We only have one true enemy

All this D&C Bullshit is either directly kike bullshit or kike-infused bullshit.

There are a lot of T_D boomers heading here lately and the posting of questions is getting intolerable. There is only one rule, of Western Civilization. Jews are the enemy. Period. I don't just say this, I prove it.

The Talmud teaches that Jesus Christ was illigitimate and was conceived during menstruation; That he "contained the soul of Esau (meaning he was a fool); That he was a conjurer, a seducer, that he was hanged and buried in hell and set up as an idol for his followers.

I'm going to greatly paraphrase the following as some passages are many pages long. You can refer to the specific passage to see the entire writings.

Tract Kallah, 1b: Rabbi Eliezer says Mariamme (mother of Jesus) told him she was having menstruation the day she was married, causing her husband to leave her but an evil spirit impregnated her with Jesus.

Todath Jeshu "The Generations of Jesus" gives the same account of events.

Sanhedrin, 67a: "But Jesus mother was a prostitute who deserted her husband and committed adultry." This is taught at Pumbadita and recorded in the Jerusalem Talmud and by Maimonides.

Tract Chagigah, 4b: "When Rabbi Bibhai was visited by the devil, he was asked, 'Go and bring me Mary the Hairdresser - in place of the other Mary'". This passge goes on to state, "Did not Jesus practice Egyptian magic by cutting into his flesh?" "He was a fool and we don't pay attention to what fools do."

Jacobh, fol. 127z: "The Magi, before they left Egypt, took special care not to put their magic in writing lest others might come to learn it but Jesus inscribed the teachings into his skin."

It states he was "hanged on the eve of the passover" in Sanhedrin. "The sould of Esau came into Christ, therefore he is evil."

Schabbath, 104b: "He was a fool and no one pays attention to fools."

Toldoth Jeschu;
"Jesus and Judas struggled for ascention to heaven, but Judas pissed on Jesus and they both fell to earth where they will forever be at odds with each other until one cleans the earth of the other."

Tract Sanhedrin (103a) Psalm XCI, 10 states "Those who partake in idolatry and preaches it to others (Christians) shall be cursed to never be a family unit."

Sanhedrin (107b) "Mar said: Jesus seduced, corrupted and destroyed israel."

Zohar, III (282) - "Jesus died like a beast and was buried with dogs and donkeys as Christians and Muslims must be buried. Uncircumcized and unlclean like dead dogs."

Hilkoth Akum (V,3) of Maimonides;
Chizzuk Emunah, Part I, Ch. 36 - "If Jesus was the Messiah then he wouldn't have been killed and the jews would be lament for having killed him. Jesus was no more than a good and upright ruler of the House of David who died. (Dan. XI, 35): "and some who understand shall fall, to try and to purge them and to make them white, even till the end of time, because the appointed time is not yet."

Tract Abhodah Zarah, (21a Toseph):
"Don't rent your homes to gentiles because they will bring the idol (Jesus on the crucifix) into it. Rent them your barns and lodging houses only."

Iore Dea (146, 15): "Their idols must be destoryed, or called by contemptuous names."

Ibidem, (147,5): "It is permitted to deride idols, and it is forbidden to say to a Goi: May your God help you, or I hope you will succeed."

Jews don't refer to Christ as Jesus, but as Jeschu or "May his name and memory be blotted out."

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Mary is referred to as Charia which means Dung/Excrement (German Dreck).

Jews refer to Christian Saints as Kedoschim (cinaedos) - "Faggots" for male saints and the female saints as Kedeschoth or "Whores."

Easter is called Ketsach meaning "to cut down; Kesach, A Gallows"

Beth Hattiflah - House of Vanity and Evil = Christian Church

Aavon Gilaion - Book of the Gospels / Books of Iniquity (Grossly unfair or immoral behavior)

Christian Sacrifices are called "Dung Offerings"
Jeruselum Talmud (fol. 13b) "He who sees them mezabbelim (exrementing - sacrificing) before their idol, let him say (Exod. XXII, 20): He that sacrificeth unto an idol shall be utterly destroyed." (Referring to Num. XXV,3) Rabbit Iarchi states "Gentiles honor their God by Excrementing before him."

