Do you think it's painful being a world leader know you are paving the way for a better tomorrow which you will not...

Do you think it's painful being a world leader know you are paving the way for a better tomorrow which you will not live to see? I read his book and he talks about China 30 years from now with an almost somber feel he knows he will not live to see it but he is also working diligently to lay the foundation. I don't know what motivates great men but seeing how jin ping doesn't even have male heirs it seems odd to me his motivations aren't as clear cut as Trump's (Legacy for his family) or Putin's (Money). I wish I could speak to him 1 on 1 he is by far the most interesting world leader in quite some time.

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Daddy got him the job and he will have you arrested if you post a picture of him as whinnie the pooh bear.

Not even joking

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he cares about his country and has a non violent way of becoming a superpower

I'd love to be a "great man" and order Chinese tank platoons from the far west of China manned by semi literate peasants that hate intellectuals to run over hundreds of thousands of protesters in Tiennamen Square.

This faggot has done more to destroy the environment and by extension his people's chances of surviving another century at most then any other nation has done in its entire history. He's below a parasite.

nope he has actually reduced china's carbon footprint

he wasnt the leader back then.

I recognize your posting style btw and I know who you are. Just know you will lose this fight and your time is over

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I dare you to post this to him chink bug. I want you to die in a Communist death camp next to the Buddhists.

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Except when there were cameras around, the tanks magically didnt runnover even 1person.

When the jews want you to succeed, you succeed until they don't need you anymore. In some 500 to 1000 years from now the jews will do the same to the gook as they are doing to the West.

The state of this board. China is in bed with the jews and has done so much to kill whites in Africa it's not even funny.


"I want to meet a leader who is so dedicated he has no mlae children"

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"I want to meet a leader who is so dedicated he has no male heirs"

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yes and juliuas caesar never had a biological son either

The state of this board. That would be the U.S.A.

Remember that nigger your kike media called "the UN" when they shilled that made up muh million oppressed Muslims in muh Chyna story?

Thats was the same U.S. representative who has been actively working in South Africa to "end apartheid" and free criminal niggers from jail.

His family has made more than a billion dollars off of this turd's little scam, ya dingus.

Oh stop it, you're ruining my favorite masturbation fantasy, fucking wet blanket.

Top kek. I would say your time is coming, but let's be honest, your life has already been a miserable hell for a long time, hasn't it?

The greatest leader in the world today is Sheikh mohammed bin rashid al makhtom
he is a strong Semite

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literally an NPC

You're activating my almonds here, user. When was the last president (Besides Trump) who actually had a son? Bush #1, right? I wonder if there's a reason for that…

While I'm not a fan of Jewtin he doesn't seem that superficial

1 less than a billion is still 999,999,999

If it's not true then why is the CCP's response to ban the outlet instead of just refute? The censorship is a tacit endorsement that at least a significant part of the allegations are true.

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Probably not as painful as realizing none of your power and money can change the fact you're a chink bugperson manlet.


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never acknowledged by julius and he died at 17

Did someone say Xi Jinping?

Chinese act tough like the Arabs, but both are terrible at waging war, or running a country. Just like the Saudis, Chink billionaires are sitting on tonnes of cash and the govt can afford to spy on its adversaries. But that won't always be the case.

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I've got more. I lived with a Chinese roommate for two years.

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I used to be ambivalent towards chinks. Now I hate them.

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I hope Japan makes China and Korea into its Chinkgook Colony once again.

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Xi is a good leader, but the Party can only be purged so many times before things get chaotic.

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How does it feel to be a mentally retarded NPC?

Oh and Proof you are not a childrapist. I have credible testimonies from 20 anonymous insider sources. Also my proxy will tell the same story once I got it up and two people wouldnt just randomly make allegations without something being on to it. Im waiting.

It wouldn't be a problem if not for chinky bug greed. They are the Jews of the Orient, for sure.

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Tiananmen Square 1989

He looks like he eats well. Maybe if he went on a diet, he wouldn't be so ashamed of Pooh memes.

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You're just jealous you didn't invent a meme so good it had to be formally censored.

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Missing the entire point this badly.

japan needs to take over indonesia



was no jin ping I can name atrocities committed by every country it doesn't reflect the current leaders (except obama's drone strike of children in palestine)

Liánhéguó yīnggāi zài tiān'ānmén guǎngchǎng shàng zhìcái zhōngguó

Why did Xi roll out the red carpet for Trump, when he didn't do it for King Nigger?

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Can't into logic, mate. This meme really seems to trigger you something fierce.

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What does he think of the trade war, I wonder.

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Between the two of you, there are nearly three billion soulless bugmen. Asian geopolitics are the least of my concerns.

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Somewhere in India, right now, it dawns on him just how useless and destructive his kind are.

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Here is my final post on this rotten thread. Chinamen could redeem themselves in the eyes of the white man if only they self deported back to the Middle Kingdom.

