Trump gives deployment orders to 82nd Airborne unit, to defend the US border...

Trump gives deployment orders to 82nd Airborne unit, to defend the US border. It's ambiguous what rules of engagement that covers though, whether they can open fire on women and children, whether they can detain, or if they can only act if fired on.

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The Twitter kvetching will be pretty entertaining if this is real.

All he has to do is claim he recognizes them as enemy combatants poised for invasion and live, deadly fire is (((internationally legal))).

OP's a sneaky fucker.

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They probably are just going there to look tough and intimidate the spics to turn around. 0% they actually shoot anyone


also, Wlima, the resolute protector, is getting ready to cause massive flooding and generally wipe out the roads north of the caravan.

WH hasn't said anything, news comes up with the rape story. Fake as fuck unless we get an actual source.

wouldnt it be the national guard?

Desegregation is what happened the last time the president used the Airborne.

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Wouldn't it be NOBODY, since any army deployed to fight off the invading spics would have to fight on two fronts…one behind them and one in front of them towards Mexico. This is just more PUPPET SHOW for everyone in the USA.

Bumping for interest. Looks like it'll be quite the powder keg down there.

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If reporters are going to act as human shields then should we regard them as enemy combatants?

a foot and a half of rain….

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Just yell our fore before you fire.

Is this for REAL?

With how the last like three invasion caravans have been handled they're most likely a welcoming party.

It's real, orders went out day before yesterday.

Nature will do most of the work.

i dont believe that its happening but if it was i would assume that would be the group of the military called forth

Is that the new Trump Rocket powered Dildo with which he fucks over Ethnic Europeans?

Hope this is true. But let me ask you, what has Trump actually done?
He promised to:
Instead, we have a president who still gives billions to Israel and does the occasional lip service to his base.


Is that anywhere near where the Caravan is though? Doesn't look like it to me.


Really, nigger?

Yeah but did you see that one time he totally said something like so based on twitter?
He's so woke fam.
that hurt me

what time is it in tel aviv?

Trump should eminent domain the border and use it for live-fire training.

You wake me up when the pro-wrestler actually give the order to kill all the spic filth in our nation.

MAGA is a hell of a drug

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Reminder that this is an unverified source and the only place making this claim.
Reminder that Trump has personally admitted that he is not going to shut the border or deport anyone. HE IS LETTING EVERY SINGLE SPIC ENTER THE COUNTRY UNHINDERED.

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no he hasn't

make sure to cap the shills for when the caravan is turned back by the military


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Fuck off back to plebbit.
It's not that he hasn't done all of them.
It's that he hasn't even attempted one of them.

Of the last caravan of over 4000, only 157 were allowed to plea for refugee status and they were all denied and sent home. Recall Trump called in the military last time, too.


You're just so wrong that it's hilarious. Even the kiked out media admits all the time that Trump is 'obsessed' with keeping his promises.

Imagine being you, a typical shill, and having to lie to yourself every day just so you can roll out of bed and shitpost here.

There was a 4cuck larp thread about this 10/22 last night where someone said he was an 82 airborne. Its probably hal himself trying to get listeners. The larp wasn't bad, he sounded like he knew his stuff. It's probably on 4pleb sonewhere.

Recall that they were let in, directly violating the constitution, and that Trump refuses to deport any of them.

He's implied he will.

The law is so significantly on his side to stop this that it's insulting that people are falling for that shit.
Immigration laws HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRESIDENT BEING FORCED TO ALLOW ILLEGALS TO ENTER. Immigration laws AT MOST deal with illegals who have ALREADY entered.

He deported all of them.

Deported none of them; thanks for admitting it, ban evading reddit shill.

They won't enter though, didn't you see the Secretary of State's presser today?

Dumb butt fucker. I'm capping your posts for the salt thread, bitch.

Deported all of them, thanks for admitting it, ban evading VPN discord shill.

(((TORnigger))) implies he's not filtered.

Just filter TOR. It's garbage shit, why it's allowed is to keep the shilling.
If that's in reply to the other caravans over his first term: they are all; every single one of them, living in the US illegally.


Reminder that Trump called in the military for the last migrant thread too.

All were deported, you have no evidence to back up yours.

Reminder that Trump has vastly accelerated immigration status hearings, which are done in groups of up to 100 now, and he has also changed Obama's rule so if you don't show you are put on the auto-deport list now too!

Shills BTFO


The video showed them being turned back and the 157 who applied for refugee status were deported. This is all documented. You have nothing.

Reminder not to play the proofs game with shills unless they offer their proofs first.

