Explosive device "found" near George Soros's mansion

Hiya, Soros, whatcha doing?

Possible false flag?


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What a shame it didn't detonate while he was at home

whats his address

This is one of the false flags we expected

Second time's the charm!

Please, if anyone was going to kill the kike they would put a blade in his belly.

If you want to be a real life superhero, actually blow this guy up.

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As if this device actually existed.
Its all about shutting conversation about him or what he funds. Classic kike signature move.

Kike is trying to garner sympathy with a false flag.

Just one tho?

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A shame it wasn't a low-yield device, and we're not hearing about the aftermath.

Yes I need his home address for research purposes.

The investigative reporter Chris Bollyn - who specialized in Middle East journalism and lived in Israel for 7 years - says Soros is a front man for the Rothschild family.

The ADL likes Soros. That's all I need to know.

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888 7th Ave New York
michael.vachon @ soros dotcom

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do me a solid would ya, and visit this kike too.

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lol at EtherApe tho

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For research only
136 Cantitoe St, Katonah NY

I don't know about his street address, but I can tell you that Soros lives in the black heart of every guilt ridden, Satanic pedophile politician in elected office who's being blackmailed to support Israel anywhere in the world.

A shame it wasn't real. Someone needs to murder that kike and stop his meddling for good. Then again, they all need to be nuked… I'll keep wishing for it.

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He has to be funded by them. No way he earned all the billions and billions he gives away to puppet groups.

Just checked the J-Media. Even the kikes are calling for him to die in the comments. Literally no-one likes him.

Urine Idiot

Soros gestalt:
Soros is anti-israel(rather he pretends to be, scapegoat probably), he just puts that near the bottom of his list, he's far more interested in destroying white nations, which essentially helps israel so his bullshit is pretty obvious.

He puts a pittance into left wing israeli causes(which goes into israel's economy) every year but puts tons into destroying white countries and destabilizing brown countries so things get so shit they're willing to get off their lazy arses and march into white countries(or get carried by his paid for caravans).

Essentially he's a bullshit artist who pretends to be anti-israel but never actually supports a winning cause against israeli interests, and only puts "anti-israel" money into people inside of israel to boost the economy. He's probably funding pro-israeli politicians because that's all politicians, he's far more interested in spreading leftism everywhere, and pretending he does the same in israel.

Just a side note for the retarded:
The reason he spreads leftism everywhere is because it destroys the moral fabric and borders of White nations and the economies of brown nations, leading to the perfect storm of "refugees".


yeah…. took the words outta my mouth… they did just mention him funding scumbagery so… they need to shut that down… some sympathy… make other side look bad…… guess that why shit ain't working no more…. people see their playbook…. memorized it…. it's been done once too many times….

It is known
Cantitoe St
Katonah, NY

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All the more proof of the retardation of PR cuckism.

Any the funny thing is I bet 99% of the people who have even heard of George Soros didn't even know he was jewish until the MSM made a fuss about it being anti-semitic to criticise him.


Well Jew York isn't really a part of America. But what part of America is America's? The whole of the government, every piece of it, every NPC brain of every single agent, is chicom kike nigger.

While this is surely the case, we have never been able to prove the aim of Soros was to destroy the West. Every bit of crap released in the soros leaks was just liberal claptrap.

But anyhoo, I expect it will turn out to be a British male. Probably someone who lost a lot of money when Soros crashed sterling.

But, I must rethink that conclusion. Brits are inbred pet whites. They wouldn't do anything that threatened their lords the kikes.

I dunno if I would say its a false flag, there are plenty of people who would.

I wonder how prepared for his death (((they))) are anyway, its coming naturally or otherwise

Dunno. Surely I am not alone. I should like to artfully maneuver my way onto that jury, that I might acquit any man with the bravery, the wisdom, the perseverance, to do what is right.

I'm gonna need more OP.

He has multiples. I have one for NYC but it's a building.

The jew demon must be shot in the head twice. Anything else is larpy/pussy less than serious go.

That would be just horrible. You know something, I would be in tears for so long if that happened.

Surely a gem of the nation has been threatened. Such a tragedy.

er, why isn't the government itself blowing up his mansion ?

Godspeed user

I wish a nigga would.

