More code of Conduct BS

Great, this code of conduct thing is spreading even further. Looks like SQLite just jumped on the bandwagon.

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This is a terrible thread and you should feel bad

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I hope you at least took a 2 second look at what the rules are.

Shit OP, but also kind of hilarious

doesn't get guys pic was related; so your wrangler get into the liquor again?

I'm glad you pointed that out, it is fucking hilarious. Talk about heaping burning coals on the heads of evil.

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Yay I guess.

Aside from the fact that the CoC is St. Benedicts Rules the SQLite project doesn't actually accept outsider contributions, its all done by a single guy, so having a CoC is pointless. The most someone can contribute to the project is suggesting code for bugfixes or new features and if the developer likes it he will rewrite the entire thing himself.

absolutely wholesome

I think the point why this is great, it doesn't matter if this coc is enforced, or if the sqlite guy meant this as a sincere coc or as a joke. As a response to the recent pressure that we see culminating in the Linux kernal coc, this is close to perfect. It's very difficult for them to criticize the same way they're used to, and it turns the whole concept into a parody while somehow maintaining a moral high ground and not interfering with the project itself. Some might call this an example of "agree and amplify" done right.

I fail to see the difference to sjw bullshit, aside from SJWs being honest about their antiwhite agenda.

Not my god.

This is what I thought, I assume even he knows this.
What clients? Google? Because, it could be possible that big tech firms are pressuring small open source projects and we shouldn't assume all those projects adopt CoCs because they actually want to. Big tech firms help a lot with finding bugs and mostly fixing them and submitting patches, by virtue of just using them so much.

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I can only imagine how triggering this must be to the faggot tranny witch. Firstly because of the matter of where these rules come from and secondly because it's opposition to its unholy crusade to poz open source projects.
There needs to be more of these lines in the sand.

Go do religious D&C somewhere else you fedora-tipping jew.

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I'm a literal pagan and even I think this is a riot. Stick it to 'em christbros.

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That is quite plausible-sounding and worrisome.
They should have been nailed with an antitrust suit ages ago.

It was a brilliant move, to be sure.
Can you just imagine how the Snowflakes must be seething with rage at reading this, knowing it (quite-intentionally) strikes at their professional victimhood and identity politics?

The very definition of the antithesis of an SJW, if ever there was one.
Can't wait to see examples of people being BTFO under this.

I still think it's hilarious though.


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Wait, is this a christard CoC/CoE…

So, hate no one except yourself and your neighbor.

Feel like you might wanna use some different requirements as to what I can do to others… Masochism is a thing you know.

So, even though god supposedly created you, he gets credit for the good things you do, but whenever you fuck up that's your own fault. He's supposed to be omnipotent & omniscient right? Then he would know if he made you in a way that you would do evil, and is just as responsible for the evil you do as the good you do, unless we are all pieces of shit and he just takes over our minds to do good things from time to time.

The catholic church sure has got this one down pat, pretty good numbering choice too.

In Zig Forums or /catholic/, :s/Christ/a priest/

Mercy, sure, lots of mercy in eternal torture.

Hmm, is this just christian or also catholic?

< Slaves, obey your earthly masters, as it isn't like they just put this in this book to trick you into obeying them.

So, just covet eternal life.

Pretty decent legal advice. Don't talk to police or make statements under oath.

Chastity, that's my fetish.

Now we have two NSAs to worry about. Also, voyeur, that's my fetish.

If I had a wrongful thought about someones penis, does that mean I should dash it against Christ immediately? What if I had a wrongful thought about a hole, does that mean… actually this CoE is pretty decent.

Hmm, so, I'm supposed to shun arrogance, but love god, who wants attributions for everything good I do? Really confused if I'm supposed to shun or love god.

Is hope a black phallic object?

At least its not all bad, some parts are pretty nice.

Still, is this relevant to SQLite? Feel like to put in all that chastity stuff, SQLite must have a lot of contributors having casual sex all the time.

The jews ARE behind coc bullshit. Big surprise.

I will not work on these projects. Never.

A code of conduct (especially for devs not located in the same building) should read as follows.

Rule 1: If your code is good and behaves as required, we will include it in the release.

Rule 2: If it is not good or does not behave as required, either fuck off or write better code.

He cucked: