The psyop known as Qanon:

What are your thots on this?

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Get the fuck out of here, you subhuman retard. Holy fucking christ.

hey I always play devils advocate

we're what, a year in, and still no public hard evidence of any justice served. McCain executed? hard to say, unlikely at best.

You are supposed to stick to your containment board, my nigger.

happy now? it's a little hard to know what's real anymore now that the matrix is broken

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Check the anchored thread. It's an occult psy-op

Low iq predicted it.

Despite all the anti-Q spam on here, nobody has ever explained the number of sealed indictments. I have checked, and there really are a very unusual number of sealed indictments right now. Until someone can explain the disparity of # of sealed indictments post the arrival of the trump administration, I am very much on the fence about it all.
Obviously, never follow any leader blindly, but if you check on some of the drops, many of the leads do actually lead interesting places.
If you comment on my post, please address the number of sealed indictments, please.

Me and the homeys had a crazy party and I guess we're under investigation. Mariah Ambromabitch was there with like snoop dogg and shit. It was cool. We got naked and streaked through the quads. My boy Frank is a nutter.
Anyway, sorry to worry the world but yeah, we party kinda hard.

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We are sitting in front row seats, watching the inner battle between Zionist/Nationalist kike and the diaspora kikes. The Queue phenom is nothing more than the Zionist/Nationalist kikes giving pointers to a group that believes in majic sky wizards, a "plan" which magically fits into some divine greater plan which will, at any millisecond now, play out to wipe the "evil" from the world and miracle everything to terrific (free bubble up and rainbow stew)
Queue could be high-ranking military (the "intel" Q group within military intelligence), or it could be a LARP from some wannabe mindfuqq'r but either way, it doesn't matter at this point

I think Steve Pieczenik (sp?) LARPs as Q every now and again.
I can hear his voice in some of the posts and he shills hard for israel.
sage for shit post

Laugh at another one of (((their))) failed attempts and wait for the next one.

It's entertaining as fuck when there are new posts. I don't take it seriously of course. I'm guessing that people who are not from the USA don't give a shit about it. They do and should reflexively say "lol LARP", since they know/care even less than the average american about american politics (and who could blame them?) Still, something is going on with this that isn't dismissed so easily.

Additionally, despite all the talk about how Q is teh larp and etc. The following point is also true:
As an investor, I sure as hell am following it no matter whether it is fake or not. Anything that gets attention is worth considering – bandwagon effects / etc.

I honestly don't understand why all discussion of anything related to Q is 100% permabanned. Regardless of what YOU personally think about it, there is absolutely no question as to whether or not Q drops have real political implications on the attitudes and behavior of the American electorate.

All of the people who immediately rally around hating and disparaging anyone "fool" enough to check for themselves, and realize that wow, it's all over the new media, and wow, it is the most popular, active section in all of Zig Forums. the number of posts number in the millions. Multiples of millions, in fact. and that's just here. It's also on voat, reddit, twitter, etc. it doesn't really matter honestly whatever you want to call them – normies, reddit cucks, boomers, stupid sheep, etc. – no matter what, it is 100% definitely masses upon masses of human beings who almost certainly are voting and many of whom have access to 401ks that they are currently busy adjusting.

The zero tolerance policy around any q related discussion makes very little sense to me, and to be perfectly honest is a rather suspicious way to encourage free thought by the moderators – aren't moderators here supposed to allow free thought and rational discussion? I fail to understand why considering Q on its own terms does not meet the criteria. And no, a sticked thread "btw we all 100% hate and despise Q here, everything else is allowed to talk about but not Q" is not a valid way to scientifically examine evidence.

There are many implications of Q, and there are many actual real and significant and potentially lasting effects. Is the position of the moderators honestly that Q and Q drops have had literally zero impact on the attitudes / behavior of the american electorate, zero impact on finances, zero impact on geo political maneuvering, etc?