Schaw-Wesschicksel - A Christian girl who works for Jews on their sabbath - translation: Sabbath Dirt

Zohar (1, 25b) - "Those that help the Christians will not move on to the afterlife." You will be damned to hell for helping Christians. The only exception is when a jew is at risk for not doing so. "It is hateful to rejoice with them unless you are protecting yourself or the tribe."

Hillkohoth Akum (X, 5) - "It is not permitted to give gifts to Christians. The Talmud allows the giving of a gift to a Christian only when it is known the jew will get something in return.

Iore Dea (334, 43) "selling property to the goyim will get a jew exiled."

Iore Dea (154, 2) It is not permitted to teach the goyim any useful trade.

"The life of a Goi and all his physical powers belong to a jew." (A. Rohl. Die Polem. p.20) It is an axiom of the Rabbis that a jew may take anything that belongs to Christians for any reason whatsoever, even by fraud; nor can such be called robbery since it is merely taking what belongs to him."

Babha Bathra (54b) - Anything the Goim owns is free to take.

Abhodah Zarah (20, a, Toseph) "Do not praise Christians. Show them no mercy." Rabbi S Iarchi "Do not pay them any compliments; for it is forbidden to say how good the Goi is."

Iore Dea (151,14) "No jew may praise the Christian other than to praise God's good creation he made for the jew."

Akum (V, 12) "It is forbidden to make mention of the Akum (Christ); for it is written [Exodus XXIII, 13]… and make no mention for other gods."

I love Jew too

Jews and burgers
:^) fuck you let me shitpost and bump your thread

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this is not the board for you.

Don't fall for a shitpost, retard.

Here, something for you humorless young miseries to actually enjoy for a change:



Used to be I could tell shitposts, but this place is so overrun with deserters of other boards, i can't tell what's what. Hence the reason for the post with reddit spacing. I'm not sure they would know how to read it otherwise.

You retarded faggot, western civilization is kike nonsense. Sage because fuck you. >>>Zig Forums

gas yourself

All problems we think are problems will become far less of a problem if we remove kikes and their influence.

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Reminder that feminism, multiculturalism, Communism, and Globalism are ALL Jewish ideas. Invented by Jews, perpetuated by Jews, led by Jews, supported by Jews. These things are symptoms. Eliminate Jews and all other things will follow.

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You fucking moron, jews refer to all whites as Christians whether you like it or not. Don't be so hung up on words. I has posted several times I think the figurative Christ was based on the real Alexander, son of Herod.

Somebody replied to you in the Book thread, and I replied to him concerning the usage of the word day. I was wondering what you had to say about that.

I've never seen a legitimately pro-wite poster hate on Christianity. There is plenty to lament about the kike-controlled state of modern Christianity, but that is no more Christianity than Disney's Hercules is Greek Mythology.

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What I know for certain is jews absolutely hate Christianity. For that reason, I love it. It's quite literally the only thing that has made me consider the Christ as an actual spirit being that rose from the grave and all that business. Until I realized the depth of hatred the jew had for the Christians, I never considered myself a Christian. Now I say I'm a Christian with pride, if only to upset the jew.

This place IS one of the deserted boards.

To clarify, I interpret "Christian" to mean "Anti-Semitic" because, historically, from every angle I can find, that's exactly what it has meant. I think the word Christian has been twisted to mean a follower of Christ when originally it meant an Anti-Semite.
That's what I can gather from having done so much reading on the topic, anyway.

good, then you won't mind fucking off.

Can the christcucks get any more deluded?

Through you that jews get entry into Europe.

There are few among people who call themselves "christian" who even know about what you consider real christianity, so even less likely are you to find non-christians aware of the real version you speak of. This being the case, there are probably a lot of legitimately pro-white posters who dislike what they understand to be Christian values, because that's what we almost always see from people professing to be Christian here and elsewhere: a bunch of race-traitor cucks.

