It's All Downhill from Here, United Cuckdom.

Yet another mainly-Muslim rape gang is jailed in Britain, the latest of an incredibly long list. Add this to a staggering list of mainly-Muslim sex gangs preying on literally thousands of girls - with authorities sometimes too scared to act for fear of seeming racist. Can anyone seriously argue that this has nothing to do with an us-against-them culture, or a culture that makes women second-class, especially if they are not Muslim? And again and again we see the same fear of holding Muslims to the standards of the host country - a self-loathing fear that has created the "it's OK to be white" backlash. But let us not overlook the sickness in another culture - in this case Britain's own. The home lives of some of the victims of the Huddersfield rape gang suggest a collapse in the moral order that left several of the girls desperately vulnerable.

The names suggest two Sikhs and the rest Muslims:

Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse

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Part and Parcel

of letting in Shit Skins but what do i know I'm just a racist Muslim Rapist can't Rape if there are no Muslims in your country to rape you
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At least KKK's "White men's rule not a Black men's rule" slogan have some manhood

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"White Lives matter too" or "Its Okay to be white" ?

Is this some sort of "I'm a Toys R us kid" type of man-child bullshit ?

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The harder the first world works to expunge immigrant criminals, the more honest immigrants will want to flee their own crime-ridden nations! It's beautiful! More! Encore! Open borders fuel the triumphs of civilization!

Its easy to be tough on the internet.

You guys live in a society where using the term NPC gets your access to social media banned and police handcuffs you when antifa fails stealing your purse because they are to gay to hurt you and a nigger just falsely claims you threatened them with a gun and despite all caught on camera the only person that has to be concerned is you losing your job

Nigger, they've been doing this for decades. It's only coming to light now because with the influx of millions of shit-skins, like yourself, the rape is on such an absurd scale that it can't be hidden entirely anymore. I'd wager a guess that probably 1 in 3 shit-skins in Europe is a rapist, or an attempted rapist.

This broken English. We have ourselves a shit-skin.

Most serial killers are non-whites. The media doesn't report on them or hype them up. Remenber that black woman who abducted a white child on christmass to torture him to death with a welder's torch?

This rape gang is the same rape gang that tommy guy got arrested for covering it out side of a court building.

Tommy got arrested because the media wanted to continue censor as they always did.

Its worse than that, they didn't censor it. They talked about it on the main news programs, even gave it top billing. They talked about the gangs and the more tame details. Even had a guy talking about immigration, changing face of Britain, how they use takeaway shops and taxi services to do their shitskin work on white girls.

They gave it time and coverage and people don't care. Apathy is the death of us.

Tick tock.

The way to drive off immigrants is to make like southern Italians: do nothing and let your society rot out from under you. Hug your families close. Fill your quivers, but shoot no arrows, no. Follow your ancestors to their graves in the places you were born and the professions you were given. Pretty soon nobody will want to be part of your communities. Your arrows might even shoot themselves.

Anything you do to make your nation great is gonna make people want to be part of it, you understand? The better you do, the more others will want to join you. You can either let them in, or you can drive them off, but they'll learn from you either way. If you let them in while picking over their population to strip the criminals out, you get good people who will help you build a good nation. If you drive them off, you get angry neighbors who will still learn from you.

And you know who will be MOST able to get through when you put up walls against the rest of them? I ain't gonna give this one away. Think about it. What kind of person is most equipped to defeat everything a government can throw at them? What kind of migrants will the last illegals be when you've filtered out all the others? Who will flock to your borders while your angry neighbors are marking the lessons in statecraft you're teaching them?

Tick tock.

'The fuck out' is what you should get.

Yes, the majority of rapists are white, and they should be in jail or castrated.

But gang rape (taking the whole family to abuse a worthless white whore) is almost exclusively a muslim pastime.

but where are the memes?

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Speak english properly, nigger, or leave.

See above. Also:

p a r t a n d p a r c e l

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Wow they all look so ASIAN

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How fucking desperate are these poos?!?!?!

100-year-old woman raped by 20-year-old man in West Bengal

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So he finally got girlfriend? Good for him.

Five-year-old girl raped by school bus driver in India


I… I was there a few weeks ago.
The amount of non whites there are up north… It's shocking let me tell you.
Just look at these faces in the mugshots and tell me these aren't soulless rapists.
The amount of Muslims I saw there… The fact they all looked like OP's pic, you could line them all up and you could never tell which ones are running rape gangs and which ones aren't protip, just assume they're all doing it, because the part of the problem is that they're here in the first place.
We found ourselves in a situation where we had to order takeaway food, unfortunately it was out of my control where we went, we went to this indian takeaway it was disgusting and I got ill later on as low key expected initially. I couldn't help but just give the people cooking our shit tier curries the death stare, how they would talk to eachother in their goblin goat speech. They all shared the blank and dull expressions that all those mugshots show.
It's something about the dull, mindlessly vacant, disdainful and sometimes even smug looks about them which just makes me want to KICK THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY

Except you miss one vital point… Third worlder invaders are accustomed to shitholes already. Hell they don't care about how good a country is doing or how prosperous as long as they can get some degree of gibs. Even if they don't get that they'll just turn to crime. Making the place even more of a shithole.
These scumbags THRIVE in shitholes, that's where they came from and that is what they are turning the West into. It's their idea of assimilating into a culture, to destroy it and turn it into a soulless shithole with a few gibs and high crime rate.
They don't trust their neighbours in their desert shitholes, they always have to watch out in case one of them decides to steal shit and rape their wives while they're away. As a result have become hyper aggressive and see no reason to escape such a lifestyle, no… They just bring it here.

It's not just kikes who want us dead, we are seen throughout the world as the one race that still have riches, even if this is not true. We are still the most beautiful and strongest race both in mind and body, and now that this has been poisoned by kikes the rest of the world laughs at us and sees us as easy pickings.

Honestly, I think the only solution to some of these problems in Europe is violence… It will inevitably boil down to it, we don't need to instigate it, we will find ourselves forced to violence due to self defence.
And when whitey gets angry, these cowards will fear us once more.