Eternal Anglo Is Your Friend

Hello Goy, thank you so much. Without your support our Eternal Anglo Psyop to make Whites look like idiots could never be the success it is. We Eternal Anglos love running psyops to prevent White unity across Europe, and inside the United States. Our methods and tactics for propping up fake-leaders are so clever. We always win because you White goys are so dumb.

Never listen to anyone using the term 'Eternal Anglo'. These types of people are not White like us. Queen Victoria was the greatest White Rabbi in history. God bless our Rabbinical Cromwellian Empire.

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Show me who defends this guy still

Notice how Richard Spencer magically makes the news to shit all over us at critical political moments. At this point in time, there are few who are unaware Richard Spencer is an MI6 English psyop working out of Virginia with the other spooks. Many folks do not grasp who Richard is, what he is, why he does this. Many in our circles see the phrase 'Eternal Anglo' and draw a blank. They do not understand. What is an Eternal Anglo, they ask themselves. These individuals don't know who Oliver Cromwell is. They do not understand 1776 American Revolutionaries vs British Cromwellian Tories. They don't understand how the United States after WW1 and WW2 fell back under political and financial control of Cromwellian England, again. So here we are… being played by the British. Because people do not understand 3 to 4 historical events.

Fools are led into dead ends because they are blinded. This blindness can never be healed it would seem. It is too harmful to a learned ego, identity based on entertainment sources and compromised belief systems only a few centuries in age. Many of these people have already taken huge leaps forward by accepting certain truths about 9/11, WW2 and even the depths of Jewish power. But these same people cannot accept the Eternal Cromwellian Anglo was a devil from the beginning in 1648, and a devil today.

Eternal Cromwellian Anglo sympathizers will die on their hill defending their rotten memories of their beloved Talmudic Victorian British Empire 'till the very end. No matter how many times it shits all over them; mocking them in front the world. There must be a cruel and twisted philosophical explanation about the comedy and folly of mankind to be made here. In the end… the so called 'Anglo' will be the death of the Western World.

Many were warned years ago. Ignoring this warning was a choice they made. No! they said. They believed England was headquarters of everything holy and justified inside the West. Infact England itself is the very definition of the Western World itself, some pronounced enthusiastically. Living with the repercussions of a blind egomaniacal cowardice built upon the wicked foundation of a Cromwellian boy lover cult founded 370 years ago in 1648. To these cultic Anglo loyalist, the universe was created when the Jews from the Netherlands gave them financial loans. Nothing existed prior to this. One of the biggest larps in western history… a violent fag-cult with world wide wealth and power. But 'muh feminist queen says' they scream in your face. Ready to knife you in the back like the serpent that gave them life.

Shocking, this Richard Spencer character is. Nobody could have ever predicted this. Nobody they claim.

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The article is written by Saudi Arab, Talal Ansari. These Anglos are laughing in your face while spitting in it.

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does the shit you post make sense in your own head?

Here's a perfect example of the game they play. You know what, it works. It's so simple and works. 90% of our people will continue to be duped. They cannot comprehend the concept of assassins wearing our faces.

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You sound alarmed.

Spencer came out of nowhere from an ambiguously funded thinktank group, saying "Pepe is altright', basically inventing the term 'altright' overnight and associating it with the chans.

Alarmed about what? the mainland finally showing their hatred of all things masculine?
I'm not some white nationalist(the one thing I disagree with him on). I'm consistently disappointed in you swarthy lot.
Haven't posted on this halfchan board in more than a month.


I think Spencer is a shill, but this story reeks of female bullshit.

well, at first i was wondering if you were a shill

that just confirmed it.

No one who was here in 2016(if any) still gives a shit about that retarded cartoon.
Just a pointless lie, we know when and who invented it. Why even lie when you can twist the truth? retard

lol basic shill tactic. volunteer no information, just keep denying.

board for catty little faggots

go to google, click tools. Then click "any time". Do the rest, cunt.

is this what salty Zig Forums looks like?

