4chan Censorship

I met a group of friend IRL who are well on the path to, and sympathize with NatSoc, Unfortunately they are hellbent on continuing to use 4chan, and I don't have many screencaps saved of Moderators being compromised/censoring. Dump screencaps and redpills to help me get these faggots off 4kidz
I'll start with a dump of chat logs from the 4chan IRC, where Mods admit to censoring NPC memes solely because they are leftists who don't like it.

Attached: Npc mods compromised 10.png (955x540, 99.8K)

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Attached: npc mods compromised 7.png (818x464, 62.13K)

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Attached: npc mods compromised 2.png (819x229, 30.55K)

Attached: npc mods compromised 1.png (942x50, 6.76K)

Attached: NPC thread deleted.png (1107x439, 71.98K)

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That's all I've got so far.


Talking about why you hate something, and why other people should hate it, isn't a bad thing. Unless you like 4chan of course.

Depends on how you talk.

The Jews want us to abandon 4chan. Fight for it, deport the Jews, sanction Israel now.

I just occasionally troll people, would be fun to dump screencaps better than the ones I have now though.

Kill yourself. Delete your fucking shit thread. It belongs in QTDDTOT if nothing else.
DAILY REMINDER that our board owner, CHODEKIKEY, wants to turn 8/pol/ into cuckchan 2.0.
Remember to SAGE and GLOBAL REPORT shit threads like this.

The thread is about how to get people to stop using 4chan, which judging by your post is something you should consider a good thing. You seem to be more concerned with the information in this thread though, shilling to stop it's exposure.
The rules for 4chan /pol and Zig Forums /pol are pretty much identical. The only thing making Zig Forums better than 4chan, is (slightly) less censorship. Besides that the only thing stopping you from being 4chan is userbase size. If you had the same traffik 4chan does, you'd be flooded with just as many shills and CivNats, as was evident by the amount of shill that used to be here before Jim got outed, and by how many CivNats started using this place AFTER Jim was kicked out.


Woooowww very shocking!! Such a shock! I'm shocked!

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That is a spammer. Just filter him, the same (and nearly identical posts with tiny variations) appears in many threads here.
Very low effort derailment effort but they must figure it sometimes catches a (you).
Reminder that applies to the entire internet right now. 4chan even more so than here. absolutely 8pol included, and literally the entire internet included.

No. That makes it worse, faggot.

Why would the jews attack their own websites? It only applies to Voat and Zig Forums. Everything else is literally owned by shills.