Alex Jones was right

Turns out the humble water filter salesman was correct all along.

It’s in the water, 85% of all tap water

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How to filter it out and who is to blame?

Jews are to blame.
It’s in 85% tapwater samples, 90% samples of sea salt.
It’s in seafood, and particulate matter in the air via tyres dust
This shit is sending men infertile.

I've been ordering the non-tap springwater for the past couple years now. It may cost more every month but they also give you a water dispenser that chills the water and its nice

You may be the only man with a decent sperm count in your street.
The problem with micro plastics is these don’t break down.
Some doctors are suspecting they may end up in the human liver and go in to cause all manner of cancers that (((doctors))) can Bill you to treat

be careful what you take as truth and what may just be fear porn.
the idea of there being microplastics in humans may or may not be threatening and it may or may not be normal. To assume that testing was done in the past is your first error. That headline doesn't say whether it has or not.

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Can I test my tapwater myself?

Do I just need to lower the intake of microplastics or does it need to be zero? Or doesnt it matter anymore ( I am 28 by now and habe 2 kids so…)

How do we combat this? Banning all plastic battles and unnessecessary packaging? Thats fine by me. Free tap water filters for taxpayers? Any more suggestions?

And how to clean the oceans? Plastic eating bacteria? Giant filters in the oceans?

That doesn't mean he isn't Mossad but okay

Luckily I've been drinking & cooking in home distilled water for two years now.

Only fool or ignorant drinks (((provided))) water.

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Bit more info

Austrian study conducted by the university of Vienna

no need to test, it is shit. Filter your own water or dig a well in safe place.

apparently the micro plastics are everywhere, even in rainfall supposedly

fish are full of it too

we are seriously damaging the food chain

Are cans okay or are plastic bottles bettee? What about BPE free bottles. What about eco-friendly bio-degradable wrappings?


This, groundwater is the only reasonable source now, as the plastic particulates have also been found in rainwater samples.

The Elites are castrating men globally

It’s the god damn storyline of Warcraft 3, but it’s in more than the wheat

(laughs)How is this possible? Plastics in a clouds? In a steam and raindrops? Some source please?

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If they ship it in plastic bottles, you're still drinking plastic.

Particulate matter.

China’s full of it, Pm1-Pm5. Heavy amounts are expelled during the manufacturing and recycling process, just straight up into the air.
For western countries road usage is a high source of the dust, as well as plastic shopping bags. Your average plastic shopping bag is constantly farting out particulates into the air.

Just when I started eating fish for omegas too. Fucking hell.

yes, i was reading about these stuff just now. So the plastics does not evaporate with steam into clouds(:D) instead it is in certain places in the air and when rain comes that plastic gets into it.

You must be new on Zig Forums

It's nice to have access to fresh spring water for free.

microbeads are micro plastics wtf have u been under a rock or something

Microbeads are manufactured solid plastic particles of less than one millimeter in their largest dimension. They are most frequently made of polyethylene but can be of other petrochemical plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene

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Yes because Zig Forums is a diet board.

Are there any studies showing it's dangerous to consume microplastics?
If you knew how to OP you would have taken the time to include this information.

its not definable because of the randomness of the size of the plastics, they move through your body in to any area and may stay or pass through


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i thought stuff like this was common knowledge atleast in Zig Forums already..

It has been context of conversations for years now.

Most if not all cans are lined with plastic
I think you mean BPA. BPAs are not the only estrogenic chemicals found in most plastics. Almost all types of plastic include some type of estrogenic chemical(s), some being worse than BPAs. IIRC they are actually mostly from some additive that is added during the plastic manufacturing process to virtually all plastics. With that said, I'm guessing >eco-friendly bio-degradable wrappings
are no better

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Just get a three stage reverse osmosis system. Problem solved.

Only poor niggers drink tap water.

So as far as we know it's being harmlessly passed.


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just because its being passed doesnt mean its being harmlessly passed




Precipitation requires cloud condensation nuclei. Luckily we exported our manufacturing to the 3rd world where they have zero environmental standards so they can spew that shit into the atmosphere for all of us to enjoy.

This is why i only drink bottled water

bottled in plastic?