Hitler had to deal with the same problem, and opted to compete with the church for the loyalty of the people without openly shitting on Christians, instead hoping that the jewed up faith would just rot away beneath the magnificence of the Third Reich, and its people's, accomplishments. Here, though, we don't have to be subtle, as we're anonymous (at least to each other), and can loudly call each other out for disloyalty to the #1 issue of importance: the white race.

Christianity as it is is pure poison, and the majority of "Christians" are traitors, and pushovers that would sooner fight white advocates to protect Israel than aid us in preventing the destruction of our race. I'm no expert on Christianity, but because of what I see most Christians advocating, I don't trust any of them.

The original christians were people who lived in jerusalem but completely abandoned the satanic culture of the jews in every way. They didn't praise the crooked rabbis, they didn't have disputes in front of crooked judges, they didn't tithe or sacrifice to the temple, etc. They were a huge threat to the comfortable life that jews crave, which is just as true today. Christians don't need any of the filth jews peddle through all of time, which is exactly what Hitler proved.

Muh Bible though.
Muh Church
Muh Pope

And the tithe thing is incorrect, the church taxes exist in the Middle Age.

Christians would be better in trying to convert themselves rather than preaching to outsiders.

So you missed the first 100 points in the OP, huh? How do you go through life being blinded to whats staring you in the face, while calling others NPC's?

he stated it as a divided church

"For it is in the last resort not our task to defend or even to strengthen the Evangelical Church through violence against its own representatives… But on one point it is well that there should be no uncertainty; the German priest as servant of God we shall protect, the priest as political enemy of the Germany State we shall destroy."
-Adolf Hitler, a speech in the Reichstag on 30 Jan, 1939

Jews hate Christians.

Not to go against your claims, but are you sure the flags they were using weren't their maritime ones? Not that it's excusable in any ways though it makes a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit more sense than if it was their civil flags.
Also do not forget that there's other two big enemies, laissez-faire capitalists who allowed them to rise and the PRC.

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yeah same here

Assuming you are a part of the solution and not the problem, I encourage you or anyone reading this to dig into the history of communist china and revert the findings back to us.
I only have my suspicions that the origins will turn up heavy semite influencers as communism = judaism. I just haven't had the time to turn that corner and start digging.

Read what you wrote moron
No , seriously read it
All (( (semitic) )) filth deserves to be crucified
Pro tip the demon called jeshua ornjehovah isnt coming back. White people (Romans) killed its ass dead

From private conversation with staff. Sourced from "Hitler's War". Lots more in the chapter "Extreme Unction".

Here's your confirmation, gents! The jew just can't help but open his filthy mouth.

See, this is a problem. I have no grounds to make assumptions but when presented 2 options of contradicting concepts, I have to go with the option most directly related to the occurrence. The more degrees of separation from the original source, the more tangible it is the information has been manipulated. So, when I'm presented direct-source information about National Socialist Germany whether from Hitlers speeches or original manuscripts, publications or other physically verifiable sources, I have to go with the direct source over 3rd party accounts.

The jew can get into the cracks and manipulate and relies on being able to do so.

This. If you disagree, go line up with the yids.

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What value is in a political speech, though, in determining a man's true beliefs? It's entirely propaganda meant to have a certain effect, thus useless.

kikes are rat parasites that can only survive by feeding off western civilization like a tick.

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You are subject to your own bias.
Watch Hitler speak. The passion he emits is not faked. His tone is a tone adopted by someone speaking about a murderer of a loved one. Only love can drive someone to speak with that kind of passion. No politician has ever been able to come close to the passion he espoused.

Remove your bias and think about it from a perspective of the time. He had no reason to lie. He was a complete ruler. If he wanted to tell the people of NatSoc Germany that Christianity was a Co-Opted con game, he would have done so with pleasure.

not an argument

you're out of your league, chat bot.

Whatever, dude. Have another sample.

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Useless post
Jews are the enemy

Great argument. As good as your last one.

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And what have we here? A famous photo of Hitler practicing his public image? So much for not acting.

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Your semitism bleeds through the computer, heathen.
Once again, just in case anyone is following:

Your emotion defiles you credibility.

No, jackass, I just know a jew when I smell one. You come in and try to shift the narrative from jews being the enemy to Hitler being a liar.

Not going to happen

What's the Point

There is no American people

the Left coalition ; Jewish professor , syrian refugee , arab cabdriver , Black rapper , Chinese real estate agent , Mexican housekeeper ,Guatemala cook , Puerto Rican nurse , white hippie , white feminist , white liberal , white mudshark , white gay , white Transgender

Right coalition ; white evangelical , white catholic , white mormon (Three Faction are white collor-Neocon) ,
white working class , white nationalist , white libertarian
KKK , Nazis , Cuban lawyer who LARPing as Reagan
Mexcian who LARPing as conquistador , a few token niggers

various ethnic group and factions hold American citizenship but those people have no common mythology, no common language, no common culture, no common history, and most important no common vision of the empire’s future

This is total yuppie-hippie-yankee-doodle fuck

Republican party is chaotic and unstable , Democratic party is chaotic and unstable

Two Party system it self is chaotic and unstable

basically America wealth is concentrate to the Elite

white are losing job due to out-sourcing and quota system

white are deracinated due to forced racial integration - not to mention HUD-Section 8 Housing

white culture and history are dump and piss and throw away hundred times

Non-white aren't happy either, despite of white owe them something but white didn't give them much

Too many tribe fighting each other , Too many faction fighting each other , America is chaotic and unstable

Vast Majority of white people (including many white girl who treated well on minority) will get eternal misery

Only handful of white will get what they want

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I made good points, and now you're throwing a fit because you don't like them. Jews are the enemy, and lying is part of the process of defeating them.

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Keep running your filthy fucking mouth, jew. I know you can't shut the fuck up. You never will, that's why every fucking one of you must be removed.

let me guess, in a minute "somoene" is going to come and engage in conversation with you.

You guys need new tactics. Don't engage this kike fuck.

Read this if you can stop blubbering for a second.

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Written in Greek
Not in the bible. Churches were invented 400 years after Jesus, actually just a repurposing of pagan temples.
What are you, a fucking inbred muslim? Even children know that the pope is heretical bullshit
Again, not in the bible. The middle-ages were more than a thousand years after christianity was founded and packed with greedy jews.
The simple, undeniable fact is that when Hitler vanquished the jews, Christianity flourished in Germany because it did not disagree with National Socialism, while catholicism and atheism sloughed away, largely because the main propagators of atheism and catholicism (and all the gross degeneracy they excuse) were packed into train cars and camps. Even more impressive was the number of officers who declared they were gottgläubig or men who had rejected the organized religions but retained their faith. That should be the goal for every white man.

Fuck you

I'm talking about vote is useless

Democracy like Some church freak saying if you believe Jesus ( Vote ) and paying some into church (Going out Election night) will save you

Guess what, player ? you got played

No one gonna save us from this pithole create by previous generation

A fucking everything is now white supremacy

Can't married because who know that white girl might be mud-shark or mentally ill feminist commie fuck

So now I'm asking you where is resistance ?

"White lives matter too" , "It's Okay to be white" "I'm a Toys R us kid"

Is this the best that white men can do ?

We need something much stronger and powerful that made enemy scare

But instead we got Boomer-Orange nigger saying "although Republican party have Presidency and both Houses can stop the third world immigration so you guys have to vote on november"


How does it feel to be played like a fucking dreidel, you morons?

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You kikes invented the judicial system, you know this shit wouldn't pass in a court of law.


Thanks for the thread bump:

liberalism, feminism, equality, are all euro ideas, mostly from the north west. jews just exploited them because they knew shitty ideas like that would lead to ruin.

This is the most Reddit spaced Reddit post I've ever seen. Go back to your shithole, nigger.

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Can you make out his accent? I almost detect a poo in there. Are they hiring shitskins to shill now? At least JIDF had a hold on English.

oy vey stop the d&c! btw if you dont praise Rabbi Yeshua you are anti-white

Any nigger in here that doesn't see the kikes as the bottom line enemy and cause of everything mentioned in this thread, needs to be gassed.

Look at this Low IQ nigger that comes in and posts without reading the thread.

