Reclaiming Racial Memory

Reclaiming Racial Memory

If the kikes can use this for unlimited holohoax kvetching, then we can use it for the preservation of our own race and history.

Why does the jew fear the Swastika? Why does the jew destroy our monuments, temples and idols? Why does the jew bastardize and commercialize European gods in their sick, pedophilic media?

Because all of these things connect with our racial memory - our Collective Unconsciousness (in the words of C.G. Jung) - tens of thousands of years of Aryan history is coded within our DNA. These objects, artworks, idols, myths and folklore stir within us the spirit of our ancestors.

This is why "LARPing" is vitally important.

Those who decry LARPing understand nothing about race and heritage, the "superficial" physical is the first step toward the metaphysical. "LARPing" triggers the Collective Unconsciousness.

Here's a short related blogpost on racial memory / Collective Unconsciousness:

In summary: do everything you can to restore racial memory of the non-NPCs around you.

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Kike free first post featuring kikes trying to universalize racial memory and bastardize our European traditions.

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Fuck off reddit.


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The Jew fears the Unknown more than anything else and they KNOW NO THINK OR NO THING when it comes to Fae blood.

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Yep, why am I not surprised?
Spoiled ((Children of God)) are mere children to the Fae.

kek mit uns

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>>>Zig Forums

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reported for being leftypol

Your post is implying to jews are shilling to get us to hate jews?

Take the kids to the woods for a day trip and do something cool there, make them love nature. Doing the good work mate.

Heill ok sæll

Kikes use the genetic memory bullshit to justify the holohoax kikery in perpetuity.

Doesn't mean its not true.


Phone post bump only because that first pic is dank. Now I will read rest of post.

Kikes know NO THINK or NO THING about genetic memory and that's why they always lose to the FAE!

Beat that with your artificial 'messiah' breeding program ya bunch of ((spoiled children))! All of ((Y'all)) involved in this is getting NO THING but COAL for Christmas!

Felix Navidad

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Collective unconsciousness is a fact and purebred Jungian psychiatry will always be the aryan antidote to (((Freudian psychology)))

I've been trying to think why I got redpilled early on and other kids didn't.

The conclusion I came to was because I read Greek and Norse mythology when I was very young. I also read lots of books about European wars and learned about my individual ethnicity, not just that I am white.

With that said, I've been collecting a library of books to have my son and my future children know their Europeans roots and everything we've been through as a people.

You'd be surprised how many whites don't even know what country in Europe their family is from.


Aesop's Fables is a treasure trove of non-Kiked stories for your kids that teach them to be WASPs.

That's interesting, I also really loved Greek mythology when I was young. I probably would have loved the Germanic stuff too but I don't think I was ever exposed to it.

Supposedly I'm part Scottish and Hungarian, and my father was raised Catholic. But there was little ancestry or tradition pushed onto me. Any good mythology I should look into?

I want to get into gamedev since I grew up playing them.

I'm a GATEfag and the teacher's had us go over Greek mythology for an entire year. Their programming backfired.

Did someone say "awaken racial memories"?

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Look up Celtic mythology, lots of parallels between all Aryan mythology and symbolism though, even myths recorded in the Vedas can be related to the Eddas. It may be worth reading Norse and Germanic myth too,as they are the best recorded, and the Celtic culture spread through those regions, originating in what is modern day Austria and Hungary.

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I made sure not to get my inoculations that 99% of the other kids at my school got around age 13.
Years later, in my 20s, when I spoke to a semi-nerd girl who was almost /pol tier redpilled, she told me she had avoided having them as well.
Really activated my almonds that.

This, I loved reading about old pagan religions, the bible and fables.
Polite sage.

Some libshit was proudly stating that most young whites don't even know their own heritage, and thats a good thing.
They want whites to be rootless, cultureless, and demoralized.
In other words, they want them to be dehumanized blank discs that can easily be indoctrinated with their lunacy.

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"white supremacy"
They keep saying it, as if it is a negative.
White Supremacy. Whites are supreme. Better than everyone else. It isn't a belief, it is a fact.
So why are we doing so badly?

I don't know my own, sucks a bit. I refuse to send a genetics sample to some kiked company to find out though.

Yeah this is what I don't get. Whites ARE supreme. I acknowledge that and yet I respect other races.

You have a link for that first pic/article?

Technically they are, jews are projecting their crimes against humanity on national socialists.

Stop LARPing faggot, we need to face reality not some silly D&D version of history

All I've got to go on is my name which some sources say in Norman, and perhaps an ancestor had connections with William the Conqueror. It really is bad not knowing your history. "White" history is not enough to rally people. It needs to be more personal.

bump to annoy this guy

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Really good user, thanks.

What about your parents? Grandparents? Did they not even mention their (and your) roots? Or were they just patriot NPCs circle jerking about muh flag n' sheeit?

When I get told to go be German elsewhere in my own language in a town that caters to my culture by a person that takes part in the majority of my cultural practices including the occultist practices.

It's called epigenetics. Amazon tribes that live I'm trees don't have guard rails but their children never fall off because of epigenetics.

Go to family search org, it's the mormons and free.
If your grandfather is dead search his death record, it gives you his date of birth.
Search for his birth records, it lists the parents names.
Search the parents marriage, it lists their date of birth and their parents.

It helps if your name is not common
Also census record are about every 10 years list who lives in house, gives sister brothers ages, occupations.

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You are only half way there. That question should be "Why does the jew fear the Celt?"

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Still a little foggy, but the Swastika is part of something forgotten.

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