Boomer hate thread

There is absolutely no peer in history of a generation being given so much, and then leaving the next generation so little. They didn't just spend all their money; they spend all our money and all our kids money as well.

Then they took a country that was 90 percent white and decided to turn it into le 56 percent hell hole. Niggers rape our white women daily and the Jew media ignores it.

Young white men; talented and smart, get their jobs outsourced to shitskins in India who do half the job for half the price. So many intelligent young men who should have careers, houses and families instead stay at home playing vidya as Jamal infects three white 17 year old girls a week with an STD.

They cuck to the Israelis like no generation ever has. They complain about their kids not moving out. My grandfather graduated from high school, got a job and could afford to raise two kids right off the bat.

My father graduated from college with no debt (He paid 350$ a semester for tuition) and was hired right out of school as an engineer. He didn't have to compete with a single shitskin for the job.
They also have jewed the housing market so bad that while boomers net worth increases, it is nearly impossible for young men to afford decent housing.

Also feminism, race cuckolding, living so goddamn long their last 10 years are spent in a hospital unconscious pissing in a bag at the meager rate of 4000 dollars a day. Guess who is picking up that bill?

They look down on the young generation as lazy and unmotivated. Imagine if the younger generation just said fuck you and all quit their jobs and stopped paying into the absolute fucking scam that is Social Security. They should be grateful we don't put them up against the wall.

If you're a boomer, kindly fuck off back to r/the_cuck while inhaling bleach fumes, thanks and god bless.

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Kike free first

even boomer with 10grade educate was able to afford house and land.
Gave birth to children like crazy and further increased population with migration.

Boomer took advantage of generation before them by taking what they created and fucked the later generation by giving nothing and enslaving them with debt and snatching tax money for them.

Boomers were born in the 50's making them in their 60's and up.
Who gives a shit and why are you discussing them?

Look at this shit thread.

Serious question, what purpose does "x hate threads" have? We all agree on most issues raised by these threads, and they offer no place for a dialog on how to fix the issues. Should we just sit here all day commiserating about how shit everything is? Shouldn't we spend our time discussing what to do about it instead?

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Kill yourself, OP.

Boomer hate is d&c, we need all hands on deck to defeat the Jews.

not the jews
not the jews
not the jews
not the jews
not the jews
not the jews
not the jews
not the jews
you know who's to blame, right? boomers.

Kill yourself. If you can't remember to sage shit threads, DON'T FUCKING POST.

Jokes on you boomer fucks, I don’t pay my taxes. If you are a white American you should do everything in your power to pay as little or next to 0 in taxes. In no way does our government support us.


Don't forget to leech as much as possible from the gibs-spigots, too.

reddit spacing

Boomers are the reason why the Jews are where they are today. Boomers and Jews are natural allies and will stop at nothing to destroy what they see as a threat.

Redditors don’t attack boomers fucking dipshit.

>it's , not jews!


you know what we havent seen right? jew hate thread

They’re nothing more than the product of good times and kike subversion, the only difference between them and millenials is that they had the postwar boom to ride off of.

They were the first generation that simultaneously refused to listen to their elders, 'Trust no one under 30', and ignored their children's pleas to stop the madness.

They see the kennels that have been build to house the elderly.

The one's they built to put the 'Greatest Generation' in so they could continue to sip wine and nibble on cheese while they watched Nero fiddle on Who's Got Talent.

They all know what is coming for them and all are attempting to outlast the natural order of things.

They are not ready to be replaced, and yet that is the only thing left for the Boomers.

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I hate boomers quite a lot for giving into the kike, but I wouldn't say they deserve their own hate thread like niggers and kikes do. I think it's only productive to make this type of thread for a group that is universally reviled to the point of instinctual disgust for everyone here. I think only niggers, kikes, and possibly chinks fulfill those criteria.

There's a good chunk of people here who would defend some boomers, simply because there exist boomers who didn't want us to end up this kiked.

This just seems like senseless D&C. Reminding the boomer that their generation fucked a large number of things up is productive, but stomping their face into it is not. We should quietly pull the life support from them, not gloat for hours while doing so.

He explained their collaboration with the Jews you fucking boomer shill.

Hate threads are a Zig Forums tradition. Lurk more newfag.

Boomers are also responsible for the trophy generation that they always bitch about.

Kike meme.

Not really.

This, exactly. Op is a hook nose.

wow that pic
the boomer npcs in their natural environment, sitting down to consume jewish mind poison while the world rots


I love and respect my parents, and they weren't nearly as bad as their pears from that generation, but they do hold a lot of boomer positions.
I guess being a boomer is less being born in a certain time frame, and more of a general state of mind.

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The stupidity of the boomer hate is that they succumbed to what any other generating in the same position, with the same knowledge would have succumbed to. Overwhelming ease of life breeds weakness.


Take this bullshit back to 4chan.

Rude sage for 4chanposting.

Get this D&C bullshit out of here.

I have a theory that the reason boomers seems so attracted to the qanon meme is becuse it offers the same utopian promises that Marxism did.

And every other generation isn't? Our generation isn't any fucking better. You deserve everything that you want to happen to Boomers for being that stupid.

Just because there are like 7 based boomers in existence doesn't mean the rest of them are not shit when they very clearly are.
Just like how the one nigger who actually wears some speed stick and brushes his teeth doesn't magically make the rest of niggers not smell like shit.

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Our generation did not give niggers civil rights, open the borders to wetbacks, make drug use popular, get cultural Marxism into the education system, etc. Fucking kill yourself boomer.

