Hail Hitler

Holy shit, you could make them praise Hitler, out of hate for Trump.

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Not reddit.

Too bad they can't control their impulses because of their inferior genes and get bought regularly by kikes and the meaningless, gaudy, tasteless swiss made toys.

Wonder how much they'll swallow

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This is hilarious and profound. Can the normies be made to appreciate Hitler's leadership, even if only to shit on trump?This may have meme potential

Of course.

The point of trump derangement syndrome is that you can use it sometimes.

I bet you can be blunt as fuck with this, and they won't even notice, because none of them ever picked up a history book

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Meme it

Good angle to use for when Pat Little's running Democrat in 2020 in order to attempt to make Trump name the jew.

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They're speaking the truth for once.

Hitler did nothing wrong. Even Libtards are getting it now.


Kill yourself niggerjew.

Did we just hit critical mass?

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Heil fucking Hitler man
Yeah. Call it.

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Dare you to post to twitter ''the difference between Trump and Hitler is that Hitler did nothing wrong and Trump did many things wrong.

That'll instantly shut them off, because they will recognize the meme.


I'm impressed

Key differences between Trump and Hitler:
Hitler did nothing wrong
Trump: Yet to be seen what he can actually do

The Tweet.

"Hitler was for enviromentalism! Trump is not!"

"FDR was inspired by Hitler's vacation time, pregnancy leave, and 5-day work week! Trump is a capitalist pig!"

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If we get the left to embrace Hitler it's literally GG

He spelled Hitler's first name wrong, also Hitler was married for like a day before he shot himself.

MGTOWs where right again!



"Hitler never did anything bad to Mexicans, while Trump is being terribly racist against them"
"Hitler paid for French work, while Trump wants to make Mexico pay for his"
"Hitler won in an election fairly, while Trump had to resort to cheating and electoral college.

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Trump confirmed worse than Hitler.

The quality of threads for the last couple weeks has been fucking depressing.

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What are you, a nigger?

Fucking hell, this needs more attention. It's hilarious. Here's your archive btw, op.

This is one of the brightest fucking ideas any of you anons came up with, and it's downright criminal for you to not take advantage of it.

Ok, goes

Forgot the word *here.


Uhh… maybe leave this meme shit to the professionals. And thats with me giving you benefit of tje doubt youre not shill.


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this can go on indefinitely tbh

Meanwhile there are multiple threads up shilling for Trump.


that's rich

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It's just more of this post in action.

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Fuck off.

These are good, but don't conflate "country" and "nation".

Spike the punch.

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How much you wanna bet those "Germans" are Polacks.

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Why would you go on the internet and lie?

A lot, because jews aren't white and Poland is pure jew.

Because that's what they believe, and if that gets them to say Hitler is good, then so be it

Just when I thought we were about to run out of spicy ideas, this shit happens.


Drumpf likes borders and wants to build a big dumb wall. Hitler diddnt believe in borders and dismantled frances racist border wall.

hitler didn't believe in borders, he just wanted some living space man

fucking hell you can sell hitler to hippies and leftycucks all day. i see what manson was doing now kek

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can i get a sauce pls

>inb4 the left inadvertantly memes Hitler back to life, leading to the events of Guess Who's Back?

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This has so much potential

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So Texas isn't White?

All I see are stars.

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Just started watching this shit to better understand the memes it's better than expected.

I was always a "god good" such a good goy that when I started to chat whit you fine folk I didn't reject your opinions on the basis of a bigoted aversion to Nazism.

Anyways i'm glad to have been pushed into the rabbit hole, i'd probably be wasting my life right now playing video games and trying to acquire knowledge about god / "the meaning of life" through drug use/abuse.

Daily reminder that the Germans divorced the central banks made the Merchant's Empire of Britain into a Fisherman's empire, smashed the French and flattened the low countries a second time. Saving Europe from communism and buying humanity some precious time to retake control of its destiny from the hands of…

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Hitler did not prevent ownership of guns for germans, but did prevent it for commies and jews, watch this:

I thank heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism.
-Frank Buchman

Communism is monarchy without god, meaning the ruling class has no priesthood above them and thus nothing to keep there degeneracy in check, don't return to being a serf only. The exception is if your a serf to one of god's serf's or anywhere in a chain of service to god.

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Hitler didn't have a daughter so fucking ugly with a jewess mother that she required extensive plastic surgery to make her even passably fuckable.

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Gun ownership?
Gun registration?

Thanks for the video anyways.

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< forgets all about
wat? You chicom shills are so transparent.

That doesn't even make sense.

This is such lame chicom propaganda.

Hitler would never have supported Hillary, and would have clearly favored voting for Donald Trump & Donald Trump's agenda.

You chicoms are just so fucking stupid, you really make it obvious. I can hear the retard 5 note music playing in the background.

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< Hillary is the 1488 candidate

Do you support severing ties with China, and forcing China to have national and local e X lections?

( the X is so you'll see this text, past the fir X ewall )

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( 1 )

< fake meme

Fuck off, chicom.


I can't say. I don't know much on this topic.

I think its never a good thing to server ties whit large nations. Allso, decentralizing china is an idea as appealing too me as reviving the empire.

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Here is a book about it but the most based man in the world, William Luther Pierce: