Unleash the Poison Pill

Anons I come to you at this moment in time with a strategic proposal to offer a counter offensive towards our enemies and their rhetoric. I present to you, The Poison Pill. What is the point of this? We all refer to terms like the redpill, the bluepill and the blackpill, so I coined this in the same fashion. The poison pill can at times seem like any of the others but it is dripping with an underlying toxin that is ultimately destructive to those who take it. I created this as a tactic to either radicalize our opponents to our way of thinking, radicalize their views so they go beyond what (((they))) want or to simply compromise their positions and policy points through antics.

Let’s talk about how to deploy the Poison Pill. It can be used as a one and done bait. It can be used to attempt to convert people into a more radicalized iteration of a view they hold, or to force feed a red pill. My favorite way to use it though is to kickstart a purity spiraling campaign with the enemy. It’s structured in a very specific way. It’s important that the poison pill opens up with “I agree” or another affirmative or compliant opener. Doing this disarms your debate opponent because due to the programming they’ve undergone NPC’s and our enemies know how to argue against our positions, hell they have canned scripts to argue against them. They aren’t as well prepared to defend their position from someone seeking to distort it. It gives us an opportunity to attack their “watered down” position and employ other purity spiraling tactics. Think of how shills come here and attack your views and arguments, well it’s time to redirect those tactics back into the normalfaggot sphere. Some may see the underlying point, and it’s always worth it to reach out to potential allies.

Let’s get started with the starter pack of examples I came up with. INB4 Zig Forums doesn't make memes

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We need gun control… for the police.
Go along with SJW/NPC gun control rhetoric but reframe it for the police. “We need to get guns out of police hands so they don’t kill a million poor minority youth who dindu nuffin"

The point of this Poison Pill is to alienate both the for and against sides of the argument. We want to conflate anti-gun sentiment with anti-police sentiment(more than it already overlaps). We want to use the commie NPC’s to take their gun control demonstrations directly to the heart of the corruption in the police departments across the United States. Even better if some cucked cops go along with it and self disarm themselves. It is also important to the set the precedent that the only reasonable way for civilians to even entertain disarmament(don’t actually disarm yourself) would be AFTER all police and 17 intelligence agencies(hi glowniggers) completely disarm down to mall cop level weaponry. This is something that is poisonous to ZOG, yet every time I bring up this argument to gun control people, they are for it. Only obvious LEO’s. bootlickers and thin blue line faggots would object to that.

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The next Poison Pill is “orange man bad”. Whenever you see someone going after the President, agree with them but tell them he is bad because of his jewish connections. The point is to confuse the NPC’s and attempt to re-direct the “muh Russian puppet” to “muh Jew puppet”.

Mention the Cadre company and it’s ties to Kushner. Calmly explain that Cadre and Kushner ARE the Russian bots meddling with everything they hear about on the kikebox.
Mention his pardon of that giga like who’s name evades me right now.
Mention how he gushes over the jews whenever he speak of them.
Call the Travel Ban, an Islamaphobic weapon that was jewishly crafted because it lists the enemies of pissrael. Point out the jews in his cabinet.
Point out that he’s stealing his policies from pre-existing Israeli policies. The Israeli border wall. The Israeli deportation of 40,000 Africans. Point out how the jews treat the Palestinians and the parallel to how Trump is allegedly treating non-Whites in America.

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The third Poison Pill I crafted was about Abortion. There’s already a lot on this but there could always be more to confuse people on what stance to take(no if White, yes if not). Reframe abortion as a quality of life argument, for the unborn, not the mother. Say that unhealthy babies should be “spared” life. This frames the women who get abortions as unhealthy because they are. This also allows us to re-establish parameters of what healthy mothers, and women fit to be mothers are and are not. Remember, abortion is self care for black women. The real drive is to not fight the availability of abortion but to attack women who get or consider getting abortions as unhealthy and unfit to be mothers. If we can get people to associate women that get or support abortion with low quality and unhealthy people that’s a win and things should self stigmatize from there for women.

