Race wars/WW3 discussion thread

I know this is old news but I remember hearing a quote from a prominent figure and it’s been on my mind for a while (can’t remember who it was who said it just that it was somebody that was somewhat well known) that stated that 500 million people would be the ideal human population for our planet Earth.

I am already fairly red pilled on the basics. I know there is already tons of shit going on currently that will lower human populations such as the war being brewed up against white people in the form of population replacement by 3rd worlder low IQ shit skins and the subversion against our people through the media and educational facilities to demoralize us into happily letting our race die. However sooner or later I believe this will wake up the majority (NPC population) when the consequences of us spreading our asscheeks of tolerance open for niggers/shitskins to abuse ultimately result in living standards becoming noticeably lowered to the point where they (NPCs) can longer afford their soy lattes and Nintendo switches. This will be the tipping point that’ll spark the start of the race wars. These race wars are for sure going to cause population decreasement, but it will not be to the scale of where only 500 million are left on Earth and it will mostly be a decrease in shitskin populations because we’ll obviously win.

Anybody that’s aware of (((them))) knows our race are their most hated gentile breed as we are their biggest threat, because if we wake up as a people to their lies they’ll be screwed. We won’t be nice like Hitler and his people were and we will actually have real extermination camps if the 4th Reich is to happen.

As I have already stated when the race wars end we are likely going to win. As victors we will either be killing or sending the shitskins back to their shitholes until not one is left within our communities.

So my question is.

-Is it likley that these race wars will be the tipping point for WW3? Will the middle eastern countries the refugees come from wage war on Europe for the “unjust atrocities” committed against their people and view us as a global threat and declare war on Europe?

-Will the Jews in the UN call for other countries to join in with these middle eastern countries as to help destroy this new “Nazi” threat?

-Is it likley what ends up happening is another WW2 situation where Jews trick brothers to fight brothers ala U.S, Canada and Australia fighting this new “threat” of “evil” “Nazi’s” that are killing/deporting tolerant nice “immigrants” from their countries and overthrowing their (((governments))).

-Is it more likley this is not the case scenario and the U.S and Canada become woke along side their European brethren and fight together against the shitskins middle easterns and Jew subverted countries?

My guess is U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe vs China, MiddleEast, and Russia in the next 20-25 years. I believe the Jews already are planning WW3 and the flood of immigration is with the intention of starting a race war so we are weakened before the real battle begins or perhaps they’ll strike us when we are in the midst of fighting shitskins as to ensure they’ll win.

Another question is say my scenario happens and the Jews are successful and we die out and the Jews live on the top of a world of shitskins and Chinese. How will they deal with these remaining gentiles? I am sure shitskins would still view the Jews as whites and question why white people still rule over them.

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To sperg out a bit I believe there is absolutely no doubt that the Jews want all gentiles dead eventually and the “500 million” quote shows their intentions to stir up massive conflicts to achieve a lower population and to gain an even stronger stranglehold on our planet Earth. I even believe they even want less then 500 million. Just their own is what they want.

I would not doubt their end game is to live as an immortal super transhumanist race who venture the cosmos raping child aliens and torturing/genocideing intelligent life forms for fun until the heat death of the universe. The Jews want all the power for themselves only, after all they are a tribe who practice freemasonry, to be fair it is only natural to do what is best for your people, nothing wrong for striving what’s best for your people even at the detriment of others. That is what tribes do, that is how nature operates, you do what’s best for you and your family and your tribe, even if “what’s best” is fucked up and satanic like in the case of the Jew. Nature is survival of the fittest and doesn’t give a fuck about morals and dogmas. I believe morals and dogmas was a way they took our nature away from us and conquered us. In order to fight back and win we as white people need to become a tribe as well, our future depends on it. We need to realize the uttermost importance of this and get our act together because frankly our society is a complete joke and our place in it is embarrassing as shit. We are smarter, stronger and more numerous we should be rulers of the Earth and bestow our ideals amongst our people that empower and give our people a spirtual path in life that they feel they are a part of something, a part of something transcendent. Our ideals will allow us to become a race of heroism, courage, masculinity, intelligence, and strength, a super race that takes no shit and breeds with only good respectable women who know their natural roles, a race that’ll eventually get rid of all shitskins and envelope the Earth in its glory, a masculine conquering race, a race that is so strong in it’s ways that it’d be impossible for any subversion. I would not doubt that this would be the result if we freed our nature from the shackles of the Jews and allowed this “nature” to fully embody our being. When we were with one with our nature we were the conquerors on top and the Jews were slaves at the bottom, only when the Jews imprisioned our nature through their subversion were they able to come out on top. We must free our nature and unleash it’s beastly form against our enemies once again.

