Burn the coal pay the toll

Burn the coal pay the toll
ooga ooga ooogh ooga
various muffled rape noises
shot himself in a church no less, filthy nigger

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Yeah I saw that.
The negro was a sex offender, and the woman thought he'd make a nice fashion accessory. "Oh, look at me! I have a negro boy friend! I'm so edgy!"

Fuck. They're starting to move on from irredeemable trashy thots and landwhales to decent women.

belongs in nigger hate tthread TBH but in this case its good the problem solved itself, 2 of them n fact


I bet he jerks it to "godly niggers" as well.

Irish girls typically have thin lips, she probably has a yiddish mother.

She deserves it

And nothing of value was lost

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I found him

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She tried to break up with him when she found out he was a sex offender.

They'll do it every time. These clueless burners go headlong into relationships with niggers, and when they find out niggers are not all they're cracked up to be and break up with them, the nigger chimps out and kills them. This is because the Black male is absolutely obsessed with White women, but not because they love them, but because they are a prize to possess. Miscegenational relationships are predicated on aggression; seizing something that is not rightfully theirs.

Someone made a newer thread but I replied to it before seeing that this one was the same thing and made first. Here's my take.

Scanners were going nuts last night with 20,000 listeners to the SLC police channel. I thought there was a happening. The news reporter it as an active shooter situation initially. Turns out it was just a mudshark getting what comes to them.

Glad to wake up today and find out they also goodified the nigger as well.

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So basically this is a happy ending…

Absolutely niggered

It lifted my mood a little tbh

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Almost lost my job.

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Yeah I think so.
Are these girls 100% irredeemable though? It seems like someone could talk some sense into them. My theory is that women who have zero self esteem fuck losers like niggers, fat guys, wiggers, poorfags, etc… women with the lowest self esteem fuck the niggers. So do you fuck a nigger once and you're totally trash for life or is there a path to salvation?

Keep your power levels hidden user

A shity shit stinking shitskin stink nigger and his herpes encrusted sperm sewer have taken their leave of us; how ever will we go on?

Uh no, the most arrogant bitches fuck niggers and they think you and I, joe white working stiffs are the biggest losers on the planet and we should just go and die someplace far away. Trust me on this one, lots of personal experience.

Low self esteem my ass. Dunning Kroeger is more like it.

And "talk sense into them"?

It is to laugh so hard my pance become soiled.
Women don't listen to men at all unless it's some lying jew or shitskin feeding their insane delusional dreams and exponentially expanding egos.

Fuck a nigger ones and you are lost. But they are redeemable before they fuck them though.

And anyway look at her face closely (skip the name which can and usually is a fraud); is this the face of a jewess or is this the face of a jewess?

Jewish women hunger for beastiality as an alternative to the wasting sickness of breeding within the tightly limited gene pool of the ghetto under the scrutiny of rabbicinical rule.

I wonder what those other sex offenses were?

Deserved what ye got,
Nigger and thot
When black mixes with white
remember that Zig Forums is always right

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The jury is still out on her being a jewess. Jews rarely make for good athletes. If some pics of the family surface, that will be the answer.

Never a pure juden but mischlings make an appearance

This thread accomplishes nothing. It does not further the Ethno-State.
Everyone who has posted in it is a non-white Incel.

Its unfortunate when kikes like her buy their own bullshit.

Hello Mr. Jew
How was your Yom Kippur this year?
The stock market surely missed you and your brethren in your absence.

This is a board of peace. Calm yourselves my nigs


Darwin disagrees.

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99% of the time, yes. That 1% is an extremely unlikely scenario in which they literally denounce their sins and beg for forgiveness, actively become traditional, become pro-white, and birth 10 white children.

I have 4 white children who in the future I will hope help to exterminate the Jewish race.

more like "I'm a conformist." Edgy would be saying "I only date white.'

Either way, nothing of value lost.

I really honestly think that they have low self esteem and guys aren't asking them out for one reason or another - added with niggers being COMPLETELY SHAMELESS with how they approach women "eh gurl lemme clap dem cheeks" "eh gurl u ever see a bbc"

Sometimes the direct approach works, anyway, it works more than never ever talking to a girl and *hoping* she talks to you, so that's how these niggers end up doing this

I take pics of these clueless racemixers all the time.
Their constantly involved in ignorant conversation and feel temporarily bad for the woman but then again let them both burn>>12306989

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Dumb whores can't seem to get it through their thick, childlike skulls that there's been a full blown race war for over 50 years.

