Hey /b Is it just me or has Christmas been really cucked recently? Most liberals say that Christmas is not politically correct, Well lets put them to the test and see if they would make santa a black man just for "diversity"

If you like this idea come join us on our discord here @ypwbFZ

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Toppest kek


Thanks fam

I will join. It might cause chaos

in the very least this could trigger a few people


We have IDs you stupid nigger.

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Sorry comrade but we have the same internet

We are an organized group

That excuse has been tried before.
If you're not a plebbit shill then why are you calling me as your plebbit cuck jewish coopted words?
If you're a group on the same idea on the same internet at the same location why are you replying to each other as though you aren't?

This fucking thread

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Also why do you speak like a nigger if you aren't a plebbit shill?


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Reminder that codemonkey is perfectly fine with this thread and its contents.

my fucking sides

had never actually witnessed that.


those failed shill threads are what happens when you let niggers use a computer


Reminder this is the same pajeet faggot currently spamming the board this isn't his first time

This isn't /b/ kike.

It's kikefy.

Is this a joke? You want us to niggerfy Santa? That's already been done, first. Second, why would we take part in the same type of historical revisionism we're fighting against?
OP is obviously not a Zig Forumsack, and anyone taking this idea seriously pls kys