The outright hatred of anyone who disagrees with the moderators about the unilateral anti-q position is juvenile and frankly insulting to everyone's intelligence here. The policy being enforced by the moderators and this board is the following;

If that is the position the board has taken, fine. I am not prepared to make that leap because nobody has satisfactorily explained why #2 follows from point 1. It is an ad hominem attack, and if you use it you won't pass your logic class.

We could really make a fortune if we could get the collective "anons" to meme fake reports about corps.

You have to remember to sage this thread. It will get deleted anytime now. Keeping it at the top gets it seen which gets it deleted quicker

Everything was answered in this anchored thread

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You retard. Asking "what are your thoughts on this" with no contribution of your own is shitposting.

For anyone too lazy to click, here is the thread I was linked to in which "everything was answered". Presented without comment.

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We're still waiting for the reveal. It was easy in the beginning to get behind some shadowy, insider group with the power, the wealth, the control, the resources to "heal the nation", but it has been nothing more than a 'kick the can down the road until the next set of middle eastern wars' Psychological Operation to keep the lard asses in their easy-chairs and on their Walmart scooters "thinking" that they are somehow, magically a part of something huge. They're about as effective as the Kekistani wearing a 'Veteran Of The Meme Wars' T-shirt as if …


I wonder why enlightenment and its concomitant path of progression that is the same in every human who goes through it is commonly described with similar themes in single elaborated faith and religion? This video might have something; but I'm only six minutes in right now. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and finish it though.

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It's dumb boomer shit but it's useful in getting boomers and Magaped normie cons to basically act as our foot soldiers.

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Is this Q shit even still going on? It mostly died down on the various news sites i watch.

My dad works at Nintendo and he said Q was actually John Podesta, Trump is a kike slave, the earth is flat and everything is one big fucking psyop.

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verdict is in; this video has been a huge waste of time and explains absolutely nothing relevant to qanon. Worse, it's not even accurate and misses the point entirely but manages to get even more stupid in the last minute of the video. I don't think even news outlets misinterpreted qanon this badly.

This hits closest to home for me.
This is a battle between Zionist and Nationalist Jews who are anti-globalist and the evil globalist diaspora Jews who subvert everything with cultural Marxism.
I finally understand.
I support Israel and Zionism now.

the rest sounds about right though

TY Baker!

Nationalism can't be zionism. israel is just a criminal base of operations they want secured.

There's a lot of things to hate about the aut-kike, but their promotion of the "zionism is BASED jewish nationalism" meme is at the top of that list.

It's their raison d'etre.

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My thoughts on Q is it is an extremely valuable resource for people who want to know what is happening and people who want to help defeat our zog overlords. People in the government have obviously figured out the truth, but cannot come out and reveal we are under zog and the thumb of criminals, or they would end up in the brig. My guess is they have realized that by asking questions they have not committed a crime. They have not revealed classified info. We have to put the facts together and make it public knowledge to even free their ability to legally discuss it. That is why they came to the chans, and that is why it is shilled against so hard, so we don't look at the information. The other aspect is a psyop war against zog. In the Q world the triangle of evil is controlled though Rothschilds, Soros, and house of (((saud))), their minions in the cia and other government positions. This lines up many facts, it's not a larp or a jew plot to say this is a problem. They have been put on notice. It's saying we see what your doing, go ahead and try to complete your evil plans, people are watching and waiting and building a case. Q does not say sit back and trust their plan, he says we in the public are crucial in putting the facts together to move forward. He said trust the plan for instance in regards to the russia coup, because people were scared and flipping on sessions based on Trumps kayfabe statements. As we see all these russia accusations fell apart. They need to keep sessions seem unbiased for his major role. The reason the public has to put the information together is the usa has committed a lot of evil for zog. The government cannot reveal this because other countries will be mad and probably want to fight us. They are in a big conundrum about what can be revealed because revealing everything would hurt Americans

you do realize you just said that our ZOG government is instrumental in defeating our ZOG government?
You know how to type, so you aren't brand new here, but how did you get that stupid?
This is a turf war where one arm of ZOG is battling the other arm of ZOG for territory. The property ZOG vs the Fiat ZOG.
We're trading one ZOG for another but this ZOG will rule with stronger force of law and we won't get nuked because property ZOG likes land and a middle-class. However, we will still be goyim owned by jews yet our enmity will prevent anyone from rising against their masters because they will be complacent with their wage and their shiny things.

