Memetic warfare thread

BMW calls on Memetic Wizards
In defence of the border

The caravan grows bigger, and still has enough women and children in it to make Fake News cream their pants.

Time to thin the herd, break the weak and reveal the army that it is.

God answered the call, so now it is our turn to turn up the pressure.

Remember, people who take their kids into this are horrible parents….

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for god's sake, user. meme responsibly

Roko's Basilisk

Elon, don't you have a car to get working?

You're not on reddit.

Where is approximate location of brown horde?

Wilma is as far north of mexico city as they are south. What it is doing, however, is causing mudslides, washouts, destroying homes.

Once the caravan has to cross a disaster area, the game changes

Israel will be forced to use more US taxpayer shekels to rent more vans, so they can outrun the storm

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Didn't consider that, thanks user.

It would be really cool if it cut across Mexico and cranked up again in GOM and then clobbered them directly. I am going to hope for that. I can't stand spics.


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Thanks, Satan.

When an idea like that is posted directly by Satan, it's usually a guaranteed habbening

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Make it so.

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Thanks, Satan

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Earthquake soon

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Is Satan /ourguy/?

Make it so KEK.

Go away, moishe.


that's beautiful OC

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Orcposting is the strongest meme

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Satan's trips checks out.

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not quite sure if this board places faith in a long forgotten frog god that only appears randomly in Egyptian Hieroglyphics but just in case:

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Reported for being a sliding faggot.

You got it, Satan.

Bless this thread

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In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the earth, the King of the world, I command the forces of Darkness to bestow their Infernal power upon me!

Open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss to greet me as your brother (sister) and friend!

Grant me the indulgences of which I speak!

I have taken thy name as a part of myself! I live as the beasts of the field, rejoicing in the fleshly life! I favor the just and curse the rotten!

By all the Gods of the Pit, I command that these things of which I speak shall come to pass!

Come forth and answer to your names by manifesting my desires!

May all of those spics and shitskins be cleansed by the Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

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I guess it's happening.


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Goblin posting is also fun

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Another possibility is:

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Or you could just shoot them at the border and make a wall of spic corpses, you dumb fuck.

I wonder how hard it would be to take that scene in 300 where they are stacking up the bodies to make a wall and photoshop sombreros on all the bodies…

It's the great brown parasites, Charlie Brown.

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checking, hopefully just for the faultline idea
skullified Willa for use in memes

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Holy fucking kek



I'mmaaaaa fiirrrreee maaahhh laaaazzzeeer!
Don't know what this will do mind ya chaos gods!

Wha Cha!

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I think I might have got it right this time!

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What do y'all think?

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The whole invasion thing is psychological warfare, this hurricane won't reject all the migrants or the Jews.

The only real option, which seemingly goes unsaid, is a massive drone army with solar panels to land and recharge, which patrols the border from herein, and sprays all invaders with tranquilizer or anesthetic to detain them for retrieval and removal to detention until transportation to Madagascar.

we ought to develop a zone between the US border and Mexico, that spans from the GOM to the Pacific; manned every day. They don't care about our sovereignty. Why should we care about theirs. Then, we slowly pull a greater Israel and push them all of the way into S. America. They're going to blame Whitey anyway.

I'm not paying for that.

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Thank goodness nobody mentioned engineering and deploying an ethnic bioweapon as an option…

Sure, it would help to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, but it is illegal so we must eschew any such course of action.

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user, without a complete ethnic cleansing, it's not worth it.

bmwizard reporting in and checking out of respect for the reference.


For fuck's sake, idiot.

Is there an chance the hurricane will slam the caravan of shit? I haven't checked all the geography of this.

It would be a Divine Wind that washes away the string of filth

The problem I see with this is that from Guatemala they're going to travel up the east coast to the tip of Texas. No only is it the shortest, it avoids the worst of the Hurricane. The Hurricane won't last over the entire width of Mexico, they die over land.

They're going for California because it is the laxest


waste of trips tbh

(kek wills it)
no shit Sherlock, it says the date of the earthquake struck in the center of the picture.

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I mean, as much as i'd want the caravan to be stopped by god, introducing ebola chan or her sisters as described by post above is more viable.

have some fucking rain beaners

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Those blackpills don't work anymore, moishe. You don't get to pretend you run everything.

Combat units are invariably almost all white and they're the only ones that could ever do any damage

So illegal that us and israel are developing it …

Who will win, satanic zog army or Hitler's descendants?

thank goodness

praise Kek

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pozz meh with element 1488

Yes. One needs a PhD level competence not only to design such a biological device, but to be certain one can get the right reagents and other ingredients that may be needed. (Competence to purify one's own reagents, for example, if you can't buy them from a catalog.)