To conquer once again should be our life mission, this I believe is the mission that is most honourable and shows the most care for our people, both present and future.

To do what’s best for yourself, is to do what’s best for your family, and to do what’s best for your family, is to do what’s best for your tribe, to do what’s best for your tribe is to do what’s best for nature, and to do what’s best for nature is to come out on top and advance as a species.

Remember this quote, this is ultimately how we regain our nature as a strong conquering masculine white race.

Let us make our warrior ancestors proud, let us fight and if we fall let us dine with our breathen in Valhalla.

See you on the front line brother.

Not your blog, faggit.

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The "500 million people is optimal" premise seems pivotal to your speculation, but you can't even remember who said it?
Why are you basing your future projections on a source you can't recall?

Wars, as you say, are being brewed up not to reduce the population to an optimal size. A grand macro goal for those who oppose us is to reduce a chunk of NPCs into to a 100% docile, subspecies of servants. And if this is not possible, complete eliminations. For example, many Muslims are hip to the fact that if they have 8 kids with 4 wives, they will soon replace an ethno German who has 1 wife and 2 kids.

An ideal situation for the US is to disassociate from a large country into 50 small countries.

The jew cannot survive on its own. It's a parasite that requires a host to leech off. All jews need to be exterminated for the world to be free again.

Regardless of who wins in 2020, either candidate will not accept the results and likely call the election "illegitimate." Mass riots will ensue whoever "wins." Oprah is the only one who can pose a legit threat to Trump with all her Soros money, Pedowood connections, illegal spic and nigger vote. If Oprah wins, I expect a race war to ensue within a year or two, or full blown Civil War with factions committing "ethnic cleansing." Like Commander Rockwell, said people side with winners. I think Putin would support and send resources to the ebil "Nationalists" fighting against the Globalists (Jews, shitskins etc). The factions on the Right would agree to let the Middle East fuck off and let Iran and Israel + Saudi allies go at it in a Middle Eastern regional conflict. We may see Russian hold influence over the Middle East for some time once fighting is resolved in the U.S. and new NatSoc or Fascist governments are set up. The U.S. will likely be balkanized into 3-5 states.

Civil War against the left will last a year if that, once foreign Jew resources and weapons stream in to the Leftist-Globalists. Realistically, millions of niggers and spics probably would accept living under a Fascist American state. Obviously that is unacceptable. Therefore, I think 3-5 states will emerge unless ethnic cleansing occurs on a massive scale, the shitlib cities are burned and the entire country is united under a National Socialist society. Timeline goals Zig Forums.

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-by this point moon colony drama will be more important than USA or Europe drama

Are you LARPing, or are you honestly this fucking delusional?

Real life isn't your Warhammer 40k fan fiction, Trump is a moderate conservative at best.

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pic related is you

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found your mystery man

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Just a typical trump shill.

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Would have been a perfect picture if it weren't a fucking thumbnail.

And this one has the bottom half cut off.

I'm honestly just here to laugh at you. Since you believe that Oprah will be the 2020 democratic nominee and that Trump is a magical god emperor, I can't take anything else you have to say meaningfully. Are the 50 states really going to separate into their own countries in the coming decades? I'm starting to consider the possibility that you are retarded.

>U.S. will likely be balkanized into 3-5 states Cascadia fuck yeah!
stop it i'm getting an erection no homo

You poor soul, I'll pray for you.

do you even context?
if you want to discuss the georgia guidestones, go to the georgia guidestone thread


friendly reminder that king nigger walks free even though "team trump" has evidence that he fucked this little girl since she was 10yrs old and then had her killed in a helicopter crash in Phoenix.

Your savior is a sham. Anything jews touch is tainted. You need to spend your time studying 350BC through 70AD in detail. You need to know more! You need to lurk 2 more years.
it's not just a meme. It serves a purpose.

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Go on, tell me what I'm missing please.

Jesus did nothing wrong.

You don't make a decision to hate an entire "race" of people by reading one thing.
I told you where to look. You need to search out everything you can about the jews. Don't trust a word they say, find it for yourself.

The International Jew
The Culture of Crtique
The Talmud

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Put up by one R.C.Christian. Speculation it's a pseudonym referring to Rosicrucian. Makes some decent prescriptions, injected with a dose of poz, of course.