Fuck this world. I want out.

Yes I believe there are people in government that don't agree with selling us all out. There happen to be people with our concerns inside the government. It's not 100% criminals and shabbos goy. The government is not the solution, we are. Your solution is to leave the Rothschilds in place because you fear the new jewish rulers will be worse? They have done enough to get punished, and if the next leaders are as bad, we should punish them too

And king nigger and his 10yr old fuck toy? You know, the one Q has evidence of?
How come he's not in jail?

You really think the way to take down a criminal empire is to wipe out low level players running the operations?
Rothschilds aren't going anywhere or there would be actual invading armies on our streets right now. They can afford the worlds greatest war.

The fact there are shills pushing the Q-LARP is evidence that "The plan" may not happen at all. If it was set in stone, they woudln't be needed because everyone would be so fucking happy that living with a few niggers and beaners wouldn't matter.
Just think objectively. Evidence is all around you. Don't be what you make fun of, an NPC. you have to accept that some aspects of communism are good and some aspects of capitalism are good. The world doesn't work in Hegelian Dialectic, there are more than just 2 ways for everything.

Q is a Christian pacifier for the handing back of power to the other ZOG. No big named jews will go down. Weinstein won't even go down. The only reason Maddof went down is because he conned jews. They don't abide by the laws they inflict upon us and they have no reason to change it so they do.

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OP must kill himself for making such an incredibly low effort thread.
REMINDER that due to CHODEKIKEY's incompetent and worthless board management, SHIT TIER CUCKCHAN THREADS like this one are left up for 9 FUCKING HOURS.
CHODEKIKEY has removed 1/3 of all the Zig Forums moderation. LOW QUALITY, LOW EFFORT, QTDDTOT THREADS LIKE THIS are what results.
Remember to SAGE and GLOBAL REPORT these types of threads.

He has not been arrested because he is just a puppet. As you said Rothschilds are a powerful group, and it's not so simple as just arresting their puppets, because they can start wars. Maggie was probably delivered to Obama through the mk-ultra program. People in the government are hamstrung to fight this because they will be arrested under national security. All someone like Q can do is point to public information such as the pictures you posted and ask the public to put 2 and 2 together. If the plan to stop them doesn't work from inside, then we know it will take rebel/vigilante action. I have been reading about cia black operations my whole life and came to believe they are deeply committed to the jewish agenda and protection of jewish criminals. Q has basically confirmed this for all. If there is a civil war in the government I am on the white Christian military side not the jewy cia side.

Spot on, and checking those only visible to autists, complex palindromic master number super dubs.
And if you're sticker spotter user, cheers.

Ooh, anchor thread.

Philosophy time!

The secret of enduring happiness is feeling rewarded by the prosperity of every sapient being.

It only works if you're sincere! Can't fake it to make this!

I guess this is less philosophy and more boasting that I won the ultimate genetic lottery. And I'm asexual, so I'm not fucking around.

then you should know how fucking ridiculous it is to equate Hitler to the jewish bolshevist movement.
It's fucking absurd and something only a fucking jew run operation would do.

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My thoughts on the issue exactly. Whether or not Q is a larp is irrelevant. Fuckwit bandwagon jumpers here literally all spout the same shit. But no matter what they say, they never explain 2>1 as you mentioned. Seems fairly evident to me that Q is part of the Trump admin. The implications are either that either:
(1) Trump is using Q to consolidate his power via midterm elections, and then demoralize his base, being the kikespawn pawn that he is.
(2) Trump is legitimately thinking he is draining the swamp, but is simply being manipulated by the kikes.
(3) Trump is legitimately trying to drain the swamp (along with the kikes).
Currently I lean towards (2) being most likely.