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does it matter?
as long as its not microplastic it should be fine

of course it matters, microplastic particles and chemicals from the plastic seep into the water

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Hmm that probably causes colon cancer which has really spiked the past couple of decades.

I'd say fucking gooks are to blame for this one. But let's kill all the jews nevertheless just to be safe. Plus, they already deserve it for a bunch of other shit.

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did you even read the thread?
Particles are constantly shedding from pretty much every material in existence. This is just common sense

btw, even if the bottles didnt contaminate the water, bottled water is usually just tap water anyway, and thus, already contaminated.
sage for double post

Fun fact, water vapor can't actually condense into water droplets in free air, it needs a nucleation site for the water droplet to built up around and for rain those are actually tiny pieces of dust (and now plastics). The plastic gets swept up into the air like dust and then makes its way up to the cloud layer where water starts to condense on it, hence rain droplets with plastic in them.


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Considering they are all made with xenoestrogens, I would at least claim it not to be healthy.

God damn it.

This is a scheme to - you know I think I'm actually going to pass on outing this one? It's not like all my "outings" are honest anyways. Well intended yeah, but not honest.

Figure it out for yourselves, goyim. The jewvalry is staying back this time.

What is fog ?
Fun fact, you are an idiot

yeah I have a filter, fuck off filter salesman
thing is filtered tap water is still a tap water, retard
bottled water is also a tap water in case someone didn't know

You know, I think I've actually figured out a fresh new take on governing philosophy thanks to all you little magic monsters. It's terrible. I think I just lost a chunk of faith in humanity, but I gained a lot of love for old people in the process.

I'm torn on whether to share it or just jew the world a new one with it.

It doesn't consist of only water.

Is this a bot?

Oh, for the love of…

Wouldst that young liars and demented old people were easier to tell apart!

Are ye environmentalists yet, with your vast concerns for water filtration?

Distilled, while free from all contaminates, is very close to acidic. Fresh water is fit for human consumption because the 'pure' water dissolves salts and minerals from the earth that bring it's acidity down. I hope you are at least adding some minerals back in and if not there are additives online that you can buy to add that give back some of the trace elements.

Quick guide for seeking realistic alternatives to tap water.

Here's how it works;

If it's labelled Natural Mineral Water it comes from a single source, usually underground.

If it's labelled Natural Spring Water it's from a spring or multiple springs, usually in a singular regional location.

Anything not labelled with Natural Spring or Natural Mineral is by default tap water. Most reasonably priced Mineral or Spring waters are fairly ok but some are very dodgy such as anything made by Nestlé. Their bottles are literally rotting *into* the fluids they contain. There are likely other brands but I cannot recall at this moment. Oh and avoid "artisinal" water like the plague, it's a meme for tards with too much money. Also avoid anything that *adds* things to the water such as the types you'll sometimes find sold at gyms. Make sure it's *only* water. Avoid any brands associated with mainstream soft drink distribution such as Coke etc, they are usually "enhanced" in one form or another from source to bottle. Oh and those mineral waters "with a touch of x/y/z" are literally just soft drinks made with mineral water. It still contains all the crap a soft drink gets added to it that got put into a prettier dress.

My advice for water is simple, find a brand thats reasonably priced, do a little homework on the brand then pull the trigger. It's financially straining to buy only mineral or spring water from glass bottles in most cases but if you can afford it, do it. If you can't afford it then fifteen minutes of research will help find a good one. Look for the usual, any controversy involving it's production and distribution, the locale of said water and so forth. Remember though, it *is* still a plastic bottle so be very discerning in your final choice.

Despite what is commonly believed water does have a flavour pending it's mineral breakdown, some can taste a tad metallic, some can taste flat and so forth. Also carbonated Spring Waters can be a good stepping stone for someone who previously relied upon soft drinks, it can help you move from the semetic poison you previously consumed.

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It doesn't matter which brand it is. If the bottle is plastic, plastic is getting into the water.

Are water filters effective or do they just scams that add even more shit to water?

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The shit you worry about is too small for regular filters, don't see any reason to bother with them unless your only source of water is a bog. The real filters are more like exchangers, they filter out everything, make distilled water and add new minerals afterwards. Cost a lot and then you need to maintain it all the time. Crazy times to just drink some fucking water.