The promise is not the same, but it does offer something which lets them sleep at night.
I would believe that's why they bite into it if it didn't seem so childish. The more likely answer is that it's their "version" of the Jew. Because believing that there are insidious actors in our government that happen to be Jewish is such a stretch for them, they default to believing that they're actually anything else.
It's all the fun of solving a mystery without having to worry about what lies ahead, because there's already someone that'll fix it.

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Fuck off Boomer, we can hate the kikes and you because your greed enabled them.

Any boomer worth a damn would recognize how utterly destructive and harmful his generation is and would gladly sacrifice himself in a general boomer purge.

I think we should give the 7 based boomers a chance to identify themselves by purging 6 million of their fellow boomers. Only then will they be given the pass on Exterminatus.

This board has been killed by the mods. They have restricted the # of threads per hour, in this already nigh dead, everyone-banned-that-posted, board.

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Divide the goys.

Checked. It's true. Boomers gave us NAFTA, every fucking job shipped overseas, and much more. Everything shit came from boomers. Name 1 good thing boomers did.

Yep, can't think of a damn thing!

Any boomer that doesn't acknowledge how shit his generation has been is not our brother and is only fit for hellfire.


Chutzpah, rabbi.

Yeah, like you've not been fooled or are a fucking kike playing divide the goy.

Reminder that jews took control of the world before boomers were born.

Exactly. Jew shit has been going on since medieval times. Only a fucking idiot would say it all happened during the boomers.
Federal Reserve was created, when? 1914? And before that, the First and Second bank of the US.
Anyone who think it started with the boomers is a damned fool of the kikes.

Any they control more of it now thanks to their useful idiot boomers.

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So we should get the jews instead of wasting effort on people with 1 foot in the grave already.

While I do hate some of the things that boomers ignore, most of the problems I cause myself still.

This. Hating on boomers is meaningless. They will die off and *nothing* will change because the root of all problems are KIKES. Boomers are easy to hate because they are the quintessencial useful idiot which caused them to pose no resistance to the kikery, but they're merely pets; tools - just like niggers.

Thanks for wasting a thread like a boomer faggot, reddit.

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My point was that boomers were useful idiots because jews were already in control. They didn't have the resources we do now, like the internet, to gather information, and they were wealthy and living on easy street, so they're a soft generation in their old age. It's pointless to sit around bitching about them. Note what went wrong, and focus on the (((real enemy))).

pretty much this

somehow its okay to sweep over a whole generation of whites and blame them for everything except for the actual problems manny of them are partly responsible by neglecting their responsbility

when the jews are behind every shit you can rage about thats a no no

the boomer talk is a kosher red herring

It is D&C, the nigger felt the need to touch on le 56 kikery. His intent is dishonorable.

A kosher red herring created by a millennial kike.

Yup. A blatant attempt at shifting the blame from kikes to the useful idiots they pumped and dumped. In my eyes - "Boomer" threads should be treated as jewish d&c and dealt with accordingly

It's the daily stormer idiots who always write boomer hate posts. Manlet Thaifucker anglin is about to go broke and still has no family at age 35.

I don't give a fuck about the old farts honestly but it's no different than trying to lay blame on all the millennials for their part in it. We need less of that and more recognizing the jewt of the problem.
Yeah these generations have a lot of fucked up individuals but they aren't beyond redemption and all white people are worth saving if they can be. Everyone has fucked up at least once in their lives and we need to show a little grace, help our brothers stand back up and then face the kikes.

Exactly. The most important thing for us to do is to name the enemy. Boomers are fucking retards, but they are *not* the root of the problem - they're purely a branch. You may cut as many branches as you want and the trunk will grow more without giving a single fuck which is the biggest problem here. Once the general population will finally open its eyes to the JQ, we'll succeed. Any other way is meaningless and a waste of time.

I don’t see what’s wrong with a hate thread. We all acknowledge that the Jews are ultimately worse, this is just a venting thread.

D&C. There's no reason to vent in this direction other than to direct our ire against the wrong group.

why hate the dog that shat your lawn when it's his owner that led him there

Sure you don't you jewish piece of shit.

This is accurate. Q was actually a genius method of the kikes getting everybody to calm the fuck down and basically accept, without any real resistance, exposure of insane, Venezuela-level corruption–hey, somebody's taking care of it. Kek.

Boomers are our enemy. They are not on our side. They will hang with the Jews on the dotr

Boomers are clearly the problem
Genx'ers are clearly the problem
Millenials are clearly the problem

Fucking idiot. Go suck start a shotgun OP.

To be fair that pic was likely taken when walt was alive and he hated yids. Sadly he was a cuck whom refused to actually use his vast wealth and empire to directly engage the yids with his compatriots whom also despised them. Instead all of them just stood by as the yids infiltrated and undermined their various empires and nations doing utterly nothing.

it's the broke-ass gen x'ers that are going to kill this country

Anglin, boomers will be long dead by the time dotr happens and you will still be a miserable manlet fucking trannies in your thaishack.

this 'country' is dead already mate. How can you kill what is already rotting away? What, pull the plug because you cannot carry the dead weight load yourself? That is not a bad thing, its an mercy to everyone involved. Our mission is to lay the foundation of the future, not pine for the wailing and doomed idea which is long past its prime.

BTW: Boomer hate is an gateway drug into hating the Jews in the mind of normalfaggots. Everyone can agree their generation was runny dogshit, once the programming on them is deconstructed its now easier to point out the yids behind the curtain with the same exact reasons. With so many newfags here on full chan, I can see the use of an boomer hate thread, but honestly most here should be well past such simpleton points.

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