Q-ueers are some of the biggest pieces of shit. They're a problem on Voat. They act as though Voat is their site and everyone is a Q faggot (They behave just like the plague of "migrants"). They unironically believe the government will render justice unto itself and that the government will fix all the fucking problems in their country.

They treat everything Q says as fact and refuse to acknowledge the actual fact that nobody knows who Q is and that they are blindly trusting an anonymous source.
Some faggot made a post in v/news linking to their GreatAwakening sub-verse as if Q and their sub-verse were credible sources. They are arrogant, disrespectful, and self-entitled.

Coincedentally enough, every time you call them out on their bullshit they cry persecution, claiming you're "just trying to censor them." They are beyond reason.

I hate Q and it's Q-ueers passionately.

D Trump Jr definitely reads these boards, there's no way he doesn't know about the JQ and he even split from his jew wife (circumstantial, I know, but he may have felt deceived by her or, of course, he may have just split up for other reasons).
But the fact that Jr at least pays a visit means he knows about the JQ and I don't see him allowing his father to freely deliver America into the hands of evil. He's a smart guy who lives in the pit of judaist America (jew york) so there's no way he's not aware.

Just something to weigh into the entire analysis. I wish they could hire some mother fuckers to actually pump legit information to those of us that are more historically aware.

This is what happens when a movement goes mainstream….all the normies hop on, and god knows normies gonna norm.

How do you know D Jr. lurks Zig Forums?
Also, I forgot one last point,
(4) Given that jews have been known to jew amongst themselves, perhaps Trump is working with a rogue jewish faction who are attempting to usurp the power of the dominate faction. While it is unlikely that this rogue sub-population has us goyim's best interest in mind, it may be possible that they are using the re-surging populist nationalism to solidify their power base in efforts to fight their short-term enemies (consisting of jews and shaboss goyim alike).
Remember, evil always cannibalizes itself. Perhaps with Trump we are witnessing the beginning of it….now all we need a a strong leader to take control while the kikes fight it out among themselves.

I would like an opinion on who this person who posts as "D" is.

he has posted things on his twitter within minutes of them being posted on cuck/pol/

I think there may be a possibility that all the inbreeding the kikes have done has left their offspring being human, or more human than their forefathers from the mixing with whites. I can see this being an unintended consequence of their practice of blending in to their new hosts. The timeline makes sense, in that during the early 20th century, they had to integrate into Germany society, so they had to race mix with Germans. that leaves their offspring half human. Now, going forward, their offspring would be 50% human at very least but possibly up to 75% human. We are a minimum of 4 generations of those offspring being interbreed with humans so it's safe to say that jewish offspring probably got mixed to the point where they are more human than jew.

If that's the case, then jews like kushner may actually be human'ish, at least more so than jewish. Meaning, he may feel things like sympathy and remorse. Maybe there is an entire faction of jews that are mostly human.

I got fuckin b& for this post.
Wtf is rule 4?

Rule 4 is to read the rules before posting

here we get into the foundation of reality itself. See pic related. Every dimension X has unifying principle i^X(subsets of X). At human dimensional awareness H, said unifying principle is love (Jesus knew and taught this). i^H(subsets denote neighboring humans i.e. Volk).
yeah, he sure is BASED & REDPILLED!! /sarcasm
Who ever this fuckwit is, he is retarded. Not only does no one claims that Soros is is evil BECAUSE he is a jew, but he is evil and a jew. This (((cohencidence))) pops up all too often, and anyone with basic pattern-recognition skills can see this.

hmm, ok well I never looked into him. Thanks for the bit of hopium. I am not of the opinion that all jews deserve an equal fate…I'm sure many are just as brainwashes as the rest of us. It may very well be that their subversive genes could be in decline, but its irrelevant as environmental propaganda immediately takes its place.