My assertion, dr sheklestein, is that Christianity originally meant Anti-Semitism. That is the logical observation made by analyzing the anti-christian sentiment that is so rampant in the talmud, as evidenced here

All religion is bull shit, so I guess I have no enemies then!

user, it's literally a paid kike shill. Don't reply, he gets shekels for that.

Separate your bias. Think about things as if you've never had another thought in your life. Think about Christianity independently of everything else you know.
It looks much different in this sense. Not a religion at all, but a collective movement from one way of living into a new, more civil and spiritually based living.
I think it came about when our cerebral cortex developed to a point of being able to absorb more of the universe' information. Being able to tap the collective consciousness. I think the jew hasn't developed that portion of the brain and has further developed the manipulative portion as an evolutionary tactic for survival. New begets old.

I only do it to bump the thread. There are so many T_D'ers here, they have to see this information. This (the OP) is something the jew cannot dispute. It shuts them up more than anything and they shift the topic, but never discuss what's written in the talmud. they're forbidden from discussing it with the gentiles.

I view jews as the main catalyst in the degeneration of western culture. Civilization would have always caused the side effect of self-domestication. Don't get me wrong, we need to gas the kikes for the benefit of our people. Don't forget, however, that our race has its flaws and weaknesses that also need to be dealt with.
We can't really gas the kikes yet, so I among others think that to go after their golem the MSM is the best thing we can do. If we continue to cause the normalfags to distrust the jew media then we cut off the kike's most effective tool in controlling our governments.

I made those pie charts 3 or 4 years ago, so they're probably an even higher percentage now.

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No wonder you're Christian. You people are drones.

Doesn't matter. Here's what happens when Christians try to be antisemitic in the political world:
>The anti-Semitism of the Christian-Socialists was based on religious, instead of racial, principles. The reason for this mistake also gave rise to the second error.
>The founders of the Christian-Socialist party were of the opinion that they could not base their attitude on the racial principle if they wished to save Austria, because they felt that a general disintegration of the State might quickly result from the adoption of such a policy. In the opinion of the party chiefs, the situation in Vienna demanded that all factors which tender to estrange the nationalities from one another should be carefully avoided and that all factors making for unity should be emphasised.
>It was obvious, however, that this kind of anti-Semitism did not trouble the Jews very much. If the worst came to the worst, a few drops of baptismal water would settle the matter, whereupon the Jew could still carry on his business safely and at the same time retain his Jewish entity.
>On such superficial grounds it was impossible to deal with the whole problem in an earnest and rational way. The consequence was that many people could not understand this kind of anti-Semitism and therefore refused to take part in it.
>The attractive force of the idea was thus restricted exclusively to narrow-minded circles, because the leaders failed to go beyond the mere emotional appeal and did not ground their position on a truly rational basis.
>The intellectuals were opposed to such a policy on principle. It looked more and more as if the whole movement were a new attempt to proselytize the Jews or, on the other hand, as if it were merely organised from a wish to compete with other contemporary movements.
>Through this shilly-shallying way of dealing with the problem, the anti-Semitism of the Christian-Socialists turned out to be quite ineffective. It was anti-Semitic only in outward appearance which was worse than if it had made no pretence at all to anti-Semitism, for the pretence gave rise to a false sense of security among people who believed that the enemy had been brought to bay, but, as a matter of fact, these people themselves were being led by the nose.
>The Jew readily adjusted himself to this form of anti-Semitism and found its continuance more profitable to him than its abolition would have been.
Mein Kampf Stalag Edition excerpt.

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MAGApedos are hopeless.

Not going to even give you the respect of reading your wall of text if you aren't going to read what I wrote. You want to engage in discussion, you can do so but if you are going to completely ignore what I've written here, you can go fuck yourself.

Thanks for the bump:


READ THE OP FAGGOT! Discuss the OP or FUCK OFF to another thread that discusses what you want to talk about!

I just gave you relevant information from a man you claim to admire and your response is "Go away!". Kek.

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^^^^this is my response

It's called context you gerrymandering kike. Either participate in the thread topic of fuck off back to your hole.

Ok, little baby. I'm satisfied.

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jews are bad and that's not a proof.

Feminism is a direct product of the Frankfurt school which is, you guessed it, a club of kikes.
Torpedo strikes again.