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The fourth Poison Pill is about the Environment. Cucks bitch about humans(only Whites) and try to make them feel guilty about existing with such terms as Climate Change, Greenhouse effect, Polar Ice Caps, Irreversible Damage and Global Warming. I don’t know enough about climate patterns to say one way or another what is happening, but the kikes have weaponized White’s love for the environment against them as another form of birth rate suppression. Political Environmentalism such as false flag Al Gore and his (((inconvenient truth))) is broadcast in classrooms throughout the country. Not to mention ponzi schemes like the (((Paris Climate Agreement))) that create ludicrously expensive standards so White people waste money or hand it over to kikes.

The redirect for this is to explain(only to Whites) that humans have to exist to redesign civilization to be eco self regenerative to make amend for our impact on the Earth. One less (White) human born is less eco warrior fighting for the cause. Explain 3rd world pollution through visuals and statistics. Explain it should be “all or nothing” when it comes to restrictive measures on industry for the sake of the environment. “If China doesn’t stop polluting it doesn’t matter if Western Europe is totally green by 2022”.

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I like this

Fuck off trying to force memes, nigger.

Thanks Doc.

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Thanks user, I’ll be using some of these arguments but I’ll try to phrase them with liberal buzzwords to avoid being associated with the evil nazi boogieman. In particular you’ll have to be careful with associating Trump and Israel. Try to only talk about the state of Israel and not Jews in general and bring up oppression of poor Palestinian Muslims to use as virtue signaling ammunition.

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Anytime user.

I can into ID's I just cited myself as the OP so the flood of newfags would catch on

No faggot that's the point. NPC's know they're supposed to hate Trump but don't know why. TELL THEM WHY

This post deserved quads. I'm flattered user

Check out these sick quads bro.

i like the abortion one

Thanks Doc


Could we get the template for the NPC poison pill comics?

Pretty gud idea actually.

It's a great idea. It's simple, and the simpler the better e.g.
Make them as inflammatory as possible, as it is obvious that social media platforms are alright with this type of hate speech/racism against Whites. Those that disagree will go silent, because something radical is happening inside their minds. Those that agree will double/triple-down, exposing themselves.

i tried

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Here you go, another user blessed us with it during the NPC salt threads.

Thanks trips!

That's not the point of this tactic. It's to over radicalize enemy positions so they become to distasteful or hard for them to defend. I would never put out "I'm all for abortion as long as the babies are white" because it's demoralizing. Exploit their positions and show them how it's done

Good effort

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Let me attempt to make an immigration poison pill. Forgive me, this might be shit.

Leftist:We must let oppressed people into our country!
Wojak:I agree, but isn't our nation oppressive as well?
Leftist: Angry

I don't think it works in the slightest. I'm trying to show the dichotomy between their belief that "Minority immigrants want to go to America and we should accept them," and "America is oppressive and racist towards minorities". If anyone more clever than me can figure out a better way of presenting the argument / teach me how to do it, I'd greatly appreciate it. I don't know man, it just physically irks me to be deceptive about my beliefs. I'm a straight shooter with people when it comes to politics, "blunt/no filter" as my family says, I can't stand being so manipulative about it.

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Exactly. That's how it's done. Now the NPC would be on the defensive to dispute your claim.

