how do we burst the surveillance bubble?

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Notebooks and pens

You weaponize 'The Left'. They're already of the mind to do "incredible shit". Weaponize them. Give them targets. Re-purpose them. There are those things which lie in common within the two ideologies. Even the NPC's that parrot only approved maxims have an underlying motivation that transcends approved maxims. We've seen this for several decades

mandatory state-enforced RFID chips for NPCs

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You know the answer. They must be deleted.

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by getting somebody else to do it for us.

she sacrificed so much for so many; without ever considering her sacrifice of self

You. Can't

See above. You. Can't. They cannot be repurposed because the system socially shuns those who stray and you don't make them feel good when you redpill them.


murder (((tech CEOs))) in their beds?

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Deform the platform. Shitpost it to oblivion.

:) pay them to leak shit.

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This thread is very low quality.

I have a thought experiment for you.
Find a 5 gallon pale.
Go outside.
Find some rocks.
Put the rocks in the pale.
Take a good, hard look at the rocks in the pale.
The pale of rocks is better than this thread.


The butthurt is strong with this one.


OP is truly a fagat.

Charles Mason found a way
LSD is how you repurpose the left. LSD and Sex and constant affirmation of the intended purpose.

Kill yourself, OP. And mods should kill themselves for allowing these low effort, low quality, indistinguishable from shill threads stay up.

I was the one who thought people saying
we're overreacting a year ago, but it really is officially dead.

I hate the mods too because they allow Trump shills here and the banners make this place a fucking campaign base for a kraut who loves Israel and has jewish kids, vacillates worse than a Reagan or a Goldwater, and is the exact opposite of Hitler in every way. That said, the best thing you can do is stop bitching and either make better threads, or leave so that the site dies a quick death.

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kys nigger

This is a shit thread. You should feel ashamed of yourself for clicking that "New Thread" button.
Delete your shit thread immediately, faggot.
Daily reminder that CHODEKIKEY, by his incompetent management, DIRECTLY condones these types of shit threads. Shit threads like these are staying up for over 7 HOURS due to CHODEKIKEY's poor decisions.
Reminder to SAGE & GLOBAL REPORT shit threads like these.

Facebook Apple Google Microsoft Amazon reddit twitter

might be the only thing of value in this thread; memetic potential and expediency in use

Trump > Shitler

Flood them with gore

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lol go the fuck back to reddit

As the original poster of FAGMART on Zig Forums I endorse it being expanded to FAGMARTS to include Snapchat.

i finally got perma banned from 4chan for creating an epic dubs thread in /tv/ yesterday

I figured out why dubs threads warrant big bans

when you have a epic dubs thread it starts encouraging people to use the get generator, the digits you get are used by alphabet/glow in the dark niggers to be used in IDing users of the site
when get generators are used it starts fucking up their data collection
thats why they ban people posting dubs threads and dont ban cunny posters

unironically through creating our own video content and cannibalizing their viewer base. Pic related.

just like msm is falling, ideological slow-moving tech monopolies will take a hit alongside them. we must make alternative tech platforms that aren't pozzed to death and don't rely on surveillance capitalism. I'd pay subscriptions in exchange for privacy and a decent network.

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You can begin by getting the acronym right, you


oh yeah


reminder that the chip is the closest thing we've ever seen to the mark of the beast

Thinking that rfid chips being implanted is the greatest indicator of how corrupt we are is a pretty peabrained move. Literally everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, with a unique id that ties it to their identity. We put all our inner thoughts into it, and most of our daily interactions. Smartphones are a much more total tracking device and identifier, you just don't think they are a bigger deal than rfid chips because they aren't implanted in us, yet we carry them with us 24/7.

Rfid chips can't even actively send signals, the amount of information they can store is miniscule, and you have to be within a few feet range to even read them.

dude it's called boycotting.