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What parasite doesn't want a host?

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Go on, I'm almost finished…>>12306050

I would only discord with putting such a low limit on human population. Each nation is different and has its own limits to population which should be obeyed, not just thinking about others. It also should overpopulate from time to time to be able to build into some great project, either conquest of something or of securing peace, to acquire wealth or to preserve and help the earth quicker. Human population should exist like credit based money instead of money being baseless. Because money is an important tool that needs regulation but people can be freely used to better one's nation through more workforce for labor of any kind. Don't mean that it should hold to the ideal that it should overpopulate now and then, only in some quite specific time (like Lebensraum, Spazio VItale, Megali Idea, etc)

Zig Forums is a goddamn honeypot site.

Anyone talking about le revolt here is either a moron or a CIAnigger.

Here we only do legal shit like legally organizing political group and/or voting.

The Oldest War tbqh

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The memes are fucking real, what the fuck.

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Ted Turner mentioned it in an interview. He is likely one of several Billionaires that would entertain this sort of table-talk. The date these stones were erected is suspect, as are the languages chosen for translation(Why not Greek?)

R I G H T…because Rosicrucian make a whole lot more sense than:
R [Roman] C [Catholic] Christian…whatevers…

They want a dysgenic altered host that is cowed into submission. ZOG is extremely unhappy with the USA as an entity.

Are you kidding me? America has been the best thing that happened to the kikes since its inception. It was founded by masons and (((enlightenment))) values were the basis for its constitution. Unfettered capitalism allowed jewish finance to thrive and take over every cultural institution in the country. If not for the US, both world wars would have been won by the more reactionary factions. After ww2, America served as a cultural contagion for degeneracy.

Why would the kikes be unhappy with a multi-ethnic post-national state, who's culture is based in vapid materialism and egoism? Please don't say (((Trump))).

>Begins a long "no, you are the one who is retarded" chain

If America descended into inter-tribal conflict, that would be WW3 already. Because with the collapse of America, so too would NATO fall. Then shit gets interesting.

That's naïve (this is a recurring theme in your thread btw). Firstly, Syria doesn't give a flying fuck about the trash that live in Europe. The only one you'd need to watch out for is Turkey. And they have other problems.
Secondly, if NATO fell, the entire Middle East would descend into chaos. Starting with Saudi Arabia.

Oddly enough, the UN doesn't like the jews very much. This will trigger many people, but it is true. The UN repeatedly denounces IsraHell. Not everyone is as corrupted as America is.
Also, the UN is just a dictator's club. So…

>Is it likely what ends up happening is another WW2 situation where Jews trick brothers to fight brothers ala U.S, Canada and Australia fighting this new “threat” of “evil” “Nazi’s” that are killing/deporting tolerant nice “immigrants” from their countries and overthrowing their (((governments))).
I have no idea. It depends on how the conflict develops. Personally, if I were you I'd spend less time researching WW2 and more time researching the conflict in northern Ireland. But that is just because I suspect that the coming war will be waged asymmetrically.
If you expect it to be a conventional war (with possible outside meddling) look up Yugoslavia. The jews really did screw those people over, let me tell you.
Learn from our mistakes.

OP, your problem is that you think in terms of states instead of groups, factions, and people. It's like those foolish videos on kiketube about the coming American civil war where states secede and fight each other rather than populations seceding. You must learn to look at the world in terms of populations and factions. Then things will start to make a hell of a lot more sense.

I don't believe that the jews actually want a race war. Not the intelligent ones.
Wars are very tricky businesses. They almost lost the last one and they literally had everything in their favour.
Civil wars are even more tricky and chaotic. Chaos is not good for you if you're a small minority that rules based entirely on illusion and maintaining the existing political structure. Many powerful minorities have ended up exterminated after a good, long civil war.
The jews want mass immigration because racial conflict allows them to play the various factions against each other (remember what I said, start noticing factions and populations within and across states). This decreases stability but allows more control so long as they are able to maintain the "peace." If things start to get violent, then you will see the jews change their tune from one of race baiting to reconciliation. They walk a tightrope between too much racial conflict which leads to civil war and chaos, and too little which leads to a healthier society that they cannot control. They would much rather they slowly blend us out of existence. Their ultimate goal is to create a blended, rootless race of slaves with no culture and no roots in any lands. Rootless people do not revolt because they have nothing to fight for.

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