Reminder that Trump legalizes 800,000 nonwhites per year and THERE ARE NO NET DEPORTATIONS AT ALL.

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Presidents have a history of sending in airborne troops to do their pet projects. National guard is each GOVERNORS army, basically insurance the president can't run roughshod over a state.

Didn't promise half those things, not sure where you're getting it from.

Deportations are at an all time high and ICE has praised him for the support he gives them, says it's more than any other president. He's begun declassifying docs with Kennedys assasination. Syria wasn't invaded at the time, how to withdraw? Banned the most dangerous muslims from entry, reduced refugee intake, and started work on the wall. The fact that you expected a red brick wall is not his problem.

You have to come up with better criticisms.

Stay asleep forever then, idiot.

Do you think the shills care? After this caravan is stopped the shlls will call Trump a jew cuck until the next caravan is stopped. And when that happens, they'll just call him a jew cuck until the next caravan.

They are already doing this for every mile of wall being built. He's a cuck until he builds the next mile, and the next, and the next, and when he's done he'll be a cuck jew because the wall isn't made of fired red clay bricks and gray mortar because that's how they envision a "wall".

289 accomplishments in 20 months. Obama didn't have 1 in 8 years.


So well documented that you are incapable of posting it.

And yet nothing happened. They were all let in.

Yeah I know it's just funny to banter with them. I think they're chat bots.

Are you blaming Trump for legal immigrants now? How the fuck can he control that you moron!

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His own website, dumb fuck.
Proven false.
Proven false.


wtf i love obama now

All the shills in here demoralizing us. Quite laughable really, fucking trump is pulling through what president (read potentially Hillary) would do this? I'm hoping for them to defend the border with every means necessary


Reminder that they won't do anything to defend it and that you won't do anything in their stead, either.

found the faggot

You're a giant fairy faggot aren't you?

I don't think you can legally do that, deploy american troops for that purpose.

We got plenty of fat national guardsmen though that need something to do.

We don't fellate Trump here. Go back to your home and praise the ZOG emperor for his white genocidal policies.

If you're not a NPC, you'd be interested to know that the Honduran government was meeting with Trump just DAYS before (((foreign agents))) started paying people to go north.

Israeli special forces were spotted in Honduras, their intent was to turn the country into a kike base for making money of drugs and little girls.

Learn to read before writing.

shuuuut it down!


Thanks for admitting that Trump is deporting no one, legalizing more nonwhites than ever before, and refuses to stop illegals from entering the country.

if you love reddit so much why don't you marry it faggot?


Yeah that's not (((desperate))) at all.

Is there any evidence at all other than Hal Turner that this happened?

wtf i love obama now

do you even know what a dichotomy is because you aren't using that word right and i hope reddit pays you well for the endless plugs


Hail Odin
Praise Kek

nobody is arguing with you other than yourself shill

Yes, he did reduce refugee intake, but he wanted to completely stop it in his campaign. And deportations are not at an all time high, King Nigger still deported more. And the Kennedy docs weren’t even anything substantial.

The only thing I saw that was really new was the parenthesis amidst ( ( ( assasination) ) ) reveal
Zig Forums is was and always will be right

So, there is literally no one else claiming this bullshit except Hal Turner? How stupid and naive is Zig Forums


He didn't even do that.

We were taken over by reddit in August, so we're equally stupid and naive now. If you disagree with completely unfounded claims that hurt ZOG emperor puppet feelings, you are King Nigger himself.

Not sure if shill or just a fucktard who believes jew lies. Either eay, filtered

It's almost like that kiked out media is generating bona fides for the kiked out president.

Believe me, I hope he does


: ^ |

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Presidents have a history of sending in airborne troops to do their pet projects. National guard is each GOVERNORS army, basically insurance the president can't run roughshod over a state.

This was already decided in Brown v. Board of Ed.
Federal orders of Activation of the National Guard override Governor orders, Trump eill probably activate the California National Guard against Jerry Browns will, it's looking like the Caravan may head west instead of shooting for Texas, because Gov. Abbott has given the warning order already

Imagine if the military opened fire on the illegals and it resulted a mass Hispanic uprising across the South-Western United States. A rebellion which is then brutally crushed by the military ensuring white supremacy for decades to come. I can dream about it.

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everybody observe how the threatened npc will continue to repeat his lines even after a short circuit

First time dealing with this sperging kike?

This is the crap you get with preorders. You're stuck begging for a patch.

I'm going to make half the thread vanish by filtering you now. Goodbye.

This is how mentally defective redditors actually are.


Thanks for admitting you will never be white.

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