the vast majority of billionaires are not Jews.

8.5% control over Congress is a reality. This is only concerning if you ignore the fact that literally 90.5% of Congress is not Jewish…

Clearly this is all reducible to talmudic Judaism and literally nothing else right?

I mean it couldn't possibly be that actual European atheist commies are masquerading as religious Jews, and are directly exploiting an otherwise ambiguous identity that literally anybody can claim to be a part of?

If you want to actually fight socialism and communism, cultural and ethnic homogenisation, Kalergis ideals, then you need to drop the paranoid conspiracies. Start spamming the fuck out of the actual data from CDC, President Obama's own Department of Justice that shows that whites are the second largest victims of hate crimes in the USA, and that blacks have a stronger chance of being struck by lightning or bitten by a shark than they do being an actual victim of hate crime. Those are actual arguments that you can make using data directly from President Obama's administration.

I think that would be more productive than telling people not to vote because crypto communist Jews are secretly in control of everything.


All of these responses to blatant leftypol shilling. You newfags are pure cancer.

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Are you the Bismarckanon? You can tell me.

Sounds like kosher/pol/.
Can't we get some of those callers to shitpost here?
Outta blow a few redditpede's gaskets.