That would be a yes.

As said.

How do you kill someone you supposedly love? It's not like she cheated on him or wronged him in any way. He is the asshole who lied about his past.

It goes to show that miscegenational relationships are not based on love as humans know it. For the race traitor it's a fetish of rebellion, but for the mud it's an act of conquest. He views the race traitor as a captive of his enemy. This is especially true with Black men.

When the house of cards falls apart, they quite often turn violent and homicidal. I call it Kang Kong Syndrome. The parallels are strikingly similar, except in the movie, the White woman lives.

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waste of dubs

You faggots are disgusting. No wonder these niggers pray on thots/coalburners. Because queers like the above posters excuse the whores' natural inclination to be whores.

You just tagged everyone in this thread and spewed some d/c bullshit. Go kill yourself. Filtered.

It's alright; I hacked his computer and grabbed this shot of him on his own webcam before he shut down his computer

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checked, absolutely fucking disgusting

I wonder if they even bought any books or they just went there to buy fancy coffee and shit the place up.

Honey, where did my genes go?

According to an audio recording of Rowland's 2010 parole hearing, he was in an online chat room and agreed to meet for sex with what he thought was a 13-year-old girl. It was really an investigator from the Utah Attorney General's Office.

During the investigation, detectives learned Rowland, then age 21, two days earlier had chatted with a real 17-year-old girl and met her at her parent’s house. According to what Rowland admitted to in the parole hearing, he and the girl engaged in foreplay, but she did not want to have sex and told him to leave. Rowland refused to leave and forced her to have intercourse.

He pleaded guilty the following year in both cases. For the sexual abuse charge, he was sentenced to up to five years in prison, with a concurrent term of one to 15 years in the enticement case. He was released from prison in 2013.


Blame white guys for being too timid, that and their propensity to collect Anime.

Nice, thanks.

What a charmer.

It’d be easier to find out for myself by reading through the replies if you didn’t tag the whole fucking thread you newfaggot bitch.

Can someone post the
“Tl;dr gas the kikes, and give her the D” screencap relating to how women have only 1 or 2 biological imperitaves, etc etc. It could have been from quadchan

pathetic really.

If you attack niggers dating white girls you will have to deal with the police and be immediately branded 'racist' which ends your ability to hold an job the moment anyone looks at your history. Absent cops backing off, or the willingness to bring the fight to any armed soldiers of the system, it just makes sense to hold back period until open war can be effectively waged, otherwise you are just another crazed lone criminal like dillon. Any other comments on the matter is internet tough guy faggotry. If you want to deal with this shit yourself feel free, nobody will rise up to defend you in it, the world is awash in cucks and cowards and you are not important. Absent directly engaging the system and destroying its ability to restrain you, nothing else will work beyond what we are already doing.

All user's should at this point be getting /fit/, fully Zig Forums and have an working knowledge of all officials in their area. The west has become an powder keg in which huge numbers are ready to roll. You must survive and dominate or our white species is dead thanks to this kind of bullshit.

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The false expectations (((society))) placed on her, the “date a black guy, it’s fun” propaganda she’d been innundated with since birth, her cuck of a father for not raising her right, kikes forcing integration in schools, and kikes doing everything they can to destroy the power of the white man since birth. No excuses really because true strength can’t be stifled.

Got herself one of those godly niggers she did! Definitely a based nigger though. Purged a race mixing whore and suicided himself. They don't come any better.

Do you want to breed with someone who let a nigger cum inside her?

nigger can't offer anything better than white men

Financially , Socially , Genetically white men have better offer than any other demographic

highly intelligent south korean girl and chinese girl know it

I Saw Upper class S.Korean girl married with white guy in my church

problem is why white women are so dumb and can't see the fact that blacks are undesirable

Because women are inferior to men, yes, it technically is the failt of men. Men get the responsibility, but get the credit. Women get no responsibility but don’t get to take the credit, i.e., no accountability, no legacy, no honor and no glory. That’s part of what being a fucking is about.
Man the fuck up you liberal pussies

In liberal circles marrying a nigger is a status symbol.

But you will see single white women with just one child while white families go around with 2, 3 or even more kids. Never seen a white woman with a goblin AND the husband in the same place. They don't meet replacement levels and are more of a dead end mutation.