To the main point, I agree. All the X isn’t white, Christian vs pagan bullshit is 100% D&C / astroturfing.

The problem is the outwardly religious idiots only see the world through their religion, which estranges everyone who doesn't care about their superstitions, or have opposing superstitions. A movement against jewery can only be based on race, which all potential joiners against the jew have in common.

I read the OP, it's stupid christcuckery. I read what you refuse to read as well, and it/he/Hitler is right.

No you didn't you fucking tard because I posted the god damned talmud! Lol
You fucking cunts don't have a brain between the lot of you over there.

For any retard here, just replace "Western Civilization" with "Aryan Volk". I am Christian and I couldn't care less if you're pagan, as long as you don't do barbaric stuff (like raping, pillaging and sacrificing children to Thor) whatever, you already heard of the salvation and chose to not have it, your choice, no one will force you to become Christian, we would only stop criminals from commiting immoral acts. Everyone can agree that killing innocents, raping people and torturing animals/kosher/halal is wrong and immoral, anyone commiting these crimes shall be punished.

Faggot, your argument is you prove jews are bad because they don't like jebus, that isn't a proof, it's stupid christcuckery. jews are bad, and not liking christcuckery isn't why.

Religion is still important in that a religion is the manisfestation of the collective unconscious just as are all parts of a culture. This is one of the ways we are/were able to show that Whites had a much larger footprint on the world than what’s typically taught.
Aside from that the biggest flaw in the “Christcuck” camp is that they will assert modern jews will lie about any and everything but they won’t entertain the idea that the biblical jews were a completely different race than the modern and misceginated jew. It’s kind of like if you took a bunch of mongrels from the USA and asserted they were identical in race to George Washington.

My argument is quite literally that Christianity is Anti-Semitism. They are synonymous! The origins of Christianity don't spawn from a water-walking messiah, but a school of thought that wanted to break away from the Edomites. Jesus was put up as a figurehead to represent Alexander, who stood against the Pharisee. The Talmud all but maps this out, if anyone bothers to investigate it and compare it to the other writings of the time.

The reason the jew hates Christianity so much is because Christianity was the first word for Anti-Semitism! So if anyone ever says, "You're an anti-semite!" Every Christian should reply, "Yes, I'm a Christian!"

Anti-Semite should be the proudest label a Christian carries!

The only problem with that is most of us are identical in raced to Washington.
Only in the last 20 years has inter-mixing been anything even resembling popular in the US. I'm English and German. Nothing else. Most white Americans are overwhelmingly homogenous and haven't been subjected to race mixing.

Hi, paid jewish shill.

Good for you. Can you get your fellow worshippers on the same page?
History says otherwise. To this day other religion has consistently shoved its nose in my business with as much tenacity. Knocking on my door, and preaching to me in public. Your peers are fucking pests, and tyrannical when they gain power over the state. Not to mention they put up completely ineffective, or 0 resistence to jewery.

That says nothing of whether Christianity is a positive.

Of the least effective kind. Read the Mein Kampf excerpt I presented you whenever you're done thrashing like an infant.

So why is Zig Forums still astroturfing here?

^^^That is the biggest lie that can be dispelled just by reading this

Nothing could be further from the truth. You don't say that blacks started the KKK because "muh 1,009 Dimensional Chess!"
It's completely idiotic when you just look at the talmud to even consider the concept the jew created christiantiy.

if anyone even bothers to investigate it, Christian most closely translates to Anti-Semite. The talmud even writes it one in the same!


The problem is the good old hegelian dialectic. Don't forget "Fox News" is the "Trustworthy news source" to the lemmings. Their minds are so easily convinced that something has to be good that they can't conceive that both are bad.

Care to explain?

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Sure, moshe.


Let us know what you need help with.

I wonder if he babysits.

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Know how lots of different jew sects argue about how they are to go about controlling the goyim? Welcome to christianity, bitch.

So, what is it, when you can't pass, Kabuki?

What the fuck is there to explain, you subhuman retard? You were literally just told the fucking answer to your question.

Why is Zig Forums shilling spiritual Semitism here?



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