Hi Zig Forums my name is yakuzanon

Hi Zig Forums my name is yakuzanon.
I'm just here to ask your female mod " Percolatrice " to be my wife.
See you soon Zig Forums. (I'm probably banned by her )

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Good luck user


there are no females on the internet

Your new mod is a woman or a tranny.

Kill yourself cum-chugger.



So this is just a passive aggressive insult against a mod. Have fun with your ban, cum-chugger.

I have proof.

She's my wife!

And she's doing a good job compared to all the mods (who were all Imkikey) from 2016 onward.

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So your standards for marriage are pretty easy to meet.

What do you mean?

Are you literally retarded?

This is an international board now, user. Who cares if a japinky bug who doesn't even speak english is new female moderator of a European male dominated Euro centric board. She hi' wife. She do good yob, user.

I'm asperger.

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How do you know?

She's mod on the /1825/ too.

Post pics faggit

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First of all that screen could have been shooped onto the laptop, but let's say it wasn't. It still doesn't prove that she's the mod of any board. No timestamp, no mod page showing.

I say it's a man pretending until "she" goes full zune-chan on us

Global report.

You are just to retarded to search something.

Hi Perco.

Yamete gomenasai.

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Not an argument. You have any proof other than that, or is this just something you've convinced yourself of?


And yet you aren't showing it, faggot.

And what is that


WTF I want pol mod blond QT wifu!

This is WAY better than that creepy Jew Imkikey

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She's my wife!

I wonder how imkampfy is doing, I miss that gentle soul.

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Livestream your suicide

Why oh why did this get a live action adaptation.
It was complete shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

He was a good guy.

We will never stop hating you Kikey

I'm not him

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You seem awful close to that 'non-blond' in that photo to have a blond wife as well.

This is your female mod, this is the only info you will get of her.

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Just as credible as OP, thanks

It's her!
Look at the perfect white skin.

Mongrel race mixing whore was what you meant I am sure. I bet she has take BBC as well, before she took yours.


hhmmmmmmmmmmm yummy

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now now user no need to project your cuck fantasy on others.

I did everything wrong with her Zig Forums…

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What did I say? She married a hapas…why should I believe she hasn't had BBC as well?



You learn to read dumbass.

Imkikey banned you if you critisized fucking anime.

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I hope but we are not Married.

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Did girlfriend pajeet change nationalities?

I'm not the pajeet retard.

Then I'll steal her from her husband.



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You think I have my chance with her?

user, this is just getting weirder…you HOPE that she has had BBC and BMW before you are married? Okay…disturbing.

I mean I hope we was married.

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No, Quack Quack. We will return her womb to the Volk!

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To be honest with you Zig Forums.

I feel really good when i am alone. I dont need people around me and dont really care what they think of me. Forget they exist. It helps, really. I know this sounds egoistic, but thats just how i life. The only real contact i have to people is smalltalk or dismantling ther reality bubbles (which is indeed really entertaining). Every time i look at humas, i just imagine how they will fail, and how ignorant their believe in "everything will work" is.

Also, get yourself an target. Nothing time-limited, that would be stressful. Just something you can pour your time in and get consumed by. Something you feel comfortable with.

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I'd take a women over (((polvol4)))

19 year old beta is black pilled. Go figure.

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Life is sad.

bugs are fucking ugly

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Grow up Anikan

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Only hope for her to notice me.

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Bump because I find the incompetence of the mod team amusing.

That has to be photoshopped, I just don't imagine women using imageboards (at least 8ch).

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First we have indian guy, now this. (also what movie is that in the first picture?)

I'm mixed indian too.

As a guy who browses /tv/, this is a /tv/ thread, with all the jav webms.


And then the user proceeds to show us a race mixing nigger video? You are doing great here, user…you fit in like a sore thumb.

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Spooky black/ Corbin is ourguy.
Not the nigger.

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So basically you are Frankenstein? Part hapa, part poo in the loo, all with a nigger heart of gold?

Maybe you chased them all away by demanding that they put a sharpie in their asshole and take a photo?

It's not kino.

Why is this thread still not deleted / anchored ?

Watching jap shit


It's not against the rules. What the fuck do you think I've been trying to warn you about for months?

It's way better than before

Because Codenigger doesn't care about Zig Forums in the slightest and removed all the mods that were actually NatSoc, replacing them with spineless fools

I'm a aryan blocked in disgusting body.

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Is Percolatrice really a mod here?

God damn, bugs are fucking fugly

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I don't agree.
But I'm 15% aryan so who care.

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Is Percolatrice really mod here?

Yes you can ask her on /tv/.

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Puke. Bug women are bugs and it only works on 4chan. We have taste here.

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I suspected something like that would happen, even though I hoped it wouldn't happen so soon, guess the quality of threads and posts will decline in quality even further, this thread is a prime example.

how to confirm it's percolatrice if it's on /tv/?

I think all the women in these webms are cute

Is this that poointheloo nigger trolling in a diffferent way?

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She speak in French. Go watch /1825/

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You might be gay

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I'd rather have the dog

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