This is the one I made for immigration. I think I could do better. I understand your position. I'd rather we live in an age where we could be honest and open about our positions but we can't(yet). You're on the right track though

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I suppose they could refute by simply saying "yes America is oppressive, but life is so much better here by comparison that for these immigrants its an improvement" or something. Maybe not, don't take me too seriously on this.


if one is planning on making burners on social media, it might be best to get some OC templates of known major figures as avatars. The NPC meme is a genie slowly being put back in the bottle on containment sub-chans; unless we can figure out how to post NPC's where they're effective, getting around censorship

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Or this could backfire and this could make the notion go mainstream. Those faggot live with cognitive dissonance every day and it still hasn't occurred to them.



play "devils advocate". Periodically on this board, you see Greentext used to imply that a statement was made (even though it hasn't) and that a rebuttal is being made. e.g.:

followed by:


That's how it's done. How does someone respond to either of those points? "Ew that's racist to use statistics, wtf"! You can easily hit them back with "I thought you were trying to stop rape culture?" "Black males are part of the patriarchy too, fight for the sisterhood XD". For the other one I would imagine "women can't rape teehee" which could draw "transphobic bigot" or other dumb shit.

This was the last one of my original starter pack. It was an attack on kike media. It's not like the others but I enjoyed it.

You're thinking about this in the right way. They should have never shilled this board to death. I have learned too much from them to keep it to myself, I feel obligated to share it with the masses.

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That's the point. No, you may not agree with the statement, but this isn't about you either. It is about galvanizing opinions and getting the NPC's to come flat out and say that they hate everything about the soil beneath their feet. They, NPC's et. al. (people who despise wypipo) can make the command decision to fuck off to some other part of the planet.

Yeah, you're right, just replace NPC's with generic stock photos, they will have the same effect while more easily avoiding categorization and thus nullification by leftists.

Thanks for the template man. Let me try to update my poison pill. I've tried looking things up to see if immigrants really negatively affect the economy, but I can't tell what's propaganda and what's fact. I know that skilled legal immigrants more often than not have a positive effect, but illegal immigrants, not so much. I know illegals take jobs, I know they lower veggie prices (because they're paid jack shit so veggies can be sold for less at great profit margins), I know they drain money out of the welfare system ; But, they also spend a shit-ton of money in the US, which stimulates the economy. I know its retarded from a rule of law standpoint, but I'm trying to put myself into a liberal perspective (more likely a caricature of it than the reality of it).

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They're already doing it. pic related is but 1 example of 1000's of outright, blatant bias by none other than a pied-Scheister. The NPC culture is nothing more than a product of kike-programming

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I don't think I have the stomach for that level of manipulation (ie kikery). At most I could drop the "gotcha" poison pill. If you have the stomach for it, than go ahead I guess, but I'd rather be funny than a deceptive hack.

People tend to prefer humor over deception, anyhow.

this may be a wrong interpretation, but it is viable. Using stock photos that have been slightly shoop'd would work. Key figures important to the Left would not come across as overtly as an NPC wojak. Step 2 is to slowly make such vile, extremist statements that never cross the line to make those who consistently make vile statements against Whites; blush

I like this one. Here, have a comic of it.

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Well done, OP. I've done this stuff in my own life, and it's really funny to see the NPCs wiring short circuit when they come into contact with something they have no automated response for.

Damn clown world beat me to it. You're right though user. I get upset at seeing something like the extreme point you posted and agree with but these fucking shitskins are already there saying those things. It's not about me, it's about more than me so I should get over my sensibilities and get ready to meme in the dirt if I have to. That is the goal of the Poison Pill. Wake people up or cut the breaks on the crazy train (((they))) started. It has to be strategic though. That's why I think the one with the police is effective. We are running out of time and events and rhetoric are gaining momentum towards something.

Of course, we meme together user. The key with the immigration one to me is that it opens up a country to exploitation. It was called colonization when Whites went and did what these shitskins are doing today. Flip it. I truly believe that the endgame of unmitigated 3rd world immigration is a re-colonization of their abandoned lands because there will be more opportunity for White ex-pats who have a little cash than for Whites in their own countries soon. Great idea about the stock photos. It could be the same level as the guy turning back to look at the other girl or something like that.

It's also a very truthful statement, and libshits and feminists know it. You can agree with a feminist or tumblrsjw about rape culture but the minute you or anyone suggests "we should do a study about who the rapists are/what drives men to rape/lets profile rapists" they will 100% without any doubt go into a complete shut it down mode. try it and see for yourself.