Sssorosss is the bessst reptillian! Vote Sssorosss for sssecret dictator of the earth today! Even thossse who think they oppossse empower him with their belief in his powersss

Didnt someone JUST post about false flag killing soros? Does he have a leak inside?

correct, this stinks to high heaven

Just the other day I was saying I was surprised they didn't false flag him yet

dude has more palaces than saddam

what better narrative for (((cabal))) than to portray that thing as a victim.

It's established fact, not theory, when you can read the documents published by his Open Society, and hear it from the (((man))) himself during his interviews… Not to mention the $18 billion he recently moved into his OS operations.

"hyper-nationalist" sounds pretty rad tbh

If its a false flag, it was carried out by morons.

They are memeing irresponsibly. Their penalty will be that they are turned into red mist.

As more people hear about such actions being taken against these kikes, they become more likely to follow suit. If we could get two or three more such stories in circulation, even if they were fake, that should be enough to get the ball rolling.

Find out the addresses of their children and close relatives and send them some gifts instead. They're probably less paranoid and on guard as well, softer targets.

This is just silly roleplay, FBI. I swear.

I want to send alex a blank card with only the word FAGGOT inside of it.

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

Kanker op. Hij is nog niet in het land.

Please be CIAniggers turned good or Trump ordered.

These threads are run by people who love Soros and/or people who want to be mistaken for people who love Soros. Everything on this place is reversed.

Don't spread it around - the asylum inmates still think they're clever.

Someone should literally Just ballistic Missile His Street and take the fall. It's the greater cause

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Checked for sure!

Time to dust this off.

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Brothers and sisters in Fascism, this is what a Mossad post looks like:

Conclusion: Mossad faked the "attack".

no white man would fucking put ANYTHING in a mailbox of a literal billionaire expecting him to personally open his fucking mail.

to the whole of the press who perpetuated George Soros & Mossad's scam.

Sadly most likely this as letterbombs are a jewish invention.

Right. It's an act of cowardice. They are a bug people.

What about Scopolamine infused dart on old georgy boy? Make him hallucinate and make bad decisions. Datura contains Scopolamine and can be found everywhere in the wild in white inhabited lands. I'm sure that could be useful for interrogation as well, or turn him into a zombie and make him make moves against his masters
Roleplay yada yada

This is why people stop giving a shit and go full 14/88 GTKRWN.

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Why waste energy on old men and public scapegoats?

Attack the next generation. They will be less on guard. You will do more damage to the operation. If you're trying to have someone make bad decisions, the death of someone close to them will have that effect. Even if it only makes them more paranoid.

There's a reason you hear Soros' name so much. He's the frontman, not the real source.

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Maybe Trump will try it next.

Next frantic step: "Bombs found in every democrat contender's mailbox that's running in the midterms!! Honest!!"


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Apologize rite naow, and just stop it

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in b4 hey (((democrat))) whatcha doin

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it's a good thing the girl scouts at Feeb HQ knew exactly where to look before any of them went off

CNN Broadcast Interrupted As NYC's Time Warner Center Evacuated


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So are democrats threatening themselves so that the Republicans can't say that they're victims?

Please god if you’re real blow CNN up!

Probably. Could also be a three-letter agency using a mentally unstable retard as a fall guy for a false flag. The ATF in particular is famous for doing shit like that.

Did they go off? user at least *Zig Forums is a board of peace* for Keks sake do it right.

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If god was real the Soros, Clinton and Obongo bombs would have gone off and killed them.

'Pipe Bomb' Intercepted En Route To White House

I'm too lazy to keep archiving this shit.


It would appear that the democrats are sending themselves packages to eliminate a talking point, and they sent a package to the WH so that republicans can't claim they're sending mail to themselves.

Were the Soros and 'illary "bombs" placed or mailed? If placed, it's likely some jew york kikel up to their old tricks.

Let's do some critical thinking:

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What would (((Saul Alinsky))) do?

yea, obviously their incoming mail is thoroughly screened. Assuming this isn't a false flag it is, the intent would have to be to 'sending a message' vs a sincere effort at physical harm.

if high-level political assassinations were as easy as mailing some nigger-rigged pipe bomb, everyone would be doing it.

Hoping our side takes some of (((his))) lessons and applies them to this.

Fucking Bernie Sanders supporters strike again.

Did the powder in the mail get the hearings the way hillary's package did?

I have also been wondering this for my school essay

Something is completely wrong about this

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I saw george soros at a shell gas station once. Ama

Wish that he did more.