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His wife is a Russian Stalinist

He is also a homo

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"I was abused" is the most boilerplate divorce argument ever. yes even in dicky spencer's case. Did the bitch ever file a police report? I bet not, if she had they would've been posted here already. that bitch is after his trust fund or something. richard spencer is too effete to beat his wife.

Of course it is female bullshit. Created by British Cromwellian Intelligence agencies using their fake-leader Richard Spencer. You're not understanding the point of OP.

OP you just make a thread and then don't post in it? What the fuck?

what are you, a woman?

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She probably pegged him. He should take pictures of his battered asshole and use them as evidence of her abuse towards him. kek

I have to say, I agree, if england represents anything of or about europe, it's all of the bad and negative.

i can't believe the time i wasted on this board.

the joke is on you

Checked. It's the HRT talking.


so you're saying you are a woman

Forgive my ignorance, but what’s the significance of the wikipedia entry on the side?

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Not getting findomed is rape


I guess everyone missed the nigger kills coalburner story in the upper-right hand corner.

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this is what the kikes posting in this thread are watching right now. ironybro circlejerk board.
people who can't cope, then try to bring everyone else down to their degenerate level. you didn't help in 2016, just losers with no redeeming qualities

There's already a thread.

no we havent, had 3 threads on that shit today.



His wife is a Russian Stalinist

He is also a homo

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It's hilarious how you know everyone in this thread is actually a shill FOR Richard Spencer including OP. Richard Spencer gets like 0 publicity - he thrives on artificial PR generated by the media and the stunts he co-ordinates with them. But he needs to subvert the already existent audiences and right wing groups - so to do that, he tries to network as best he can. Now one could argue that what he's doing is essentially what a lot of people in "the movement" are doing. (And a lot of them are shady as fuck too.) But you know this thread is shilling FOR him and not AGAINST him is because even with all of the before mentioned tactics - he still barely pulls an audience in. In fact he'd just have been forgotten all together - and this strikes me as people trying to keep him relevant, far more than people questioning his obviously curious past. You legitimize this POS by even talking about him to begin with.

I thought we were talking about the jew bitch in the thread posting milkers or GTFO.

Ok, going off the post itt, we're at a 50/50 split. Half are attacking me in the predictable "you're not white" prescribed MI6 protocol to protect their fag agent Richard. The other, say they already knew Richard was an M16 Cromwellian traitor. Here's the thing I'd like to point out… I believe it's worth observation here. So, multiple people itt who already knew Richard Spencer was a snake went on to write their complaint about his wife engaging in female bullshit, etc. What I believe they're missing here, is that is the whole point of this psyop two-weeks before midterms in the U.S. You see, him and his wife work in the same intelligence program. This is their job; to make headlines. To provide the news cycle with ammo. This is how psyops work. The Psyop is directly assaulting the psyche of 150,000,000 million female Americans. Their intelligence unit works to accomplish this.

This is Cromwellian England's play. To first win any battle, you must understand who the opponents are. For those who remove Cromwellian England out of the picture… you have essentially forfeited entirely.

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see, no relevance to anything i type
just another barrier
designed to expend energy
word salad

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The men are talking.

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i came here after a month of freedom. i'm done now. you've got nowhere to go

'Everybody else is the problem, not me!' says, the Cromwellian Anglo loyalist.

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lady, take your pills

or get with a man that will slap sense into you

the latter is better. hint: you won't find it among jewish men

-one alternative-

This is how you know you're hitting the bullseye. When they try to derail your thread with 80 IQ white trash off topic non-sense.

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But they conquered India.

granted, guilty of letting the woman derail. But there's not a lot to say

you expect this to be a dig thread?

free bumps

That was the Jewish Sassoon Family. They did it with heroin and the Jewish Mafia (aka London).

Huh, I guess jews really are in the domination game.

name an organism on Earth that isn't

Judaism and Talmudic Law are the most supremacist belief systems in the history of mankind. When Jews are told their God chose them to rule over non-jews as "educators".. it doesn't leave much in the way for equality.

Jewish Imperialism is bad.

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stop using 'white trash', nigger.

learn what race means before you spout nonsense.