Awesome OC&OP, create a partially false dichotomy to entrap the fool or convert the almost converted. The jewish angle is the most delicious angle to take;
Legal weed - big pharma - who owns big pharma - jews bad
Fox news bad - trump bad - rupert murdoch - jews bad
Religions hate gays - jews hate gays - jews bad
I like the prospects here OP, let the meme engine do its thing

Funny you mention that because this was my first design but I went with the simpler version

This. It's because the whole things is about the validation and upkeeping of victimhood identity and culture. They don't want you to solve that.

Thanks captain. I'll let those better than me take it from here then

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The NPC meme survives based upon liberal tears alone and thus will eventually be replaced. Pepe goes beyond political posting and thus remains eternal. You made the right choice in removing it.

Here's a stock photo template, replace with your own stock photos as necessary. Notice how in the beginning Wine Beard is higher than Back-Cap Boy, and in the end he is lower. Both characters should both be the same race, imo, whether that be white or otherwise. Keeps the "le racist" argument out of it.

I like the truthful "gotcha" remarks, where there really is nothing they can do but flounder, because it is 100% objectively true. Once again though, I refuse to post false information as fact; that's how you get blown out as a hypocrite and a untrustworthy individual/group.

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Did you have to make the guy on the left a guy who wears his hat like a nigger?

Replace the stock photos with whatever you want man, I slapped this together in minutes just to give people a basic idea.

This is the kind of weapons grade autism I keep coming back for.

So basically you take one of their criticisms, agree with it, but apply it to another unrelated criticism?

Why did hipsters and soyboys have to ruin beards?

nu-Zig Forums
look at the links at the top of the thread and find "The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies" and read it before posting again, you fucking dipshit

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Sage denied. We must up the dosage.

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Some new OC.

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Sage. You have no content here.

Much too much larp.

Found the epic troller who thinks it's funny when society is pushed in a bad direction because he thinks that normalfags will finally gain consciousness and create the fourth Reich.

Canceling out those salty sages with a green and purple bump. Straight up the ass.

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and an attempt at a template…

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Stern medicine is required for hard times.

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underageb& detected

This is basically what shills have been doing on this board, packaging "fuck drumpf" with "fuck kikes" the left has nearly identical stances on pro palestine anti israel, so it doesn't phase them to throw kike around a bit to blend in.
The difference is these shills want to bring the shitskin mudslimes into our nations beyond destroying kikes, and in doing so are their golems.


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Look at the state of the board sometime. If you really hated kikes, then this thread would be the least of your worries.

Agreed my good fried, you're completely right of course

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Umbrella Chan

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2 arguments I scored with on immigration:

1. the "doctors & engineers" meme = it's "home delivery" colonialism to drain all the talent from those countries and leave them worse off (throw in words like "exploitative" and "lazy" "do you really think Haiti/Nigeria/Mexico needs fewer doctors?")
2. the "muh starving babes n' wymyn" meme = we're just incentivising a population explosion / do you seriously want to tell the new Americans they can't have consumer goods / we need FEWER big families with first world living standards destroying the planet, not more.

These don't pull the same elegant move of turning your opponent's force against him the OP presents (it's not "agree and amplify for destruction," it's agree and redirect), but they've worked for me, and may be adaptable.

thanks, doc

gun control
orange man bad
…and I humbly present

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This is a good idea. I was at first thinking this was to use as accelerationism. But maybe the Poison Pill can begin to corrupt the NPC because they do not expect you to
It reminds me somewhat of the dilemma meme with the guy and he has to press two red buttons of hypocrisy but you lead into the hypocrisy itself.
For example I have a few.

No adding buts or ifs. You need to agree and then lead into the bad conclusion of inconvenient truths. I really like this thread and this idea. If we can rework it a little bit and spread this. It may just work really well.