I don't have such expertise, and I don't think making such a weapon is feasible for any one man or small lab at this time. However, things are moving forward at a blinding speed with CRISPR technology & more… What I really think is that people who begin to take college courses in biotech today will - within a few years time - be competent enough and able to access what they need to do so.

Who done it?
It - an era of biological war, an age of "no return address" weapons being deployed - is dawning. Will jews hit Arabs first, or hit us, or will Persians hit jews, or will Koreans or Chinese attack Whites? Etc. Who will strike whom first I don't know. But I'm certain that someone will set the big game in motion sooner or later. And then come the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Can't keep a Good PhD down
Nuclear weapons can be kept under observation. It takes a nation to produce a nuke, and the nation needs an alchemists kit of rare materials and needs machine shops and special centrifuges and etc to make nukes. So UN observaers and satellite surveillance and such can block the production of nukes (or at least hamper it). By contrast the materials and gear needed to produce a bioweapon is available in any college lab or the lab of umpteen biotech companies. You can buy used lab equipment in good shape on Ebay. Neither ZOG nor all the kings horses and men can prevent the advent of these weapons.

No disease needed
One last thing - it's not even necessary that the weapon involve a disease. For example, with the 'sequence specific" targeting ability that CRISPR brings into biotech one can cut out genes or add genes. Imagine targeting a sequence that is only found in one ethnic group, and having the CRISPR system then say for instance, delete a gene that's necessary for carrying oxygen in blood, or delete a gene that makes protein necessary for the optic nerve, or add a gene that makes lots and lots of brain plague. The options are limitless.

Feeling Guilty?
Stalin's orders killed somewhere between 30 -60 million people - I wouldn;t want his karma. I think lots of us feel like I do, and wouldn't commit mass murder. However, with the new biotech - take the brain plaque example - one could turn the enemy population into early-onset-Alzheimers disease victims, a nation of confused and wandering, drooling zombies, and yet not have actually killed a single soul.

Politics and Temptations
I think it's just too tempting for mischeif. It's coming soon. The only question is how prepared one ethnic group or another will be, and perhaps more importantly, who will strike first. It need not even be a government that strikes. One rogue PhD in one small lab will be enough.

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Oh yes.

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nigger variant.
Niggers have a bit of DNA in their salivary glands from a now extinct great ape. IF i was making a DNA targeted bioweapon, that's the bit i'd be aiming at, as no european would have it.

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Well memed lad.

Bless you Satan, bean stew is on the menu.


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Look, the caravan is an honor unto its recipient nation. Migrants move towards nations worth moving towards. The only really pure and worthy ways to discourage them are 1) persuasion, and 2) making their points of origin worth moving to as well. When every nation is worth moving to, migration patterns won't be hugely disruptive.

Memes are ideas, anyways. So here's an idea for you. If you shift money gradually out of militarism and into the real economy, the economy will experience deflationary growth. If you shift money drastically out of militarism and into the real economy, the economy will experience inflationary growth. The difference is that gradualism closes spigots buying products worthless and then turns out real products of great value instead, but shockshifting opens a spigot to match the one it closes, leading to shortages that bid up prices, sometimes permanently.

Why is this relevant to Zig Forums? I'm giving you guys a handout here. People sometimes talk about how much food could be bought with the amount of money spent on a weapon. The most modest of these estimates understate their case; people trying to make every penny go far can do good work scrimping up food. The larger estimates people try to sell overstate their case; the act of trying to buy large amounts of food with large amounts of money inherently makes food more expensive.

See? Ideas. I'm not sure I've got the causal structure right, but I think I do. I want to see the world prosper. It's prosperity that will keep migrants at home long-term. There's no use in cruelty and wishing harm on them.

you don't belong here. bye

No. "Migrants" are an economic burden bringing skyrocketing rates in crime and disease. Whites only are responsible for the most pertinent advancements in science, technology, and medicine.

Holy shit the fucking log is in shambles.
It's almost like they are trying to get themselves killed.


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Please do one with "14 pictures that will make you say fuck law and shit etc." plz k thx

You sound like me two years ago.

If I was doing to do this, I'd hire Chinese merc chem and bio dropouts from around Vancouver and Victoria BC (you can get them the same way the meth labs do, probably best to anyway to avoid getting caught, because your ass is definitely going to The Hague.) Set them up in a lab in an industrial park. I'd use dogs (like SARS used cats) as the carrier animal.