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in case you want to better understand the graph, think of Conway's Game of Life, but use your Aryan Visio-Spatial skills think of what would happen if at every Qweek an additional dimension is created via the super-tautological oscillator (the horizontal-vertical oscillation that occurs with just three spaces in a row).
polite sage

The jury is out for me on the topic. I really need to see something human from a jew. As of yet, the only historical events attributed to jews are horrendous. I can't think of a single positive contribution that has held up to scrutiny. Their greatest mind "Einstein" worked at a patent office. Knowing what we know of these demons, any jew working in an environment that would offer an unfair advantage and a way to manipulate is going to utilize that unfair advantage and manipulate.

I don't trust the jew and nothing gives me any reason to do otherwise. We're spectators in the upcoming world events, so if the Q plan goes through, I will be forced to reorganize my thoughts on the subject, but as of right now proceeding with caution is quite an understatement.

What I primarily meant, is that I am not for gassing little jew babies. Such cruelty is reserved for the Untermench. The adults ought to know better. Nevertheless, the biggest issue is the media/hollywood/finance/pharma. If these pillars were toppled, I think many jews(as well as npc goyim) would realize they were wrong. He who controls the memes control the world.

That's the humanity in us and it's good and shouldn't be abandoned.
I do think we need to abolish jewry. It is a cancer that has plagued the world for thousands of years in many different names. Edomites, Pharisee, Ashkanzism, bolshevism, tamudism, kabbalism, communism… Whatever label has been bestowed upon it, it is always the same thing, pure fucking evil. Anyone that is ever found to be practicing it, needs to be disposed of. It is an anti-humanistic practice.

I see the jews rejection of Jesus as the theoretic parabolic point. Sure, jews had done plenty bad shit before then, but personally I take much inspiration from Proverbs, Micah, Ecclesiastes…etc. There is wisdom and (imo) a fundamental understanding of reality hidden behind many of the books of the old testament. But in the end, modern Judaism/Christianity will never fully comprehend the beauty of it all until they abolish their idolatrous worship of a book. The study and application of Nature and reality itself is the ultimate redpill and the true meaning of "praising God". /rant

I do see benefit in the relativistic nature of the jewish persona. It's obviously served them well in the world where others can't perceive their level of deception.

I suppose if I were to be made king of all, I would adapt a society that recruits it's young men into service of country, and from those indoctrinates the capable and willing into the spartan league. I think these men should be "cruel men" and given women to pleasure themselves with as well as other sinful pleasures, in a contained environment. I would run it as a secret program and utilize the men as a weapon against enemies of the state, which wouldn't even be able to conceptualize the cruel force that protects them.

I wouldn't expect any good or humanity from my spartan squadron, aside from the natural born brotherly love that is bestowed upon men that go through traumatic events together. When they were unleashed on the enemy, the most important part of the operation would be never letting the world come to know the horror that transpired that day.
Going into the future, I guess they would become transhumanists and be used in experimental practices for weaponization of humans crossing with machines.

All the while, the society they never get to interact with has no knowledge of just how horrendous life can be.
I don't know how the world could ever get to the point of not needing cruel men without first experiencing the cruelest of men ever known.
the command structure would be seriously protected by some means I haven't really thought too much about and would leave a large margin for terror, but I do see a need for compartmentalized horror.

the world we live in tends to wither in between definitive suppositions. Nobody ever really knows what their role is and the confusion is abominable. I think that's more the reason for mass mental illness is people not having a purpose.
Maybe team Q has some revelation nobody has considered. I guess we'll find out one way or another. The worst that can happen is we all die.

I think most of it is bullshit. But useful bullshit. So it's good when people fall for it. Not what the intelligent ones of us should get into, but it may be useful to win the less intelligent one for a good cause.