Progression and Regression to the mean.

free lesson for today

nobody here will be surprised by the latest Keeping up with the e-celeb-dashians. Spencer is the worst kind of controlled oppo–his big fat ego doesn't realize he's being used and funded by (((CIA))), who just want to wind him up and turn him loose and he'll discredit WN on his own accord just by being a race mixing degenerate loser.

time and again, we see the same formula play out. WN "leaders" break out from the pack by attacking other WN leaders. this gets their name out there and then they get a new PO Box and launch a news letter or blog and solicit shekels and recruits. lather, wash, rinse, repeat.

i swear, if ever there arose a non-degenerate WN leader, who wasn't a drunk or a druggie or a sexual pervert or a thief or a conman or a carney barking huckster, and who could at least present themselves as morally wholesome, and successful in their profession outside of LARPing as a WN leader, and who could Name the Jew and who could lead by example and who had a plan to bring white people together, that man would be unstoppable and he would appear like (((Moses))) parting the sea. Donald Kike is not that man, but he's close to being the template of that man.

and so we continue to do what we have been doing for over 50 years. we pray for the mongrel hordes can be held at bay while we await our Aryan Messiah.

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Block this homosexual.



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Glad I don't know England.


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I think Trump should kidnap Spencer and torture him into revealing his British connections. Why keep him around.

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Kikes debating kikes.

Actual proof that Spencer is trying to herd people into ovens for his ethnostate, but the kikes on this board are still trying to convince you that he's not our guy with the out-of-context homosexuality tweet. Sad.

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saving the west! let's go team

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I trust her. Womyn stronk.

What if she was saying this jokingly because she tripped and fell? why didnt she call the cops then and there?

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t. implicit white

Don't share your password with your wife. Also don't have ambiguous sounding accidents on staircases.

I defend him as being genuine and not an actor.

See how jews hijack the narrative and keep you inside a very limited box? This is how Richard Spencer's psyop works. Same deal with Jordan Peterson (another british-homosexual intelligence asset) Only Jordans psyop used "transgenders" to consolidate social power. Everyone thinks trannys are ill, therefore Jordan must be our new king. Jordan then begins stabbing allies in the back slowly creating confusion and infighting.

What good are cromwellian anglo loyalist in any group? What net positive benefits are there having them around. The answer is zero. I challenge you to name one cromwellian brit loyalist that isn't actively attempting to subvert what we're doing 24/7.

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Thank you, this is why women need protected. Listen, think and act! This could be your mum or sister.

Does Israel any women of their own, or, do they kidnap them all from moldova or ukraine.

Kosher Approved Nationalism

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Real interesting how hard the kikes are trying to attack this dude and misrepresent his quotes.

More interesting that this news story was saved till literally two weeks before the election.

sage for the extreme slide taking place. It is unbelievable how hard the kikes and dems are going on this board right now.

Do they not realize they stick out like a sore thumb?


Really makes you think.

Pennsylvania Amish milkers or gtfo, hoebitch.

hello trsodomites

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Is that what you're fighting? Oh I see. Going to show Emperor Titus 1,928yrs ago who's boss are 'ya. Hard to get any more jewish than you, queerbait.

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Wait can someone explain this whole Anglo theory to me?

What part did you get confused on?

I don't understand any of it lol

I mean I know (((Spencer))) is CIA and controlled op but what's the anglo stuff?

jew cock is like tea to brits?

Just away of suggesting Anglos aren’t responsible for the actions of judaized Britain, no? Except that they are.

So are the Anglos subservient to the Jews or are they working together? Also is it the British people or just the Royal Family?

Fucking cringe.

seems to me he's a well-intentioned douchebag

Yeah, lol… imagine that. I'm curious what part of the world are your grandparents from? If it's a place like Korea, or Vietnam you won't have a clue what this "stuff" means. This is intra-european political dialog and power struggles. So yeah, lol… way over your head.

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You don't get anymore antisemitic than that.

I didn't know the dick's mom posted here.

Imagine being a boomer freemason w/ a hardon for cromwellian england. Imagine believing the ghost of Emperor Titus could pop-up any moment. Imagine calling London your capital city.

You're the biggest joke in all of Europe's timeline.

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How many levels of JIMPACTED does this make now?