Best way to kill refugees?

Best way to kill refugees?

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Sage and report.

Cut off welfare.

Rooftop Koreans and killdozers.

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Poisoned candy and poisoned sealed water bottles.
Other foodstuff left around with the package still applied works too, just use a syringe and try an angle that won't leave a mark.

Kill the leadership that let them in. Then do whatever you like.

Drink your bleach.


get some methanol from anywhere
mix in beaner drink or water or whatever
sit back
drink a cold one or two
repeat as necessary

The best way is to

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feed the slop to pigs

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i knew of a guy when i was a kid that had a farm. he was a meth dealer and he owned a couple of lions from africa. he had a couple of spic hands that sold for him and worked on his farm. he thought they ratted him out so he shot them. he then tried to feed the bodies to the lions like a dumb fuck, the lions didn't want anything to do with the remains. he had some dynamite around as one does and he tried to blow up the remains. he didnt quite succeed and tried to bulldoze the rest of the remnants into the green river and got caught by my buddies dad who is a scuba diver for UHP. pinder was the crazy fuckers name if anyone has some autistic tendancies to dig tonight.

dumb meth motherfucker should have fed the spics to pigs and been done with it right the first time.

trip sevens best answer


Disguise yourself as an NGO worker and distribute poisoned rations. I don't need to tell you how to cook up poison here but you can find it online easily.

Move to their country with all the money and (((freedom))) they seek.
Fuk jew, jew pets, and jew plans my nigs.

Fresh meat needs to "cure" for a bit. Predators like lions know this, as do butchers. And they have to be hungry.

trick compasses that send them south instead of north.

With kindness!

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sink their boats

stop supplying food and then tell them they are hiding it from each other


A boat and a BB gun


Shit on society, destroy the police, impoverish the desperate. Once the poor people start cannibalizing each other to survive the migrants will flow elsewhere. That's all it takes to stop illegal migration - failure. It's the easiest thing in the world.

Look to China, they're good at it.


I and all my friends in central America have just been letting them walk past, northwards to the US.
Much easier than killing them.

In mass, OP? I would say… poisoned foodstuffs. Of course if there's a building where they all stay, seal the doors and set the bitch on fire would also work well. But you'll want to lay some spike belts a few hundred yards out to keep firefighting niggers and other cunts from getting in there.