The Left Can't Meme Thread

Share you're collection of memes made by libtards and let's laugh together about how they literally can NOT meme.

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this one is fucking terrible

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limp bizkit reference?

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i have no idea on the second one… whatsoever

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wow.. just wow

I think they meant to say

and fucked up lol

oh man I love these. They're so bad. I can see the angsty retards making them thinking "this will show them".

Where are you getting these? Your liberal mum's facebook feed?

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Are liberal women into to men that look like Harry Potter?

Zig Forums is basically counterfeiting our memes.

all lefty memes are just walls of text

I like how they both use words like reactionary, nazi and fascist as inherently negative, and yet have no fucking clue what they mean.

occupy democrats is a fucking gold mine

mfw, they openly admit to wanting criminals to enter our country without impedance

This is some r/donald shizznit fo real.

whats the matter DRUPTARDS? afraid our memes are 'too smart' for you. lol, just for that Im going to drink some nigger semen, take THAT!

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and they're stuck in the 90s

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the best ones write themselves

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All I see in these so-called memes is sadness and fear.

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It's as if they revel in their own ignorance.

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With no sense of self awareness whatsoever.

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As a guy who looked like harry potter growing up, I can definitely say no.

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you forgot insanity.

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lol, no nationalist thinks like that.

These fucking memes are mental junk food. Quick and easy bursts of smugness based on bullshit.

NPC's can't meme.

I think there is a meme in there.

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Is this fucking real?

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Cringe thread?

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based and redpilled

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Creepy projection coming from the left

wrong thread?

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it's like if Siri tried making original content

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Unfortunately, it appears so.

ww cindygallicchio/anti-trump/

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You are correct. Posted wrong pic.
Here, I'll try to fix it.

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The cuckmobile.

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Neither can most of the right, Zig Forums is the only fertile meme farm left to be honest. Free speech is drying up on the left and right wings. So only the asshole of the internet has the courage to make anything properly funny.

You mean yikes thread, redditfag.

Boom, this user right here.

No matter who's elected the losing side is always going to doom and gloom on a nuclear level.

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Just for the purpose of more salt, Altai, Siberia can be related to Russia and you always have the solutrean meme for ass bleeding, for blacks, it wasnt their fault, they were kidnapped by their own brothers and sold by noses.

Only the truth can be funny.



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straight from Zig Forums

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you're jerking us around user, no way is this real!

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you are not on reddit.

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really though, you're not on reddit, get the fuck out

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You are not on reddit.

This is so beautiful that it cannot possibly be made by a leftist. It's ideologically perfect. It has to be one of ours.

Reminder that whites are the natives of the Americas.

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Oh, this isn't reddit? oh

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I mean
the oldest dated stone-age tools found by archeologists were made by white men, in America, before the Red Indian had moved out of Asia, and no other racial group on earth was able to shape stone like this despite thousands of years of practice

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Fae were everywhere before the rest of the races even dared to evolve!

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I also see an overall unwillingness to try

go on…

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damnit user, is this bait?

I've been shitting all over halfchan's /x/ all weekend. Would you like one of the conclusions of our little meme war?

The Rest y'all have to dig for y'allselves! They've been burying every thread I joined!

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Check em!

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you'd think that leftists would hate mccain considering he was warmongering faggot but nope

Even this one is better than anything from the left.

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Solutrean is debunked bud

The tools are different and separated by thousands of years, the x haplogroup came from siberia

sounds legit, rabbi

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Most of these whores have been on oral contraceptives since they were 12 years old, so yes. Hormonally tricking a girl's body into thinking it's been continuously pregnant for 25 years fiddles with what she finds attractive.

Notice how Harry Potter's four-eyed weakling look resembles the stereotypical member of a certain ethnic group we talk a lot about here? Why do you think pharma executives are filling up the water tables with fake hormones?

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keeping you both at odd is their endgame.

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Nope, just a man…

I wonder if they genuinely think the Nukes are controlled by a giant red button somewhere like in Pinky and the Brain or is it willful euphemism? Honestly hard to say with how absurd their beliefs can be.

Imagine being such losers your whole race can't puzzle out how to kill a mammoth in thousands of years, only to have whites brainstorm the problem in a few sessions and drive them extinct.

he iz orange liek ronald macdolands

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I think what happened was, Neanderthals couldn't speak. They communicated with hand signals and shit. But, they had big brains and genes for symbolic language (they made the most of their hands - the best they could do).

Humans interbred with them (frankly, they probably captured and fucked human females). The resulting offspring could speak, and had the genes for symbolic language. That's what made humans better hunters - communication.


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Pretty creative for a data-mining thread, but remember:
- Changing and combining tactics never works if you don't update the playbook
- You literally can't into context within the language you apply

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but this is a cringe compilation

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