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Its like everytime you post poo rapists in European rape threads suddenly half the thread runs off and starts a new one exclusively about Muslim rapists.

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I love that Americans aren't mentioned in his book once. This means either burgers died in a nuclear hellfire or they're third world status and thus not worth discussing in 2050. I can't wait.

Indians are Aryans. The chinky bugs are not. Always remember that.


How many believe Mexicans and Basketball Americans will be the end of America? Thats a naive assumption that nothing worse will fall over it. Something more savage and breeding faster than Mexicans.

And it is already happening yet even on "right wing" media you will only find it quickly hidden because muh vote and muh campaigning.

More than 1 in 10 illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico these days are poo in the loos like this nigger and the number is steadily rising.

Everyone is talking about that fucking caravan. The poo waves have long passed that size..


Flooding the US with fentanyl is what?



America needs an actual war otherwise the chinks will completely take over.

The future of China is going to be literally BLACKED if Xi Jinping continues his African colonization.

He's literally doing the same stupid shit that the euros did during the 16-17th century.

the problem is that asians are hard to infiltrate and subvert. They are much like the Jews. Asians are assholes and treat Jews like dogshit. I live in Vancouver and have lunch at the same McDonalds as a group of lawyers.It's 90% Asians and a couple of shlomos and the shlomos always look like they want to off themselves. Asians ignore propaganda, don't care about politics, lack any sense of idealism, and care only about money, status, and material possessions. Plus, Asians see them as white and hate them because of colonialism. Jews just don't have an entry point. It's the same thing in Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, etc.

Japan is irrelevant. Their glory days are done. Chinese companies are taking food out of jay's mouths. I'm saying this while wearing a 1:1 fake Casio world time. The Japs simply cannot compete with Chinese manufacturing ability and money power.


Chinks are no better than niggers to begin with. They haven't contributed anything of significance for thousands of years. Their art is primitive and basic. Their cultural music is primitive and basic. They're niggers. They have no semblance of ingenuity, creativity, or propensity for independent thought.


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Translation: I am Japanese

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They have more people than any nation on earth by far, they are also extremely homogeneous. He knows what he is doing is for his race. It doesn't matter if a few ants die as long as the hive is successful. He loves his culture and his society so he plays a game where he bends and shapes what he sees fit in an effort to achieve his vision

Chinese people are so much better than Japanese people.

theft of white engineering rhen call yourself a world power because of child slave labor yea you chinks are so ….whatever propaganda spewed when the fact is without white ppl you and all other non whites would be living in absolute shit without us you chinks are so similar to jews thinking you made the world you live in that isn't third world shithole status the only reason you have come out of the same disgusting shit you perpetually live as is because of WHITE MEN.Fuck you subhuman roaches.

China is literally USSR 2.0. The writing is all on the wall. Xi wants to be ruler for life because he wants to avoid Gorbachev 2.0. This idea of Chinese homogeneity is a complete fucking lie. Hong Kong wishes for independence again but every time rebel groups rise up they get shut down. China is pissing off all their neighbors because their unsustainability is driving their unwanted expansion into other territories. It is illegal to dare float the idea of Taiwanese independence even though the reason Taiwan exists is to get the fuck away from the commie mainland. China is a cancer of this Earth that must be stopped. The Chinese people themselves are good people I believe, but they are being led by a bloated goverment that is ultimately driving them to the ground as a people after their predecessors attempted to destroy their culture. Fuck the Chinese government.



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you forgot to blame the jew nigger

It's literally not.

It doesn't use Central Planning, it relies on international trade, and it has massive capitalist sector. It's not even Soviet NEP 2.0, as there is no state monopoly on foreign trade.


post was a jew
they obfuscate heavy the commie influence they had on china


They're too retarded to be capitalist, the idea of East Asian Model capitalism is a joke. Their economy is tightly controlled by the central bank including the value of the Yuan. They can afford to devalue the Yuan on a whim because they do not export it at the same level as America exports the USD

LOL!? China homogeneous? Can the fucking 4plebs please fuck off.

arabs are shit at war
whites are better

You're right, it is the fault of the kikes, and it looks like China has fully embraced its kike influence on a government level regardless if it was even the kikes intentions.

Not disagreeing with you, but they are resilient. Both USSR and USA have invaded Afghanistan and neither superpower was ever determined the winner. Right now it appears that the US will be leaving that area back to the people in the not too distant future.
So, we may actually have something to gain by studying their tactics. They are the undisputed masters of guerrilla warfare. Vietnam lost a ton more people than Afghanistan and the US has been in Afghanistan much longer than they were in Vietnam.

You're naive if you think the war in Afghanistan is even there to determine a "winner" or a "loser". Learn what Containment policy and limited warfare mean.

not going into explaining how the chinks are fucked up by the jew although communism is explicitly jewish and could go on to explain yet chillen now after refreshed could explain the jew influence and why chinks are commies is jewish