Blame women's products.

This. There's no regulation as to how long those bottles can be left in the sun to degrade from the heat and light exposure before ending up in your hands.


In my experience, not all plastics are made equal. Not all have the same degradation rate and hard plastic bottles (such as 18L ones) do not taste like plastic at all, unlike the more malleable counterpart in the shitty nestle bottles.
I can taste the plastic when I drink a regular small bottle.
I usually put the NATURAL SPRING WATER from my #7 plastic (if i remember correctly) bottle into glass jars anyway.

I've been drinking exclusively Italian mineral water past 4 years. Hope it helps

Post research sources or skedaddle newfriend

coconut water wouldn't be in such a state….

This is true, not all plastics are created equal. This in itself means that using taste alone to detect its presence is not sufficient. Plastics taste different and Im sure some are less detectable than others even at higher concentrations. Moving your water from plastic to glass only prevents it from becoming further contaminated.

Stop wearing petrochemical clothing.

Go back to cotton and hemp.
Plastic clothing is one of the leading causes of the massive amount of plastic micro particles filling our environment. Not to mention pretty much all clothing is made by slave workshops. Support local hemp and cottom clothing dealers or start making clothing yourself. Zig Forums needs to wake the fuck up when it comes to industry. If we don't take charge, it will continue to spiral out of control.


This. Cotton for summer, wool for winter.

I'm a cook. Drink a lot of water, use a lot of seasalt. How fucked am I?

How do you feel?

Anyone got some advice on a distiller for water? Bonus points if i can use it to distill my homemade wines into brandy

Same here, but we've got the cold tap AND hot tap. Sorry.

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Like I made a wrong fucking career choice. i do learn a lot from the (((guests))) we're serving food to though (((they))) drink mineral water and expensive wines ofc

This is part of why I distil rainwater and you dumb city niggers can keep eating plastic.
Or get an Artesian well aka not a shallow well but one that is deep, clean, cool 20-40k year old water, until you faggots kill that water with fracking/drilling fluid and bore casing failures in the future

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Filters are made to NOT show the plastics. Just kidding, I have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if I were right.

Coconut water is bullshit. It tastes like literal bullshit, though I've never actually eaten bullshit. Anyway, coconut milk is better, or at least that's what I drank growing up on the Keys.

Saw this shit on sentimentalcorp like a year ago

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Exactly why I recommended the borosilicate glass and copper one instead ;)

But as a note, I have used those drum type ones and they only have a single connection part that is plastic, few mm at most. Rest is rubber or glass or steel. E.g. The water will go through more plastic in the fucking water pipes from your water tank than in the distiller. But of course, hot plastic is worst and best avoided.

Is this true? If so, I'm guessing mineral water is better (though much more expensive)?

i use a pur filter. the double one. its not good enough to remove floride but i assume it'll remove microplastics

Yeah I was mostly just being an asshole with that one

Best way to dumb down the Goyim.

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It's not exactly news. We already knew this.
But at least the kike media are being forced to acknowledge it.

You were being an asshole but it got anons more information in the process. Win win according to Kek.

Checking more delicious and satanical digits in this thread!
This is only partially true and one side of the equation. It's a double edged sword that can be easily mitigated.
Even the Rothskikes only drink distilled water, it's probably for a reason.. been doing it nearly a decade and you can taste tap/crap/plastic tainted water straight away after a while.

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The fertility nuke is so pervasive, I knew it was either in the air (chemtrails or whatever) or the water. Now that's its verified, I wonder if people will do anything about it. No bets.

Haven't you guys heard? Water is bad for you! heheh


True, but it beats shitty tap water by a long stretch.
Once I get a house i'll be sure to get one with an artesian well, although i'll most likely have to get a water softener.

Looks like the one you mentioned isn't for sale any more, damn

Just made 4L pre carcoaled & distilled water which drop right into sealed glass pot.

Drinking this about past two years. I did tons of research to find information about dangers of pure water, didn't find truth & eventually just decided to try and see. Didn't notice anything and still distilling. I am not dead, feeling good & atleast my water is pure.

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