Bad news fam. They do not reason, so this won't work.
you should know this by now tbh

Overpopulation / Birthrate Poison Pill
Argument: Don't have kids, we're too overpopulated!
Demoralization Argument: Your birthrates are below replacement, you die whites!

Counter: Whites and Japanese have sustainable birth rates. Because Aryans and slant eyes have had to live in cold climates, they've had to save for the winter their resources. When resources are slim / overpopulated whites and some Asians, like Japanese and Laplanders, will stop reproducing as much to come into harmony with nature.

Whites are only 8% of the world population, When you say the world is "Overpopulated" you mean there's way too many brown people, not whites / niplanders.

Brown people evolved in warm climates with plentiful game to hunt all year round. They have high infant mortality but high fertility rate. They don't see the need to build shelter, civilization, and save for the winter (long term planning). When we give them medicine we lower their infant mortality rates but then their fertility rates skyrocket.

Industrialized nations are actually cleaner and pollute less than places that burn wood for cooking rather than have more centralized power production. Industrial nations generate surplus and can actually afford to care about the environment.

It's primarily whites that care about the environment. You won't see a muslim funding a charity to save stray dogs & cats from suffering.

We can end the population crisis and greatly reduce pollution simply by not giving foreign aid to anyone but our white brethren, and perhaps the "honorary Aryan" Japanese.

More like Soy Pill.

I did not say reason to it I said lead into it.
A is true
I agree with A because of X(real result).

I agree because we need to not do anything new and win the culture war.

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Presenting a meme idea is not forcing it. Bump.


Agreeing with liberals for the wrong reasons. That's something morrakiu has been making videos on for a while

Great concept user. Thanks for the contribution. This is how to launch this tactic into the normiesphere off the chans.

Yes and no. You agree with their base idea then give them a redpilled solution or tweak to it. If they reject that tweak, purity spiral. If they are open to it, continue to redpill. It's less so about agreeing and more about subversion

A compliment of the highest order

Well done user. That's a great one to combat cuckservatives and alt right faggots. Saved both, extra kudos for providing a template. The only suggestion is to add a period after the "I agree". Think of it as if you were talking to a machine. If the bot is only programmed for argument and you cease the argument through accord, then provide new information, the new information could be taken at face value because it is not classified as an argument.

This was the driving inspiration behind the idea. The bad actor stance of the shills here trying to confuse and corral anons back to more (((acceptable))) positions by attempting to fit in and agree, then try to slip in a kosher modification at you. They should have left this board alone. Look at me, I'm the shill now and I won't rest until Twatter, Faceberg, InstaWhore and other platforms are flooded with with bad actor(redpill/poison pill) posters to the point of community abandonment.

(checked and heil'd)

I would say they are adaptable, buy as you said different. The best way to utilize them would be to frame a non-white saying that the H1B1 visas are "poaching our talent" and that those who are leaving for western employment "have turned their back on their people and their homeland". I believe a non-white to non-white pathos attempt like that could be effective. As they stand I could only employ them as a white to white attempt because you're counting on the audience to understand resource management.

Checked and heil'd. Outstanding user.

You're thinking about it the right way.

This is some of the worst shilling I've seen in a while. They're not sending their best. I wish they would so I could collect more testing data

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I am retarded, so i really like this thread.


we have the formula go forth and pill.

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Nice OC there user.

This is barely an attempt but here you go

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thx doc

< if white countries are so oppressive then why do they come here?
< so you're saying their home countries are oppressive and shit and that whites build superior countries?

These people have been thoroughly programmed with oppression rhetorics and the kikes have all of the bases covered, you'd need to completely reprogram people for this angle.

Instead you can make arguments on economics, who immigration serves (corporations and banks), how immigration is a futile solution to world suffering (they'll just herpderp about helping muh random individuals though), how multiracial societies always end in violence and collapse, how "mass migration" has historically led to genocide and so on.