But even though white women seem to be crazy

other ethnic group of women know about RACE (A Biological Reality ) even they live under Amerika and watch all the Disney kikery

Problem is why white women are such race-traitor when white men give them so much good thing

Remember that Most non-white nation consider women as "Property"

Only white men fair treatment to the white women (Vote , Gender quota , Divorce law favor to female )

And White women right now advocate third world immigration and racial integration

Sound like they "self-test" to prove Confucius's quote that "women are traitorous therefore shouldn't give them any right"

While White men never treated their women specifically as their “property”; It was a happy understanding and harmony between the sexes, they also didn’t give these bitches all this (((freedom))) either. Kikes forced all this bullshit into Western (White) societies (let’s use the JewSA for example) like giving them the “right” to vote, etc. they’re just wedges to further divide them and disrupt that natural harmony which the kike despises. The kike knows a woman isn’t equal to a man, and that’s not even to say she is lesser, but different. So you give her the ability to participate in WAR (politics)…of course she’ll want to vote for the feel-good bullshit.
Bam. Division. It’s more complicated and nuanced than that, but there you go. A good woman would just submit to her husband and a good husband (read: a fucking Man) would have his woman sewing up “Gas The Kikes, Race War Now” patches for his militia with a smile on her face regardless of all this kikery anyway.

womp womp

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Have you seen how much race mixing propaganda is being pushed these days?

white women are fucking shit literally nigger tier, in fact all women are shit…white race is done enjoy the decline but having kids in this world is a lost cause…Shit unless I find a east asian girlfriend from like some rich country in east asian then im not having kids…sad to say but white women are trash and the niggers and muslims can have these witches

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Farm the rice, pay the price, turbofaggot.

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Knew a white girl who dated a black guy.
No surprise, he abducted and killed her.

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Am i sorry? Yes, no white woman should be raped
Do you think she deserved it? Yes, if you mess with shit you get stained

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Nice try, Shlomo, but your tricks don't work here.

She was already burning coal, but to add insult to injury god damn.

Pro: Her friends will avoid blacks from now on


Root cause : yid programming of whites.
Stop yid programming before you blame the white traitors.

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test poast

Hehe, are you ever naive about women


Alex actually started ranting and raving about the Kalergi plan on Sunday when talking about the Caravan from Hell.

But he said Kalergi was an Austrian aristocrat…

So who's dead, him, her, or both? Preferably both. Also her face looks really jewish to me.

Or do both. White women can't be saved. But the next generation can. Gen Z is the worst generation in history, so they're a no-go. The next would be the generation after them. We need to find a way for white men to get full legal custody of children more easily. A generation of whites raised without white women would be a far more right-wing generation.

"majoring in communication". Truly, nothing of value was lost. I guarantee you that's where the whore met the nigger.

Yeah, because THEIR MEN, beat that shit into them and if you come home with a nigger, you go into the ground. HONOUR has been lost with much of the White race due to jew institutions. We must reclaim it.

White women who go around fucking niggers can be piled up as sand bags to absorb enemy fire

Please for the love of the Almighty if you want to stop race mixing you have to come to where I live. Go to any suburban shopping strip just outside of Harrisburg PA and find the neighbourghoods right there. ==RACE MIXING==


I go days without seeing a white couple. Just white women and black men with white construction workers coming in from time to time with no one with them. I have no faith in the white race anymore. It's just endless demoralization.

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Try to be more subtle next time Chaim.

women absorb DNA from semen

no, she is clearly not

face it, white women (actually all women, but I'm just driving the point home) are biologically flawed and should be replaced by machines (genetic sequencing, artificial wombs, synthetic breastmilk, sexbots with waifu AI, and robot maids)

stop being such a pussy

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if gen z is worse than gen y then why would gen z+1 be better than gen z? I thought gen z was supposed to be better

Sounds the area's water is low in essential Zyklon B minerals. I would recommend starting a program to help treat the tap sources.

Don't let the world bring you down with it, pussy

Get a load of this faggot. The worst generation by far are millennials, and Gen Z is the first right wing generation in 70 years.

Sieg fuckin Heil

t. Xr who raised 3 race conscious ZedZ

My dumbass of a cousin is engaged to a nigger that's in jail for robbing and beating and elderly woman with a friend of his. She defends him by saying that it was just his friend who beat her and he dindu nuffin. I'm not going to her wedding and I'm not going to her funeral if he kills her because she'll have deserved it. Women are fucking dumb.

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You need to do more. You need to get that nigger out of the picture permanently.